Sexual Sin… Corporal Punishment V

WHEW – I can say journeys are fraught with worry and frustration along with joys from such enriched highs. John Patrick and I often talk about how these highs are WAY UP HERE and the lows drag us into such despair. I think that’s a product of how much he and I are alike as well as how sensitive we are. YES we can both be sensitive. This embroils our relationship with such an incredible passion as well as complete trust. We can share anything and everything and be happy. What I wanted to bring out tonight as I write this on my birthday and one I quite frankly LOATHE is that I still think some people don’t understand what he andbeautiful moment I share. I worry you confuse the writer in me and my rather complex imagination with bits of reality. Let me ask you a couple of questions as a reader. Do you think that all men and women have just one side or are more complex, even some of their needs bordering on aspects you might not have suspected given a first meeting?

Okay, now do you think that those who share a D/s, DD, BDSM or check here for any of the other alternative lifestyles – don’t have what we might consider a conservative/normal/vanilla side? And as a reader – don’t you crave reading a little bit more toward the edge when you’ve enjoyed a saucy story out of your comfort zone? I bet I know the answer to this one. So what makes you think John Patrick and I don’t have several sides that we share together? We do and that ‘s the beauty of this journey.

I asked him some new questions for several reasons. One, I know some readers seem concerned about my well being and two, I want you to understand that Doms, males, boyfriends, husbands, have views and sides, needs and fears. I don’t think we as women explore this enough. We always say men simply aren’t emotional enough, yet often we simply don’t allow them the venue to voice their inner sides. I’m lucky to have John Patrick trust me so much that he not only shares these intimate thoughts with me, but with the rest of the world. So here goes the next round…

I’ve mentioned that your sadistic side is increasing, but what I realize now is that you will never be a true sadist. Do you find this true and if so why?

Misbehavin'I find this totally true. While I desire to explore and push both our limits, I also realized that I do have limits and activities that just don’t appeal to me in any way. A true sadist I believe has no limits to the pain inflicted or methods to do so and has zero consideration of their partner/victim.

As we get to know each other more, I realized that the very reason I can submit is not simply trust, but being able to enjoy the many and very complex sides you have inside. How do you think being a romantic, a passionate man, very intelligent as well as controlled in your actions and needs helps deepen our relationship?

Because we can relate and thoroughly enjoy one another in the other areas of our relationship, we have grown deep. And each facet makes the others better. We have complete communication, which makes us open and willing to talk about anything, which opens up the kink and D/s portions.

What have you learned about your needs versus desires and are they different than six months ago?

I think my desires have grown more than my needs have in six months simply because I have learned so much more about myself and as our journey matures and more ideas present themselves, the more I wish explore.

What is the most important aspect of our relationship?

Having open communication and acceptance without judgment. We accept one another as we are.

When you see others criticize the lifestyle, even our commitment to continuing our incredible journey, what do you think and what would you say to the naysayers?

This lifestyle is not for everyone, like anything else in life. This is a consensual choice made by adults. If they don’t understand it, they should take time to educate themselves and come to an educated conclusion. If it bothers anyone, they should turn away and keep their opinions to themselves.

I think what John Patrick is saying is that neither one of us decided to enter into this lightly nor do we take what we share for granted. We honor each other in our levels of communication and honestly so that our trust and deep commitment continues to build. And yes what we are sharing is amazing. When I write stories around the lifestyle or with flavors of murder and mayhem – sometimes they are still just stories. Just remember that… So, going to push the boundaries a little bit more one last time with Corporal Punishment. After this? Okay yes, you’re going to have to buy the snazzy little finish. Yeah – I can be selfish. After all, it’s my birthday.

“Are you fucking out of your mind?” The question posed to the woman buried so deeply inside her rather warped mind wasn’t without merit. Molly studied the group of dresses scattered across her disheveled bed and groaned. She had… A quick check of her watch created an odd and very electrified series of sensations in her legs. Fifteen minutes and this car would be coming for her. Damien was actually sending a driver? “A driver?” Where was he taking her? Was this a date? No, she suspected there was much more to his invitation. No, his words weren’t about an invitation at all. They were a command.

Racing into the bathroom she literally jumped into the shower, a series of grunts and bubbling laughter floating into the marbled stall. This was downright outrageous. Grab the soap. Hurry. Was this going to happen? As she doused her body with cold water at first screeching as the stinging beads hit her skin, she raised her middle finger then fumbled to turn to the shower knob. When the blasting hit of hot water swept across her breasts she stamped her feet. How could one man do this to her? How could she even consider this and what the hell? As she washed, her hands moving rapidly up and down her body, she cussed inwardly.

Maybe two minutes later she snapped off the faucet and grabbed her towel. The dry off took too much time and she was panting when she moved back into the much cooler bedroom. Dress. Get the fuck dressed. Tossing the towel onto the floor she grumbled under her breath and completed all the toiletries needed including a heady spray of Victoria’s Secret. The minutes were ticking by.

“Jesus Christ I’m getting there!” Why did she agree to this? Why did she think she could… Another ragged hiss escaped Molly’s lips. She had to decide on a dress, required to get ready. Yes, the thought of the unknown was terribly exciting. Grabbing one violet and very hot piece, she raced into the bathroom only to snap her hand around the doorjamb. Very slowly she eased back into the bedroom. He raped you. Damien raped you. Sniffing, she placed her hand around her neck, more than cognizant of the bruises covering her skin. He’d challenged her, choked her then fucked her. Used her.

Sighing, she shook her head. Yeah, whatever Damien had in mind she had no doubt was going to push every jagged edge of her thinking, her desires. Isn’t that what she’d been craving for her entire fucking life?

There was no correct answer – certainly not one she could admit to anyone. Moving slowly to the dresser, she stood tall as she brushed the back of her hand across her mouth. The words and thoughts, desires that she’d never been able to tell anyone rushed back and forth in her mind creating images so vivid and colorful she was Slavecaught off guard. Flashes of being tied and whipped, taken and strapped down so that she couldn’t move, grabbed her breath – the intensity overwhelming. A powerful shiver rushed down her spine. As her body swayed back and forth she gripped the edge of the dresser, her heart racing and she had no idea what to think about the voices skating inside her mind. Why? Why the fuck now?

You need a man to control you, use you. You want nothing more than to be a submissive, obeying every command, enduring anguish that will set you free. You can’t live without this any longer. “Fuck me.” The whispered words were enough to create beads of sweat rolling down the back of her neck. Sniffing, she laughed as she blinked several times then stole a quick glance at her reflection. Ugly bitch. Shifting, she lowered her arm and allowed a full look at her face, her chest and finally her body. Not too bad sister. Not too bad. Right. She hated the women hiding behind the mask. Hated. “STOP!”

For a few seconds she studied her form, cupping and squeezing her breasts, turning to see her ass. Okay. She wasn’t perfect but who the hell was? She was…. Passable. The word continued had been her nemesis for years, perhaps her entire life. She wasn’t the perfect cheerleader or the sorority girl every football player had wanted. She’d parlayed her features into a powerhouse of attributes, affording her the ability to intimidate any man or woman in a flash. She was an amazingly strong woman. The realization gave her a smile. That is until she noticed a nervous tick in the corner of her mouth. Yeah. Some strong chick.

“This is ridiculous.” You’re going to succumb to Damien, give him all of you. “Right.” Why the hell was her pussy clenching? Fuck this. No way. Decide otherwise.

She simply grabbed the dress of choice and maneuvered her sweaty body into the curve-hugging piece. A quick look into the bathroom mirror forced a lift of her middle finger. The chick glaring back at her screamed disdain, push back. “So not gonna happen chicka.” Succumbing to him, to her boss was not on the radar. As she smoothed down the material, every cell in her body tingling, she closed her eyes. This was the beginning of something. She was certain of it.

The dress would have to do. Now time to freshen up the makeup. She had to be prepared. Had to look good. Had to… Stopping short she clenched her fists. The control had already begun.

At precisely the time Damien had indicated on his text the doorbell rang. Molly exhaled as she grabbed her purse, glanced over her shoulder at her beautifully accentuated condo, then opened the door.

“Molly Brighten?”

“That’s me.” She studied the driver and had to admit that Damien had taste in the men who served him. The hunk was a solid six foot four with a carved body and dashing blue eyes. Oh hell yes she was turned on as hell.

“I’ve arrived to take you to your destination.”

Even his voice was sexy as hell. “I’m ready.” Was she?

He nodded then turned around, every action what she would call military in substance. As she followed behind him she couldn’t help but admire his ass, the one nestled pretty much perfect in his linen pants – at least in her opinion. She couldn’t help but think desperately lurid thoughts as he escorted her to the street. Seeing the expansive limo she had to smile. Damien was pulling out all the stops. To what, fuck her? Another shiver swept down her spine. To own you.

The hunk opened the door, ushering her in. Molly had to admit she was disappointed seeing the empty compartment. Why she’d anticipated seeing Damien eager to see her, his gorgeous his appreciation of her presence was uncertain. Yet she did. Yet she wanted. Yet she was ready to snark. Okay so this was his party – not hers. “Where are we going?”

Resting on his LapHe smiled, his eyes twinkling. “I’m not allowed to say other than the location will suit your needs.”

“Suit my needs huh?” Where the hell was Damien taking her? She knew of all of his properties, even the ones he kept fairly secret. There wasn’t a single place in her mind that would be the perfect place.

“Yes m ‘am. I assure you, every aspect of your comfort and pleasure has been discussed.”

Discussed? Molly wanted to grill the man, torture him until he told her where the hell she was going. However, this was far too delicious. “All right.” She placed her hand on top of the car, savoring the perfected finish. “Very well.”

“You’ll find wine and champagne, of which I hope something is to your liking,” the hunk breathed, his voice filling with a husky and very lust filled tone. As he stood back, gave her a knowing nod, a look that said in no uncertain terms he would gladly fuck her.

“Mmm… I suppose we shall see. Now won’t we?”

“Embrace the unexpected.”

The words themselves were unexpected and Molly tipped her head, allowing a brief but very heated connection with their eyes. “You’re right. I will.” The second the door was closed she issued a single moan.

After a quick glance around the rather luxurious space she had to admit, Damien had style. A limo. A hot driver. A destination kept secret. Wow. When she settled into the seat she shivered then growled. The bottle of opened champagne was right in front of her, glasses to the right. Strawberries actually nestled in a bowl secured in a basin. You’ve thought of everything. Before the driver entered the vehicle she’d already poured a hefty glass of bubbly. For a few seconds she studied the bubble floating up from the base of the elongated stem.

Courage was definitely in order.

A sip then a gulp and she eased back into the seat as the hum of the engine gave her a smile, the vibrations soothing every rough edge. This was an adventure. This was a beginning. This was… An evil chuckle escaped her lips as she nestled into the soft leather. Gripping the seats, she dug her fingers into the material as she heard the sound of the hunk’s door closing. When she knew the car was rolling, taking her to whatever location Damien desired, she breathed a sigh of relief.

A myriad of thoughts rushed into her mind as she settled into the rhythm of the carried. For a few seconds she honestly didn’t care where she was going or why. The ride was pleasurable. Scintillating.

A dart of her heed over her shoulder, another sip of her drink and Molly opened her legs wide. Wherever stud muffin driver of the year was going she had no doubt he was operating under strict orders. “Mmm….” She opened her legs wide and slid her hand up along her right thigh. Her pussy was wet, soaking her lacy thong and in truth, she needed relief. The thought of wrestling hunk driver into the back seat was tasty but not practical.

Another sip, another gulp and she became more relaxed. And horny. She smiled as she opened her legs wide, shifting her hand in between her legs. Dear God she was wet. This was luxurious and in truth, a limo driver? Oh you bet. She slipped her fingers under the thin elastic of her panties and smiled the second the tips of her finger touched her aching clit.

“Fuck yes.”

Laughing at the echo in her voice, she sucked in her breath as she rubbed her finger back and forth across the sensitive tissue. Fuck yes she was turned on. Another gulp of her drink then a second and she glared at the glass. Refilling was in order. Oh you bet.

The task completed she continued rubbing her clit until her legs were shaking. The moment she brought her feet up to the edge of the seats she could swear she was being watched. For a few seconds she waited, anticipating something. Anything. When the quiet hum of the engine met her thoughts she grunted then shoved her finger deep inside her pussy. “Fuck yes.”


The single word startled her, drew her back yet… Was this a real voice? No. Of course not. “What?”

“Remove your hand.” Where the hell was he? Was he watching her?

The voice was so familiar yet muffled. Molly’s legs were trembling. “Who are you?”

“You know who I am.”

“Yeah?” This time she laughed. “And who is that?” The hesitation, the long lapse in anything was kicking her into overdrive. This was almost too much. When she heard his voice speak she shivered. And then she knew…

“I’m your Master.”

Well what do you think? The next part….

Kisses and spanks


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6 Responses to Sexual Sin… Corporal Punishment V

  1. I have a question. Forgive me if it’s a bit off subject from the post, but I don’t know any couples who are into BDSM (or who’ll admit it). Do you ever have vanilla sex anymore? God, but I hate that term, because it implies boring, and the sex I’ve had with the men I’ve loved has been mind-blowing, even if there was no kink involved.

    I ask because I, for one, love sex and love to have it every day, or a few times a day. But after being with a man who enjoys being a sadist, I gotta tell you, I can’t have that kind of sex every day. Rough sex is great, but ALL the time? After paddles and belts and floggers and rulers, my body was sore and full of welts. My ass was stinging and bruised, and I didn’t particularly want it whipped 4 days in a row.

    I probably sound naïve here, but how do people have that kind of sex on a regular basis if they don’t orgasm from pain? I mean, I do it to please him, but I sure in the hell don’t feel on the verge of cumming while I’m getting paddled. It fucking hurts!!! If anything, it just brings tears to my eyes.


    • behalle says:


      Never hesitate to ask anything. Both John Patrick and I are very open. The short answer is kinda. LOL. John Patrick is not very into vanilla sex per say – and we use that term as well – however, he’s extremely romantic and passionate and we kiss and touch and merely hold hands. Yes, mostly we have playtime around but we don’t live together so I suspect the love we feel would generate various types of sex – including vanilla – if we did. Or at least vanilla with a twist. He is not a sadist either and uses spankings as discipline as well as play. I enjoy the pain, but I also enjoy the caresses, the soft touch and he does as well. At this point the moderation and cohabitation if you will of the two bring us joy. I know in my heart I couldn’t take a total sadist 24/7 even in playtime. I also have a Dom who wants to please me in every way, therefore if I don’t like something we talk about it. He wants every experience to bring me delight. Not entirely certain if this answers you completely but we are in the early stages of our journey so I know everything will continue to evolve including sex.


      • So, for example, if he continuously tweaks your nipples really hard for say, 5 days in a row, on the 6th day, can you be like, “Hon, can you just lay off the nips for a day while they heal?” I joke, but I’m kinda not joking. It’s like breastfeeding. Sure I loved the feeling and the closeness, but at times I wanted to scream if anybody came near them.

        Maybe I’d have to be the type of person who enjoyed the pain more? I don’t know. Maybe the more you experience the pain, the more you get used to it? Like tattoos–I love getting them. Sure they hurt, but the pain is addicting. Anyway, it’s not really an issue for me since this man lives 2000 miles away from me, and I’m not in a situation where I’d seek out someone I didn’t know to explore this all, but I was curious…thanks.


      • behalle says:

        The truth is you do get used to the pain and some hunger for more. But honestly? I am not a slave. I am a submissive and as such, we talk about everything – and I do mean everything with regard to sex, kink, life, loves, hates. Yes, he has the last word and I am submitting to him completely, BUT – and this is HUGE here – he refuses to do anything I don’t like. You need to talk to whoever you submit to with everything you want. THat’s the key here girl. Talk. Communication. Keep doing so and be totally honest with yourself first. You have to.


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