Sexual Sin…The Watchers IV

Watching. Hungering. A need burning deep within you, a desire so strong you can barely breathe. I know many a man and woman who yearn for something they don’t have. Partaking in another’s moment of fashion, savoring the blatant moment of intimacy is delicious indeed. From catching an act of passion in a movie theater or on a subway, accidentally walking in on a co-worker or perhaps your best friend engaged in highly provocative acts, the moments are very enticing. We are a society that loves sex, craves being as uninhibited as we either used to be, or the way our fantasy Take me Sircharacters act within the glossy movies. Then there are kinky books – erotic tales highlighting every fantasy.

We long to be a participant, even if the kinky acts confuse or terrify us. We want – we have to have what we simply don’t in our real life. You know the one they call vanilla… For those who embrace even the most minute amount of a kinky lifestyle, little is off the table. What do I mean by that? If you and your partner choose to either indulge in sharing, participating, enjoying heightened levels of kink, then you feel free to embrace a dark and kinky side of yourself. You will most likely share something together few couples ever do. In my opinion this amazing step is very powerful and the deep connection you already have will only strengthen to a point you’ve never been before, and will forever require.

John Patrick and I talk a lot about various aspects of sharing with another, having someone watch our passion, and having John Patrick being the voyeur. And no, not with another man… He is my Dom after all. Still, the thought about someone else – whether it be a stranger or a close friend – watching closely every moment of passion and kink, spankings and other forms of playtime is quite exhilarating. Why? Hhhmmm… I’m not certain I can answer that question adequately. Maybe simply sharing is amazing – a new feeling for both of us. I trust him as he does me and we will relish in sharing the joy.

Another aspect is the humiliation part of showing off. We’ve already discussed that he could and would discipline me in front of others. I asked him to answer some basic questions about sharing, humiliation, disciplining in front of others etc. so you see his thoughts. I hope you enjoy his view as much as I do.

We’ve talked about sharing certain aspects of our time together with others – either having them watch and/or participate. What would you consider doing and why? Would you enjoy whipping me in front of others?

I think the aspect of a public display would be very sensual and something interesting to explore on certain levels. At this time I would only start something in a controlled environment such as a BDSM club or play party/gathering of like minded people. Administering discipline play or allowing you to be intimate with other females could be on the menu if the situation was right. And whipping would most certainly be on the agenda!!

There’s something very sensual and powerful about others watching moments of passion. How does it make you feel?

In the right situation with the right people, it would be a very interesting experience and one I would very much love to try.

Humiliation is a tool that some Doms use in both discipline and playtime. What would you do with me and why?

I believe that humiliation, to a point, is a very good tool for a Dom and needed to remind His sub of her place in both playtime and discipline. Used effectively, it can be very powerful. The level at which the Dom takes it is something that must be discussed with His sub and worked on. As far as with you, putting you in your place is important. Whipping you at a party or event is possible and highly likely in the future. Beyond that, we will talk.

When is it too much?

It’s too much when it is pushed past anything that was discussed and agreed upon previously. Pushing limits is one thing, having no limits is only acceptable when it is discussed and agreed upon.

I think what you can see from my questions to John Patrick is that even thought I’m a submissive, I have choices and decisions that he and I share together. For so many who think the Dom/Master issue edicts and nothing else, you’re wrong. That being said – I was in a very playful mood today. I was pushing – teasing in a way I haven’t before. My comments shoved hard against his authority – your belt is only used to keep your pants up – kind of comment. I honestly realized after the fact that I most likely disrespected him. I fall into the vanilla girl at ties – he says when I’m stressed. And so my John Patrick stated clearly – I would have been she waitspunished today if he could have. I am happy I recognized what I was doing and afterwards he mentioned he knows very well when I hunger for him to take the reigns. Often he doesn’t want to be reminded of what he takes very seriously – being my Dom. He simply makes me tingle. Mmm… Now back to the story.

Dimitri was fuming, his rage dragging him over to the dark side of Hell. You will never be with another man. Never. The words lingered in the back of his mind as he moved toward the window. Every nerve was standing on end and for a few seconds he envisioned ripping Marcus’ head right off. How fucking dare he? “Bastard.”

The single phone call had alerted him to the fact Marcus was sniffing in an aspect that he had zero authority or permission in doing so. Serena was off limits. Yes, he’d allowed the man to be a part of one night, one event. He fisted his mouth as he palmed the glass, studying the landscape below. She was his attorney, yet was required to work with the Raven firm in order to finalize the deal. No matter. Yes, he was ready to rip Marcus apart. A blackness enveloped him and in truth, he had no idea why this tryst, this woman was any different than any of the others they’d played with, shared and fucked, only to let them go when they were through with toying with them.

Sniffing, he knew exactly what was happening, with both he and Marcus. This was a line drawn in the sand. They’d performed every act of kink, used every method of torture in an effort to achieve a greater high. They were fucking bored. A laugh slipped past his lips and he shook his head. Yeah, he cared about Serena. There was no lying any longer. Shock remained given such a powerful woman succumbed to his borderline evil needs. She endured. She craved. She allowed. She needed more. And he was prepared to enslave her. Then Marcus came into the picture.

So she was having lunch with the man. Hmmm… He rubbed his jaw as he glared out the window. While he chose to believe that Serena had no knowledge of the fact Marcus had been a watcher, a voyeur sitting on the very edge of desire, he had no doubt what Marcus might have in mind. Who could resist a woman so vivacious, so intense in her every mannerisms? Seething, he knew where they would have gone, the choice of restaurants Marcus would have made in an effort to shower her with attention, the kind Dimitri no longer cared about. The exclusive location was a restaurant and club catering to the upper echelon of society. He chuckled. If only the assholes that created the club charter realized what a monster he really was.

Exhaling, he snarled as he gazed down at the rest of the world, minions in his mind. They were nothing but servants to his needs, a method to an end. Only Serena had been able to crack the impenetrable shell. Only Serena had seen past his heightened level of raw bullshit, breaking down the ugly walls he’d had surrounding him since he was a child.

Snarling, he stalked toward the mini-bar pouring a hefty glass of scotch. There were details to finish, contracts to complete, yet he wasn’t focused and realized he wouldn’t be able to concentrate unless he had her under his control. Control. The word was stimulating. After taking several swigs he turned toward his computer and smiled. There was no reason to hold back now. None. He was his own man and he was her Master. Closing his eyes, he thought about the sight of her naked body the night before, tied to the cross, her breasts crisscrossed with crimson stripes. He loved the way her skin glistened in the candlelight, the growing welts highlighted by the dim lighting.

His cock ached, throbbing to the point he issued a soft growl and wanted nothing more than to shove his cock in her ass, impaling her as she whimpered and begged for more. Serena was the perfect ass whore. Sucking in his breath he could almost smell her exotic fragrance, a combination of her sweet cunt and the perfume she always wore. Tonight he was going to make certain she knew who she belonged to, breaking down her last walls of inhibitions. Yes, tonight he was going to dominate her very soul.

Draining the glass in one gulp he grabbed his keys and headed out his office door. He was hungry after all. His feast would be her body tied, beaten and fucked. Perhaps he’d ask Marcus to join in one last time, witnessing the way he dominated her completely. Perhaps. If the man responded to his needs, his requirements. A dark myriad of thoughts rushed through his mind. His friend would soon learn to do his biddings. “Yes. This will be amazing.”



Marcus wasn’t entirely certain Serena would show. She had no love loss for the Raven family, no matter how professional she behaved every time she was in their office. She’d also made no bones about the fact she was working for the illustrious Dimitri, had his best interests at heart. If only she knew about the man, his evil interior. Yes, his friend, his buddy for almost a decade, had an distinguished exterior, one polished by years of Ivy League education, family wealth driven by illegal activities in Russia and the kind of behavior from his teenage years some would call heinous. A cold chill raced down his spine. Why they were friends, let alone business partners, was beyond him.

There were times he felt like a puppet, forced to partake in various activities designed by a madman, ones of brutality and rape. Yet, he’d savored the times shared, the women degraded to the point of tears. He was no better than Dimitri. Swallowing hard, he realized his heart was thumping in his chest to the point his ears were echoing. Yeah, he was no better than the Russian.

When he saw Serena enter the restaurant, every cell in his body became electrified. He stood and wiped his hands down the front of his pants. He wasn’t usually nervous, cared little about the basics of humility, yet this woman absolutely befuddled him. Planting a smile, he walked toward her, determined to get to know the woman, not the submissive.

“Mr. Raven.” Holding out her hand Serena held a look of a dominant professional.Pull my chain

The shake was telling. She was unsure of her surroundings. Dimitri had already begun his insane magic, the one allowing women to succumb to the point they lost every aspect of their identity. “Marcus, please. We’re doing business together but I didn’t ask you here discuss business.”

Instantly taken aback, she narrowed her eyes, the tone of her voice terse. “Then why did you ask me here?”

“To get to know you. Nothing more.”

Serena kept her hand in a firm hold. “Marcus. I don’t you. I’m not certain I like you or your what your family stands for.”

He opened his mouth to retort then nodded. “Very well. I don’t either. My family is full of pompous bullshit, men who think they are better than the rest of the world. I’ve fought my entire life against their bullshit. Just keep something in mind. I didn’t ask you here to talk about my family. I honestly want you to get to know the real man behind the contract, the hype.”

Hesitating, she studied him up and down then broke the hold, a slight smile appearing in the corner of her mouth. “You have balls, Marcus. I like that.”

Relaxing, he guided her toward the table. “My father would say ‘you have the courage of a fairy’.”

“Your father is an asshole.”

“Yes.” Grinning, he helped her into her seat and as he sat down his nerves kicked in. Why the hell was he so on edge around her? “My father thinks the entire world owed him.”

“Entitled,” Serena stated. “

“Very much so.” Now he laughed. “I took the liberty of ordering wine.” He couldn’t take his eyes off of her, the way the dress hugged every curve, the slight sheen of her lip gloss and the way a stray strand of hair curled across her cheek. He poured a glass from the bottle, then as he pushed the stem toward her he drank in her perfume. Today she was wearing something different, the scent highly alluring.

“How did you know what I liked?” she asked as she studied the red wine, her eyes shifting back and forth.

“A woman of distinct power, one enticed by passion and all things electrified, would never drink white.” The words hung in the air.

Serena smiled then shook her head. “Touché. You’re right. I haven’t enjoyed white wine in years.”

Marcus lifted his glass. “To our success.”


They studied each other for a full minute. He had difficulty not envisioning her gorgeous body, the way every curve seemed perfect, dazzling. Seeing her naked had kept him awake the night before and only being allowed to touch her beautiful skin once, whipping her only after the pinch of her nipple had been nothing more than Dimitri usurping control. “You did very well maneuvering Dimitri.” The blush he wasn’t surprised about. The look in her eyes he was.

“He’s very…charming.”

“Translation is difficult.”

Serena burst into laughter. “You know him well.”

“Years of knowing the man who purports himself to be a hard ass, a pain in the worst way and a monster when he wants to be.” Marcus purposely chose the word, the one he knew she’d catch onto.

“Monster. Yes, he had a very opinionated, pointed and dangerous persona.”

“You’re being kind.”
“Yes,” she said as she hid behind her glass, her eyes twinkling. After taking a sip she wrinkled her nose. “You selected well. You know wine.”

“I know a little bit about a lot of things. That can be a curse.” He could tell she was trying to figure him out, curious about why he really asked her to lunch.

“The truth to so many men.” Looking away she scanned the room around him as she took a sip of wine then fingered the top of the glass. “I’ve known men in many ways, various methods in business as well as pleasure, Marcus. I can read a man instantly from across the room.” A slight shift and she was leaning over the table, her eyes locked on his.

“And what do you think you read. I’m very curious.” Yes, he was. He had to admit, this formidable and sexy woman made him hunger in ways he hadn’t for years.

Another sip of wine, a full minute and a knowing look later, then she answered. “You want to strip my clothes, hold me down by the throat and fuck me hard.”

For some reason the frank and very true words pushed him past his comfort zone. tied to the bed 2There was no denying the truth. None. This time he lifted his glass, taking his time as he studied her eyes, and could swear for a brief second there was a hint of longing in them. “Yes, without a shadow of a doubt I want to tease you, taste you, fuck you and…” Before he could finish he noticed a flash. Lifting his head he growled.

Serena followed his gaze and instantly she bristled, a nervous tick appearing in the corner of her mouth. “Fuck.”

Marcus heard the word issued under her breath as they both noticed DImitri entering the restaurant, his line of sight locked onto their table almost instantly. There was a knowing look on the man’s face, a statement that only he could understand. Not only was his friend pissed, Dimitri was going to make certain Marcus was put in his place. “The prodigal son arrives.”

“You planned this?” Serena asked, her tone filling with apprehension.
“Not in the least, but you are well ware of how Dimitri is, what he requires.” Marcus turned his head and for the few precious seconds he knew they could see into each other’s souls, a witness as to the powerful dichotomy of desires.

“Yes. I do.”

Dimitri approached, the look on his face stoic at first, then savage when he reached the table. As he looked back and forth between the two, his eyes flashed a heated darkness. When he finally spoke his words were laced with disgust. “My friend, my attorney. I have a request. No, I have a demand.”

“Playing terms of arrogance again?” Marcus asked. The air between then was full of tension.

Dimitri shifted his gaze, glowering toward his friend. “No, dear friend. One of ownership.”

Mmm… What do you think tonight? The line in the sand is widening. There will be another installment. You need to know what both men hunger for.

Kisses and spanks…


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