Let the Games Begin…Spankdown!

Well I thought you’d like the little title given football season is totally upon us. I wrote a piece – three years ago now that started my entire love of writing spanking stories. At the time I was already doing a lot of research and I happened upon a real card game – one involving the number of spanks given for the play of a card. Mmm… Imagine… The story gives you a taste of the ultra conservative world of college academics, a lustful teacher and a very naughty secret, and cougar love times four…. What could be better? Spankdown was the first – but not the last and the story and the characters were so well received a collection was born – three years later. Read the first since Spank Me – Perfecting Discipline is coming out August 21st. I SPANKDOWN finalthink you just might like – oh and crave a spanking to boot.


Victoria Miller stared at the computer screen and growled. It was almost time to go back to her class and she still needed to finish the day’s saucy blog. Chuckling, she fingered the screen appreciating her own design for Her Secret Desires, a secretive and highly kinky blog catering to the art of spanking and submission. The vibrant colors suited her everyday appearance, bold and brassy, while allowing her hundreds of followers to garner a glimpse of the real woman. And what she craved more than anything was a powerful master who disciplined her on a regular basis.

Sniffing, she glanced at her watch. Twenty minutes were left. She still had time to finish the piece. Today’s selection was her comparison of using a flogger versus a belt. Wiggling in her seat, she knew the answer to that one. She loved the feel of a belt as it crackled over her naked ass. Mmmm… it had been far too long since she had a man tan her backside. Glancing down at her favorite book of BDSM, The Art of Spanking, she grinned. There was no need to reference the spicy pages today. Victoria knew everything there was to know about being whipped from personal experience, but she had to admit certain pages were marked for her to read during her next hour of office time

There was nothing wrong with garnering a moment of pleasure for herself. Licking her lips, she couldn’t wait to lock her door, open the book to her favorite passage decorated with sensual photographs and slide her finger deep inside her cunt. The thought gave her chills. Just then the brilliant ending to her steamy article came to her. Typing furiously, she was determined to finish the shameless article.

“Ms. Miller?”

“Aaahhh!” Jumping, Victoria fumbled to get to her computer monitor, quickly pushing the button as she pushed her hand across her desk and watched in horror as the book tumbled to the floor directly in the path of the open door. Shit! Hadn’t she locked the damn thing? Scrambling to get to the heavy book, she wrapped her hand around the thick spine just as he did, their fingers touched. Sucking in her breath, splashes of wet heat flushed Victoria’s face. Clenching her eyes closed, she smiled, fighting to maintain her composure. Holy shit! Steady girl. Relax. “Mr. Myers. I didn’t hear you knock.” Opening her eyes slowly, she gazed into his sparkling eyes and a quiver pulsed into her pussy. Whew!

“I’m sorry I startled you,” his voice a rich baritone with a lilt of mischief.

Jerking the book to her chest as she stood upright, she knew damn well Drake Myers had seen the title. Thank God she was able to turn the computer screen off. The colorful pictures splashed across the page were a dead give away.

“What can I do for you?” Act calm! He’s just a boy…hiding in a sexy as hell man’s body. Why was it that every time she saw the stunning lanky blond her cunt muscles clenched? Drake was her prized psychology student and one that she considered the holding the beltperfect eye candy. She had developed many a fantasy with his carved face and runner’s legs in mind. Noticing Tyson flanking him, she grimaced. Great! Now there’s two of them curious what I’m doing. Out of their line of view, she quietly shoved the book in a desk drawer casually as if she was doing nothing more than research. The naughty thought gave her a smile. Some research. If her students ever found out what she craved she would become the laughing stock of the University and probably lose her job.

“I was just wondering whether or not you had the tests graded?” Drake asked, eyeing his companion. “Weren’t we, Tyson?”

The brawny man nodded. “Yeah, well I guess I was, cause Coach Ramsey refused to allow me to play in the game this Friday if I failed it.”

Victoria scrutinized his confused look and while she wasn’t aware UVA’s star lineman had any troubles keeping his grades up, she applauded the notion. In fact, she remembered that Tyson Cummings was attending the prestigious school on a scholarship. Perhaps he had been participating in one too many fraternity parties lately. “I’ll be posting them later today, but I can tell both of you that you passed with flying colors.” Hearing commotion in the hall, she checked her watch. “Boys, I hate to throw you out but I have to get to another class. Is there anything else you need?’

Drake licked his lips before answering. “Not a thing.”

Ushering them towards the door, she garnered the distinct impression that Drake was undressing her with his eyes and the thought sent a series of pinpricks dancing down her spine. “If you have any trouble getting the post later let me know.” She held open the door and smiled. As both boys passed by, she inhaled a whiff of their combined exotic colognes and thought for a moment she might drop to her knees, freeing their cocks to lick and suck until…

“Are you okay, Ms. Miller? You’re awfully red in the face.” As Drake crowded her space, he placed his hand on the threshold over her head and leaned in.

Victoria almost lost it. Her breath stolen, it took her several seconds to regroup and be able to put a coherent sentence together. “I’m fine, just fine,” she said a little too quickly, she shifted her gaze down and could swear his cock was hard and throbbing against his tight jeans. Or perhaps it was just wishful thinking. Either way, she needed space. Maneuvering around him, she took a long stride backwards and double dared herself not to stare at his crotch.

“Okay then. We’ll get out of your hair. Have a wonderful night,” Drake breathed as he nodded toward Tyson.

“Thank you, Ms. Miller,” Tyson said politely.

“Certainly.” Victoria allowed a long shameless gaze at both of them as they sauntered down the hall, admiring their tight asses. Lordy! Closing the door slowly, she realized she was holding her breath. “What the hell is wrong with you?” she hissed. The last thing she needed to do was accost one or two of her students. Goddamn! She needed to get laid. Tyson was another gorgeous specimen of a man. Standing six foot four with bulging muscle and long midnight hair, his chocolate coated skin reminded her of some African God and one she wanted to consume piece by piece. Stop it you hussy! Calming her nerves, she pressed a strand of damp hair from her face just as several beads of her honey trickled into her already moist thong. Victoria needed a glass of wine, a long hot bath, a thick juicy cock and a long hard spanking. And not necessarily in that order.

Grabbing her keys and briefcase, she headed out the door, locking it behind her. The rest of the blog would have to wait.


“What in the hell was that, full court press with teach?” Tyson chuckled as they rounded the corner from Ms. Miller’s office. “And since when do I have to worry about passing a damn psych test?”

Drake stopped him when they were just out of eyesight of her office. “What, like I haven’t see you stare at her legs during class. Give me a friggin’ break.” Darting his head out of the shadowed space, he didn’t catch a glimpse of her. Seeing the book title gave him more than one naughty idea. Spanking eh? Yummy. That fit in with his dark hungers so damn well. His cock ached just thinking about cuffing the lovely Victoria to his iron bed and snapping a cane across her creamy naked ass before driving his Taking down her pantiesshaft deep into her hot box. Damn! He was horny.

“You’re the one with the hots for her, not me buddy!”

“Bullshit! I know you too well. You’ve told more than once you’d like to fuck her like a race horse hard over her desk.”

“What, and you don’t?” Tyson snorted.

Drake grinned as he tipped his head, drawing closer to his frat buddy and roommate. “The difference is I’m going to actually fuck her and more than once too.”

Tyson burst out laughing before narrowing his eyes. “You’re fucking serious, ain’t ya?”

Drake cocked his head and stole a glance down the hall seeing the voluptuous red head float out of her office. “You bet I am and I think I know how to get into that little thong she wears too.”

“You’re out of your mind. She won’t give you the time of day.”

“Bet me, big man. Before the week is out I’m going to taste and take her.”

“Whoa! Said like the he-man you wanna be and what the hell are we doing standing in this hallway?” Tyson snuck a peek around the corner. “What, you gonna follow her?”

“Sssshhhh!. You up for a little game?” As Victoria walked down the hall, he inhaled deeply, remembering her sultry perfume. The woman was almost perfect with long legs that would be perfect to wrap around his waist as he drove into her pussy, a rounded ass, deliciously full breasts and eyes the color of the Aegean sea. Mmm…yes, lovely Teach. You’re going to be mine.

Tyson folded his massive arms and shook his head. “I’m not sure I like the sound of this, but as long as we don’t get expelled or arrested, I’m in. What you got in mind?”

“Come on. Wanna do a little exploration to set the wicked plan in motion.” Sauntering down the hall, he stopped near her office door. Drake waited until only a few students trickled past before reaching for his wallet and pulling out a credit card. “Cover me.”

Tyson eyed his movements, shaking his head. “You’re breaking into her office?”

“Say it just a little bit louder so the enter hall can hear! Yeah, gees. Did you happen to catch the title of the book she was trying to keep us from seeing?” Fiddling with the card, the lock wiggled from his expert touch. While he had unlocked a few dozen doors in his youth, he had sworn off the childish behavior before entering college. Grinning, Drake knew now that he had learned the art for a reason.

“No. It’s her stuff. Buddy, you ain’t gonna get in there.”


“Tada!” Drake opened the door slowly and looked inside. “We’re in. Come on.” Closing the door behind Tyson, he eyed her desk, searching for the book. Gliding forward, he shifted her files, looking under stacks of paper. No, Victoria hid the damn bend overbook somewhere. Well, of course she would, idiot.

“Jesus, Drake! You’re gonna get us into trouble here!”

“Not if you keep quiet. That’s right, she opened a drawer.” Scrutinizing her desk, he tried two, finding them locked, but the third one was a charm. As Drake pulled out the thick book slowly, he chuckled. “What do you really think a teacher of psychology is doing with a book titled The Art of Spanking?” Holding the massive volume up, he watched the look of surprise turn to shock on his burly friend’s face. “And lookie, she even has some pages marked.”

“What the hell?” Tyson jerked the book out of his hand and groaned as he flipped through page after page.


Victoria Miller is a professor at one of the most prestigious schools in the country. She’s also the creator of several adult blogs about spanking and BDSM. Craving a man that can understand her kinky needs, she settles for enjoying her passion through her writings, but she admires one hot college student, Drake Myers. The God like blond fuels her every night fantasies, but he is completely untouchable. Or so she believes.

Stumbling upon her blogs by accident, Drake decides to turn up the heat between them. He adores the voluptuous red-headed vixen and enlists the help of a college buddy, developing a kinky plan to have her take a tumble with him in bed and perhaps more. As he begins sending her secret poems, indulging in her need to be dominated, he is unable to resist her and one day they enter into a wicked tryst smack in the middle of her office. The game still yet to be played out, he threatens to expose her secret. And just as he decides to stop his nefarious rouse, she turns the tables.

What do you think? 

Kisses and Spanks…


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