Pain…Sexual Sin Part IV

Pain. The word continues to evoke so many emotions in my readers. When you add the question about whether I’m a masochist or John Patrick is a sadist and I seem to garner a brand new set of readers. Seems we’re all a bit fascinated by the notion of giving and receiving pain – no matter how hard or by whom. On top of this, the notion of corporal punishment is growing in popularity. In writing my Domestic Discipline pieces, I never knew how many couples longed to be able to explore the concept within their own relationships. Let’s face it – divorce rates are Click 2skyrocketing. I have very personal opinions about this including the fact I believe the man should be in charge – you’ve heard me say this before. But I think there’s even more to the notion.

We all feel the need to be disciplined at times – some more than others. Some men would flourish if they were in charge, taking the reins completely. And they should. Women need a firm hand or sometimes merely need to be re-focused. Yes, we are more emotional. Spanking isn’t about inflicting pain, however. Of course feeling a moment or five of agony is what’s supposed to happen. Spankings are supposed to hurt. This story and what I’m talk about does delve a little bit deeper and for at least one of my loyal fans, she’s concerned for me – my safety and my well being and I very much love her for worrying. So I wanted to make certain everyone knew before reading any more of this story – everything I do with John Patrick is safe, sane and very consensual. That’s vital when trying anything having to do with any aspect of kink. You have to know and trust your partner.

That being said, both John Patrick and I are highly intelligent people. We don’t go into anything we’re sharing blindly or without deep and many conversations and without learning. He would never strike me with a flogger without knowing to some degree what he’s doing. After all, every implement is different. He certainly isn’t going to decide on something extreme such as using the violet wand without learning about the instrument and the effects totally. Rest assured. I may be a submissive and trust him totally, but my common sense comes into play as well. Important to keep in mind, John Patrick doesn’t want to harm me, but he will hurt me – whether play time or for discipline. That’s the nature of kink.

As our relationship is growing, so is our interest in learning about various aspects of kink – some darker than others. We long to share things together, but we’re taking it slowly. So no worries for me. And remember too – I’m writing about things that have happened and haven’t happened. I am an author after all with a wicked and wild mind. What you read between the pages is based on my imagination as well as real life. In talking with others about why they enjoy receiving pain or inflicting, everyone seems to have a myriad of reasons. There isn’t one thing that comes out.

his captiveFor John Patrick, he’s surprised to a point he’s becoming darker, more sadistic but as he’s said before, a lot of this is based on me. Because I want to share with him, enjoy this side, he feels comfortable to dip his toe further into the warm water. I do as well. This is all very fascinating sharing our experiences together as well as writing about them. Rather cathartic if you ask me.

I’m going to do one last portion to this story then perhaps I’ll finish it by turning Sexual Sin into a collection. I think you need to hear her side, know what she’s thinking. Don’t you?

Jennifer was shaking uncontrollably, every part of her body shivering. Nothing had prepared her for the intensity of the last few moments. Nothing. Not their deep conversations or the fact they’d played before or even that she’d been spanked with his belt several times. Blinking furiously she sniffed and moved her tongue around the ball gag. She was starting to have trouble swallowing, enough so drool was slipping past her lips, trickling down to the floor in long strings. Breathe and calm down. Just breathe. She did everything she could to stop crying, to show him she could be very strong.

“You’re doing very well,” Josh stated as he moved in front of her, tilting his head and studying the nipple clamps. Reaching out he slapped one in rapid succession.

A fire pit of raw anguish rushed up from her toes. “Oooooohhhh…” The muffled cry echoed and she could no longer hold back the tears. They streamed down her face, mixing with the beads of cold sweat lingering on her cheeks.

“Are you wet? Hmmm?” Easing his hand between her legs he rubbed up the inside of her thigh until he reached her pussy. Thrusting three fingers inside, he flexed them open as he pumped in and out.

Dear God she was going to cum. There was no way to avoid.

“Don’t cum. Don’t you dare cum. You’re not allowed to.”

How in the hell did he know she was worried? Of course, her cunt muscles were constricting around his fingers, drawing him deeper inside.

“Yes, you’re very wet.” A smile crossing his face he took a step back, removing his fingers. Holding them into the light he raised a single eyebrow then slid them into his mouth.

The suckling sound was provocative, luring her into a quiet moment of peace. She kept her eyes glued onto the flogger, the one firmly planted in his hand.

Whoosh! Crack!

The first strike caught her left breast and explosive agony rushed into her system. The second snap hit her in the stomach and her breath was taken away. Moaning, her entire body jerked forward. She managed to swallow as he took a step to the side. This time she anticipated the whips.

Pop! Crack! Slap!

“Ooohhh…” Landing on her outer thigh, then the small of her back and finally straight across her ass cheeks, she flinched with each strike.

Josh rubbed her side, rubbing his hand around to her back. Fingering up and down the length of her spine he exhaled, allowing his hot breath to cascade across her shoulders.

Jennifer clenched her eyes shut, lolling her head as he rubbed between her legs, swirling the tip of his finger around her clit. Every slice of his finger, every gentle touch drew her further into a heightened state of bliss. Whimpering in pleasure she sucked on the plastic ball, longing to be able to beg him to fuck her. She loved his cock, loved having his thick shaft buried deep inside, but she was forced to remind herself this wasn’t about making love. This was about pleasing him in any manner he desired and tonight she was his total submissive. Joy filled her heart as the tears My Bondagecontinued to fall.

“I know you want to cum. Perhaps soon, my love.”

Crack! Pop!

With every hard strike she winched, but the rush of pleasure became infused with the discomfort and for a few seconds she couldn’t distinguish between the two.

“Good girl. I love the fact you’re wearing my marks.”

Yes, she felt such strong pride. Some would think she was nuts but she did indeed love wearing his marks of discipline. In truth, she longed to be able to show them off. Sadly, few could ever understand her needs, her longings, and so she’d kept this part of her very private. She heard what sounded like him dropping the flogger and struggled to see what he was going to do next. When he reached around her, his hands cupping her breasts, she whimpered. After a few light flicks on the clamps he placed his fingers on the metal vices. The moment he released her tender nipples she screamed past the gag. “Wuckkk!” She laughed and cried, hearing the strangled word. Now she was gulping for air.

He kissed her on the shoulder and caressed her breasts, kneading them gently. “You did very well. Very well.”

His hands never left her as he walked back in front. His eyes were full of love, even admiration as he lowered his head, sucking first one then the other nipple. Her body was rocking back and forth, her heart racing. When he leaned back she studied his face, his look of utter contentment. They’d certainly grown as a couple during the last few months and she loved him more than ever.

“Now it’s time for your punishment.”

Punishment? She’d thought tonight was about playtime. Wasn’t the flogging enough? Hadn’t she been a good enough girl? A series of raw emotions swept into the back of her mind. Yes, he’d been holding off punishing her for some infractions that had continued to grow. Yes, he’d promised her they’d be taken care of then the slate wiped clean. And dear God yes, she deserved to be punished, but now? Now? Fuck me… Panting, she had no idea what to expect or how to react. What was he going to do? He’d mentioned this quirt thing. Yes, she’d seen the leather strap, knew the implement was used on horse. Horses? Really? Now she was shaking with more than just trepidation.

“I’m going to release you.”

What the hell did he just say? Release? Her ears had to be clogged. When he removed the ball gag and smiled, she gasped for air. “Sir?” God, she could do this. Yes, she could do this.


“May I ask a question?”

“You may.” Patting her arm Josh began unfastening her cuffs, every move methodical.

“I thought…I mean tonight we’re…” Oh hell, she had no clue what she was trying to ask.

“If you’re asking why I’m going to punish you, because it needs to be done. I’ve waited long enough and you need this and I do too.”

Her arms free she rubbed her wrists, contemplating what he was saying. Her sir was right of course. He always was, but this was unchartered waters. The belt hurt like hell. From what little she knew about this implement from the devil, she’d be in pain for days, perhaps unable to sit down. Then again, didn’t she deserve every strike? Yes. As he knelt down, unclasping the bar from between her feet, she cringed and remembered all the wretched details of her infractions – and there were indeed several. “Yes sir.”

“You’re going to feel better once we get this over with and when we do, we’re not going to talk about what happened again. Is that understood?”

“Yes sir.” As he rose to his feet she realized she’d never felt more vulnerable yet so very alive. Swallowing hard she wiped the tears from her eyes and steadied her nerves.

“Grab onto the pole for me. You’re going to hold your position.”

My Hands“Yes sir.” Obeying immediately she grasped both hands on the pole and honestly had no idea how she was going to keep her position. Really?

“Spread your legs. I’m going to give you forty and you’re going to count them off.”

Forty? She’d die getting forty. He’d never struck her with the belt more than what, fifteen? Maybe? Holy fuck. As she opened her legs and heard him rustling in hid bag, the damn dark blue freaking duffel bag, the one with orange lettering from some fucking sports team, she shivered head to toe.

Seconds later he placed his hand on the small of her back. “You’re going to feel a lot better when we’re done. I promise you.”


There was no way she could brace for the impact, the way her entire body convulsed. She bit back a yelp as the intense pain rushed into every cell.
“Count them off.”

“Yes sir. One sir.”

Crack! Pop!

“Two and three sir!” This time the yelp just occurred.

Whoosh! Pop!

“Aaaahhh…” Her body jerking she could hear a scream bubbling up from the pit of her stomach. Tears flowed freely and crazy thoughts entered her mind about never having cried when he used the belt. Why now? Because she needed the release and because the whipping hurt like a motherfucker. “Um…”


“Four…and um five.” Was that right?


As the punishment continued she fell into what could only be described as a mixture of hell and ecstasy. She knew she was bubbling out the count, her sobs mixing with yelps of pain, but she was absolutely lost in the experience. When he hit the small of her back, the tender areas just above her hipbones, she was jetted into the atmosphere. She envisioned the tattoo, the very one he’d designed for her, and knew this was the very spot the tat needed to go. Yeah, to give him a target. She almost burst into laughter.

“Only ten more. You’re being a very good girl,” Josh said as he rubbed his hand gently across her ass.

Ten more. Ten fucking more might… She closed her eyes, struggling to stay upright. The next four whips she had to be prodded into counting. “Forty five sir.” Now she was on her tiptoes, her face pressed against the cool metal.

“Five more.”

“Yes…sir…” Wailing, she was surprised at the sound, how the high pitched intensity floated above her.

Crack! Pop!


Jennifer was aware the spanking had ended, could hear his soothing words as he gathered her into his arms, but she remained floating. Her body tingled and she was cold, so very cold. The moment his arms were wrapped around her, drawing her tightly into his chest, she melted. His smell was intoxicating, so comforting and she clung to him as she continued to cry.

“Ssshhh… You did very well and now it’s over. That’s done.” Josh held her, one hand nestled on the back of her head, the other caressing her back. “I’m so proud of you.”

The words gave her a smile and for the first time in perhaps her entire life she felt whole, the woman who’d been living deep inside, one held back by her own fears. No longer. This man, her sir, made her feel whole and very cherished. Pressing her hand against his chest she eased back, needing to look into his eyes. “Thank you my sir for loving me so much.”

A smile crossing his face, Josh nodded. “Now we move on.”

This was the beginning of a new chapter.

What do you think? Mmm… What I can tell you is that this is the way I feel so conveying the intense emotions isn’t difficult. This is about sharing the joy. Tell me – what do you think? Too intense?

Kisses and spanks…



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