Sexual Sin…The Watchers II

Humiliation – debasement. Well, now those two words managed to find themselves together and I want to make certain my readers understand a few things. One, again this is a dark story – not what John Patrick and I share. However, in saying that – there are aspects of BDSM that go to the darker or more extreme side. While what my heroine did for a man she is exploring kink with is a bit out there – considered debasement by some, she is an intelligent woman and the trust built with the yet to be undetermined. Keep that in mind. Two, everything done between these characters is completely consensual. While I mentioned I may be writing some He Takes Medubcon, this story is more about a woman letting go, allowing an aspect to enter into her life she’s been craving. Is it extreme? Yes. Potentially harmful? Perhaps, BUT… There will always be a safety net.

I’ve written almost 900 blogs in my almost four years of having this blog and as you can imagine, I see the stats of what readers are reading, what they care about. By far the blogs that continuously have the highest number of readers has the word humiliation in the title. Spanking is second. I find this very interesting. We are a society that enjoys seeing or vicariously experiencing something out of our comfort zone. In blogs or books, readers are allowed a taste of an alternative lifestyle or hobby, sexual experience or mass murder and all within the safety of their own home or kindle. I think that’s fantastic. What I’ve noticed in my years writing is that tastes are changing, the need to see something more heinous rushing off the charts.

Yes, we all look at a bloody accident on the side of the road or sometimes crave the dark movie, one filled with gore. We might blush in front of our friends at a sexual scene on television, but I can almost guarantee desire increases. We want what we don’t have. Plain and simple. John Patrick and I have talked about this fact in various conversations. Of course we ask each other – how far would we go in enjoying certain aspects of the darker side of kink. The short answer is yet to be determined.

Every couple is different, needs change as the journey moves to various levels. Pain becomes a matter of course so the spankings become more intense, clamping or flogging increasing. In other words tolerance levels change over time as needs and desires grow. What is too severe for one might be considered vanilla for another. I asked John Patrick some questions about his needs/desires regarding humiliation and he’s concerned readers will learn to hate him. That doesn’t mean he would EVER do anything similar to this story, but showing me off? Perhaps spanking me in front of others? Yes, humiliation is a part of punishment. As a kid, if you were ever spanked, did mom or dad threaten to do so in front of friends or family? My guess is yes. Using humiliation is a very effective method of control as well as discipline. In the D/s or M/s world, this tactic is used as well.

Remember as you continue to read this story – and I hope you will – every couple is different.

“Are you fucking out of your mind?” His voice was raspy, full of anger.

Dimitri Solten eyed his companion then looked out the darkened window of the limousine. His lurid thoughts turned up several notches when he saw her car pull into the dingy parking lot. Rather delicious and sinful thoughts trickled into the back of his mind. Today was a very special day indeed. “She’s right on time. I knew she’d be. She is a consummate professional.”

His Control“Then what is she doing here? I thought this was about something kinky, not dangerous. I thought we were closing a rather lucrative business deal with a celebration. Not this shit.”

“If you’re uncomfortable with the surroundings then by all means leave, Marcus. No one is keeping you here. The last time we talked you begged me to be a part of this.” Marcus Raven was his oldest friend, the only one who had a penchant for the darker side of kink. He was also very much into sharing.

“Fuck you, Dimitri. We’re in a shitty part of town. You planned this bullshit for what reason, so I could watch you destroy her? You’ve moved to a new level, my friend.” Marcus shifted on the seat, craning his neck to glare out the window.

“Destroy her? Serena is a strong woman with a very willful side. This is merely an exercise in control, my dominance of her. Nothing more.” In the weeks since he’d met the incredible beauty his hunger for her had increased, creating heightened levels of what some would consider heinous needs. Of course this particular session of her training was brutal, but the level was something they both desired. His mouth watered in anticipation as her door opened.

“Exercise? What in the hell are you requiring that she do?” Marcus craned his neck, his veins popping. “And what in the hell do you think is going to happen once her employers find out about your relationship?”

“They won’t. They are Neanderthal idiots who couldn’t best their way out of a paper bag. The lovely Serena is the real prize, victory for both of us.”

“Victory?” Marcus snorted. “You’re using her. Jesus Christ. Why didn’t I see it?

“Using her?” Dimitri shifted as he watched her car and the gang that moved toward her car. At six foot five, he certainly had enough brawn to take on a jerk off or two, but a gang in the middle of the morning he hadn’t counted on. “Serena and I sparred for weeks, then the real flirtation began. Trust me, if there is any using going on we’re both doing so.”

Marcus noticed the gang, his eyes growing wide. “You better have a gun on you buddy. If that group of fuck-ups even approaches her I’m going to go ape shit.”

“Don’t worry. I have this handled.”

“Handled? Right? You really think this is a game, don’t you? What I know about Serena is that she’s full of passion, a verve for life and looking for a man who can give her everything she deserves.”

Tipping his head Dimitri looked at his friend. “She craves a man with a strong hand, a Dom bordering on a sadist. Her needs are similar to mine and she’s willing to submit to me given our growing trust.”

“Then you haven’t shown her the real man. Have you?” Marcus’ eyes flashed.

“Jealousy doesn’t bode well with you.” A full minute ticked by and he was relieved with the gang moved away.

“You know, I didn’t realize what an arrogant ass you were. This is out of control and I don’t think I want any part of your world.”

Snapping his head he glared at Marcus, allowing venom to rush into his eyes. His adrenaline had kicked in. Between his heightened desire and the need to own her, his thoughts were racing out of control. “I suggest you remember your place here. You’re the guest.”

“You don’t own me. Keep that in mind, Dimitri.”

“And this is your decision to be here, be a part of my kinky world, with my approval which can be revoked. You keep that in mind.”

“Sounds like a threat,” Marcus hissed.

“Call it what you will. Mmm… Time.” His cock throbbing, Dimitri shuddered with joy the moment she stepped out of her car, her naked body almost glistening in the sunlight. He’d made certain the driver had strategically positioned the limo to allow him not the perfect view, but a clear shot in getting to her. After all, her episode in humiliation was only the beginning of the day. “What you’re forgetting is how much I adore her, need her in my life.” As she stepped out of her car his breath caught.

Marcus hissed and unfastened his seat belt as he reached for the door. “This bullshit I refuse to tolerate. You go get her before the fucking vultures do or I will and trust me, you’ll fucking never see her again.”

Dimitri threw out his arm, blocking Marcus’ exit. “Do you really think I’m going to allow any harm to come to her? Do you?”

“Hard to tell since you set her up for this. Bring her to safety now or else.”
“Watch your threats. I have the upper hand in business as well as pleasure.” The second he looked into his friend’s eyes he knew. Marcus had already fallen hard for the lovely woman, the one he wanted to own. This was unexpected. Marcus was usually a cold man, one not prone to emotions except for anger. That’s one reason they’d become fast friends so many years before. Swallowing hard he clenched his fist, realizing having Marcus as a part of his training, his worlds had backfired. While they’d shared before, nights of increasingly kinky passion, this was a first. And this time he wasn’t certain how to handle the situation.

“You fucking heard me. She’s already drawing attention. You know damn good and tied in Bedwell its not going to be long since those sons of bitches come back.” Marcus moved toward the door, pushing Dimitri’s hand away.

“Fine. I’ll bring her in, but remember your place. You stay completely quiet or so fucking help me God, I’ll kick you ass later.” Jerking the blanket he’d brought from the seat beside him, he moved out of the limo toward her, his steps brisk. When he had to wait to cross the street he realized he was nervous, unnerved given the way at least two men seemed to be walking in her direction.

When he was able to cross the street he picked up his pace, easing behind her as a scruffy looking black man grinned and closed the distance.

“The whore for sale?”

Serena bristled, a single moan escaping her lips. “I…”

“Ssshhh… I’m here. Nothing is going to happen to you.” Dimitri heard the fear in her voice and for the first time felt like an asshole. “This woman belongs to me and she’s not for sale.” Throwing the blanket around her shoulders he pulled her close to his chest as two cars whizzed by, honking their horns in appreciation.

“I…did what…you asked of me,” Serena whispered through clenched teeth as she clutched the blanket, drawing the thin material tightly around her body.

“You were a very good girl. You’re going to be rewarded.” He kissed the top of her head and realized he was on edge. If anything had happened to her he would have never forgiven himself. “I have a car waiting.”

“But my car. I can’t leave it here!”

“Relax. I have someone to drive your car. Trust me.”

Exhaling slowly she nodded. “I do, with all of me.”

The words stilled him and as he darted a glance around them at the dirty street and aging buildings, he realized he didn’t want anyone to ever touch her again. And that included Marcus. Still, a deal was a deal. Marcus would be allowed to watch. “Let’s get you into my car.”

“Yes sir.”

As he moved them toward the limo he thought about the times they’d spent together. Marcus was an astute man. When he first met Serena he wanted nothing more than to dominate her and she’d have nothing to do with him. Nothing. He set out to break her down, use her in the ways he hungered for. Something happened along the way. He found he cared for the incredible beauty, especially her intelligence and wit, her ability to see through his bullshit. What few would ever know was that the times spent talking, sharing stories and drinking wine well into the wee hours of the morning were his favorite. Her trust had been derived from these times, not the moments of sex or kink they’d shared.

Now he wanted nothing more than to protect her, own her and no one was going to stop him. “Do you have your keys?”

“Yes sir. Where are we going?” Serena held out her hand.

Dimitri tapped on the driver’s window. The driver lowered the glass. “Please have Jonas secure the lady’s car.”

“Yes sir. Where are we going? I mean…”

Dimitri gripped her arms, digging his fingers in. “You know better than to ask.”

“Yes sir.”

He lowered his head, nuzzling into her neck. While he couldn’t see into the limo he knew Marcus was watching, waiting. “We have many things to do today, my sweet submissive. You’re going to obey me at every turn or I’ll punish you. Is that clear?”

“Yes sir.”

Tapping her on the ass he tugged the blanket from her shoulders before reaching for the handle. “Let me help you in.” After helping her onto the leather he gave Marcus a look, one that said in no uncertain terms he was to keep his trap shut. “I love your verve, your spice and the way you are.”

suck me this morningSerena settled into the seat and touched her blindfold.

“No, leave it on. This is about all of your other senses. I want you electrified.” Every word he said seemed to bother Marcus. They locked eyes and Marcus shook his head but remained quiet.

“Mmm… Yes sir.” A soft laugh fluttered from her lips. “I want to please you in every way.”

“And you do. You very much do.” Dimitri opened the small container in the middle console, pulling out a simple rope. “What I’ve learned about you is that your entire being needs to please. No matter you’re a very powerful woman, you need to submit. Hold out your hands.”

She did so as she smiled. “You’re right.”

As he wrapped the rope his cock pushed hard against his pants. He loved the control, craved knowing she was submitting without question. Dimitri also loved the fact he had a watcher. “Tell me why you hunger for me.”

Marcus pressed his hand across his mouth as his eyes eased down the length of her body.

“Because you allow me to be the woman I always knew was buried inside, the one hiding behind a mask of complacency and bullshit. Because I am happier than I’ve ever been in my life. Because… Because I want nothing more than to share this with you.”

The satisfaction was no doubt covering his face and Dimitri breathed in, nearly intoxicated by her perfume.

Marcus’ face was cold, his expression one of distaste. His hands were shaking.

Dimitri could tell his friend was tormented and he was giddy about the notion. Why? Because he couldn’t stand the fact that Serena might want another man. He knew she’d spent time with Marcus, had commented on how amazing he was as a man. Yes, he was a jealous beast. There had been too many things happen in his past that would keep him from being but so close to anyone. Finding Serena, needing her the way he did was…

“Sir, how can I please you?”

When he was finished with the rope, securing her hands, he sat back and opened his legs. “Now I want you to suck my cock.”

Yes, I know this is still a bit out there but he has his own demons. We all do. Keep that in mind.

Kisses and spanks…



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