His Firm Hand…A Public Spanking Part IV

Would you? Could you? Give a stranger a spanking? Well, maybe not a stranger entirely, but a friend or perhaps a business colleague? Would you offer your services to them – merely discipline and nothing else? There is something very sexy about giving and receiving a spanking – don’t get me wrong – spanking isn’t about sex but the act is about delicious control. For any of you who have read my blogs, you know I differentiate between punishment, playtime, and maintenance spankings. They are different. Many a couple relish in a little over the knee foreplay, but seriously being whipped for infractions is completely different.

In talking with John Patrick (and he loves this little series btw) he knows I have a You are Minefriend who is one of the few I can tell that I’m not only a submissive but that I receive regular discipline. She is one of those rare women (women hate me usually) that I not only trust completely but I feel very comfortable telling various aspects of my life to. She was one of the first in my current professional career who knew I was an erotic author and subsequently I gave her a wicked book or two. She’s also heard my trials and tribulations about men, love, sex, submission, hunger and I hers. We share just about anything and there is no judgment. So when she learned this powerful woman craves a firm hand, she cringed. While she’s no stranger to play time spanking or flogging, when she heard I’d actually received a belting…well her eyes grew wide. The only comment she made was that ‘she couldn’t handle pain’.

Hmm, I can tell you that needing/wanting/appreciating a spanking doesn’t make me a masochist per say, but I’ve come to understand that embracing the pain of a solid spanking is freeing. That you’ve heard be say and what I try and express in my writing. What was interesting to me, and a very fascinating conversation John Patrick and I had, was trying to describe why I long to have John Patrick’s firm hand, why the calming effect is so very powerful for me. I couldn’t put the words in a neat little package. I wasn’t even certain I made any sense to her, but she nodded and said she knew me and realized John Patrick was very good for me.

And yes, he and I have had conversations about whether she would benefit from a person she could trust who only gave her spankings as needed. No, this kind of relationship doesn’t have to be sexual. In fact in this case there would be zero in the mix, but the concept is very sensual. So… in writing this spanking story, not only did I want to include having at least a portion somewhat public, but I had to add the mix of a friend witnessing as well as finally wanting to understand why my heroine really enjoys the DD or D/s lifestyle. So… Here’s another little installment for your reading pleasure.

Oh my God. Oh my fucking God he is going to spank her. Tonya gulped as she tumbled into the kitchen. How had this transpired? She had no doubt her best friend was asking for a hard spanking – over Gavin’s knee no less. Jesus. This was Red Heatan amazing night. A wonderful dinner, two spankings and her best friend trusted Gavin enough to ask for a spanking? Holy shit. Then there was the fact there was a hell of a lot of trust all the way around. What an amazing relationship she shared with the only man she could submit to. That was truly enlightening in her life and mind.

As she reached up, grabbing the handle of the cabinet door she winced. Her Dom had given her a delicious spanking, one she desperately needed. Her mouth continued to get her into trouble and there was no doubt she was going to receive a few more hard whippings sooner versus later. Good. Yes, she could admit she needed them. Many. Okay so pretty much every day.

Wait a minute. She realized she was shiver all over. Her breath caught as she tried to figure out why this simple act was all of a sudden constructing, almost debilitating. She was forced to grip the edge of the counter, a hard wave of nausea racing into her system. This wasn’t what she expected would happen. Happen? What had she suspected? They’d talked about this, knowing Candace truly longed for and needed a round of discipline and the fact she was able to trust them both was amazing. So why the hell was she worrying about anything?

A few seconds later she had to face facts – she was worried about not being good enough. Fuck me. The understanding was tough as shit. Candace as he best bud, a woman who would never hurt her. So why was she questioning anything? “Cause you’re a girl.” Just saying the words seemed to soothe the savage beast. Besides, her sir had been very clear about Candace as well as about other women.

Tonya smiled as she finished making the drinks, the ones he’d asked for. No, the ones he’d required. Her mind reeled with what was going on. Of course she knew Candace would ask Gavin for a spanking. The woman was intrigued by anything and everything she couldn’t get a handle on. And of course her Dom had kicked up the heat. She closed her eyes briefly as she thought about whether or not she had any adverse feelings about the fact he wanted to spank her best friend. Yes, she’d asked him point blank whether he wanted to fuck her. The insecurity was the very vanilla side of her, the woman who didn’t want Gavin to hunger for another. No matter they’d discussed a polyamory relationship very seriously, being shoved into any possibility was totally something she was unsure about.

Laughing nervously she opened her eyes and took a sip of her wine. Yeah, alcohol would not only calm her nerves but also soothe her aches. She grinned as she eased a hand behind her legs and under the hem of her dress. He hadn’t been but so harsh in his strikes, but her ass was still crimson, marks crisscrossing her butt cheeks and upper thighs. She couldn’t help but wonder whether Candace had indeed finally developed the courage to ask for an act Tonya considered the most heightened in a relationship.

Grabbing the drinks she headed back into the living room and the moment she entered the dimly lit space she could tell the dance had begun. Never before had she witnessed this kind of apprehensive look on her best friend’s face. Candace was one strong willed woman, sometimes even more than she was, and ballsy as freaking hell. Her BFF took no shit and would mouth off to the President of the United States if necessary.

The thought giving Tonya a chuckle, she slowly moved toward the coffee table realizing instantly the two didn’t know she’d come back into the room. As she eased the glasses on top she grabbed her wine and moved to the very seat Candace had been sitting in before – when she’d received the leather strap. Licking her lips she sat down gingerly and glanced at Gavin.

He smiled, his eyes flashing as he continued talking. “Are you certain you want this?”

Candace laughed, pressed her hands down the front of her dress and tilted her head. “Why does Tonya like being whipped so much?”

gonna enjoyA look of amusement riding his face, Gavin caught Tonya’s eye. “Would you like to tell her?”

Tonya shook her head and when Candace tipped her head, her expression a mixture of excitement, apprehension and raw terror, she grinned mischievously. “I’ve told you this before girlfriend, the spankings keep me in line. When I have a wretched and very tense day, I just need to ask for a spanking. When I’m mouthing off and very combative, Gavin knows I’m getting to my edge point, the one you’ve seen me in more several times. He draws me in, explains I’m getting out of control and he knows I’m going to admit I need a spanking. Eventually. When I really misbehave then we reach another level and I…” For some reason the words trailed off.

A few seconds passed by.

“And?” Candace asked, the single word full of curiosity.

Swallowing hard Tonya bit her lower lip as she wiggled on the leather chair. The slice of pain coursing through every cell in her body was a direct reminder why his methods of discipline worked so very well. Time spent together, words shared, fears and frustrations about their past relationships and the very intense love they shared between them rushed to the surface. She was amazed how much she savored the very understanding that someone else could share their amazing lifestyle in even a small way. She’d wanted to be so very open about the utter bliss, the almost insane joy and yet at that very moment she feared chastisement from others. Really? This wasn’t like her at all.

“Tell her, my sweet submissive,” Gavin directed, yet his voice was soft and full of encouragement.

Tonya gave him a look and he winked.

“When I entered in to this relationship with my Sir, I had no clue what the fuck I was doing.”

Candace sniffed then issued a single laugh. “Not like you.”

“I know. Right? I thought I knew. I’d read and written enough about submission that I should know. You know me,” Tonya breathed as she darted a look at Candace.

“Yes. You should know,” Candace said as she rolled her eyes.

“I didn’t. I had no idea. There was no way I could have appreciated the journey we’re sharing no matter how much I read or talked to other people. I also had no freaking clue how off balance I was and can be to date. Gavin’s love and caring, his nurturing and training has really helped me gain perspective, but…” She allowed the open question to linger. Saying the words for the very first time to someone outside of the two of them was amazing.

“Don’t you dare keep me in suspense, girl. I’ll whip your ass.” The challenge was so Candace.

“Fine. Bad girl.” Tonya laughed. “Gavin knows me, so understands what I need as a woman and as a submissive. He also has clued into to the fact I thrive on his firm hand. I need the man to take full control of me and he does. Being spanked on a regular basis is cathartic and truly allows me to be free.”
Candace seemed to take in the information. After a few seconds she nodded. “Free.”

“Free of tension and worry at least for a little while.” Holding up her glass of wine, Tonya could tell Gavin was pleased. He was also hungering to spank Candace. There was no doubt, no way he could hide his needs. While other women might be incensed, she was honestly intrigued and very happy they were able to share everything, to be this close. God, she loved this man.

Candace seemed to be debating. “Free. I haven’t been tension free in months. Years.”

“Then I think it’s time. Don’t you?” Gavin’s voice was quiet, very controlled and completely dominating.

Sucking in her breath Candace finally looked him solid in the eyes, no other soundBody Betrays coming from her lips. After a full minute she merely nodded.

“Good girl.” Gavin held out his hand, allowing her to come to him.

As Candace gripped his hand Tonya blinked, a single moan bubbling to her lips. There was no way to describe what she was feeling, the kind of reeling her mind was reveling in. She closed her knees and took another gulp of wine. This was… She shifted back and forth, the moves forcing her ass to ache like a son of a bitch. Gavin needed to stretch his wings

“I’m going to go easy on you. We’ll only do fifteen.” Gavin smiled as he very gingerly gripped Candace’s arms, his eyes bright and full of caring.

Tonya studied his face, his actions in a way she’d never been allowed to before. She was filled with pride, a moment of honor and love and…

“I admit.” Her laugh nervous, Candace moved back and forth from foot to foot, her dress swishing against her ass and legs. “I’m nervous. I don’t take pain well.”

“But you know you need this,” Gavin stated.

“Um… yes.” The word seemed to be darted out, as if Candace was so unaware she was desperately hungry for a strong man, one who completely understood her needs, the inner woman.

Tonya brought her glass to her lips, amazed at his gentle demeanor, the way she was so succinct about this. Spanking. Yes, he was damn good at the concept.

“Good. You do understand. Then we’ll begin.” Easing Candace over his lap, he continued rubbing her arms, his fingers lighting brushing across her skin.

From where she sat she could hear her bestie’s single whimper, one indicating a single moment of submission. For a few seconds she allowed herself to remember the first time she’d completely submitted to him. She sniffed as Candace placed her hands on the floor, a series of whimpers escaping her mouth. For some reason she cringed.

“You know you need a spanking,” Gavin encouraged.

“I…” Candace wiggled, her body shifting back and forth.

“Do you?” His voice was even.

“Um, I…” Another groan whimper escaped Candace’s mouth

“Tell me. Do you know you need a spanking?” Gavin insisted.

Tonya realized she was biting her lower lip as she craned her neck. A minute, then two passed by. WHEW.

“Yes sir.”


“Shit!” Candace exclaimed.

Tonya shivered.

Gavin grunted.

Pop! Crack!

Shuddering, Tonya closed her eyes but the subtle sounds of her friend, one she knew would never hurt her, filtered into her mind. As the spanking continued she was both turned on as well as still caught in an odd place. When she closed her eyes once again, lowering her head to her hands, she realized she was very much still a woman first. A submissive second.

Hmmm… Words I’ve said to John Patrick more than once. What do you think?

Kisses and spanks.



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