Sexual Sin…The Watchers V

Competition. Possession. These words resonate with many including men vying for the same woman. There are men who absolutely feel like they possess their women. This isn’t anything new of course. Men in the Wild West thought and often treated their woman as if they were owned. Certainly other countries women are considered commodities. In America, there may be a form of equality with regard to vanilla relationships, but I can tell you there ain’t a man alive who won’t preen and push hard against competition. This is a very innate concept, behavior that is more instinct than anything.

When you talk about the world of D/s and BDSM, you certainly mix up the scenario. Sharing or watching, polyamory and group sex is something many couples involved in the lifestyle consider. There are clubs that cater to allowing men and women to watch as well as participate to a certain degree. What happens when a watcher, merely a voyeur allowed to see the intimate and kinky acts performed by another couple, hunger for more? John Patrick and I of course have talked about sharing before as well as about others watching us. I know he craves having others see and experience. I just asked him what if a male voyeur pushed for more. His simple response? “Nope. Wouldn’t happen.” He’s adamant that he will not share me with another man.

All of us have probably felt or had a little bit of competition in our dating days, men vying for us or another girl trying to shove in on our turf with our guy. You know the intense anger, the incredible moment of needing revenge if she made just a little headway into YOUR world.

Well, guys experience this as well. Now imagine a Dom who owns his submissive – inIn your grasp whatever way or method they share. I asked John Patrick a further question. What if the guy kept pushing? Here’s his very passionate answer. “He would be told in no uncertain terms that it ain’t happening and if he keeps pushing, we would step outside. Sometimes you just gotta get primal with certain fools.” Now that’s a dominating male answer, baby. When I read his words I tingled all over. Certainly it’s not that I want John Patrick to fistacuff for or about me –but hearing how he would make certain I am kept his – well, what girl wouldn’t like?

What few understand about the D/s or M/s lifestyle is that the Dom or Master can decide to bring in a third. They can also decide to allow another Dom to partake in what they own. John Patrick isn’t one of those. As I mentioned, he is very possessive, refusing to share me with another man. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want another man. I’m not missing out on any aspect of sharing. While he may have a third in our life at some point, the interaction will be with a woman. Unfortunately there can be jealousy within a D/s relationship just what can develop within a vanilla lifestyle. And in the case of some men in my life – they can push, refusing to take no for an answer.

I asked John Patrick the question for several reasons – one of which is because we are considering sharing with another and certainly contemplating going to a BDSM club.

Either one of these decisions will open up not only an amazing new world of sensuality, but will also provide opportunities for others to desire more from either or both of us. Hmmm… Well, our little story is heating up. I’m going to end the flash section with this installment but I will be making this into a book. I hope you enjoy. Careful because this one is getting terse.

She’s not the one. She’ll leave you. She’s a bitch, a fucking whore. The slut isn’t worth the time of day.

Sniffing, Dimitri rubbed his mouth then allowed a beaming smile. There was no sense in showing either one of them how pissed off he was. There was no sense in giving any indication of his ragged emotions. She’s nothing more than a possession.

“Dimitri. Why don’t you join us?” Marcus suggested as he pointed toward the empty chair.

“Yes. Join us. We were going over the terms of the contract.” Serena smiled, yet her eyes searched his, her lower lip quivering.

Of course she was trying to figure out what he knew, how much he’d seen. “Mmm… I didn’t know you had a lunch appointment, my dear.” Dimitri clenched his right fist.

“Just lunch. Going over the final details,” she breathed as she looked away.

“And we’re celebrating,” Marcus added. “A job well done.”

“Yes,” Dimitri purposely rolled his eyes.

“What now?” Marcus huffed. “A glitch? A worry? Your usual fears? The contract is solid. We’re moving forward and we have Serena to thank. Time to celebrate.” His tone became pointed.

Serena took a sip of her wine. “What is there to worry about? Everything is in order. Marcus is right.”

Dimitri could do nothing but glare at his friend, his hackles raised. Right. What the hell was the man so right about? He sucked in his breath, doing everything he could to control his increasing fury. At this moment he didn’t want to deal with her, but he could see by the look in her eyes what she was thinking – what she fucking desired. Bitch. No, he refused to think this way. Bitch. Whore. Slut.

“You hired a brilliant attorney after all,” Marcus added.

No need to see“I’m certain it is and she is a wonder. Isn’t she?” Dimitri breathed as he rubbed his temples. The headaches were getting worse. He was sick of dealing with bullshit. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her, the way her skin was shimmering, the look of her dress hugging every curve. For a few seconds he could only envision her naked body, her nipples clamped, her mouth gagged, her legs spread. His cock was throbbing. Damn he was in need. Tonight he’d fuck her in the ass.

“So join us,” Marcus suggested. “There’s nothing wrong with sharing good fortune.”

Dimitri studied his face then tilted his head. Of course there was nothing going on between them. Serena would never consider. She was a very obedient submissive. No, there was nothing. Yet, seeing the two of them together was intolerable. There was no doubt what Marcus desired given the man had a hard on between his legs. “My friend, my attorney. I have a request. No, I have a demand.” He studied his friend, the way his eyes flickered, the way he tried to cover up the nervous tick in the corner of his mouth. Bastard.

“Playing terms of arrogance again?” Marcus asked. The air between then was full of tension.

“No, dear friend. One of ownership.” Dimitri narrowed his eyes then shook his head before turning to glare at Serena. While her eyes opened wide, she offered little else in the way of expression. She was a consummate professional, one prone for being required to mask her feelings. Why wouldn’t she hide her thoughts and needs from him? The old anxiety, the one having tortured him for years, kicked in. He had no doubt Marcus would stop at nothing to taste her, fuck her. What he wasn’t certain about was if the woman he desired, the one he would own, reciprocated.

“Sir, we were just having lunch,” Serena offered.

He could tell by the look on her face, an expression riddled with apprehension as well as disdain, she was chastising him. “Lunch. Yes. Did you discuss the ramifications of the additional portions of the contract?”

Marcus tilted his head, his eyes flashing. “Modifications? I didn’t agree to any changes in the terms of the deal.”

“You didn’t have to. Your father did.” Smiling, Dimitri relished in the look of shock riding his friend’s face. Friend. Perhaps he used the term too loosely given the way Marcus was acting with Serena. Thoughts of savagery washed into the back of his mind, the kind of ruthless needs he hadn’t experienced in several years. Spots floated in front of his eyes and he could barely focus. This was getting out of hand. Time to shut down their rendezvous.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Marcus demanded as he rose to his feet.

“Guys, the contract is signed. There are few changes and none of which warrant any concern. Period. Let’s get off this.” Her face tense, Serena pointed her look at Dimitri. “Marcus, I’ll take care of everything. We’re only talking about the deposit. Nothing more. Okay?”
“While you are the attorney for my firm, you don’t make all the decisions, sweet Serena.” Dimitri laughed and closed the distance to the table, grabbing Marcus’ wine glass. The moment he wrapped his hand around the thin crystal he fought his needs, the ones requiring him to smash the glass in Marcus’ face. “My sweet submissive.”
“What did you do, Dimitri? We had a deal two weeks ago. A deal. Do you understand what that means?” Marcus hissed as he leaned over the table.

Swallowing a gulp of the wine, Dimitri grinned as he swirled the remaining liquid in his glass. “Seems to me, Marcus that I have the upper hand. The contract negotiations were altered without your knowledge.”
“What is going on here?” Folding her arms Serena glared at Dimitri. “I might be your submissive, but the terms of this deal have nothing to do with you or I, Dimitri. Nothing. What have you changed?”

Dimitri snapped his hand around her wrist, dragging her toward him. While he kept his voice low, he made certain she understood the words clearly. “You will not challenge me ever. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir.”

“Leave her alone. You’re just pissed at me,” Marcus stated then laughed. “We were just having lunch.”

“Lunch? Yes. Of course.” Dimitri refused to take the bait. He kept his eyes locked on Marcus, making certain the man knew he’d crossed the line. “We have a celebration tonight, my obedient submissive. One I know you’ve been looking forward to.” He polished off the wine, a smile curling in the corner of his mouth. “And we will have a guest tonight, one I think you will approve of. Yes?” He heard the slip of Serena’s breath sound, knew she was pissed as hell. After all, he’d interrupted a rather intimate period of time together. He was on edge, every nerve standing on end. There was nothing more that he wanted to do than to make certain Marcus knew he was in charge. He was Serena’s only owner. And Marcus was merely an afterthought, a snippet in time, and would never be anything more than a watcher.

“Christ DImitri. Your grandstanding pisses the fuck out of me. My God. Who the hell do you think you are?” Marcus pushed back his chair.

his captive“Who do I think I am?” Dimitri hated public confrontations. “Your business partner in more than one way. Your friend.”

The tension was palpable and both men remained unblinking.

“I’m going to the bathroom. I think I’m going to allow you boys to finish up your heady bout of testosterone.” Grabbing her purse, Serena shifted and strutted away from the table. “God. Men.”

Marcus followed her trail with his eyes then snapped his head. “You’re a fucking asshole.”

“And you’re just the watcher.” The lovely Serena still hadn’t clued in to just how important Marcus was at this moment. He would finish the scene. He would make certain she embraced his power.

“You arrogant fucking prick.” Glaring at him, Marcus waited for a full minute before laughing. “You’re really going through with this bullshit.”

“She is my submissive.”

“What you don’t understand is that this woman has you by the balls and I do understand why. I get it. Just don’t lose yourself in the process, becoming more of the asshole you’ve become.” After issuing a snarl he moved away from the table.

“Tonight. Nine. Don’t be late.” As soon as he said the words he knew Marcus wouldn’t miss an opportunity to indulge in his greatest fantasy, one they’d only discussed a single time. And in truth, Dimitri wasn’t certain Marcus even remembered he’d divulged his dark and very kinky fantasy.

Marcus stopped cold, lowered his head and remained quiet.

“You are coming of course.”

Another hesitation was followed by a strangled hiss. “I’ll be there.”

Without acknowledging the answer, Dimitri moved toward the bathroom. There was another issue to deal with. He moved toward the bathroom, thoughts regarding Serena off the charts. He had to garner control of her, pushing away the rest of her environment, right now. Now. Fucking now. Yeah, he was going to make certain she understood rules, his rules, were going to be followed.



Serena stood at the sink for a full two minutes, glaring at her reflection. “What the hell?” Wiping her mouth, she gripped the counter and played back the ridiculous banter in her mind. What the hell was going on between them? She’d been around the block long enough to know there was competition going on. Of course there was. Men. She laughed softly then when a stall opened she moved inside. For some reason she was shaking.

Dimitri seemed to have the ability to look right through her, know her every move, her thoughts even when they were texting. The how was fairly incredible. They were simply on the same wavelength. So why was he so pissed off? Because you’re flirting with Marcus. She sighed and clenched her eyes shut. Of course she could tell he was interested. Perhaps Marcus had been the entire time she’d known him. GOD. What was she doing? Thoughts overwhelmed her.

As she flushed the toilet she couldn’t help but smile. He was cute, in an ultra conservative kind of way. He was also no doubt too conservative for her tastes. Her needs. Now she laughed. If he only knew.

After smoothing down her dress she exited the stall.


“What?” The hard shove into the wall knocked the wind out of her. When a hand was wrapped around her throat she moaned, spitting out a single word. “Dimitri.”

“Your sir,” Dimitri hissed. “Seems you’ve forgotten that aspect. Seems you’ve forgotten your place.” His fingers digging into her neck, he smiled as he leaned down until his lips were hovering just above her ear. “I’m going to make certain you remember I own you. Don’t fuck with me. Do you understand?”

The soft whisper lingered. Serena blinked several times as his hand clenched, cutting off her air supply. Everything him about him was powerful, so controlling. She dropped her purse and concentrated on nothing else but the sound of his voice, his command of her.

“Now, we’re going to deal with your disobedience, your obvious desire for another man.” Biting down on her earlobe, he snarled, the sound guttural. “You’re a bitch. A fucking whore. You’re my whore. Do you get it?”
“I…” she struggled.

He clenched his hand. “Do you?”

The pain was sharp but she wanted more, needed more. As his hand tightened around her throat she gasped, the single whimper floating between them. He held her tightlyObeying Sir for a full minute and the stars in her eyes turned into fuzzy lines.

“Good girl.” Dimitiri released his hold as he kissed her lips, his tongue darting out. “You are mine. You will forever be mine.”

“Yes sir.”

“Say it. Say the words.”

“I belong to you. I am yours.” The mantra was said with no hesitation. None. She wanted nothing more than to belong to him.

He wrapped his hand around her arm and jerked her to the mirror, thrusting her waist over the counter. “And you’re never going to forget that simple fact.”

She palmed the mirror as he kicked her legs apart and jerked up the hem of her dress. Every part of her body was shaking. “Sir. Yes I won’t forget.”

“No, you won’t.” He shoved his fingers under the thin elastic of her panties and jerked back his hand, ripping the thong.

“Oh!” Trembling, she slapped her hand on the glass as he pushed down on the small of her back.

“You’re fucking mine, you whore. Slut. You do what I say when I say.”

“Yes sir.”

Crack! Slap!

She opened her mouth then bit back a scream as he slapped her ass hard and fast. The wild look in his eyes, one of complete possession was almost terrifying.

“My fucking slut.” A dark laugh escaped his lips as he fisted her dress and continued whipping her. Second later he intertwined his fingers in her hair, pushing her face into the glass. “And you’ll obey my every fucking command.”

“Yyyeeesss…” She closed her eyes as he spread her ass cheeks, a wave of nausea and humility washing over her.

“You need to be taught a lesson, a hard fucking lesson.”

Serena head the sound of his zipper. “Yes sir.”

“And I’m going to teach you.”

The moment he thrust the entire length of his cock into her asshole, she heard the sound of a woman’s shocked gasp.

Then she smiled.

Well, what do you think – too much? I’m ending the little flash here but I assure you – this will be a story.

Kisses and spanks…




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