Sexual Sin…Personal Slave Auction II

The term slave evokes so many raw and powerful emotions. Don’t you think? For the majority of us living in the United States, the very concept brings memories about American History and the very dark days we can’t seem to put past us. For those whose ancestry belongs to another country, you certainly have your own brutal moment in time where men and women were debased for who they are or what they believed in.

Sexual slavery denotes a myriad of savage visions as well. We’ve all seen horror stories of young men and women stolen from their homes to be sold off like cattle to the highest bidder. I think when we hear the word there’s usually a negative connotation associated no matter how you paint the picture. BDSM slavery can be something else entirely.

There are variations of the dominant versus submissive side and often the term submissive and slave are intertwined. I can tell you in no uncertain terms that they are not the same. I certainly had zero idea what I would call myself until about a year ago. While the definitions vary, BDSM slavery is usually still the art of giving yourself completely and utterly to a dominant. For slaves, unlike Good girlsubmissives, the lifestyles isn’t about a contract or negotiations. The life is about what he or she as your Master commands you to do/say/eat/sit/fuck without exception. I am a submissive and one who continues to learn her place every day. Fortunately John Patrick is a patient teacher.

If you’ve read the earlier two blogs I’ve written about this recently, you’re aware that a single comment was made regarding a picture I posted on Fetlife. The picture and the comment took on a bit of a life of its own and more men decided that yes indeed, I would be a fabulous participant in a slave auction. Well, for my readers, you know this is a very interesting information gathering exercise. I’m not a slave, nor does John Patrick desire to ‘sell’ me off to the highest bidder, but we have some colorful conversations. We’ve certainly mused about the ‘what if’s’. What is fascinating for both of us is that the sexual banter continues with men who would enjoy ‘purchasing’ me for a night or weekend, or merely a playtime experience. For most I think the concept is nothing more than an additional to their arsenal housed in their kinky bag of hungers. We all have a few sinful desires that we prefer NEVER to tell anyone. Some men very much enjoy the thought of women serving them in every way.

As I told you, some of the requests have nothing to do with sex. Some would like John Patrick to either watch or be involved while others merely want that single moment of unbridled pleasure. The entire situation continues to make me smile. Why? Well being wanted is a tasty thing. No woman can lie about that – but this goes more primal, grasping onto an understanding that men really need to let go, be the man inside they tend to hide from their significant other. Remember what I’ve said often, we strive so hard to have the relationship we think we want that we’ll become anything other than our real selves in order to achieve this lofty goal.

What if you didn’t have to?

What if your nasty and hungry side could not only be exposed but also explored in the most pleasurable ways without fear of consequence? For some Masters/Dom’s, they enjoy sharing their slave and yes, in either gifting for a night or engaging in an auction of sorts. For others, the auction is real and women (yes men sometimes too) want to become a sexual slave, being bought and sold, their lives serving the man or women who purchases them. I don’t know. A little extreme for me, but to each their own. This story is more of a hybrid and honestly based on the ‘what if’ possibilities John Patrick and I have mused over glasses of wine and flavorful conversations. No – this isn’t going to happen, but the possibilities are endless, tasty. Don’t you think? Back to the story…

“Suck me.”

“Yes sir.”

The moment she placed both hands around the base of his cock Michael grabbed her wrists, pulling her hands away. “No. Just suck. Just use your mouth.” He was hungry, his raw needs racing off the charts. Of course he knew why. The concept of this auction was damn hot. Fucking hot. His cock was throbbing, his adrenaline kicking into overdrive. This was fucking hot. Nothing had prepared him for the sweat beading on his upper lip, the trickle slithering down the back of his neck. The moment she relaxed and opened her mouth, he knew he wanted nothing more than to fuck her, use her.

Shuddering, Ashley took his cock into her mouth, her tongue darting back and forth. Her eyes shifted, looking up at him and she managed to purr around the thick invasion in her mouth.

The booming music and the dim lighting was nothing more than a provocative setting. Every nerve ending on fire he tilted his head back as she sucked him, loving the fact she was definitely learning what he craved – a wet mouth, a slow and constant rhythm. As Hail to the King pounded through the computer speakers he smiled. Yeah, the song was fucking hot and perfect for a night of having his sexy slut, the woman he called the perfect whore, to pleasure him.

Our bedroom CageSoft mewing sounds pulsated from her mouth as she liked and sucked, her head bopping up and down.

For a full minute he lolled his head back, savoring the entire scene. He was tingling all over as she struggled to take more of his shaft into her throat. She wanted nothing more than to suck him dry. “Mmmm… Good.” Yes, the thought was invigorating, swelling his balls. Groaning, he placed his hand on her head, pushing down until he heard the strangled sound. “Take every inch. Suck me.”

She obeyed, her gagging noises fluctuating as she moved her mouth up and down on his dick, her mouth staying wet and hot.

“That’s it.” Jutting his hips up, Michael rubbed down her shoulders to her back, amazed hot fucking hot she really did look in his shirt. He thought about Dom Gregory and snarled. No man was going to have her, at least unless they were very much on his terms. Fuck the asshole if he didn’t accept the terms of his deal. He was in charge and Ashley belonged to him. Tingling, he fucked her mouth as she moaned and sucked. His hunger racing off the charts he let her go, reached down and slapped her on the ass. “Suck my balls. Suck them.”

Instantly she shifted, lifting her head. “Yes sir.” Ashley crouched lower, taking a swollen testicle into her mouth.

“Yeah. Squeeze.” He laughed and wiped his mouth. The woman could suck his balls like no other, the perfect amount of pressure. Men wanted to paw her, fuck her. Yeah, he’d known the fact since the moment they’d been together. She was beautiful, sexy and refused to be anything but willful. Most men would want a bucking filly, one they believed they could tame. Just how far would they go? How much would they pay? Yes, the thought was intriguing as blasphemous as the idea might sound to some. Could he actually ‘sell’ her off? He looked down at the woman he loved, the glow of the computer screen highlighting the shimmer covering her cheeks. He needed to fuck her.

Ashley moved to his other ball, licking in a slow and easy circle while she gazed up at him, her eyes flashing.

“You want to please me, don’t you?”

“Yes sir,” she whispered as she licked up the underside of his cock.

Wrapping his hand around the base of his shaft, he slapped the tip against her mouth. “You’re such a good whore, my insatiable slut. Aren’t you?”

Her smile was mischievous, knowing. “Yes sir. I love being your whore.”

“I thought so. Suck me again. Take me all the way down.” Michael gave her no choice and when she was close to having her lips on his swollen sac he could take it no longer, needing more than just her hot mouth. He pushed her back. “Get on your knees.”

“Yes sir.” Scrambling to follow his command she turned around, positioning her body and lowering her head.

Easing off the chair and onto one knee, he slipped both hands under her shirt, cupping and squeezing her breasts. “You feel so good.” He breathed in her sweet scent before pinching and twisting her nipples. Pain was something she craved. Giving her what she needed an increasing requirement within himself, something that continued to give him pause. He wanted to torture her in methods he would have never dreamed of even a year before. All his inhibitions had been tossed the day he met her.

The single slap was forceful enough to push her face into the carpet. Whimpering, she arched her back as she tossed her head back, undulating her hips.

“You want me to fuck you.” There was no question. He knew exactly what she wanted.

red rope“Mmm… Yes sir. Please.”

Michael slid the tip of his cock up and down the crack of her ass then pulled back on her left cheek, opening her wide. He wiggled his cockhead until he pushed just inside her dark hole. Impaling her asshole in one single hard drive, he grunted as her muscles clenched around him. “Oh yeah.” There was nothing like fucking her in the ass, the way her body responded and the way she moaned.

Crack! Pop!

“Oh God!” Ashley slapped her hand on the floor as she opened her legs wider and pushed back.

“You’re such a good little whore,” he breathed, his voice husky. He pulled out until just the tip was inside then plunged again and again, his strokes becoming slow and deliberate. He shoved up the shirt and relished in the slapping noises from every connection. He was sweating, his legs tingling and he picked up speed, wanting nothing more than to fill her dark hole with his cum.

As he continued thrusting every move harder and more deliberate, he couldn’t help but think about watching other men with her. Visions danced in front of his eyes and he was surprised how much they affected him.

“Ooohhh…” Her entire body shivering, she met his thrusts with one of his own, using her strong leg muscles to power her backward. “I’m your fucking slut. I’ll do anything you want me to do.”

“Such a little whore and yes you will.”

“Fuck me. Use me.” Her tone was pleading.

God he loved when she talked dirty. “You want this cock deep in your ass, baby?”
“Yes! Shove it deep inside. I want to please you.”

“And you do.” The moment she clenched her muscles on purpose he growled and dug his nails into her hips. He continued thrusting until he was left breathless. Pulling out he leaned over her, kissing the back of her neck. “Lets go take a shower.



Michael grabbed a beer and moved upstairs to his office. He had to smile. The hard fucking the night before had been intense, delicious. Ashley had called the experience primal. As he sat down in the chair he thought about the shower they’d shared, they way she’d dropped to her knees, sucking and licking, rimming until he carried her to bed. Her light snores as she cuddled against his chest had been a sweet end to an incredible evening.

As he hit the space bar, powering up the computer, he thought about what had started the night – the auction. He’d thought about little during the day than the fact several men wanted her, wanted to pay to have Ashley please them in various ways. His instructions to her had been very clear – have the men contact him. He took a sip of his beer and eased onto the chair, waiting as he clicked onto Fetlife, then typing in his login and password. The question remained. Would any of the three men actually Obeying Sircontact him?

The top bar indicated two new messages. “Well, well.” Someone had messaged him. Given he had few friends on Fetlife, he knew at least one of the supposed Dom’s was hungry enough. A quick click and he smiled. “Of course you want her. What’s not to want?” Michael studied the first email, one from a man who seemed only to want her in every way but sexually.

“Yes, This will be at my terms.” He checked the guy’s profile, garnering very little more than he lived closed and seemed to have some interesting kinks.

Tell me more of what you want and know there will be no sex. I would be interested in talking further.

When Michael hit send he shook his head. Was he? Could he have any man touch her? Maybe. The second message held an air of dignity, as if the man had maybe even solicited a slave in a situation like this before. He read the message several times.

Sir, I understand you are the Master and owner of Willful Slut and she indicates you might allow me to play, even for a period of time. Please tell me more.

The words were by no means anything but a basic question, yet Michael had other thoughts, perhaps a gut instinct about the man. Still, he was intrigued by the entire concept and so he asked the question.

What would you like?

After issuing various hard stops, he hit send. Another shot of adrenaline swept through his system, infusing a moment of nausea. This was off the chain, something neither had anticipated. He should shut down the entire game, completely aware he’d never allow another man to fuck her. But he couldn’t. No, he wanted to see just how far they’d go in this sword fight of debauchery. Selling Ashley off was nothing more than a salacious thought. He chuckled and polished off his beer, suddenly realizing his hands were shaking. Was he kidding about this or would he actually consider selling her off for cash – at least to some degree? The answer was troubling but unavoidable. Perhaps he was too vile or too kinky. Whatever the answer, he was eager to see what the men had to say.

Yes, he was very eager.

I don’t know – do you think he’s gone too far? We’ll see what happens.

Kisses and spanks…


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