Sexual Sin…Corporal Punishment III

I had a very intense conversation with John Patrick today about the fact we both think people are craving reading kinkier stories. 50 Shades? Eh passé now in truth. Right? I say this because I’ve been offered the opportunity or suggested strongly that I consider writing dubcon. Yeah, another new acronym. The letters stand for dubious consent and yes, the meaning is fairly clear. The genre is the growing rage, sales off the charts. I’ve already realized how much people like pushing the envelope with regards to kink. Seems everyone is Him taking controlvery interested in reading about flogging and fucking, BDSM clubs and pain, spanking and figging. They can live vicariously through the pages of a sexy story,
ones providing a glance into the world of BDSM. One reason I called this new collection Sexual Sin is simply that there are varying degrees of what people consider too much – too out there. But dear God they salivate while reading the stories.

Let’s face it, the majority of us didn’t grow up with the mom and dad who were REALLY cool – you know, the ones who were swingers or enjoyed sexual escapades openly. Our early worlds were mirror images of… Well, fill in the blank. I think quite frankly we saw little or no passion shared between our parents, some even saying in no uncertain terms that sex is something you do as a married couple. Enjoyment? Never heard that world from my mother. Uh-huh, well we all know the difference. For most of us we crave sex but we also know that the basic missionary style can become VERY boring. A little secret about John Patrick – he is not into even the basic concept of traditional sex. So kink takes the place, his desires gravitating toward the world of dark kink.

Let’s face it – married couples seem to have difficulty remaining interested in each other. We all become so involved in our careers and family, worries and paying bills, soccer games and PTA meetings that we forget about how vital our relationship is. You have to work at passion, at finding time for each other. Now, when you grow apart? I honestly don’t think you can gravitate back. Eh, maybe sometimes but being different people is tough. After all, the fantasy can be so much better.

We all know women have been burying themselves into romance novels, looking for the perfect hunk – and they all look alike in these books. Every sexy cowboy or businessman is rich, hot and connected, and at the end of the day, they save the world. Right? WRONG. That ain’t real life kids. When you can find a man (or woman) who you can relate with, talk to about anything, kiss until her hunger to kiss for hours, swoon at the mere sound of his voice and want nothing more than to spend time with, well snatch him up. If you add a touch of kink? Holy mother of you know what. Mmm… I do know.

The invention of the e-reader allows us all to read anything we want without fear of repercussions. So we read, enjoy and desire to go further, have the flogging harder and the sex rougher. We do. There is no way around the fact. That’s why dubcon is so popular right now. Hmmm… In writing this little story, I wanted to take the fact we all want the bully to truly get it in the end. Keep something in mind, Molly has a secret, a sadness. She isn’t evil nor is she a sick individual. She’s simply masking her particular fears with false bravado, aggressiveness that is all consuming. Should she be punished? Oh you bet. In my mind no doubt she needs a hard whipping. So we’re going to see where this goes – a little rough around the edges I think.

Absolute PowerThe idea Jackson had proposed was in itself interesting, if not about the sexiest thing he’d every heard. Yes, he could go to Hell for what he was thinking about doing, but purgatory was all right if he could obtain the upper hand. Smiling, he licked around the rim of his glass as his thoughts gravitated toward the dark side. The woman needed a firm hand, a man who refused to allow her to get away with the bullshit she was dishing up. Yes, sweet Molly. I know exactly what you need.

Damien couldn’t stop watching the fiery vixen, the way she filtered through the crowd, taking full control of the room. She was a formidable woman, one who knew exactly how to play politics when necessary.

“Bull in a china shop,” the husky voice breathed.

Damien laughed as he tipped his head toward Jackson. “All the better to issue a takedown. Isn’t that what you mentioned? Rough play so that she finally gets exactly who is the boss in this company?”

“As if you have the nerve.”

“You obviously underestimate me.” Damien could tell she was cognizant of where he was, who he was talking to. His cock had remained hard all freaking night long. Dear God the nasty and vile things he could do to her. His thoughts had been borderline heinous for months and tonight they’d completely rocketed into the stratosphere.

“Maybe. So you like my challenge?” Jackson asked as he crowded Damien’s space.

“Let’s just say the challenge has real merit. I think the lovely Miss Molly needs to understand her place in our regime.” Regime. The word alone made his cock twitch. Dear God he wanted nothing more than to force her to her knees, shove his dick into her hot little mouth. He gulped the rest of his drink the pushed the glass across the bar. He’d had just enough to allow his inhibitions to rocket past his usual conservative mannerisms. Tonight he would remain in control. Period.

Jackson chuckled. “I agree. You know my position about women, about their place in our lives.”

The words somehow surprised him. Even though they were friends, the discussions about women usually revolved around the usual, breast size and fuckability. He shifted and gazed at Jackson. “Honesty? I can guess but why don’t you tell me instead?” A full minute ticked by while Jackson ordered another drink and turned to face the crowd.

“All right. Let’s just say I think men should be in charge. Men were born and bred to be the leaders. This equality bullshit is just that, bull fucking crap. We did just fine when men made the rules. As soon as women were offered the same place in our jobs and our home, then everything went to hell. Yep, straight to fucking hell.”

“Barefoot and pregnant eh?”

“Naked and serving our every need,” Jackson countered. “Punishment a regular occurrence for the slightest infraction. Imagine the sucking and fucking. Mmmm…”

“I bet you’re popular with the women,” Damien laughed, but in truth had always felt the same way. He needed to be in control, dominate the women in his life. Evocative twoSociety, ethics and advice from his mother had kept him from anything but the basic concept regarding relationships. Now? He was on his own and ready to move on to another chapter.

“You’re just like me and in truth, you want something even darker. I know you buddy. Remember that. You can’t hide from the man you truly are.”


“Yep.” Jackson grabbed his fresh drink off the bar. “As dark as it gets. I have no doubts what you could be capable of, if you’d allow the nice guy mentality to fly away permanently.”

“What the fuck does that mean?” Nice guy mentality? Jesus Christ. Sadly, Damien knew exactly what his buddy was getting at. He’d been hiding behind his professional persona his entire life, certain work could ease the savage within. He was dead wrong.

“Come on. Jesus Christ I saw your face when I suggested something rather dubious. You salivated. Your mouth was watering while beads of sweat were running down your face. The idea I gave you? You’ve thought of this or something similar before. Haven’t you? Maybe you’ve even come close to acting on your urges? Rough sex? A little forced action?”
Damien shifted as a group of employees began to walk in their direction. A quick glance at his watch confirmed everyone would be leaving soon. And for several reasons he was excited as hell at the fact. “With Molly?” He could feel the heat rising in his face. “I’m her boss.”

“Oh hell, buddy, with any woman. You want to control them, fuck them and make certain they understand you’re the man in charge, no matter if they’re an employee or just a casual fuck. Don’t you?”
“Not recommended business practice in the world we live in. The last I hear women really don’t like to be enslaved and forced to do our biddings. I might be wrong here.” Rolling his eyes Damien laughed, but visions of keeping Molly in a cage at night furrowed into his system. Yes, he could see owning her, fucking her at will and making her do very evil deeds of heady kink. Swallowing hard, he knew his blood pressure had increased. Yes, the thoughts were real. He wanted nothing more than to take her in every way he desired. The thought was ugly yet fucking hot. He was a damn pervert.

“That’s where you’re wrong.” Jackson tapped his hand on top of the bar. “Time to finish up. I hope you give my ideas some thought. If not? We’re going to have to talk about firing the bitch and you know that.”

The truth was ugly but very real. “Yeah. I do hear you.” Sighing, he shook his head and stood up straight as the group of women closed the distance. He held out his arm, beckoning them to come closer. “I’m so glad you could come.” As he shook hands and kissed a few ladies, he searched for Molly, trying to track her position.

Jackson’s eyes twinkled and he lowered his voice so that only Damien could hear. “She’s going up to the office all by herself. I suggest you have a word with her.”

The words lingering, Damien shuddered as he thought about all the possibilities.

“Don’t worry. I’ll finish up here. Go and enjoy. Go and be the big boss.”

Hearing Jackson’s dark chuckle was invigorating. Snuffing, he made his way through the crowd, honing in on the way in which she slapped her hand on the elevator button, her entire body giving off vibes he realized she had no idea was happening. “Yes. I think I will.” What he realized as he walked toward the bank of elevators was that he wanted nothing more than to break her down in a way most men were never allowed. After all, he wanted to own her.



Molly rolled her eyes as she walked into the very empty elevator. All the minions were going home, no doubt to family members who gave a shit about them. Snorting, she pushed her hand through her now damp hair as she pressed the button for the top floor. Glancing at her watch she cringed. Yeah, so it was almost midnight and yes she was very tired, exhausted in fact. Long hours. Bullshit clients. Yeah, she was ready for some relief.

The moment the doors shut she closed her eyes. The text from Jennifer had indicated success in developing a brand spanking new report. Well goody. A short laugh escaped from her lips as she folded her arms, suddenly cold, damn cold. A quick stamp of her foot created a snarl. The evening had been a pain in the ass, nothing more. She was planning on checking over the new report, and if Jennifer fucked it up she’d have the chick’s ass, then going home. Home. A quick shudder in her system gave her another heated snarl. Who the fuck needed mambi pambi home bullshit?

When the elevator doors opened she hesitated for a few seconds before moving into the hallway. All the lights were off in the office, merely a warm glow of the emergency lights pushing past the heady bank of floor to ceiling doors. As she walked closer she had the wretched feeling Jennifer had fucked the new report up on purpose. If so, she’d have the girl’s hide.

The light as on in her office, her computer humming and one very thick manila file sitting smack in the middle of her desk. Molly fingered the cool folder as she moved around her desk, turning on the small light. A quick glance told her one too many things. Jennifer was damn talented and the report was over the top.

“Great.” She sighed as she pushed the file across the desk. At least she could get a handle over the weekend, determine what she needed to do to glean the account. Damien would expect nothing less. Damien. Okay so he hadn’t followed through Legs Boundwith his promise to fuck her. Yeah, she thought as much.

Closing her eyes she lowered her head and placed her hands on top of the desk. What a fucked up life she led. As she shifted back and forth from foot to foot, she allowed her thoughts to wander to Damien, how amazing he looked, how sexy his smile was and his eyes were just about the hottest pair she’d ever seen. “Mmm…” There was nothing like the thought of having his cock pounding into her asshole to make her hot and wet all over. The thought alone gave her shivers.

“Molly. I need to have a word with you.”

Snapping her head she opened her eyes and the way Damien was looking at her, no glaring, gave her a mixture of thrills and a slight hint of intimidation. He was never without a smile. Tonight? He was full of darkness. “Can it wait? I’m exhausted.”

“No, what I have to discuss certainly can’t.” Closing the door he moved toward her desk, his eyes never blinking.

Molly moved toward him. “All right. What do you need?”

“It’s not what I need.”

The words didn’t register. There had to be more. Was he playing with her? “I’m sorry?” A full minute ticked by, one in which she could hear her heart thumping hard against her chest. “I don’t understand.”

“I think you do.” Damien’s voice was soft, yet the husk clearly indicated he was turned on.

“No, I don’t think so. Enlighten me.”

“You hide behind the woman inside, the one craving to be taken hard. Used.”

“What? Used?” The words reverberated in her brain, sending shivers straight into her pussy.

“Yes, used.” Taking another step forward his face didn’t register any expression.

She had no idea what to say. “I don’t know what… I mean… Used? I think you have the wrong woman.” The snort was half assed.

“I have exactly the right woman, the one who needs to be taken hard, allowed to be exactly the submissive she’s always wanted to be. Don’t I, Molly?” When she didn’t say anything he smiled. “Yes, one who also needs harsh discipline, punishment for all the naughty things she does, her behavior when she lashes out at everyone around her. Isn’t that correct, Molly?”

Stunned, she blinked several times as the words echoed in her ears. “No, I…”

“Yes, you do. And I’m the man you need.” With a quick snap of his hand, Damien grabbed her wrist, turning her completely around and yanking her arm behind her back.

“Ooooohhh!” Her breath was caught, every nerve standing on end. Dear God, what did the man think he was fucking doing?

“You need a lesson in humility.” Shoving her over the desk, he wrapped one hand around her hair, pulling back her head as he jerked her dress up past her ass.

“What the hell are you doing?” Slapping her hands on top of the desk, she realized she’d never been so turned on in her life.

“As I said, exactly what you need.”

Crack! Slap!

“Fuck!” she screeched as her arms flew out, knocking every file off her desk. A wash of pain swept through her body and she was unable to think clearly.

Pop! Crack!

Damien grunted as he smacked both ass cheeks in a methodical pattern. “You need much harsher than this and you will get what you deserve.”

The spanking continued as she struggled, trying to kick back against his hard slaps. There was no way to describe the way she was feeling. None. A single whine escaped her lips and she was mortified but hot and wet all over.

“If you’re going to act like a child you’re going to be treated like one. Is that clear?”

She knew her mouth was open and she was trying to formulate words, but nothing came out but a crackle, a hiss.

“Do you?”


Grunting, Damien kicked her legs apart.

Molly shifted, thinking her humiliation was finished. When she heard what had to be the sound of him unzipping his pants she froze. Her heart racing, she was stymied by the dichotomy of her raw emotions. There was no way he was going to fuck her. None. The moment she felt his cock slapping against her backside she knew better. “Fuck.”

“Exactly. I’m going to fuck you like the little slut you are, the one you desire to be.”

Mmmm…What do you think? A little over the edge?

Kisses and spanks…


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