Sharing…Sexual Sin III

Sharing. Menage. Polyamory. The words seem synonymous with a sexual relationship. What few people understand is that there are various differences just like there are with vanilla relationships. Sometimes a threesome is all about sex – enjoying each other’s bodies for nothing more than experiencing erotic bliss. This can extend into BDSM and playtime – including various methods of giving and receiving pain with pleasure. In D/s relationships this can be all about aspects of My Handscontrol and serving, and many times a regular partner is brought into the life of a primary couple as often as schedules allow. This allows for more trust, more respects and of course more emotion. The ultimate is the polyamory life in which three or more people live together, sharing every aspect of love, careers, housework, angst, turmoil, family issues, tears… You see where I’m going.

As I’ve been working on this blog series and asking John Patrick questions, I think he realized I still had continued anxiety – perhaps some aspects bordering on fears. He asked me this past weekend to fully explain my concerns and first of all I told him I wanted to do this in person. Texting, emailing or even the phone is just not the best method in my opinion to talk about something so serious. I also realized I couldn’t put my thoughts into a neat little package. How can you describe certain worries about as aspect of life you just don’t know because you haven’t lived it? Tough, huh? Yes, I trust him completely in all aspects, but you’ve heard me say the words before – I’m a woman first. One thing I’ve said over and over to him is that I need more time alone with him – getting to know the man as well as the Dom and I have no doubt in my mind some of this is all about the vanilla girl mixing in. You know what? That’s okay. I’m going to be that woman as well.

Later as we talked he decided to reassure me in letting me know that IF and he made certain to repeat himself IF we’d ever consider something of this nature that we’d talk a LOT first. We’d also get to know the person, their likes and dislikes and how they were as a person with us. He also wanted to clarify that he’s not looking for any bigamy situation – spend time with her two days, me three, together on the sixth. John Patrick stated clearly he would only consider doing this by sharing… Yes, that word. Let’s face it – as women we have insecurities about our bodies, our ability to please etc. I’m a very confident woman, but I’m also human. As we age I think we tend to focus more on trying to look young, be desirable and delicious to any man. When you throw this concept of sharing with another woman as well? Oy vey…

So I really have to look deep inside. This isn’t going to end anytime soon. I have to be comfortable with ME first then John Patrick before I could process the rest. That’s just all about time and learning, communication and more talking. laced in purpleTrust is huge with the concept as no matter what you might think, emotions will always come into play. So the story has really opened both of us up to different conversations and I love the fact he and I can talk about anything. We’ll continue with this series for a little while so you can see our continued thoughts… Now back to the story.

Daphne inhaled and gripped the edge of the island counter as Dyson held up the flogger. She was amused seeing Nicky’s face. The girl was wide eyed, her expression one of surprise, yet there was no doubt she was intrigued by the evening as well as all the discussions they’d shared as female friends. Interesting. She was trying to put everything into perspective but had to admit she was still unsure.

Without a doubt Dyson was in his element, his actions electric. He was on fire being allowed to show off his prized collection, initiate the concept of sharing – or at minimum providing Nicky his firm hand. “Whew,” she whispered under her breath. She’d talked with Nicky over several lunches, exploring her need for a controlling man in her life. One of the reasons she connected with Nicky was the fact she was very much in the belief men should be the head of household.

“I like the black and white one,” Nicky stated casually as she fingered the handle.


Daphne loved the way he took total control of a room, not afraid to show off his dominating prowess.

“God,” Nicky laughed nervously, her hand darting out to tough the strands.

“Yes, this is a powerful flogger but there are others much more creative in their methods of inflicting punishment.” Dyson began to pull out various toys, implements of pain as well as pleasure.

“Don’t tease her too much, my Sir,” Daphne said as she refilled her glass. The wine was going down way too easily tonight.

Grinning, he gave her a look. “She needs to understand.”

“Creative huh? I very much like creative,” Nicky purred.

“How about this? Have you ever had one of these used on you?” Now Dyson was pushing the envelope.

This time Daphne resisted laughing. The anal hook gleamed in the lighting and she heard Nicky’s audible gasp. He knew how to abate her fears.

“Uh… What the hell is that?” Fanning her face Nicky eased down on the sofa.

Even from where she stood Daphne could see more than a hint of nerves in a woman she knew to have quite a bit of bravado.

“For ass play.” Said simply, Dyson pulled out an ass plug, then an anal vibrator.

A trickle of odd anticipation raced down Daphne’s spine. Yes, they’d talked about this, exploring and sharing. They had many times. Yes, she was enjoying at least the concept of sharing her Sir with another, but… Shit. Shit. Shit. The ‘but’ continued to invade her thoughts, giving her such a myriad of raw emotions, an anxiety she couldn’t quite push away. He’d been so good to allow her to take the lead, find a woman she liked and could relate to first. And she had to admit – Nicky was a fascinating woman.

One thing Dyson had realized instantly was the fact Daphne needed to be attracted to any woman who might become a part of their life. There was no way she could engage into any kind of intimate relationship if she didn’t like, trust, or desire the woman. Relationship. Now she needed another sip of wine. You can do this. You can. Just breathe and enjoy. The sip turned into a gulp but she had to admit to herself, she was growing more intrigued about Nicky’s reactions, the way she was Undoing His Belttouching every toy, every wooden handle and leather strap, her actions becoming more animated.

“You’re not only fascinated but you know as a woman you need more structure in your life. In fact, you’re desperate to have someone help guide you, train you.” Dyson swept his gaze from Nicky to Daphne.

“Yes,” Nicky answered quickly. She pressed her shaking hand over her lips, laughing nervously.

“Then trust yourself, the needs that are furrowed within. Only you can unlock the woman buried inside, just like Daphne experienced.”

A quiet pause remained in the room. Daphne shifted back and forth, a bead of perspiration slithering down the back of her neck.

“What do you spank Daphne with?” Nicky asked out of the blue.

Dyson tipped his head, his eyes gleaming as his expression of love and admiration was undeniable. He motioned for Daphne, holding out his hand. “I think you should tell her, my sweet. Don’t you?”

In a fog, Daphne somehow managed to slide her wine glass across the counter. “Yes sir.” A cold shiver trickled down her spine as she closed the distance, her breath skipping. For some reason she was tentative in her actions as she reached out, touching his belt. The single slip of her finger over the well-worn leather, the way he was studying her reactions was exhilarating.

“Tell her how you feel when I use the belt.” Dyson kept his tone even, his voice soft and nurturing.

“When he uses his belt on me, the one he wears every day, I know how much he adores me. I know he wants nothing but the best for me, guiding me into becoming a better woman.” Just saying the words meant so much to her. Thoughts about the very first spanking entered her mind. There perhaps would never be another time so amazing. He’d spanked her many times with various implements, but the belt would forever be her favorite.

“Doesn’t it hurt?” Nicky managed.

“Spankings are supposed to hurt. When he disciplines me, the punishment isn’t about playtime. That’s something entirely different.” Daphne lifted her gaze, locking eyes with Dyson. They were so similar, so very much in love.

Dyson growled, the sound heightened by the high ceilings. He cupped Daphne’s chin, brushing his thumb across her lips. Lowering his head he captured her mouth, holding the kiss as he wrapped his arm around her.

She melted, as she always did with every hug, every way he touched her, the mere feel of his hot breath. Daphne was tingling all over, unable to see clearly. When he broke the kiss and took a step back, she knew instinctively what he was about to do. He was going to spank her in front of Nicky. While the thought sent a series of powerful sensations rushing through every cell in her body, she knew realized this was merely a first line – one allowing Nicky into their life. Sighing, she touched her lips, holding onto the sweet moment of intimacy. God, she loved kissing the man.

A smile crossing his face he glanced toward his belt. “Unbuckle.”

“Yes sir.” Daphne obeyed without question. He’d asked her to do this many times, preferring that she unfasten the belt that was going to whip her, discipline her as he knew she needed. Her fingers fumbled from hearing Nicky’s raspy breathing. When she finally managed to pull the leather from the shiny silver buckle she swallowed hard.

“This is the belt I wear every day,” Dyson stated, a quick look in Nicky’s direction.

“Every day,” Nicky repeated, her tone clipped. She shifted back and forth, her ass wiggling on the couch.

“Yes. Remove it please, Daphne.” His command was pointed.You don't listen

Biting her lower lip Daphne was suddenly more nervous than she’d ever been. While she’d been spanked in the parking lot of a restaurant, no one had seen the act up close and personal. Now she felt like a child. But oh she very much refused to be defiant. This was a test of both of them. “Yes sir.” As she pulled the thick leather between her fingers, the scent alone was enough to make her knees knock. She handed him the belt as she lowered her gaze, respect and reverence part of her devotion.

Dyson walked around Daphne, his eyes never leaving Nicky. Lifting the hem of Daphne’s dress he rubbed her ass. “Lean over.”

“You’re going to um…spank her right…now?” Her voice barely audible Nicky seemed to shrink into the soft cushions.

As Daphne leaned over, placing her hands on the ottoman just in from of Nicky, she was shocked at the wild myriad of emotions, the way both legs were shaking almost uncontrollable. She wasn’t concerned about the pain or even the fact she was being disciplined in front of someone else. The truth was she was turned on, her pussy clenching, her nipples hardening and nothing could have surprised her any more.

“She can be a very willful woman,” Dyson said causally as he folding the belt, rubbing the thick strap back and forth across Daphne’s ass. “Can’t you my dearest?”

“Yes sir.” Daphne cringed, licking the beads of sweat from the top of her lip.

“Spankings help keep her focused, re-center the woman I love so.”


In the moments he showed off his love in a way Daphne would never forget. This was just another step in their incredible journey. As she closed her eyes, tears slipped past her lashes.

Oh…. Is she crying because of happiness or continued sadness? This is a tough concept, one not to be entered into lightly. Just keep that in mind. I hope you enjoyed.

Kisses and spanks…


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  1. jamie gorder says:

    BRAVO…..well done. Your writting on this subject is just so sexy and raw with emotion.


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