Evil Lurking in the Shadows Part VIII

Yes, that evil side of me lurks in my personal shadows. In doing this rather horrifically graphic piece with Christian Jensen – my fabulous writing partner and one who stretched my inner being – I admit I enjoy taking my cop to such a level of complete destruction of his very humanity – perhaps his mind. There is something tasty about allowing him to embrace that very dark side we all have. And yes we do. So tonight, he begins his journey into madness, mayhem and the light at the end of the tunnel. I hope you enjoy and for my readers who prefer my D/s pieces – look away. This might just haunt you…

Kill her…

The words lingered in my head, leaving a delicious series of thoughts. Visions of blood and gore splashed across the back of my mind. I could see her head crushed in, her beautiful eyes staring vacantly at me. I could almost taste the tangy sweetness of her blood dripping down the back of my throat. Shit. The bile lingering in my mouth was off the chain. Snarling, I dragged by fingers across my lips and bit down. The single bead of blood gave me shivers. As I glanced in her direction I gave her a smile. Being perfunctory, showing her the good guy I was supposed to be was bloody eyegetting tiring. Suddenly a shot of anguish swept up along the back of my neck, bringing tears to my eyes. Why the hell was I thinking this way.

You know you want to fuck her.

Of course I want to fuck her. I want to fuck her, beat her and… The voice came from nowhere, but was all around me. For a few seconds I closed my eyes, willing the ludicrous thoughts away. I was a cop, a man of honor. Sweat trickled down the back of my neck and her scent was almost too much to bear.

“You all right?”

I heard her voice and slowly turned in her direction. “Fine. Just fine.” I could see how hard her nipples were, the buds pushing through her skin tight dress. As we continued walking I rubbed my eyes. Every part of my body was tingling from the effects of the damn booze I’d consumed. There was a fucking haze around me I hated.

You know you want to beat her.

Yeah, the thought of pummeling her pretty little face was enticing. “Jesus.”


The sideways glance she gave was sassy, damn bitch. “I said I’m fine.”

“Okay! Okay. Don’t have to get all snippy.” She pressed her hands down the front of her dress. “So.. Can you just imagine the way I’m gonna suck your cock?”

As if she knew how to suck my cock. Right. I remained quiet as I moved down the sidewalk, cognizant of the fact I was paying attention to any movement. There was none. “Hot shit.”

“Hot shit? You bet. You get a taste. I hope you’re gonna fuck me now.”

You know you want to kill her.

The damn voice was right. I wanted to kill the bitch just for the reason she was annoying as shit. Okay so her body was hot, her nipples perfect for torturing. Thoughts I had I knew were vile.

“Then I ride you,” she breathed.

My balls were so fucking swollen I could barely move. I studied her as she laughed, Red Heatpushing hair from her eyes. All I could think about was fucking every hole, shoving my cock deep inside until her ass was gaping wide, throbbing. Yeah, the thought of splitting her wide open was incredible.

“This your place?” she cooed as she rubbed her hand down his spine.

There was no need to answer the slut. As I unlocked the door a series of vivid images flashed into my mind, vile visions I should have felt repugnant toward. Instead, I was electrified. “Come in.” I breathed in her scent of sex as she shot me a look and walked inside, her hands on her hips. God, I wanted to fist her ass, tear her apart. The intense feeling did nothing more than to allow more sweat to roll down my spine. I hated to fucking sweat, loathed the prickling sensations.

“Your place is really hot. There’s something very dark and dangerous about your surroundings.”

When she darted her eyes toward me my cock twitched. Yeah, I was going to tear her ass up. “You’re kinda complex.” Her eyes flashed. “I’d say dangerous in fact.”

Complex? The bitch had no clue. “Dangerous huh?”

“Mmm… Yes, as if you’re hiding from a deep seeded need.” She laughed, pressing her hand over her mouth.

I’ll show you dangerous, you fucking whore. Her voice seemed to echo in my ears. My head was pounding, bile in my throat, and all I could think about was fucking her. What the hell was her name? Hell, not that it mattered. I closed the door, locking the latch instantly, and grabbed her arm. “Come here, bitch.”

“Oh, you like it rough.”

Show her exactly what you like. Make sure the whore knows who’s boss.

“You’re right.” For some reason her cooing noises pissed me off. The second I wrapped my hand around her arm, jerking her toward me, I knew at that very instant there was no doubt I was going to rip her apart. The thought was actually comforting, almost as if I’d known all along this was the answer to all the shit in my life. “I don’t just like it rough. I crave it bloody.” Snickering, I bit down on her neck and in truth I didn’t care if I shocked her as I shoved my teeth into her skin. The moment she shuddered, her body shaking to the point she was moaning like a stuck pig, I knew I was in heaven. “I think the question is, can you fucking handle what I need?”

I could see the terror in her eyes as I wrapped my hand around her throat, shoving her hard against the back wall. She managed to gasp before I cut off her air supply, digging my thumbnail into her windpipe.


“Argh…” Struggling, she slapped her hands out, trying to connect.

Bam! Thud! Wham!

“I asked you a question, bitch.” Blood splattered against the wall and I was elated. “Answer me slut.” Of course she was unable to answer since blood was running out of her mouth. I laughed and let her go. Instantly she crumpled to the ground, wheezing noises pushing past her lips.

Kick her. Kick the whore then strip and fuck her. I’d shove my cock down her throat, make her suck you dry then cut out her tongue before you fuck that tight ass.

The commands, his commands were so damn encouraging. I liked his style. In fact, the idea was damn hot. “Come here, bitch. You’re going to learn to suck cock.” Her moans only fueled my hunger, drove me to the point of madness. Grabbing her by the hair I yanked her to her knees. “Open your mouth.” Hell, there was no need to wait for her to obey. I shoved my cock all the way down her throat.

Her choking sounds were like music to my ears. I gazed down at her lovingly, her sweet face and glistening eyes. Her tears were almost magical. “That’s it. You’re doing great. Suck me, princess.” I plunged my dick into her mouth, throat fucking her as I held both sides of her face. The harder I thrust the more she gagged, blood spilling past her lips. This was amazing, the best damn blowjob I’d ever had. “Take haunted goreit. Take all of me.”

Seconds later I tossed my head back, a dazzling series of sensations sucking away my breath. “Oh yeah. That’s it. That… Fuck!” My entire body was shaking the moment I came, exploding into her mouth. “Don’t you waste a single drop, not a single one.”

With hazy eyes I stared down at her and watched in disgust as she struggled to spit out my prized cum. “I said don’t waste a drop.” Breaking the connection I reared back and as my foot connected with her face, I heard a snapping crunch and howled. Seconds later I stood over her, shaking my head. “Now it’s time to play.”

Kill the whore… Sangre Por Sangre my Brother

Brother indeed.


“Fuck.” Even saying the word out loud was too much. Sangre Por Sangre. I couldn’t get the expression out of my head. What the hell did that mean? I rolled over and my arm slapped hard against the floor. My mouth was cotton dry, every muscle in my body aching. I opened my eyes and winced, holding my hand out to shade the sun streaming in the window. Groaning, I rolled over, stretching out and blinking several times. I wiped my mouth and the moment I drew my hand away I freaked. “What the fuck?” I couldn’t get out of the bed fast enough. My heart was racing as I held my hands out. They were covered in dried blood. “What the fuck is going on?”

A quick glance toward the bed as well as my cop’s instinct said whatever the fuck had gone on hadn’t occurred in the bed. I don’t know why really but I knew in my gut something horrific had happened and my instinct had nothing to do with the caked blood. I couldn’t put my finger on any of this shit but I knew. I fucking knew…

A quick investigation of my place didn’t provide any answer, but I knew. Sangre Por Sangre – the expression was playing in the back of my mind over and over again. With every passing second I grew more frustrated, my sixth sense hovering right on overdrive.

I found nothing, could see nothing. There were no dead bodies, no telltale signs of violence. But I knew. I knew… God damn fucking shit I knew. “Get a grip. Get a damn grip.” Sweat poured off my body. I hated to sweat. Time for a shower. Yes. I had to shower.

The shower felt good – damn good, but I still knew. Yet there was nothing. After drying off I finally convinced myself I’d had too much to drink, maybe broke a bottle and had managed to gather someone else’s blood on my hands. Yeah. That’s what had to have happened. I knew I’d been in a bar, drinking. I needed to stop fucking drinking. Coffee would help the shaking. Had to.

I studied the kitchen as I walked in, half expecting to see a dead body. The second I laughed something caught my attention. “What the fuck?” Twisted hell reverberated in my brain as I tried to focus. I stumbled forward, gulping air ad I struggled to understand. From somewhere, the hollow place in my soul, I knew the phone was ringing. And the worst part? I knew the who the caller was. It was him…

What do you think? Mmm…

Kisses my dark children


Christian’s last installment…


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