Sexual Sin…Pain Part I

Pain. The thought must bring about a myriad of thoughts, perhaps evoking complex emotions based on a past experience. Does it? When you think about even the concept of a moment of anguish – what goes through your mind? We all vary in our emotions and there are many types of pain from emotional to physical, spiritual and a deep pain in our very souls. What I’m talking about today is all about physical pain.

I’ve been looking at several fairly provocative pictures highlighting various forms ofyour belt sir some pretty severe whippings – and yes there is a difference in spankings and whippings. Tumblr is well… WHEW is all I can say. You can type in any aspect of kink – or anything else for that matter – and find a tumblr or 50. I found some hot ones that leave nothing to the imagination at all. As you can imagine there are as many methods of inflicting discomfort as there are pleasure and lordy they are highlighted in every medium.

Experiencing pain is something I’ve talked to John Patrick about many times. He has no problem doling out, knowing I have weaknesses as well as he has learned certain tolerances for now. In spankings – well that doesn’t matter. But playtime… We are trying to differentiate between the two aspects and in doing so I can tell you its tough. When he whips me because I’ve been disobedient – then plays with me in a way I learn the power of his whip… How do I know the difference? It’s all in the way in which we communicate – how he talks to me. I have to know what I did wrong so I can learn not to do the act again. Being obedient isn’t something that always comes easy. Pain play is just that. Play.

We’ve all experienced pain and there are various types – heart and soul, mind and body. Every one of us is forced to deal with various aspects of anguish and how we handle the ramifications is very different. Some levels of torment we have to incur are purposely inflicted but most are by accident. We love and hurt. We long for people or experiences in our lives and when they don’t happen we feel the anguish of trying – of losing. We push hard against the machine to achieve and often are left feeling remorse as well as anger. Pain will always be with us, yet we find it difficult to talk about and for the majority of us, we wouldn’t choose to be involved in someone giving us any aspect of hurt for anything.

But what if you’re a submissive, longing to serve? What if you have a penchant for pain, the moments inflicted giving you a heightened level of being, a deep seeded group of sensations that you can’t get otherwise? An interesting concept, don’t you think? Personally I believe we all crave a single moment of raw anguish if for no other reason than the experience provides us with a heady reminder we’re very much alive.

If you’ve ever contemplated any aspect of having someone actually inflict pain on any part of your body, you’re probably nodding about the fact many people hunger. The why is no doubt deep seeded and some million dollar psychiatrist has THE answer. What I know is that I wouldn’t have known I craved having another human whip me, clamp me, tie me, burn me even three years ago. Well, that’s probably a bit of a stretch as I suspect my lingering desires to push many envelopes has been with me since I was a child. What does the fact I am inspired by, learn to appreciate Absolute Powerand in truth hunger for the various methods of pain John Patrick gifts me with mean?

You’ve probably heard that people who crave enter into a heightened level of sensitivity, a place usually referred to as subspace. I haven’t really gotten to that place, but John Patrick is slowly and very efficiently taking me to my personal edge. A good Dom knows exactly when to stop – perhaps push a bit further, then pull back completely. I asked John Patrick his thoughts before I create this next story. Why do I call this series sexual sin? Because we all hide behind something the long to have – a kink few talk about. We all want more than we are getting.

I asked John Patrick about his concept of pain versus pleasure in a fairly intense question.

I’ve mentioned before that I am completely aware that your dark side is growing. You’re relishing in learning about how to inflict pain. Tell me the many ways you long to introduce me to methods of pure pain/pleasure and how you see this changing out journey

Yes, the farther we progress in our journey, the more we talk and share, my dark side expands and develops. The more I read and explore, the scenarios and methods for pushing your limits and boundaries through pure pain and pleasure are almost limitless. And that’s what it’s about for me: sharing with you and having experiences neither of us have ever attained. Going to places that are dark and deep just to experience what is there and then coming back to say, “Fuck me that was powerful!!” I believe this just makes our journey more deep and thrilling, exploring the unknown within ourselves.

I love hearing his answers. I learn so much. Now the beginning of a new story. 

Pain. Josh Brennan had thought about nothing else for weeks. His desire to see and inflict, create and invite certain aspects lingered in his every day life.

If you were here you’d be hurting.

And what would you do to me, Sir?

The words from the intense round of texting lingered in his mind, his longing already pushed past the boiling point.

He inhaled as he finished his cup of coffee, smiling as his mind wandered to Jenny. Jennifer Dunn was without a doubt one of the most beautiful women he’d ever laid eyes on. She was also seductive and powerful in her own right. However the opinionated girl was one few would suspect was hiding behind a thick mask, one wearing her down. He was shivering as he’d watched her negotiating with a client the day before, his cock aching to the point he was fighting sweating more than he already was. Damn, the woman was hot. And oh yeah, he wanted nothing more than to take her into the basement. His basement. The place was meant for dark and dirty aspects of kink, something he craved late into every night.

Tossing the paper to the side he picked up his phone, toying with the idea that had been lingering since he’d left her the night before. He was more than ready to push the envelope, take them both to a place in their journey they’d never been. Was he right about the timing or would he push her away?

Sitting back in the chair Josh scrolled through the various texts. Jennifer had been slowly offering her submission to him over the past few months, something that continued to surprise him. Why she’d felt such a heightened level of trust after such a short time together was amazing. But he felt the same, perhaps even more. She’d managed to yank down his guard, one carefully placed around his fifty plus years of life. No one had ever been able to do this before.

He stood and stretched before eyeing the oversized canvas bag he’d purposely dragged from the basement. A grin firmly planted on his face he strolled toward the bag, yanking the oversized piece to the kitchen table. Unzipping, he peered inside, his heart racing. He’d amassed the collection over months, in truth beginning the grouping long before he’d met her. The moment they’d somehow found each other, a chance ‘meeting’ on the Internet, they hadn’t stopped talking, completely open to discuss anything and everything. What they shared together was in a single word – awesome. And chilling. She knew him inside and out. They finished each other’s texts. They often thought of the very same thing exactly at the same time. To be this open, the raw was as terrifying as it was exhilarating.

Exhaling, he tugged out his favorite implement, one he’d yet to use on her – one she needed to experience and soon. Holding the quirt into the light he tingled all over. The leather strap, one meant for use on horses, was his favorite. He’d used the belt, a paddle, his hand and a flogger on her sweet ass during both playtime as well as discipline. This was meant for a punishment spanking, one long overdue.

Playtime would come later – much later. He needed to set the order again, refocus both of them. His heart racing he walked back to his phone, swinging the piece in the air. Very carefully he placed the whip in the center of the table, positioning so the camera would capture the exact look he was going for. After taking the picture he eased his hand over his crotch, rubbing his aching dick. He was hard and horny, needing to thrust his cock into her tight ass.

The text was short and sweet. Change of plans. Tonight. My house. Be here by five. Attaching the picture he hit send. Satisfaction mixed with a kick of adrenaline. Tonight Jennifer was going to understand raw pain.


Arriving home early Josh opened a bottle of merlot and pulled a beer from the refrigerator. A quick glance at the clock gave him a smile. Jennifer was due in less than ten minutes. Of course she wouldn’t be late. Not only was tardiness not in her nature, but she was also well aware he refused to accept disobedience of such a simple nature. As he took a long pull on his beer he glanced at the stairs leading to the basement. This was a defining moment.

He shucked his coat and tie, rolling up his sleeves, and moved back into the kitchen just as he heard the sound of a car outside. Unable to wait, he moved to the front door, opening just as she reached the landing. “Right on time.”

“Yes sir of course.” Jennifer smiled and darted a look over his shoulder. “Your text was very clear.”

“Yes it was.” As she moved past he marveled at several aspects about her. “You look beautiful tonight. Fuchsia is your color. I know you love red, but I prefer you in stripper colors.” Her fragrance always had the same effect, hardening his cock. Her heels were somehow taller, the straps reminding him of severe bindings. “You look perfect.”

“Thank you my Sir.” Jennifer fingered her collar and smiled. “Stripper colors, eh?’ her eyes twinkled.

“Yes.” He’d purchased the sterling silver piece so she could wear a basic necklace to work, yet remained tethered to him, to her submission. Walking toward her he cupped her face, lowering his head to capture her mouth. He adored kissing her, loved the simple act of intimacy. His other hand snaking around her neck, he held her tightly as she palmed his chest, her fingers digging into his shirt. When he broke the hold he shook his head. “Let’s put your bag in the bedroom.”

Evocative two“Yes sir.” Trailing behind him she remained quiet, setting her bag on the floor in the corner. “I’m really happy to be here.”

“And I’m glad you’re here.” Josh rubbed her arms and kissed her forehead. A thought crossing his mind he rubbed his hand down her back to the hem of her dress. Tugging the edge he heard her breath sounds and knew what he’d find. “Are you wearing your plug?”

“Shit. I mean…no sir.”

Her strangled moan was enough to tell him she knew she’d made a misstep. Sighing, he continued allowing his fingers to travel under her dress, pressing his fingers between her ass cheeks. “You know what this means?”

“Yes sir.” A single sob pushed past her lips.

Shaking his head he tugged at her thong, pulling the thin material from her hips. “You know better. Wearing your plug is a simple request.”

“Yes sir I know.” Jennifer didn’t try and fight, she merely looked into his eyes.

When he wrangled her panties off he unfastened his belt quickly, pushing her over the end of the bed. “I don’t know why we have to go over this time and time again. Stretch out your arms and hold the position. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir.”

While he wasn’t angry he wanted to make certain she knew she’d disobeyed a basic rule, one of the few he had.


“Ooohhh…” She flinched, her hands gripping the comforter.

Pop! Crack! Slap!

He sucked in his breath, delighting in the way her ass reddened immediately. “We’re going to help you learn to obey. Aren’t we?”
“Yes sir.”

Crack! Pop!

The way she wiggled, her cries in earnest reminded him he was doing the right thing for her as a woman as well as for their growing relationship. “Ten more.”

“God…yes sir.”

As he whipped her methodically, the last two positioned on her upper thighs, he realized he was happier than he’d ever been. This woman, this relationship was exactly what he needed. When he was finished he placed his hand on the small of her back. “You did very well.”

“Thank you, sir.” Her voice was clipped, another sob erupting from her mouth.

Josh helped her up, pulling her into his arms. “You’re so beautiful, such an amazing woman.” Cupping the back of her head he closed his eyes and merely held her until she stopped trembling. He steadied her, taking a step back. They remained quiet for a few seconds. He brushed a stray strand of hair from her eyes and smiled.

“Let me freshen up,” Jennifer said as she pushed against him, unable to look into his eyes.

“Of course. Take your time.” As he walked back into the kitchen, grabbing another beer from the fridge, he sighed in satisfaction. Lately he’d been reflecting on what they shared, processing the love that continued to grow. He was unable to explain their closeness, the intensity of their attachment. Jennifer often told him things happened for a reason. The very intelligent woman was right. Chuckling, he heard her walking back into the kitchen a few minutes later. “Would you like a glass of wine?”

“Yes sir.” Her eyes twinkling she took a step back, a seductive smile crossing her I will please himface as she rubbed her ass. “I think I need one.”

“The spanking you felt?”
“Are you kidding me? You’re good with your belt. Sir.”

Now it was his turn to chuckle. As he poured her a glass he studied her movements, appreciating her height even more tonight for some reason. He’d never been with a tall woman and being able to kiss her without stooping down was surprisingly appealing. “How was your day?”

“Hectic. Yours?” Her voice held a trace of nervousness.

Josh knew she was rarely nervous, almost never caught off guard. Tonight she seemed out of sorts, as if knowing they were taking another step into a deep level of intimacy was weighing on her mind. He handed her the glass of wine, allowing his fingers to linger over her skin. There was no touch, no breath or kiss that was the same and he tingled every time. She was his soul mate, one he hadn’t anticipated finding, nor had he been looking. This was supposed to be a simple relationship, one of sharing kink and various aspects of BDSM. Something else had occurred entirely. “Mine was without incident.”

“Good.” Sipping her wine Jennifer didn’t take her eyes off of him.

“Let’s go out on the deck for a few minutes.” Moving past her he led her outside. He sat down immediately on his usual perch. He could tell she was nervous by the way her hand flitted over her mouth, the sips of wine she took and the swaying of her hips. Her confidence was something he admired. On this gorgeous evening she was tentative, unusually quiet. “Come sit.”

“Yes sir.” As if relieved, she eased down on the chair next to him, crossing and re-crossing her legs.

The moment he pulled out a cigarette she reacted, almost slamming her wine down on the table to grab the cigarette lighter. “Sir.”

“Relax.” Josh nodded in encouragement as she lit his cigarette. “You’re fine. Just fine.”

“I am relaxed just…just curious.” A wry smile crossed her face.


“What’s going to happen.”

“What do you think is going to happen?” He asked as he studied her face, her reaction.

Jennifer darted a look, took another sip of wine and wiggled in her seat. “I’m not sure, but I think that what we share together will change both of us.”

“Why do you say that?”

She tipped her head, her eyes remaining unblinking. “Because you’re changing every day. Your need to dominate is becoming darker, more intense. Your desire to take me to the very edge of what I can handle, facing my fears is…” Looking away she shook her head. “What we’re sharing is electrifying and for the first time in my life I am finally me. You allow me to be the woman I’ve been hiding.” A nervous laugh escaped her lips. She licked the rim of her glass before taking a gulp of her wine.

Josh finished his cigarette, giving her time to process, and rose to his feet, holding out his hand. “Come.”


“Time for the basement.”

Oh lordly. The words give me tingles today. I’ve heard that statement before and trust me, I will forever tingle. I hope you’ve enjoyed.

Kisses and spanks


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