Corporal Punishment…Sexual Sin Part I

There many ways in we can all be bad little girls and boys. Something I’ve noticed over the past few years is that at work, many of us are entirely different than we are with our family and friends. We’re a little meaner, act out in ways we’d never consider somewhere else. With the invention of the Internet and emails – Lordy lordy we can be just about anyone we want to be behind that computer screen. Now can’t we? Come on, you’ve done it. You’ve blasted someone before 1Power Exchangecause you were having a bad day or you thought you could get away with your less than stellar behavior. Fess up. I’ll give you ten seconds…

Now that you have that memory right there in the forefront of your mind, tell me this. What did the ugly blip of your personality really accomplish? Did ya feel better after you told the person off, perhaps made fun of him or her as a person or their job performance? Did you sneak away into the bathroom snickering like a fool to salivate over your wretched deed? Or did you cower in your office, praying to GOD your boss wouldn’t find out what a dumbass you are? Hmm… For those of us who are truly good people, I think we have a conscience and even though we might snap for a few minutes, we generally will apologize or try and make amends. Then there are the select few – you know the ones I mean. They were bullies as children and allowed to get away with being a bully in their adulthood. No one likes conflict so we tend to ‘look the other way’. See, I’m not like that.

John Patrick is always reminding me to have more patience, but I can’t in these situations. I refuse to tolerate stupidity and especially those who enjoy torturing others. The work in my real life is a disenchanting job managing community associations. Trust me, it’s not something you’d tell your children to inspire to. There is no, ‘oh mommy when I grow up I want to be a Community Association Manager’. Right. It’s akin to having your teeth pulled by a maniac in a dark basement, knowing your limbs are going to be crushed one tiny bit at a time. Can you tell how much I love it? And you know why the career is so horrible? People. People who live in associations for some reason took that wrong colored Matrix pill and think they can act like the jerk-off they’ve always wanted to be.

I can’t tell you the countless times I’ve had threats to my life, body, job, person, salary, family, friends, etc. Pick something. No kidding. Then there’s the cursing, telling me I’m a fucking bitch and… Well, you get the idea – all because I have to help a Board of Directors of a homeowners association in having the precious members follow the rules – the ones they signed up for when they purchased the house. Hmm… Really? I kill people in my other pseudo with their names smack on the storyline to rid myself of the vile demons bursting at the surface. See, I can’t talk back as I would LOVE to. I am NOT allowed to do anything but smile, try and soothe their savage beast and move on to the next asshole. So… I was thinking that wouldn’t it be particularly joyful if there was some form of corporate punishment within our day-to-day business lives? Imagine if you were the bad child at work and your boss was able to use a firm hand. What do you think? For me the thought is delicious and would certainly improve employee morale. Don’t you think so? Well, a little sexy story for you – something perhaps you can mention to your boss.

“The girl is useless. Jesus Christ.”

Molly Brighten sat staring at the computer screen, incensed at the little minion, the A little appe for youone she thought would be a good assistant. Instead, the girl was such a stupid bitch. To think the recent hire couldn’t even manage to do a spreadsheet right – a basic fucking Excel spreadsheet for Christ’s sake – was beyond her comprehension. Boiling inside, she pushed back her chair, doing everything she could to calm her nerves. The client was due in less than two days and she was going to have to completely re-haul the POS. The presentation had to be perfection. “Damn it.” Of course the company party, the one in which she was determined to seduce one fine stud named Damien Marcos the third, was tonight. There was no freaking way she was working late. None. Especially not because of an incompetent boob. For a few seconds she allowed her mind to wander to the handsome man, the one who’d been flirting on and off with her for months. So fucking her boss wasn’t the best idea, but she was determined tonight was the night.

A hot red dress, a pair of sexy stilettos, new lacy undies from Victoria’s Secret and one hot night was in order. The fantasy was far too delicious. Maybe she’d fuck him over his desk in the office, ride him hard. Mmm… The thought was truly invigorating. A quick blip of an incoming email reminded her she had work to do. No, her assistant had work to do.

Rising from her chair, she smoothed down her skirt, pushed back the loose strands of hair and strutted toward her office door. She plastered her practiced smile and moved out into the hallway, taking long strides. By the time she made it down the hallway and into the workerbee area, she was swinging her arms, growling under her breath. There was no mistaking when she was pissed. With her six-foot frame, long legs and ballsy attitude, the rumble of her heavy feet cascaded throughout every nook and cranny of the top floor. She’d perfected the art of being a bitch and in truth loved every moment when her real personality came out.

Rounding the corner Molly snapped her head to the right, sucking back a laugh as the first row of girls cringed and pretended to be busy, typing away on a non-existent report. After taking two more steps forward she noticed the pool of young men, all of which she’d eat with a spoon, scampering away to prevent receiving her wrath. “Jennifer.” The single word rang out over the din of the fifty or so employees, the inflection clear. She could hear a collective group of ‘uh-oh’s’ being issued. When Jennifer didn’t appear right away she slapped her hand on her hip and slowly began to make her way through the cubicles.

Her assistant was a well-educated woman, graduating from Duke University, but in Molly’s mind she was rather useless. Sniffing, she glanced back and forth at the group of workers, always wondering where and why her boss found such a group of slackers. There was no drive, no imagination and in the advertising business you have to have verve, spice. The drones seemed complacent in their respective roles. Well, she was going to the top. Vice President was on her bucket list, one she was marking off very quickly. A quick shift and she could see Jennifer laughing and talking with a co-worker.

How dare the little bitch have any fun when her report was fucked up. “Jennifer.” The entire floor ceased making any noise.

Jennifer paled then tilted her head. “Yes Molly?”

“That’s Ms. Brighten to you. We need to have a discussion in my office immediately.”

“Is there something wrong?”

“Wrong?” Molly snorted, her loud voice filled with an edgy tone. “Other than the fact you completely fucked up the spreadsheet and there is no way I can sell the product or the service without having the damn thing completely redone? Not a thing.” Folding her arms she eyed the girl, loving the fact she stood a head taller than the perky blond.

“Hmmm… I think you might be reading the report all wrong, Ms. Brighten. I can teach you.”


“She didn’t just say that.”

“She’s fired.”

Molly lifted her head, seething under the mask of calm and cool. She heard all the minions, the comments and the fear laced in their voices. “Well, I guess we’ll have to see about that. Follow me.” Turning swiftly she took two steps before stopping short. “And I certainly hope you don’t have any plans for tonight because you’re going to stay until the report is completely finished, no matter how long it takes. Is that clear?” Hearing a collective sigh she smiled, satisfied she’d gotten her point across. Now she could plan for the party without interruption.


“Do you catch the spectacle today?”

Damien exhaled slowly, gathering pretty much exactly what Jackson was going to say. “What did she do this time?”

Absolute Power“Funny how you know Molly is in the middle of something yet again,” Jackson chortled as he sipped on his drink.

“Seems pretty much everyone in the office is complaining about her behavior.”

“The woman is a bitch. Let’s face facts. When you look up the word in any dictionary in any language, her picture is smack front and center.”

He’d heard the same shit about his leading salesperson for months now and knew he was going to have to do something about curtailing her behavior or lose complete respect with the other employees. The recent campaigns to try and win back business had kept him working long hours as well as allowing loss of control of his people. “I hear you.” There wasn’t enough bourbon in the world to perk him up. The night was going to be tedious. Pretending to have a good time, that the company was doing well, and dealing with the antics of just about one hundred people would jerk his last nerve to the edge.

“I hear you? That means you’re going to do bupkiss.” Jackson hissed. “I don’t get it with you. Are you sleeping with the girl?”

Damien sniffed and swirled the liquid in his glass. Not that he hadn’t thought about, fantasized about and masturbated to the notion about a dozen times. “No, I’m not sleeping with her. She’s our top salesperson and in truth, we stand a chance of landing two half million dollar accounts in the next few days because of her. Did you know Molly single handedly brought the perspective clients to the table? Without her they’d have gone to the Martin agency. I have to take that into account.”

Jackson looked at him wide eyed. “And if you lose the rest of our people because she treats them like shit? How are we going to service these great new clients? Think about that?”

The words stung. “Yeah, I have. I’ll talk to her.”

“You’ll talk to her? Haven’t you had Molly in your office a half dozen times in an attempt to calm her ass down, make her a better people person?”

“A couple.”

“A couple my ass. This woman needs an intervention, something entirely different than all the employee manuals suggest.”

He tilted his head, eyeing Jackson. Hiring his best friend as VP had been a gamble, but thankfully the man had brought his finance expertise as well as a cool head into the business and at least they weren’t bleeding any longer. He also realized Jackson had worked in various countries so maybe he had some interesting ideas as to how to persuade Molly into behaving at least like a human being. “Do you have any thoughts? Suggestions?”

“Maybe.” Clucking his jaw Jackson grinned then nodded toward the door. “Unfortunately that’s for another discussion and best over a full bottle of tequila. The staff has arrived.”

Damien sucked in his breath, took a gulp of his drink and tried to force his mind into the place of being the man in charge, the one everyone looked up to. Yes, he loved being the dominant figure, the one who issued mandates, but he was waning in every duty. Times had been tough over the past eighteen months. The party was being thrown as a thank you as well as a celebration for the future contracts, the ones that had better be signed or they’d have to start letting people go. “Then let’s rock and roll and get the party started.”

“Oh shit. What a freaking entrance. Planned no doubt.”

The disdain in Jackson’s voice was palpable. Twisting around, the sight of Molly, dressed to the nine’s in a hot dress, her flaming hair somehow wilder than normal, was almost too much for his cock to take. “Shit.”

“Yeah. You can say that again. I think she’s on the prowl tonight and my guess is…” Jackson let the words die off as he rose from the barstool, “that she’s gunning to suck your cock tonight.”


“Truthful and you know exactly what I mean. Let the games begin.”

The way the group shifted away from Molly was telling. Damien polished off his drink and patted the top of the bar as he rose to his feet. Tonight he was going to have to keep himself in check so he didn’t either fire her for insubordination or fuck her in the elevator. However, a couple more drinks would at least help in the processing of thoughts. Needs. Damn, his dick was aching like a son of a bitch. Maybe that’s exactly what she needed, a good old fashioned fucking. No, the truth was, the woman required a hard spanking, just like every bad girl needed. The notion gave him a smile as a vision of seeing her planted over his knees, her naked ass in the air, slithered into the back of his mind. Hell yeah the woman needed a firm hand.

Damien waited until the drink was prepared, his eyes never leaving what she was doing, then slowly sauntered toward the crowd. “Thanks for coming, Sam. I hope Hands cuffedyou have a fun time. Casey, you look gorgeous. The bar’s over there and we have a feast fit for a King in the back corner. Help yourselves.” Yes, he could tell Molly was trying not to pay attention, but even from where he stood he could see how hard her nipples were through the thin fabric of the very inappropriate but damn sexy dress.

He moved toward her, shaking hands and acting casual. As he made his way he realized she already had a glass of wine in her hand, no doubt having one of the ‘boys’ in the office fetch it for her. The woman had them all by the balls. Half of the male species wanted to fuck her like a racehorse and the other half were praying to God she wouldn’t castrate them. The thought gave him an evil chuckle. Perhaps tonight was the perfect time to throw down his cards, see exactly what the feisty vixen was made of.

Molly turned her head, disengaging herself from a conversation with two of the employees, and scanned the entire length of him. Her lips were pursed, her stance telling him in no uncertainty she was hot and wet. She slanted her eyes as she lifted her gaze. There was no smile, only a look that screamed she wanted to devour him.

Tonight was about seduction, but in a way the woman might not assume he could handle. Yes, Damien wanted to sink his cock deep inside her sweet pussy, even though she was an employee, but toying with her was exactly what was needed. And he was damn good at playing the game of cat and mouse. “You look lovely tonight, Molly. So glad you could come.” The words were drawn out, his slight southern accent kicked into high gear.

“You know I wouldn’t miss the chance to celebrate my success with our staff,” Molly cooed.

The possessive tone, the arrogance was clear. He wanted to drag her into the corner, remind her who was boss, but the action would only prove to provide fuel to the already sizzling coals. “Yes, tonight is going to be an eventful evening. I assure you. Very special indeed.”

She smiled and scanned the perimeter of the room. “I certainly hope so.” When he didn’t say anything else she darted another look. “Special?”

He nodded several times before inching closer, waving to a few new arrivals. “Very. Curious?” There wasn’t any doubt given the fact she shifted back and forth, her hips swaying, that she was intrigued.

After a few seconds she closed the distance, placing her hand on his forearm. When she spoke her voice was laced with the tone of pure seduction. “If this is your idea, I can only imagine how hot it’s going to be.”

Chuckling darkly he flashed his eyes as he lowered his head, breathing a swath of hot air across her neck. “Tonight is special because you’re going to submit to me in every way I desire. Is that clear?”

Well, yes I know – this can’t happen in a real life situation. Or can it? I hope you enjoyed.

Kisses and spanks…


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    That’s so hot. I’m looking forward to the rest.


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