Sexual Sin…A Second Submissive, a Shared Slave

Sorry guys that its been a while since I posted. There’s been a lot going on in my life. John Patrick and I have had a few very interesting days as well as experiences and because of these I’m just doing a blog tonight. I’m going to be starting a new Sexual Sin story this weekend, but I think this interesting topic is something you guys will enjoy hearing our viewpoints. When you think of sharing, there are certainly various aspects of doing so. Perhaps some of you have had a ménage in the touch of kink you’ve enjoyed in your lives – maybe when you were much younger. I get it. Perhaps you’ve gone further and actually visited a kink club where you were allowed to touch, taste or spank another. I personally think both of these are very sensual, sexual to a point and delicious in concept. But there’s so much more… I’m going to explore the various aspects of sharing in the next couple of stories. Today I’m going toHis pet talk about two of what I know is the most powerful moments you can share with your Dom or submissive.

First up – a second submissive for one Dom/Domme

Mmmm – the thought of having a second serving a Dom, your Sir to be exact. Imagine the concept. What do you think? What words come to your mind? Do you find the notion exciting or disconcerting or both? Close your eyes and thing about how truly wicked the act will be, how delicious. This isn’t about your normal ménage. This isn’t about a single sexual act. This is about so much more, perhaps even a lifetime of sharing. I honestly don’t believe many couples know or can handle something so life altering. Could you? Even I hesitate in the most basic of ways. I have a basic desire to share the joys I experience every day, but I have this vanilla side, one that says monogamy is important. Hmmm… Dilemma.

Well, this is a topic of serious discussion with John Patrick and I. We are exploring. I’m not entirely certain what to think or feel – that’s normal. I’m not certain he knows as well. You can’t know how you’re going to react until you’re smack in the middle of the experience. We talk. We get very deep in very uninhibited discussions. We share our worries, our hungers. The thought alone takes a tremendous amount of trust. TREMENDOUS. I personally don’t think many couples can move in this direction – vanilla or otherwise. In our exploration together I continue to ask him questions. I need to learn, glean information about what he’s thinking and desiring. Here are two fairly deep questions I asked.

What is appealing about discovering and nurturing a third into our relationship and what do you see as the pitfalls?

The opportunity to share our journey and to add and grow with the dimension of another person, including the fact of adding a third to our playtime sounds very interesting and could be an amazing addition to our relationship. On the flip side, not having a 24/7 full time relationship, just the logistical aspects of adding a third may prove daunting and hard to over come and make a meaningful relationship impractical. I also believe the quality of the person and our connection will have to be strong and meaningful to truly make it work and grow.

What will be the ultimate highs in making this decision? How do you think it might effect you as a man, me and our relationship in general. 

not going anywhereFinding the one that we both strongly connect with, who brings an energy, intelligence and humor to what we already enjoy and is extremely open minded, adventurous and sexual. I believe that finding the right person will truly enrich us both and our relationship and make us grow individually and as a couple.

I love the way he’s so truthful, honest in what we share and what he desires. Of course I have certain concerns myself. There’s no way I couldn’t. He and I have even gone so far as to explore how we might friend another submissive – and there would have to be a friendship first. John Patrick and I have talked about the ideal person and there is no persona you create like a Barbie doll. That’s not what I can be attracted to at all. Both of us appreciate a real person, one with flaws and fears, joys and isn’t afraid of sharing tears. We love laughter and sharing aspects of vanilla life together so of course we’re going to want our third to be similar in nature. You can’t have kink all the time.

As he and I were merely sitting enjoying a deep conversation over a glass or two of wine the other night, he commented he so very much enjoyed the various times we had together – including what some might consider extremely vanilla. I crave everything about the man – including cuddling and talking, showering together as well as aspects of kink and my much needed discipline. I can only imagine what having a third will bring into our lives. That being said, we’re in no hurry. If the right person comes along – fantastic. If not – that’s just fine as well. Now onto something a bit more drastic.

Slave Auction

Yes, this does indeed exist. I know you probably are either scratching your head or opening your eyes wide, but yes this occurs behind closed doors in various countries, mansions and skyscrapers. How do I know? Well, I posted a rather sexy picture of myself on FetLife the other night. It’s not sexual in any manner, nor does it show any body parts. However, within a few minutes I had some very nice comments – including the fact I looked good enough to auction off and that if my Dom would be In mouthinterested, he’d be happy to lay some serious bills on the table. Yes, I was shocked and let’s not go down the prostitution road. Slave auctions involve many things including sex, but not always as I found out after some additional comments were made, requests thrown out there.

Me being me, I commented back that if he was truly interested he’d have to talk with my Sir. Well, that started a bit of a volley of comments including another Dom I have talked to many times asking if my Sir would consider something in the way of a trade of some sort. Yes, this could mean cash or perhaps a trade involving another submissive or slave. Don’t cringe. Don’t run away. This shocked John Patrick and I to the very core on several levels, including the fact this was based on a picture that some would consider basic lingerie modeling.

As a good submissive, I turned the entire conversation over to John Patrick and what transpired after with several messages from two different Doms was fascinating – and they were both very serious. The various aspects of what they want quite simply didn’t include sex because John Patrick refuses to share me with another man. What might their desires include? Well, I’ll save some for the stories, but some request were as simple as me preparing a meal, serving drinks. Others included aspects of kink and flogging. Both men stated clearly John Patrick could be there. And duh! As if this was considered to any degree he wouldn’t be.

As you can imagine, this odd occurrence sparked many a conversation between John Patrick and I. No, this isn’t a serious consideration, although we had to kid about the what if’s. The requests reaffirmed the fact John Patrick doesn’t want to share me with any man on probably 90% of the levels of what he would share. The 10% does indeed intrigue him, well both of us. We realized very clearly that this occurs out there. What do couples gain if they go this route? I’ve heard of Dom’s who regularly share their Pleasing Himsubmissives – almost as if a club type situation. I’ve read many a story about parties in which slaves are shared. Then there are real slave auctions in which women (men too) are sold off like cattle. Hmmm… In our society? You bet. I’ve already asked John Patrick to give me some comments on his myriad of thoughts since this occurred and he will in the coming days. I just wanted you to think about both for a little while. The stories I will post around both concepts as you can imagine will be highly provocative, but never fear… This is only both my imagination mixed with John Patrick’s – nothing more, at least at this point. I hope this gives you some very kinky thoughts to consider.

Kisses and spanks…


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