Sexual Sin… The Watchers III

Voyeurism. Showing Off. Exhibitionism. Yes, there is some of the need within all of us. I don’t care if you’re living a very vanilla lifestyle or are sharing a Master/slave relationship, I honestly believe every humans enjoys either showing off our little hottie or hunger to see a darker side of all of us. Yes, we watch porn movies. Yes, we’ve seen a couple fucking and linger for a few minutes, just to savor the few seconds of sharing in the intimate act. Yes, we fantasize about seeing our neighbor/co-worker/boss in a very intimate environment. Yes, we want nothing more than to experience hard sex and kink – at least through the eyes of another. Mmm… No lying. You know what you want, the kinds of sexual or horrific acts that leave us You will do as I saywet and hot all over. We all have a dark side, one bursting at the seams. Is watching sensual? You bet.

John Patrick and I were talking about this today. Part of watching is hungering to be in the very moment of time, sharing the same experience. Another is to be allowed to openly watch or better yet, be asked to share in the moment, the sensual or sexual experience. My oh my what a fabulous thought. Imagine the possibilities. I think for some of us, sex is very private, an intimate act to be shared with two people only. Right? Then again, we might flaunt what we are wearing. We certainly love others to notice when we’re hot, sexy as hell. Right? For those who like to watch or be watched, this goes to another level entirely.

Within the BDSM community there are many opportunities for others to watch – IF you’re so inclined. John Patrick and I talk about the very concept of a little watching or being watched. There is something very sexy about sharing passion or kink or both. I know, this seems rather foreign to many of you. I’ve posed a question to him and will bring his thoughts soon enough. For Dom’s, some want to share while others have no desire. But the very notion of having other people appreciate what you have in your life – very enticing. How far would you go in this very situation? What I do know is that for John Patrick and I – sharing some of what we have is very exciting. As he well knows, I’m no wallflower. I have no issue being front and center – at least in certain ways. Could I actually perform certain acts? Well, of that I’m not certain and anything we do will be after many LONG discussions. We’ll see.

What we’ve both realized is in talking about this there is the concept of how much is too much? We haven’t even begun to explore let alone know what limits there might be. As you’ve already learned, watching and voyeurism is a part of humiliation. And yes, humiliation is something D/s or M/s couples do engage in. How much is too much? That’s for every couple to figure out. In doing this blog/flash series – I realized quickly there are very strong emotions around the debasement of a female in any regard. None of my stories or blogs are meant to allow or condone in any fashion. That’s not what happens in my words. Yes, some aspects of kink are harsh and aspects of vanilla lives no one can understand. Yes, many are still titillated by the methods of humiliation but I assure you, in my stories the women know exactly what they are getting into.

That’s the entire voice here – choice. Trust. Understanding. Acceptance. Keep these words in mind as you read the continuation of this story. Yes, this one stretches me a hell of a lot and I know the story is too much for some readers, but delving into the darker side of my writing has certainly been… Invigorating. Many reasons including conversations had with John Patrick. This journey we are on has taken twists and turns and no doubt will be completely different in two months. YET – we are so enjoying. Now back to the story.

Serena was shivering all over. The hot shower wasn’t doing a damn thing. She shifted, placing her hands on the cool tile wall, and lowered her head. As the water cascaded down and across her shoulders she sucked in the sweet smell of the shower gel, savoring the way the beads of water sliced against her skin. Dear God she was wet and hot all over.

A smile curled in the corner of her mouth as she thought about the night before. Time spent with Dimitri had been amazing as well as terrifying. Yet every intense moment had been electrifying, her senses bursting at the seams. To think she’d actually stood naked on a dirty street corner. What would her mother say, her friends. What about her clients? If only they knew.

Thoughts about the rigorous night lingered in the back of her mind. He’d been brutal yet comforting, passionate yet unyielding in his needs. And all the while he’d kept her blindfolded, her other senses on edge. The thrill of the hours shared had been heightened by her lack of sight, and the whip marks crisscrossing her body.

Dimitri’s belt was very… She wiggled her ass back and forth and as she arched her back she tipped her head and groaned. The welts on her ass cheeks would be a reminder of her position, her place with the very powerful man she’d succumbed easily. Yeah, far too easily according to her intelligence and Harvard educated mind. Only My HandThe burn was intense, delicious and the entire scene played out in a subpar neighborhood where hookers and monsters lived hand in hand had been invigorating. There was no one in her life that would EVER understand her submission to anyone period, let alone in the methods she’d endured with a man she barely knew.

Very slowly she rose to her full height and opened her eyes. For a few seconds she could swear every nerve ending was standing on end, her entire body ready for another fucking or whipping. Selena brushed the tip of her finger back and forth across her lips as she thought about his words, the ones that would shill most women.

You belong to me. Of that there is no doubt. If you ever think you don’t then think again because no matter where you go, or who you’re with, I will find you. I will hunt you and trust me, I will bring you back to me no matter what level in life I have to go. I own you and you will never be without me in your life.

She bit her lower lip and moaned. The words were quite frankly something she’d always longed to hear, every moment of the time she could remember. Dimitri had managed to find the right spot to delve into her inner soul, the woman no one could or would ever understand. In doing so she was ready to experience everything the man, her Dom wanted.

Her Dom. Really? Turning off the water she shook her head, thinking about life before the very demanding man.

As she wrapped the towel around her body she allowed the entire day to rush past her senses. Dear God had she even obtained all the needed signatures for the recent contracts, the wins she had to have for her firm? For a few seconds she stood frozen, worry and amazement how ridiculous her behavior was as of late floating into the far recesses of her mind. Yes, she had. Yes, the entire day had been filled with rather enlightening propositions.

Her reflection caught her eye and she turned toward the mirror, making faces at the woman staring back at her. Very slowly she dropped the towel, twisting her body in order to see more of her bruises, her welts. She’d already told him she hungered to wear his stripes. Tentatively she reached out, gingerly touching the crisscrossing crimson marks. She sucked in her breath and could almost hear the crack of his quirt, the horsewhip he seemed to enjoy using more than any of his other floggers. Turning to see another angle she couldn’t help but admire his accuracy, the way the stripes were almost perfectly aligned. A chill trickled down her spine and she closed her eyes, allowing her sixth sense to kick in. As she brought her hand to her mouth and nose, inhaling the rich and very exotic scent that had enveloped Dimitri, she suddenly smelled something another.

The fragrance was woody, full of spice. And definitely not Dimitri’s. For a few seconds she played back what she could remember of the limo ride, the time spent between Dimitri’s legs, sucking his cock while the driver seemed to be going in circle after circle. Her eyes flew open. There was no doubt someone else had been in the limo, another man, one who’d been watching. “What the hell?” Why hadn’t she noticed then? She was too completely entrenched in the moment of carnal activity? Yes, she was but to not figure out another person was sitting within one, maybe two feet of her? Dimitri had been playing more than one game. While she wasn’t certain how she felt about the realization, her body could tell no lies. Her pussy was clenching as she tried to figure out who the other person could be. The Watcher. There was no way to determine who he was. Dimitri had never talked about anyone during their sessions together. Of course she had met a few of his staff members, but for several reasons she doubted Dimitri would allow one of what he often called his minions into his inner sanctum. Besides, he didn’t want her to know. The game was delicious, rather evil, and one in which he was completely and utterly in charge.

She twisted again and plucked her right nipple, moaning as the single slice of pain was a perfect taste of what she hoped would be another raucous round. His playtime was increasing in duration as well as his methods of pain.

A chuckle escaping her lips, she strolled into the bedroom only to stop short, every nerve standing on end. “What the fuck?” Another tremble rushed down her spine. Someone had been in her house – while she was taking a shower.

No, not just someone. As she walked closer she was well aware the man who’d been in her house, placing the collection of lingerie across her bed, was none other than her very complex man. How much had she found out about the Russian who seemed hell bent on being alone, except for her company? An intensive Google search had provided what she would call planted information. So she’d dug further. Of course she had all the right connections, the ones in law enforcement in various locations throughout the world, but there was little information about Dimitri other than the basics – where he was born, went to school, a few jobs. There was almost nothing personal about him or his past. He was, for all practical purposes, an enigma.

“Shit.” She was freezing to death. Grabbing her robe Serena struggled into the warm terry cloth as she studied the lingerie. Had she locked the door? Should she be incensed? As she inched closer, her heart racing, she smiled. She was absolutely fascinated with the man.

Eyeing the scarlet envelope she licked her lips and it was several seconds before she had the courage to trace her finger across the top. When she finally opened the flap, tugging out the linen card, she wasn’t certain what to make of the words, the phrasing. “What the hell are you getting at?”

Everyone enjoys a taste of the dark side

When you come to my be prepared

This journey will open your eyes forever…

Serena groaned and darted her eyes back and forth across the lingerie on her bed. Interesting. She leaned over and picked up the cinched corset, her mind reeling with the possibilities, then heard her cell phone ring. “Shit.” Lifting her middle finger, she snarled as she glared in the direction of her iPhone. There were two cases she was starting over the course of the next week with no way to stay away from everyone who thought they needed her.

“Serena Cavanaugh.”

“Serena, Marcus Raven.”

The call was surprising. His voice was…mesmerizing. She’d talked with Marcus before, but always on email. The husk in his tone, the inflections he used were surprising, not what she expected. “Mr. Raven, what can I do for you?”

“Marcus please and I honestly need your help,” he said casually.

She hesitated. Why would he call when his father had taken care of every detail of the recent deal? “Is there a problem with the contract…Marcus?”

Take my offering“Problem? No. Potential complication? Yes.”

Complications she certainly didn’t need. “What is going on?”

“I’d honestly prefer if we discussed the issue at my office or even over lunch. Are you free in around twelve fifteen?”

“Lunch?” The word slipped out of Serena’s mouth.

“Yes. I would honestly prefer to be away from the prying eyes of the office,” Marcus stated.

There was an interesting inflection, one she had to admit piqued her curiosity. “All right. I can make lunch. Where?”

“The Marlin. We’ll sit out on the deck.”

Somehow she realized his words weren’t a request but a command. She was going to be there. “Twelve fifteen.” When she hung up the phone she clucked her jaw, her hackles raised. After all, Marcus Raven was a fine looking man.


“I’m glad you could make lunch at such short notice.”

There was no denying Marcus’ sensuality or the way every woman within close proximity was giving him lurid winks, posing as if he’d grab them around the waist. Visions of seeing him cave man style, fucking a tawdry blond filtered into the back of her mind. Serena bit back a laugh. “I admit, you certainly have me guessing.”

Marcus nodded toward the chair, his eyes twinkling. “I hope you don’t mind. I took the liberty of ordering a bottle of Merlot.”

Very forward of you. The thought was required. The sentiment something else. “I don’t mind at all.” The restaurant was one of the finest, the atmosphere full of passion and intimacy. She sighed as she tried to imagine Dimitri sitting in front of her. They never went out, hadn’t shared anything but time in his condo, his playroom. The thought had never bothered her before. Now…

“Are you all right? You seem flushed.” He poured her a glass of wine, his eyes never leaving hers. “I hope you enjoy.”

His words sounded genuine. “I’m fine. It’s just been a long week.” She took a sip of wine and could tell he was studying her every move. When she set the glass down she sat back in her chair. “What do you mean by complications?”

Shrugging, Marcus looked away and shook his head. “You don’t know my family very well.”


“Meaning they refuse to accept anything less than the best.” He darted a look, his eyes flashing.

There was a hidden meaning behind his crystalline blue eyes. Serena fingered the rim of her glass. “This deal is solid, a good one for your family as far as I can tell.”

“Not according to my father.”

“Why? The negotiation as well as the contract is well balanced and if I may say so, lucrative for your entire family. What’s not to consider an excellent business deal?”

Marcus leaned over. “Because the land was meant for something else entirely.”

“What?” When he didn’t answer right away she could tell how troubled he was. “You can trust me.”

“Can I? Can I trust you with things few would either care about or choose to use against me?”

“I… Yes, you can.” A full ten seconds passed by. “I may be the attorney for the man In His Handswho purchased your land, but I can be a good listener.”

His look was harsh at first, then softened as his eyes traveled down the length of her body. “You are an amazing woman.”

“I’m just me. Nothing special.”

“That’s what makes you special. You have no idea how powerful you are, how enticing.”

“Enticing?” Serena was shocked how the single word stimulated her. For a few seconds she had to blink fiercely for fear of giving away she was very attracted to him. The notion startled her. Attracted? Yes, she was very attracted to his quiet demeanor and the way he held his own, his dazzling eyes and the fact he never stopped looking at her.

“You are. You know you are.” Toying with his wine he shook his head, a grunt pushing past his lips. “And I have a prediction.”

“A prediction?”

“Yes.” His eyes darkened, the look full of lust.

“Business or pleasure?” Her pulse was racing.

“Both. If you can handle both.”

“I can handle many things. You don’t know me well enough.”

Marcus smiled before taking a sip of his wine. “Yet.”

She shifted and the scent of her feminine need caught her off guard. “The prediction?”

“Mmmm…” Toying with his drink he eased forward, until his hot breath cascaded across her face. “Yes. Soon, very soon, I’m going to make you mine. Period.”

Ooohhh… do you think the competition is on?

Kisses and spanks…


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