Spank Me…Just How Perfect Can a Spanking Be?

This one has been a long time coming. I wrote this piece in February 2013 after attending a sexy conference and for some very tasty reasons the idea just came to me. This is written as a partner to Spankdown with the same sexy two main characters and a cast of new spankees. Mmm… Imagine the possibilities as couples of various types come to learn the art of…well, spanking. The first in the sassy little collection, enjoy a taste of…


Victoria was just about ready to shut the entire idea about hiring a Master Disciplinarian out of her mind and out of the entire concept surrounding Spank Me. The nutcases flowing out of the woodwork somehow made Jeffrey Dahmer look tame.PerfectingDiscipline_MED All the mention about blood play and asphyxiation was entirely too much for her mind to even comprehend. She’d been around BDSM groups, having attended her share of Munches and events hosted by trust members of the kinky community, but these men were… “Ugh.”

Even saying the exclamation out loud didn’t make her feel any better. She’d looked at well over two hundred emails, thirty-two actual resumes, and had taken it upon herself to chat with three on MSN. She was beginning to think there was no such thing as a Master Disciplinarian. Sadists, you bet. Maybe her clients would have to accept a woman to dole out punishment period. She paced her kitchen floor, trying to figure out if there was another source she could go to. Anything. Even the concept of putting just a question out on Fetlife was daunting.

There were still a few more emails to go through, but the cut off date for the ad was today at five pm sharp. Re-running the ad didn’t seem like a prudent thing to do. Grabbing a bottle of water, she huffed as she stalked back into her office, glaring down at the computer screen. Okay so there were three more new emails. Groovy. Her mood was sour and she just might answer the monsters a bit tersely. A bit? Hell, she was ready to blast the Dom wannabes into Hell.

She didn’t even bother sitting down. There was no reason to. Victoria had no doubt in her mind whatsoever that she was going to read the same bullshit. Snickering, she opened the first one and read the words out loud, barely able to contain her raucous laughter. “I’m a practiced Dom, having been trained in the Middle East. I’m good with guns and dogs.” Rolling her eyes, she hit delete without skipping a beat.

“I think I’m your man. I’m polished, professional and hold a black belt in Karate.” She had to wonder what that had to do with anything. Oh, but there was more. I savor giving a woman what she needs, a hard beating. “You’re out of here buster.” This was going to make her rethink the entire idea. Maybe water wasn’t going to do the trick, even at ten in the morning. Yep. She was now thinking Bloody Marys.

Moaning, she slapped the water bottle on top of the desk and threw her head into her hands. What in the hell had she been thinking? Several fairly ugly thoughts raced in the back of her mind and the second she heard the blip, telling her another email had found its way to the stupid box she’d secured, she growled and gave the air her middle finger. She was determined not to look, not to give a shit, but curiosity got the better of her.

She glared down at the screen and while she didn’t snarl at the first words, she didn’t jump up and down either. I’m a firm believer in the art of discipline, not the act. Men and women walk a fine line between abiding by the rules and thwarting them. “Really?” So the guy was articulate. Okay. Not too bad. Victoria sat down in her seat. What I see as punishment others take as something else entirely. Becoming a disciplinarian means listening to the needs as well as the fears of the individual you’re taking in hand. Anything less is… What? The guy didn’t finish the sentence? Blinking furiously, she scrolled up and down the screen. “Fascinating.”

This was the single email that made her list to actually really check out the person behind the words. What in the world was this guy’s name? Ah yes, Master Drake. The HOlding his beltname was sexy and, she had no doubt, not real. But then again, hers wasn’t. Hmm. She had a fairly good sixth sense about these things and for some reason, she wanted to find out more. The first thing to do was type an email and then she’d see if the guy responded. Brushing the tip of her finger back and forth across her lips, she wanted to really see what his guy was made of.

Tell me, Master Drake, how would you know what was too much for a pupil, and would you stop or continue on? What implements do you use in your methods of discipline? So the questions were fairly benign, but she would be able to rule out if he was power hungry or far too sadistic for this venture very easily. She hit send and rose from her chair to make that Bloody Mary.

Ten minutes later she was pacing the office and nearly guzzling her drink. Thank God she’d put it in a tall glass or she would have already been back into the kitchen making another one. Yeah, she needed alcohol right about now. Besides the guy, Master Whatever, wasn’t going to answer her so soon. There wasn’t any way. He had a regular life and…


Her attention drawn to the sound, Victoria almost raced back to the computer. The email was definitely from him. She pressed down her shirt and attempted to take her time. Oh hell. The second she opened the email she plopped down on top of the chair.

Interesting questions. Every individual is different and you have to take caution and care when you discipline either a man or a woman. For those who tell you the whips are all the same or that everyone is going to react the same, not only are they wrong, but they shouldn’t be allowed to punish anyone. Period. This isn’t about harm but needed punishment that will cause pain. They are being spanked after all. You have to pay attention to their reactions and emotions as well as their skin’s reactions to the hard strikes. My favorite implement? My hand.

“Wow. Wow.” Victoria nibbled on her bottom lip. This was the real deal. He was the real thing. Now she was shivering. This was certainly very interesting. She tried to figure out how best to interview someone for a position such as this. Hmm. Well, she didn’t want him to know where she lived, given there were so many crazies in the world. And she definitely didn’t want him in charge the meeting location or she could turn into Alpo if he was a serial killer. A public location was best suited, but she really needed to see if the man could use implements properly. Of course she couldn’t ask anyone else to be flogged until she knew if he could actually handle a whip.

Decisions. Ugh. A hotel room. At least if the screaming became too loud the police would be called in. Granted, not until perhaps something horrible happened. She needed to tell someone where she was going to be. It was at that very moment she realized not a single soul knew about her “other” side. Not a single girlfriend, what few she had, knew in the slightest what went on behind closed doors.

Victoria knew of a little cottage style hotel on the outskirts of town. The setting was just off the beaten path so her car wouldn’t be noticed from curious passersby and yet there was a full staff on hand just in case she ran into trouble. The interview should happen sooner versus later. After finding the information on the Internet, she booked a suite. The Master didn’t need to get any ideas regarding a sexual relationship. This was business only.

Ten minutes later, she sent an email. I would like to interview you and this will include a demonstration of your skills. If you’re interested, confirm that you will be at The Riverwalk Hotel at noon sharp tomorrow. Ask for Mistress Scarlett at the front desk. No sense in giving this Master the mere concept he was in charge. This was her baby entirely. Hitting send, she smiled and shook her head. Would the Master actually answer her?

She certainly didn’t have to wait for long. Ten minutes later she heard the subtle A lick of woodbeep.

Demonstration? I’ll be happy to provide you with a much-needed spanking over my knee and very much look forward to the session.


Hungry for a hard spanking?

For Victoria Miller, she knew in her heart everyone deserved a solid spanking now and then. Too bad she wasn’t allowed to convey her beliefs in an open forum. Unfortunately being a highly respected college professor meant endeavoring to share her many years of hallowed education while maintaining a very conservative persona. While she was a good girl during the day light hours, at night she was one wicked vixen, indulging in her hunger for BDSM and Domination, including giving the Internet world her views on corporal punishment. Her spanking blog was a hit, allowing men and women to convey their personal stories of Domestic Discipline and other methods of intense punishment in a protected environment. But she longed for more and developed the perfect plan.

Her idea? Spank Me – a company catering to men and women craving being taken in hand. As summer break approached, interest in her company soared, customers ready to feel the heat of a paddle, the sting of a whip. The trouble was, she hadn’t secured a Master Disciplinarian. A simple ad on Craig’s List, a day long audition and one masked man perfect for the job. But who was the mysterious stranger who seemed to know her most private details? The secret revealed, a touch of blackmail held just above the surface, Victoria was forced to enter into a caustic business relationship – one that proved to be extremely profitable as well as intensely passionate. But what would happen as the new school year approached? Ah, decisions. Decisions. And more spankings for every naughty girl and boy.

What do you think? Ready to be taken in hand? Pick up a copy – only $.99 at ARe and the Naughty Nights Press bookstore!

Kisses and spanks of course…



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