Sexual Sin…Personal Slave Auction

I mentioned the other night in my blog that there are various kinky aspects of sharing couples involved in the lifestyle can partake in. If you read the previous episode, you know that John Patrick and I had a very interesting request or two recently. I posted a picture – yes of myself on Fetlife (very rare for me to do) and in doing so several men decided I would be excellent auction block material. Yes, as in slave auction. Yes, as in you’ve no doubt heard some pretty horrible things about what occurs. White slavery. Selling women off for sex. UGH – right? Going to say right up front – I am NOT talking about any young woman or manI am totally His being taken or held against their will. PERIOD. GET IT?

This is about a slave auction involving the BDSM lifestyle – usually with a M/s couple. Even further, what I’m going to talk about is a very rare and rather interesting notion about sharing – yes sharing. After posting this rather seductive picture, I honestly had no idea men would not only appreciate and comment, but would also offer a means in which to partake in – well ME. UGH. How does this happen? John Patrick was floored with the offers and he and I talked about them after – over several glasses of wine. How do you put any of the concept of a man offering another man money or another bargain for use and enjoyment of…. Yeah. Tough.

In the BDSM community sharing occurs often – for those couples who enjoy the extended lifestyle. This is… Well, for John Patrick and I – different. Unexpected. And as you can imagine – I had questions for him. We were both so taken aback we talked about this, mused about various ideas and even explored what certain options would be. He even engaged in a couple of rather interesting conversations with a couple of the Dom’s. As you know, we talk about anything and everything so the further discussions were very colorful. I enjoy hearing his thoughts on this as well as various aspects about D/s. There is no rule book that we follow, no check list of we have to do this. Yes, we’ve talked about things we want to try but this? Eh… Still, let’s find out his thoughts.

How does the fact that other men have proposed cash for your allowance of certain kinky acts make you feel? Does your possessive sidekick in or the pride in knowing other men want me push past your concerns?

The fact that offers have been made through a very roundabout way and out of the blue presents a very interesting string of thoughts. While I am extremely possessive, there is a good measure of curiosity and sexual thrill in the fact other men would actually offer to buy at auction time for an opportunity to play with you. And certainly pride! It’s a strange mixture I would never have expected.

How far do you think you’d allow a slave auction scenario go? What would you definitely not allow?

Just followAs far as how far I would allow an auction to go, at this point it would be very much limited and monitored with me present for any activities. No activities considered extreme and no sex. While I may be open to some level of letting others play with you, I am not open, at this point for sure, to allow full on intercourse.

Mmmm… When I ask John Patrick questions, I’m always curious as to his answers. I know him as he knows me – very well – yet life experiences present us with very interesting aspects. Being offered in a way that would have him give up control is something I’m not certain he would either agree to or tolerate. The possessive man is all consuming. Yes, I love him for the aspect. We want to share but in sharing we certainly know there are ramifications in doing so. I say this because I’m merely bringing various concepts of the lifestyle to the table. After a few days of sinking in, John Patrick pretty much told me ‘ain’t gonna happen’. Honestly? I’m not ready for anything extreme in any regard. I’m learning and growing and in truth? I am still in the early stages of my personal journey with him – meaning I want us to grow more before we consider anything of this nature – not that we ever will. Exciting? Yes. Terrifying? You bet. Dangerous? Maybe. But…it’ll make for a damn hot story. Don’t you think? Here we go…

“You’re not going to believe this,” Ashley Draper whispered as she glared at her laptop computer screen. Blinking several times she couldn’t help but smile. Really? Were they serious? “Auction. Me?”

“And just what is my sweet submissive talking about?”

Hearing his voice sent shivers down her spine. Easing back in her chair she wrapped her hand around her wine glass, giving him a mischievous look. She couldn’t get enough of him, craved his body, his firm hand. Michael Cantor was without a doubt the most handsome creature she’d ever been with. Tall and dark, his dashing brown eyes and mustached smile were enough to keep her pussy wet all the time. He wasn’t merely her lover and friend. He was her Dom and owner, something they both relished in. The journey was new and terribly exciting. His rules were simple, yet there was no doubt she belonged to him. “Well, remember I told you I posted a picture on FetLife?”

“Uh-huh. The one without receiving permission?” Moving closer Michael gave her a stern look.

“Yeah, okay so I was naughty. You haven’t spanked me for the indiscretion yet.”

“Yet being the operative word.” Michael laughed as he moved behind her, placing his hand on her shoulder. “What about the lovely picture?”

“Look at the comments from not one but two guys.” She sat back, allowing him to peer over her shoulder. The picture wasn’t anything particularly risqué. The lingerie was red hot in color and style, but certainly none of her naked bits were showing. Why this one?

Michael leaned over, controlling her mouse, and scrolled down. “This one would lay down some serious cash, eh?”

“Slave auction? I’m good enough for a slave auction? Really?”

“Mmm… My submissive is very beautiful,” Michael cooed.

Ashley groaned. “But a slave. Me?”

“Do you know these guys?”

“Yeah, kinda,” Ashley said as she shrugged. She’d certainly flirted with a lot of men during her tenure on Fetlife, but not since she’d been with her Sir.

“Kinda, huh?” He kissed the top of her head. “This other guy, what about him? ‘I would bid if you were to be auctioned’? Interesting choice of words.”

“He’s a bit out there. He fashions himself to be a Master.” Shivering, she remembered the rather dark conversations she’d had with Dom Gregory. They’d been very open and frank about aspects of kink she’d never tried, including various methods of pain and humiliation. The guy had managed to drag out her inner fetishes, the ones she’s only recently told her Sir. Why she suddenly felt uncomfortable, as if creepy crawlies were covering her body was beyond her. You know why. Dom Gregory is a serious sadist, one who wants nothing more than to push your limits. The truth was startling.

“You’ve talked to this guy before?”

Shrugging, she fingered the tip of her wine glass and leaned her head back. “Some. Yes.”

“On the phone or in person. He lives close enough.”

“On the phone once and not since you and I have been together.”

Michael looked down and kissed the top of her forehead. “I know that. I’m just asking questions, gathering information. Nothing more.”

She could tell he was thinking, planning. “Fascinating. Would you auction me off?”

“Hmmm… Honestly, I don’t know. Fascinating though. This is very much out of left field.” He walked away, a smile on his face.

“What do you want me to say?”

“Have them both contact me.”

“Yes sir,” she said as she took a sip then a gulp of wine. Auction. Her? At fifty? There To submitwas no way. Yes, the picture was very nice, lipstick and all but a slave auction? Hell no. She moved the mouse back and forth.


“No.” Nibbling on her bottom lip she shot him a look. “Maybe.” Her laugh was nervous. “Okay yes.”

“Just have them contact me. This is merely an exercise, my dear.” He moved to his office chair, easing down, his eyes never leaving her.

“Yes sir.” She set down her glass and sent messages to both men. If you are serious, you need to contact my Sir. I’m certain he would allow you a taste. My God, typing the words seems so out there. Then again, this was exciting. Enticing.

“Men crave you my dearest. They hunger for you much like I do.” Michael’s voice was barely more than a growl.

Want her. Yes, some did indeed. Yes, her persona was wicked. Yes, she gave off sexy vibes but this was… When she was done she shuddered and grabbed her wine. “Would you do this?”

“As I said, merely an exercise but you have to admit the concept is fascinating. And yes, why that particular picture? Granted, its beautiful but you’ve posted other ones very similar. I think their instant response is intriguing. What would they offer for a taste of you?”

Polishing off her wine she couldn’t take her eyes off her screen. In less than a minute she had a new message. She breathed out, unsure if she wanted to read the answer. “Well, Dom Gregory says he contacted you.”


When he said nothing more she looked away. “I need more wine.” Ashley rose to her feet and moved toward him, swaying back and forth to the heady metal music booming from his computer speakers. When she was two feet in front of him she blew him a kiss, teasing as she loved to do. “Sharing me. I wonder if you’d enjoy watching another man whip me.”

“Maybe.” Grinning, he reached out, rubbing his fingers down the length of her arm. “Get us another glass of wine and come back here.”

“Yes sir.” She could tell he had something on his mind. Tingling all over, she took his glass from his hand. As their fingers touched she moaned. Jolts of current swept through every inch of her body, forcing her nipples into hard peaks. He made her hot and wet. “Mmm…” She leaned over, darting her tongue out, tracing a circle around his lips. The taste of him alone was enough to make her cum.


Slapping her once on the ass he chuckled. “Such a little vixen. Get the wine. I need to contemplate what I might say.”

“Yes sir.” As she walked down the stairs she thought about the possibilities. Michael wanted to share, but not with a man, at least not sex anyway. He’d mentioned he would be excited seeing her suck another man’s cock, but only in a glory hole situation. What in the hell would he agree to, flogging her? Even that was remote in her mind. He owned her, his possession very clear in who she was allowed to talk to.

Ashley poured the wine and leaned against the kitchen counter, listening to the rain pelting against the back deck. She loved being in his space, loved the closeness they shared. She gazed down at the hot pink material, smoothing one hand down the length. There was no doubt she looked hot in her fuck me heels and what he called a ‘hooker color’ dress. Michael appreciated the way she dressed up but tonight she wanted to show him another side. After glancing up the stairs she tiptoed into his room, moving straight to his closet.

The overhead light showed off his collection of work shirts in various colors. She laughed as she touched one then another, marveling in the fact he was so neat and tidy. Selecting one in red, she snagged the shirt and quickly removed her dress. The tee shirt barely covered her ass given her height. Even thought the shirt was clean she could still detect his scent, so masculine and delicious. Her nipples scraped against the thick material and for a few seconds she contemplated playing with her pussy. Nope. He would certainly whip her ass for such an egregious infraction. A slip of a giggle left her mouth as she moved back toward the kitchen. Grabbing the glasses of wine she eased up the stairs, giving him a sultry look when she arrived.

“Well, well. I see you changed. Very nice outfit.”

“I thought you might like.”

“You look amazing. Perfect.”

Tie MeAshley groaned. “Nothing is perfect.”

“Turn around,” he instructed.

God she loved the tone of his voice, the husky and gravely sound that drove her buck wild crazy. She turned around, swishing her hips. The action pushed her laptop out of sleep mode and she could see there was another message. “I think we have another interested party.”

“Then we’ll have to keep them waiting. Come here.” Patting his lap he opened his legs wide as he swung his chair around.

Ashley continued to move to the heady drumbeats. She set the glasses down on his desk and proceeded to dance in front of him, her hips swaying as she rubbed her hands down her chest, cupping and squeezing her breasts. He seemed mesmerized from her actions, his eyes glimmering in the dim lighting.

“Such a bad girl.”

“You told me I’m good. Very good.” Inching closer she opened her legs wide and crouched down, gyrating her groin against his thighs. Wrapping her arms around his neck she purred as she swished her hips back and forth.

“Mmm… Someone is hot and wet tonight.”

“Yes sir.”

“I think the thought of me sharing you, having other men touch you and taste you has turned you on.” Michael tilted his head back.

“I…I don’t know.” And she didn’t. Closing her eyes she continued her actions, drinking in the exotic fragrance of his cologne. The slight push then the jerk over his lap made her yelp. “Sir!”

“You forget you’ve been a very bad girl. We need to take care of certain issues. Don’t we?” Jerking up the material of the shirt he rubbed the small of her back and pressed her down. “Hold your position.”

Crack! Whack!

“Yes sir.” Ashley couldn’t help but wiggle. She moaned as he methodically spanked her ass cheeks, moving back and forth from one to the other.

The pain was surprisingly intense and she continued to shift back and forth on his lap, cognizant he was hard as a rock.

Pop! Crack! Slap!

“Ooohhh…” Yes, the spanking hurt like hell. He was spot on in his snaps and she was surprised how hard he was spanking her. Panting, she was growing wetter by the minute.

“I love when you wiggle.” After several more spanks he eased her down on her knees.

She sucked in her breath as he fumbled with his shorts, tugging out his already throbbing cock.

“Suck me.”

“Yes sir.” The moment she placed both hands around the base of his cock he grabbed her wrists, pulling her hands away.

“No. Just suck. Just use your mouth.”

Falling into the rhythm she quivered all over because she knew her Sir was interested in the auction. There was no way to describe what she was feeling, her thoughts racing all over the place. Darting a quick look into his eyes she knew one thing, she trusted this man with his decision.

Well, what do you think? We’ll just have to see where this goes…

Kisses and spanks…


Oh btw – the next in the Honor & Obey – Her Silence – is out and it’s very much about my dear John Patrick. Hope you’ll pick up a copy.

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