Sexual Sin…Corporal Punishment IV

Pushing the envelope. Bridging the edge. Taking another step into the dark side of kink. All of these thoughts make me wet and hot. In my every day life I shove hard against the machine. I’m assertive bordering on aggressive. I take no shit from anyone. I refuse to allow stupidity from anyone to remain. Hmmm… And this works with being a submissive how? Yeah, you can imagine that John Patrick and I Ankle chainsstruggle with the very concept. I am that willful chick still. Yes, the vanilla girl is diminishing. Yes, I long to be more submissive and I have changed significantly during our time together. In sharing, we are moving into several darker areas of our relationship.

We talk often about this dark side and I’ve already mentioned he’s much more sadistic than he was in the beginning. In thinking about the way I respond to his needs, his tendencies of pushing to the dark side, I realize I’m pushing my masochistic tendencies to the point I crave certain aspects of pain. Yes, pain = pleasure often. Not always. What I know about me is that I have very dark needs, visions and fantasies of various aspects of my kinky side that for most would border heinous. Unacceptable. Women aren’t supposed to be vilified. Right? Well, let’s face it kids. We have been for years. We as humans are the product of society and as such, we thrive on heightened levels of debauchery.

In writing pieces that allow this side – and various other ones – with regards to both men and women, I’m learning a lot about my inner girl, men and their needs, and about society in general. While we act like we shy away from anything that we don’t get and in public we do, the truth is we crave all the dark and gory things life can present itself. From watching horror movies to serial killers, delving into the sexual escapades of politicians and actors, to reading some of the most graphic work out there – yep, we crave MORE. More pain. More blood. More sex. More depravity. We simply have to have our senses scintillated in heightened manners. Fifty Shades is Candyland to most of us who write BDSM. For the romance reader who NEVER has tried handcuffs, the book was an eye opener. Where does he or she go from here?

Probably to a light D/s book then a true BDSM. Then what? That’s where dubious consent comes in.

Come on ladies – we all hunger for the strong he-man type. You know you do. I tease John Patrick about how I have no issue with they way he would manhandle me. None. Of course trust comes into play here – notice I say play – for sometimes the edges get pushed even more. This little flash certainly isn’t the most heinous of pieces. There are those written about slave farms and men who trade people around like they are cattle. BUT… Molly does get what she deserves. Trust me – she will. What I can tell you is that you want to see what happens to her, how Damien handles the woman he has to tame. Let me know what you think.

The word rolled off the tip of Damien’s tongue easily. Slut. She was a slut. “Yeah, you’re going to like exactly what I give you.”

“A slut? How dare you!” Molly pushed up from the desk, her grunts floating across the room.

“You’re nothing but a two bit whore in your fuck-me pumps and slinky attire. You know exactly what you are and that’s the way you’re going to be treated. You need strict discipline.”

“Fuck you!” Kicking out, she caught his shin and used her body weight to shove backwards.

“Hell no.” Damien wrapped his hand around her throat, digging in his fingers and slamming her face down on top of the desk. The thudding noise sent a rush of adrenaline through his body, fueling the ugliness brimming to the surface.

Moaning, the huskiness of her voice turned into wheezes, her breathing ragged.

Squeezing, he realized his body was shaking as he continued to fumble to release his aching cock. When he did he jerked up her dress, exposing the red string of her thong. Slipping his index finger under the thin lace, he snapped his wrist, yanking them off. When she whimpered he smiled and brought the wet crotch to his face. Inhaling her sweet scent, he became electrified.

“Oooohhh…” Molly’s hushed moans continued as she attempted to push up from the desk.

“Do as you’re told.” He pushed down hard, his nails scratching her neck. “You’re wet, hungry. You want this as much as I do. You need this, a man controlling you, owning you.” As he rolled the slick material though his fingers she managed to flail her right arm, slapping him on the thigh, her strangled cries keening into the room. “I can see you’re going to have to be contained.” Reaching around he shoved the panties into her mouth. “That’ll shut you up. Now you can taste your desire, smell the lingering scent of your cunt. You want me. You’ve always desired my dick. Now you’re going to have exactly what you’re been craving.”

She squirmed, her chest rising and falling, as she clenched her fists. The muffledaround her throat whimpers continued as tears began to fall.

Wrapping his hand around the base of his cock he kicked her legs apart and eased back enough to admire her shape, her hourglass figure and rounded ass. “Today I begin your discipline.”

Crack! Pop!

He slapped both cheeks hard before dragging his fingers down from the small of her back to the crack of her ass. Tipping his head back he thrust three fingers deep into her pussy, issuing a series of ragged sighs as her muscles wrapped around the invasion. For a few seconds he was drawn into an intense bliss, his senses rocketing off the charts. Nothing had prepared him for the feeling of complete control. This was almost perfect. “So wet. So hot.” As he plunged his fingers in and out, coating his fingers, she squirmed, the whimpers becoming elongated moans.

The cries continued as she beat her fists against the cool wood of the desk.

Damien kept his hold tight, squeezing on her neck until he could see her veins popping. His emotions were raw, his mind swimming with a wild dichotomy of desires. He wanted nothing more than to use her, break her down, force her into complete submission. Yanking out his fingers he licked across the tips, savoring her flavor, then leaned over, allowing his hot breath to flow across her heated skin. Rubbing the juice of her pussy down her cheek he chuckled darkly. “Pussy first my dear. Then I’m taking your ass.”

Hearing her breath catch he tapped his dick against her ass then thrust the entire length of his cock into her pussy, the force pushing her hard against the desk.

“Mmmm…” Her muffled cry was cut short when his grip tightened, momentarily cutting off her air supply.

Every cell in his body tingling, he dropped his head, watching as beads of sweat rolled off his nose and onto her back. He licked his lips as her cunt muscles constricted. The feel of her, the smell of her was intoxicating. Growling, he repeated the move, grunting with every hard plunge.

She slapped the desk, her moans intensifying. Her chest was heaving, her body trying to breathe.

He could only imagine what was going through her mind, but he knew without a doubt she was exactly where she wanted to be, pinned underneath a dominant male. Shifting, he pulled out his shaft until the tip was just inside then began thrusting hard and fast into her sweet snatch, smiling as the sounds of skin hitting skin wafted between them. His heart was racing, sweat rolling down the back of his neck, and a light just outside his window caught his attention. He studied their reflection, the very scene illuminated by the moon and the warm glow of surrounding buildings. He could see his face, the vigilante expression and grinned. God he wanted this.

“You like it rough, don’t you? You like to have men paw you, fuck you like the Chain of commandwhore you are. Don’t you?” Damien could barely recognize his voice, the sound was husky, the tone savage.

Offering no response, no moans to indicate her feelings, she was suddenly still, her body relaxing.

He pulled all the way out and slapped her ass several times before pressing his fingers to the crack of her ass and opening her ass cheeks. His cock was engorged with blood, the shaft throbbing as his balls filled with cum. He released her neck long enough to pull both sides of her ass cheeks open and shove his cock into her asshole.

“Ooohhh…” Molly’s body jerked up from the desk, a deep wheeze escaping her lips. She didn’t try and fight, merely laid her face back down on top of the desk.

Grabbing her hair he tugged her head back as he thrust in and out. She was tight, so damn tight and the feeling was invigorating. He closed his eyes as he continued plunging into her dark space, his growls becoming louder with each brutal plunge. He wasn’t going to be able to hold back long. “You’re a good little whore, my very special slut and you’re going to serve me.” The words were said with a dark command and as cum rushed from his balls, his body shaking violently, he heard the two words, the ones he’d be longing to hear, and released.

“Yes sir.”


A moan escaped Molly’s lips and she opened her eyes, trying to make sense of why she was aching all over. As a single stream of light slicing across her field of vision, she winced. Her muscles ached, especially her legs. “God.” Shifting, the sheet crumpled around her and the material brushed across her skin. When a wash of pain trickled through her she looked down. Not only was she lying naked in bed, something she almost never did, she was covered in bruises. “What the fuck?” Her mouth was cotton dry and she was having difficulty swallowing.

Sitting up quickly she looked over at the nightstand and the empty bottle of wine was the reason her head was fuzzy. Her head was throbbing and as she sat quietly, trying to figure out what the hell had happened the night before, she eased her hand to her throat. Instantly she whimpered.

Then she remembered.

Grabbing the sheet she wrapped the thin material around her body as she began to shiver. Damien. Her office. The sex. No the rape. No… The flood of visions, memories of the hard fucking and the fact he’d… “God. Oh God.” She managed to shift to the corner of the bed but with every move she groaned from pointed anguish. Planting her feet onto the floor she had to try twice before she could stand then swayed a few times. Now she remembered coming home and cracking open the wine. And she remembered… Very slowly she turned her head toward the nightstand. There were two glasses. Two. Which meant… “Holy fuck.” She’d brought him back here? No. That’s not quite right. He’d driven them both here. While the memory was fuzzy she knew instinctively he’d been in her house. And he’d fucked her, taken her, used her… What the hell was she supposed to call what they’d done together? No, there was no together. Damien had literally taken what he wanted, pushed her boundaries and… A slight smile crept onto her face. She placed her fingers over her lips and sucked in her breath. Yeah, she’d allowed the man who she’d fantasized about for two solid years to fuck her, control her.

Dominate her.

As she made her way into the bathroom she rubbed her arms as the entire night played in the back of her mind. Flipping the switch, she opened her eyes wide as she I will take yousaw her neck, the marks of his fingers very evident. Then she noticed the writing on the mirror. Every part of her body began to shake.

You belong to me…

“Shit. Oh God.” Molly crouched against the doorjamb, her heart racing. “Damien.” The single word sent shivers racing down her spine. Him. Belong to him. My God she was wet and hot, her pussy aching. She bit her lower lip as memories of the way he thrust his cock into her pussy, then her ass gave her tingles. “His. I belong to him.” She blinked and looked at her reflection. Was she actually glowing?
Inching closer she turned so she could see her backside. Her ass was also marked, reddened with a few welts. The spanking had been…justified. Now she laughed nervously. This was crazy. He’d taken advantage of her. But you wanted every second. You egged him on. You wanted nothing more than to challenge him and his authority. The truth was right there. There was no way she could deny.

Molly rubbed her hands down her aching body then cupped her breasts, flicking her fingers back and forth across her nipples. This wasn’t supposed to happen. She couldn’t succumb to any man, let alone her boss. No. She couldn’t. She closed her eyes and pinched her nipples until the pain forced her pussy to clench. But she wanted nothing more.

A few seconds she heard her phone ringing and laughed since she had no freaking idea where her purse, phone or her clothes were. She followed the sound seeing the trail of clothing that led her into the living room. The clothes had been ripped from her body, the tattered remains scattered across the floor.

The second she picked up her phone she whimpered. HE was calling. “Um yes?”

“Yes?” Damien’s voice was husky, the tone full of control.

“I mean yes sir.” Where had the words come from? Sir? Really?

“I can see you continue to need lessons in authority. One hour a driver is going to pick you up. Be ready.”


“I said be ready or you will pay the consequences. Is that understood?”

Her nerves racing off the charts she sucked in her breath and did the only thing she knew she could do. She answered. “Yes sir.”

Mmmm… Now what do you imagine is going to happen? I hope you enjoyed and I may give you one more part before I turn this into a hot little novella. Tell me your thoughts.

Kisses and spanks…


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  1. laurellasky says:

    Man o man! Amazingly hot. I have to run out and buy more batteries.


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