A Sinful Confession and a Heady Taste of Spanking

Okay, this is a complicated title, but go with it for me. I’m going to give you a taste of my upcoming release – and the start of a spanking new collection. Yeah, pun intended here. The confession? Yes, I like, need, want and crave the control of a man – and hard spankings help keep me grounded. However, there’s a lot more to this girl. So I also wanted to say a few things about Domination, submission, trust, honesty and a very special journey. For those of you who have read my blogs for a while, you realize I hold little back. I have no problem being completely honest about the woman inside, the one few seem to be able to either understand or decipher. I was talking with John Patrick today and he mentioned that while I typically don’t get along with women I longed to be accepted by them. I think the need to be accepted is within all of us. People are interesting PerfectingDiscipline_MEDcreatures in that we don’t generally like what we don’t understand or can control.

Well ya can’t control me. On top of the fact I have a rather aggressive demeanor, I’m also intimidating physically given I’m just about six feet tall. That doesn’t tend to bode well for having a lot of friends. But that’s okay. I’m not going to hide behind who I am, nor will I shy away from the woman I’ve come to embrace – one who is a bit out there, mouthy and willful, kinky and opinionated. John Patrick is one of the few men who ‘get’ me and that’s one reason we’re so close, our relationship so very deep and intense. But there are many other reasons including the fact I trust him implicitly. And why is this trust so strong? Because he’s allowed me to see all of him – every complex and incredible side. He has many – but then we all do. Why do I mention this? Because there seems to be some concern I’m either falling too deeply into the D/s lifestyle and/or being abused. That’s simply not the case.

I am a very strong woman and what my readers have to understand is that I’m an author. I write fictional stories for your entertainment. Yes, are some of the actions, loves, worries, fears, events based on real life? Of course, but I create worlds. I draw you into my vampire or were-tiger stories as much (I hope) as my stories about domination and submission, spanking and heightened kink. I love to write in several genres and while John Patrick and I share much of ourselves, not everything you read I’ve tried, want to try, will ever try or condone for anyone who doesn’t agree, consent, want, need, hunger… You get the idea. As I mentioned, John Patrick has so many sides – one of which is extremely vanilla. He enjoys talking with me, sharing his life and stories about his family. We love sharing wine and music, long talks and intense kissing.

Then there’s the other side, the one that does have a touch of sadism but I figured out something important. He will never be a sadist because of the love we share, the honesty and the fact he never puts his needs above mine. He wants me happy, thrilled, enticed and satisfied. No sadist will ever care.

When you read my stories, please remember I was the kid at four who started writing, the one who had penned 16 books by the time I was 16. My imagination keeps me awake, craving to bring you more passion, more terror, more gore, more love… That’s what I long to do. Don’t be frightened because this journey I’m on – one with John Patrick and another because of my writing – is powerful and fabulous and I wouldn’t trade either for the world. And…you can always ask me anything. I will never hold back. I’ve asked John Patrick a few more questions so you learn more about the man. He’s really quite remarkable as a friend first, my Sir second.

Now onto the story, one I think you’re going to love and coming in mid August from Naughty Nights Press.


Submitting reflectionVictoria Miller waved to several students as she whisked through the hallway. Ah, university life. And what a year it had been. She’d introduced some incredible, albeit risqué psychology courses, enjoyed teaching the majority of her students, and had a snazzy tryst with not one but four of the hot, young men who’d graced her classrooms. Then there had been the spanking event. Her entire body tingled as a few shameless visions of fucking and flogging eased into the forefront of her mind. She was a very bad girl.

“Have a great summer, Ms. Miller.”

“You too, Michael,” she said as she unlocked her office door, sweeping inside. Summer had arrived. She set her books down and flicked on her computer. There was some paperwork to finish up, then the summer belonged to all her sinful plans. She giggled as she sat down.

“I came by to say goodbye, Ms. Miller. I had an awesome, kick ass time in your class this year. You’re an amazing teacher.”

Victoria turned to face the voice, the very husky voice of one infatuated student, and smiled. She certainly had her share of boys, who would soon be men, fantasizing about her. Granted, her persona as being a bit out of the ordinary preceded her. Other professors were leery of her and the students were… well, she certainly had an interesting few adjectives follow behind her. She studied the grinning student, her heart swelling with pride. Wally Markum had certainly changed over the last two years. No longer a shy boy, he was now a wanton sex fiend with a tremendous appetite. She’d caught him three times fucking four, yes four, different women in a hallway or empty classroom after hours. His prowess was becoming legendary. “Why Mr. Markum, I do hope you’re taking my class in animal husbandry next year.”

“I…I wouldn’t miss it for the world. You’re my favorite professor. You have yourself a hot summer.” He gave her a heated look as his eyes traveled down from her face to her legs.

Dear God, she could see a thick bulge between his legs. The life of the youngest professor in a school full of aging ninnies was captivating to say the least. Exhaling, she couldn’t help but smile coyly as she crossed and re-crossed her legs. There was nothing wrong with being very naughty on the last day of school, was there? If someone didn’t like it, they could certainly spank her. What a delicious thought. She definitely needed a solid whipping from a strong man. “And you too. Don’t get yourself into any mischief.”

“Not for the world. You know I’m a very good boy.” His grin impish, Wally’s eyes twinkled as he tipped his head and walked away.

“Of course not.” Wicked ideas racing in her mind, Victoria pressed the tip of her pen back and forth across her lips. She’d had a bit too much fun this school year, including the spanking event after her students had discovered her secret and her steamy blog. The sex they’d indulged in and the three weeks of sharing a wild tryst had been tasty, albeit a huge no-no with the University handbook. She could have lost her job. What the fuddy duddies didn’t know wouldn’t hurt them.

The last grade of what had turned out to be several stodgy thesis papers on ‘the relativity of sexual orientation in the world of marketing’ was complete, ready to send to the Proctor. Thank God. She glared at her computer screen, making mental note to figure out a more important topic for next year’s content. Perhaps something like zombies and the modern world, or the effectiveness of serial killers in the workplace would prove to be of more interest to the conservative bunch of kids in her class.

And here she thought her class has been fun as well as informative this year. At least she was done and summer break was right around the corner. Two days of year end paperwork and she was free for a couple of, hopefully productive, months. The thought gave her tingles. So did the other tasty aspects of her life. Glancing over her shoulder, she clicked on the Internet connection, typing in her personal blog. She’d been very careful to keep her day job away from the women who few new around the University.

She licked her lips as she thought about a few wild and wicked moments during the last year. There was nothing quite like indulging in her darkest fantasies, especially the incredible spankings she’d received. As she wiggled back and forth in her chair, she closed her eyes for a few seconds, envisioning every detail of being taken in hand by the sexy student. Alas, he was already gone for the summer. What a pity. Submitting classyHe certainly knew how to give her discipline. Exhaling slowly, she knew the moment their sexy affair had started it wouldn’t last. He was twenty years her junior.

Victoria smiled, seeing her sizzling website pop onto the screen. The site was freshly redone, adding more details, including overtly sensual pictures as well as links to other sites. Clicking on her blog, she scanned down the page looking for any new comments. She was certainly becoming a well-known source for certain kinky indulgences. At last check, she had over ten thousand subscribers, the number growing every day. Who knew spanking was all the rage? Of course she did. Ever since she’d written the first blog, now almost three years before, she’d garnered followers. Men and women from all walks of life seemed to need a hard whipping now and then.

Reading the comments from her gregarious readers always gave her a smile. After looking at her watch, she figured she could spend a few minutes replying to at least a few of the comments left after her controversial blog from the night before. Domestic discipline was all the rage. As she began typing an answer to one of her most loyal readers, she became lost in the moment.

The slight sound was enough to make her jump. She fumbled to minimize the window, barely managing to do so before the Proctor of the entire University suddenly appeared beside her desk. Whew. Thank God for fast fingers. From where he stood, he would have been able to see very clearly what she was up to.

“Thurston. How lovely to see you.”

“Ms. Miller. I see you’re working diligently on finalizing details for your class. I trust everything is in order?” He smiled down at her, his eyes scanning her face.

“Yes, sir. I aim to please.” Victoria studied the man. A solid fifteen years her senior, she couldn’t help but fantasize about the ruggedly handsome professor. Thurston Jeffries appeared ultra conservative to everyone at the University, his peers and the majority of students alike holding him in the highest level of respect. Easing out of her chair, she folded her arms as she noticed he’d closed her office door. She’d seen a snippet of the man underneath the ill-fitting suits and charcoal ties.

“Ah, but you’re still a very bad girl in my opinion.”

“Me?” Pointing a finger at her chest, she batted her eyelashes, unable to help her naughty behavior. After all, she knew a rather kinky side of him, one who craved walking a little on the wild side.


Hungry for a hard spanking?

For Victoria Miller, she knew in her heart everyone deserved a solid spanking now and then. Too bad she wasn’t allowed to convey her beliefs in an open forum. Unfortunately being a highly respected college professor meant endeavoring to share her many years of hallowed education while maintaining a very conservative persona. While she was a good girl during the day light hours, at night she was one wicked vixen, indulging in her hunger for BDSM and Domination, including giving the Internet world her views on corporal punishment. Her spanking blog was a hit, allowing men and women to convey their personal stories of Domestic Discipline and other methods of intense punishment in a protected environment. But she SPANKDOWN-final-smalllonged for more and developed the perfect plan.

Her idea? Spank Me – a company catering to men and women craving being taken in hand. As summer break approached, interest in her company soared, customers ready to feel the heat of a paddle, the sting of a whip. The trouble was, she hadn’t secured a Master Disciplinarian. A simple ad on Craig’s List, a day long audition and one masked man perfect for the job. But who was the mysterious stranger who seemed to know her most private details? The secret revealed, a touch of blackmail held just above the surface, Victoria was forced to enter into a caustic business relationship – one that proved to be extremely profitable as well as intensely passionate. But what would happen as the new school year approached? Ah, decisions. Decisions. And more spankings for every naughty girl and boy.

What do you think? BTW – the start of this collection begins with Spankdown so… Ya might wanna pick up a copy before the first story comes out in August…

Kisses and spanks…

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5 Responses to A Sinful Confession and a Heady Taste of Spanking

  1. Norma Fetherman says:

    Interesting that you mention that readers are worried that you are being abused or getting too far into the lifestyle…I was having those same concerns, but decided that I weigh in way too often…who am I to judge, but I do care about you and want you safe. I think that your term ‘man-handled’ might have jarred some of us…it seemed potentially abusive…or to use your term dub-con 🙂 I read you even when it disturbs me…and I am determined to keep an open mind. What I am into (spanking) seems weird to most people (not that I reveal it…) so who is to say what is right for one and not another… The reason that I get alarmed is that I have been reading you before John Patrick was a part of your sexual sphere. So I do worry (somewhat…okay, ALOT) that you are drawn into a lifestyle that might be …. you know, I don’t even know how to describe my concern… I guess my biggest concern is how does it end up… a man and woman enter into this lifestyle…the more the woman submits, the more sadist the man becomes….take it to a logical conclusion…where does it end up? When is he satiated…how do you stay safe? I hope you understand that I am not judging…just being judicial. Since I am interested in so much of this life (in my own ‘vanilla’ way, I guess 🙂 I do wonder how it ends… if the man eventually, as his fantasies play out in real world, and it takes more and more pain for him to have satisfaction and if more and more anything close to traditional sex doesn’t interests him…where does it go…and what happens to the woman? In case you are interested, I am an executive with a specialty around process and process improvement and a psychology major (a thousand years ago when I was young)…so perhaps you get my perspective. I want to be dominated, but the seemingly natural progression of things scares the hell out of me and is not something that appeals…but that’s just me. Just want to know that you are okay and that you have thought this out regarding where it’s going. Love you.


    • John Patrick says:

      Norma, this is John Patrick and Cassandre asked me to comment on your replies to her blog. While I do wish to alleviate your concerns, I refuse to justify any part of our relationship and this amazing journey we are taking because frankly, I owe nothing to anyone and don’t need too.

      Keep in mind we are two intelligent and open adults, pursuing an amazing journey with a CONSENSUAL kink component. Yes, consensual. Very important! We also practice a high level of communication and discuss everything we think, do or say. Things we’ve done, things we think we might like to do and things we definitely want to try. And we wouldn’t want it any other way. Yes it is true my sadistic cravings are increasing but Cassandre’s submissive cravings are as well. We are exploring our limits and definitely pushing them back far and then some. But that doesn’t mean we have zero boundaries. By your measure, one sip of wine will certainly lead to alcoholism. One spanking will lead to torture of unimaginable evil! Come on Norma, give us both more credit than that! You yourself are exploring your dark side, I think with a desire and extent deeper than you would like to admit. And I believe the only reason you have not taken it further is you have not found the person you can place your ultimate trust with. We have both found that person. This is deeper than any relationship either of us has ever been involved with and it’s amazing! We both grow and change almost daily by having ultimate trust, pushing our boundaries, communicating and opening up all possibilities. And I would never harm her in any way in an abusive, non-consensual manner. Never.

      So please read this fantastic blog and enjoy without fear or worry.


  2. laurellasky says:

    It sounds like a hot new series. I love your imagination.


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