Corporal Punishment…Sexual Sin Part II

What forms of punishment did you receive as a child? Did they linger into when you were a teenager or did they change? My bet is (depending on how old you are) you were spanked every once in awhile as a child, then as a teenager you merely were grounded or had certain privileges removed. Nowadays, I don’t think I’ve heard about a child being spanked – that is unless you hear in the news some idiot pressing charges. Again, any aspect of punishment I mention on my blog has NOTHING to do with abuse and never will. There is zero tolerance; however, a solid hard spanking on the backside? Oh you bet I think every child needs as well asMisbehavin' adults. There’s far too much bad behavior out there in the world. Having said this, my concept of corporal punishment of course moves into relationships as well as what happens at work. No matter what we do in life, we’re required to follow rules. We don’t run a red light and certainly pay for things instead of stealing. We come to work on time, follow a dress code and if the handbook says no relationships with others in the office we at least try and follow the rule. Right? Don’t you or do you sneak a little and very tasty scenario with a co-worker now and again? LOL. I say try because there are a bazillion trysts within office environments and while sometimes they are kept in secret, gossip can quickly escalate. So I think it’s fair to say all of us break rules from time to time. When we do, there are certain consequences at times like a speeding ticket or docking of pay for being late. But what do you do when you have an employee who by all rights is excellent at his or her job but sucks at people skills, maybe going as far as bullying other employees? There are so many reality shows in which people are vying against each other being the top dog. From Survivor to certain shows on MTV, we all want to best the other person. The movie from so many years ago – The Running Man, allowed prisoners the chance to win their freedom by engaging in a gauntlet of hell in a ruin like environment. If they stayed alive through the game, they’d obtain their freedom. Eh – you can imagine how many ended up alive and sitting on the beaches of St. Martin. I truly think that’s what we’re coming to as a society and honestly? I think more discipline is needed. Perhaps this very realization is why writing about aspects of raw domestic discipline and D/s is so appealing to me. I know I need a firm hand and that’s what John Patrick gives me. Don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t nor would he ever beat me. This is all about knowing what I need as a woman and when I get mouthy, unfocused, don’t follow the rules or simply disobey anything, he reminds me by use of his belt. And I deserve. I’m disappointed him a few times and even recently he finally became exasperated with me for some rather vanilla like female behavior. For this, he merely talked the situation through, listening to what I had to say and voicing his displeasure. For totally disobeying an order? Well, we’ll just say my backside hurts like hell. Again, the punishment was deserved and I knew the rules. I am an adult. I chose to break them. Silly me. What is the difference in our office environment? Not a hell of a lot in my opinion. You’re fully aware of what’s expected of you when you’re hired, or you figured you’ve pissed off a fellow employee but enjoy their discomfort. As the first blog of this flash collection mentioned, bullies and assholes tend to get away with far too much. What if they no longer could? What if the regime of the corporation took a stand and said no more? Would you respect the owner or President of the company just a bit more for being able to take full control? I know I would. That’s what our sexy story is about. The term ‘comeuppance’ truly comes into play and we’ve all met a person or ten we believe should receive nothing less. Wrapped around your throatWell, this story is for all of you who have a bully or two in your life. I hope you’re enjoying… Molly heard the words, could tell Damien was being serious and for a few seconds she allowed her thoughts to wander to the delicious place in her mind. Of course she’d fantasized about him after a heady glass of wine or three. And yes, she’d pulled her high-powered Hitachi vibrator, enjoying the intense sensations sweeping through every cell in her body when fantasizing about him fucking her. She licked her lips as her cunt clenched. Mmmm… A wild night or two would be tasty. Closing her eyes she envisioned his naked body, riding his cock as he cupped and pinched her nipples until she screamed out his name. Her eyes snapping open, her real personality kicked in, the one that ate people with very dull spoons. Snorting, she slapped her hand on her hip. “Are you out of your mind?” “I beg your pardon?” Damien asked, his eyes narrowing. “Submitting? You know that’s not my personality.” “But every part of you screams longing to submit.” He crowded her space. “Besides. I’m your boss. You do what I say.” “Oh really? Do I need to call my attorney regarding sexual harassment?” His hot breath, the way his cologne filtered into her nostrils was intoxicating, making her pussy wet, clenching. Grinning, a mischievous look crossed his face. “I know what you want, what you crave. More importantly, you’re having a very difficult time not submitting to me, the single man who can teach you to submit. I can tell by the fact your nipples are rock hard, your sweet femininity filling my senses.” A quick snap of her wrist and she almost slapped him. She hissed when he jerked her arm away. “How dare you.” She opened her eyes wide as Damien managed to push her backwards and against a wall. Of course the little minions were staring at them, no doubt egging her boss on. Yeah, she’d deal with all of them at a later time. “The exact words I say to you. I know you too well, my dear.” Damien kept his voice low, his tone husky. “You might think you know me, Damien. I’m not interested.” A quick twist of his wrist and he managed to pull her to her toes. “Fair enough, but never forget who is the boss. Tonight isn’t about a sexual conquest, nor brow beating another one of my staff members.” Snorting, she glared him down, her eyes full of venom. “Browbeating?” “You heard me. That’s exactly what you do to make yourself feel better. You treat everyone like they’re inferior to you when the truth is, you feel like a failure around them, not quite good enough. You’re no longer going to take out your frustrations on my staff. No more belittling period. Do I make myself clear?” “You make that sound like a threat, Mr. Marcos.” Tipping his head back he laughed. “Not at all. I value your opinions, your ability to work with difficult clients.” “But?” Molly yanked her arm away. Damien jerked back, his fingers digging into her skin. “Now now. You will learn to obey me. That I can promise you.” “Obey?” She was shocked he’d confront her. Damien Marcos never confronted anyone. And freaking obey? Who in the mother fucking hell did he think he was? A throat full of vile and nasty words were ready to be spewed, but for some reason the way he was looking at her, his dark and very intense eyes stymied every thought. Perspiration trickled down the back of her neck. From across the room she could hear a snicker or five. This was nothing more than a far too enjoyable scene. Fuck the world. She refused to lose her cool. Sucking in her breath, she narrowed her eyes. “Yes, I can see you’re beginning to understand. Obedience is vital to my company and to the people I draw in close to my life. I know you’ re capable of learning, which is why I’ll give you another chance. But one more, Ms. Brighten. One more.” “And then what?” Her defiance surprised even the nasty voice ringing inside of her head. The man infuriated as well as turned her on. A single chuckle slid past his lips. “As with any aspect of our lives, there are rules, ones that are required to be followed. While you seem to have difficulty with authority, I assure you, I’m here to nurture the woman inside, the one who longs to obey. However, I don’t rest on laurels nor will I allow you to bully anyone any longer. Am I making myself very clear?” Swallowing hard she sniffed then smiled. “Very.” He waited for a full minute before inching back. “Excellent. I have no doubt I can mold you into the perfect employee. With my help you’re going to soar.” Releasing her he nodded and turned away. His voice remained echoing in the back of her mind. What in the hell just happened? Blinking, Molly nonchalantly scanned the room. Oh hell yeah she was being stared at. She plastered on the usual smile, the one she was damn good at, polished off her wine and sashayed into the middle of the room, past the group of gawkers who were no doubt cheering. Anger rushed into her, the kind that could allow her to lash out uncontrollably. Dear God, the man was an arrogant prick. “It’s raining men, halleluiah it’s raining men, amen again.” The damn song used to be her anthem. Now she wanted nothing more than to rip the DJ a new one. “Fuck this shit.” While the words were said under her breath, Open your mouththere was no doubt at least four of the employees heard the exclamation. Keeping her venom in check she made her way to the end of the bar, cognizant every pair on the eyes in the joint was watching her, praying to God she’d fall on her face. Well, fuck every one of them. She refused to succumb to the bullshit. While patience certainly wasn’t her virtue, she managed to wait without reaching across the bar, scratching the rather handsome bartender’s eyes out. “What will the pretty lady have?” The scorching overt flirtation she would normally have captured, played with for a little while. After all he had a hard body with chiseled good looks to go along with his dashing eyes. Uh-huh. “Red wine, the bloodiest in color you have.” “A hot cabernet coming right up.” Tapping her bar, Mr. Hard Body moved away. Molly was seething inside, unable to take her eyes off the one man who’d managed to embroil her senses. Damn it. How had the rugged hunk gotten to her? Why did she allow him to get under her skin, make her lash out in an effort to… Holy crap. She realized she really liked the guy. She was barely able to control her emotions as she began to overhear several of the employees, their words and ugly sentiments about her. Her! The sentiments were the same. They hated her, thought she was a bitch. Yeah. She was a bitch all right and proud of it. “Here you go. By the way, I think you’re the best dressed here,” Hard Body said as he leaned over the bar. The cologne was meant to be intoxicating, drawing her in like a spider to a fly. She took a sip of her drink, doing her best to remain cool, look hot, act like she owned the place. Within a few seconds she was nauseous, her stomach lurching. Finally able to swallow the bile rising in her throat she took a sip then a gulp of her wine. The liquid squelching the rumble in her tummy, she tilted her head, blew him a kiss then leaned over until there was no doubt he was getting a full view of her tits. “Ah sweet boy. There’s no way you can handle me. I need a man with a very large cock.” Hard Body took a step back, threw out his arms then turned in a full circle. “I have what you need, baby.” Very slowly she dropped her eyes, seeming to study his crotch. She allowed her voice to increase, just enough a solid dozen people would hear her. “Mmm… Not so much. But maybe when you grow up.” Turning on her heel, she sauntered toward the bathroom, smiling as she heard her four hundred dollar stiletto heels tapping against the cool marble floor. She was in control, a woman in charge. With every step she gained more confidence, realizing she had everything she wanted in the palm of her hand. After all, she would have Damien in her bed tonight. Purring as she walked into the bathroom, she continued to smile as she made her way in the dark laminated counter. Gripping the edge she smiled at the reflection staring back at her, the one with the haunted and very terrified eyes, and did something she’d been doing a hell of a lot lately. She burst into tears.   **** “Well, that was interesting as hell,” Jackson chortled as he leaned against the bar, his eyes never leaving Molly. “That woman is…” Damien was shaking, a combination of anger and raw desire nearly shutting down his breathing. He’d never wanted a woman like he did the fireball. He also wanted to berate her for her ridiculous behavior, make her pay some penance for the bullshit she’d put all his employees through. Still, he’d called her bluff and she’d pushed back. The woman was formidable as hell. “Incorrigible. A pain in the ass. A ball buster.” “Yeah. I need a fucking drink.” Jackson leaned over as Damien lifted his glass. “You want to fuck her. That’s easy as shit to tell.” “In the most carnal and savage fashion possible.” Damien darted a look at the end of the bar, snarling as he could tell she was flirting with a twenty some year old bartender. Yeah, she liked the younger men, the ones she could manipulate in bed. The truth about her submission, her desire to belong to a strong man, was evident by the way she’d looked at him, every twinge of her muscles telling. Now, what was he supposed to do? “Way to go, boss,” the quiet voice said from behind. “Glad you showed her the ropes,” she was giddy with excitement. Damien nodded to the two employees, the ones he’d seen on the receiving end of Molly’s wrath. “Enjoy the party.” “If you ask me, you weren’t tough enough on her.” Jackson swirled his drink. “She’s single handedly broken the morale of the place.” “She’s just vying for a place in our company. I can work with her. She’s just spouting off crap, like women do. That’s it.” “That’s it, huh? Tell me this, our blindsided leader, where’s Jennifer tonight?” Damien looked at his buddy then turned to scan the crowd. “Is she working late on a project?” “Nope. Try again,” Jackson breathed then took a sip of his drink. Rillful“Okay out with it. What did Molly do to her?” Jennifer was going places within the company. Talented and creative, he already had his eye on her for several projects. “Ask your Prodigy, the one you can control.” “No goading. What?” Damien demanded. Jackson turned to look at the crowed. “Rumor has it Molly couldn’t read a report that Jennifer created so instead of asking for help she tossed the entire thing, forcing Jennifer to miss the party and create an entire new one.” “You’re kidding me?” “There’s a bit more to Molly’s atrocious behavior but we’ll go into details after the party. Didn’t you say something like you had seduction on your mind?” The way Jackson was glaring at him, the look challenging, burned his ass. “Fine. You think you have a better idea? One that can educate or perhaps enlighten Ms. Brighten in the ways of being a good mentor?” Jackson took his time, taking several gulps of his drink. “Well do you? I’m all ears, buddy.” “Nope.” “Then get out of my space. Don’t criticize me if you don’t have any ideas,” Damien said through clenched teeth. “I didn’t say I was without ideas, now did I?” He could tell by the inflection in Jackson’s voice he had an idea. “Go on. Spill it. What do you think I should do with the lovely Ms. Brighten?” Twisting around so he faced Damien, Jackson grinned. “It’s all about discipline and I don’t mean out of the company handbook.” “Then what do you mean?” “That my friend is about you entering into the dark side, the one you say you want to embrace. The question is. Are you game?” As Damien sucked in his breath he turned to watch Molly walk out the door, every move full of haughtiness. “Sure. Tell me more.”

Well, we were talking about comeuppance weren’t we? What do you think might happen and should Damien take matters into his own hands? Even if a flogger or belt is involved?

Hmmm…. Kisses and spanks… Cassandre

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