Sexual Sin…Personal Slave Auction III

I have a question for the guys. What if several men hungered for your lady? Would you feel pride and joy, snicker a little knowing you have a hottie, or would you long to punch them out, take them down if they even consider laying a finger on your babe? Hmmm… If you really stop and think, this is a daunting kind of question. Don’t you think? In the ongoing concept of sharing, John Patrick and I have had some pretty intense discussions. What we both realized is that he doesn’t like to share – AT ALL. He’s admitted to me since the beginning he’s extremely possessive. While we tease Slaveand I talk a hell of a lot about cabana boys doing my bidding, he not only can’t tolerate the concept of me with another man, he’s gone as far as to forbid.

Now me being me, I honestly love the fact he feels this way. Yes, he’s my Dom and I will follow his guidelines and rules, but what a thrill to know my Sir is this kind of possessive. I have a friend both John Patrick and I call mm (Minnie Me) given her ballsy attitude and the fact she’s a hell of a lot shorter than me – but she’d VERY much like me. Folks in our office can barely deal with the two of us together. She and I are like two peas and she teases me all the time that he’s going to have me get rid of certain profiles like Fet Life and the one where we met. Well…he does seem to dislike the one in which we met. Hmmm… I wonder why?

When we both realized these men on Fet Life were serious we laughed, had a few glasses of wine, laughed again then kind went ‘really’? The night we realized this we weren’t together but another night we were. As the rain fell and we sat outside drinking wine, we moved into one of our deepest conversations to date. While we didn’t come to any conclusions or honestly figure out how to deal with two particularly interesting emails John Patrick received, we were forced to seriously talk about our polyamory ideas. Neither John Patrick nor I really can grasp the understanding as of yet and why? Because we have our two sides, one is very vanilla in our love and simply desire to enjoy each other. Wine and talking, making dinner and deck time are our favorites. Then we have another side, one in which I want to share the joy of what we have with another.

Lots to think about with this and not trying to get into the morality of what our decision might be, but the slave auction occurrence truly made us face our what ifs and perhaps the inner concerns. He read me the actual emails and I must say they were very interesting. One in particular was pushy enough the message prompted John Patrick to let him know in no uncertain terms what he wouldn’t tolerate. The email in return? WHEW is all I can say. Men take the women they ‘own’ very seriously. So this story highlights the concept and all the extenuating circumstances if something were to happen. Hmmm… Back to the story…

I’m your little whore, your slut to play with. Use. Fuck me. Whip me. Shivering, Ashley’s nipples hardened just thinking about the last two nights, kinky and passionate and wild and… Michael had been on fire, taking her to entirely new heights of pleasure. She brushed a stray strand of hair from her face and moved toward the entrance of her office, shutting the door with a soft click. Waking up with him in his bed, bringing him coffee and rubbing his back was incredible. The morning ritual of performing a long, wet blowjob she looked forward to every time. Washing his back in the shower, drying him off with a soft, fluffy towel, was just about as romantic as she could imagine.

Now she was tingling, beads of perspiration trickling down the back of her neck. Leaning against the cool wood of the door, she grinned as she brushed the tips of her fingers down the front of her neck, dipping into her damp blouse. She fanned her flushed face and smiled. Thinking about the man, his powerful demeanor and very commanding authority, was enough to make her pussy clench. Her thoughts drifted to the discussion about the slave auction. Without a doubt she was surprised at the number of men who seemed to be serious about wanting her, perhaps sharing her His Power to Destroywith Michael. Sharing another woman had been a topic of discussion for months, but a man? There couldn’t be any way he’d be comfortable enough to share her with another man, especially one who considers himself a Dom. And for money?

As Michael said, if a man was willing to pay even a thousand dollars for her time and Michael would be in the room at all times? Well… She swallowed hard. Sex wasn’t on the table. No. No, her Sir had been adamant but something else? Whipping? Sucking cock? Groaning, she closed her eyes, several visions far too vivid to stomach. Wild child she could be, but playing with men she didn’t know and in Michael’s presence? Her big brain was working overtime. The men were probably just humoring her, wanting nothing more than to mention her picture in a festive manner. And to think there was zero nudity involved. Okay, so she was smiling. Moving toward her test she gripped the edge, longing for so many sinful treats. The moment she sat down she heard the buzz, then the chime.


Damn the freaking cell phone. The sounds of incoming emails and likes on various sites had been going off all day, but she knew which particular social media site was the biggest culprit.

Ashley knew she was playing with fire. There was no discounting the truth. As she swiveled her office chair, trying her best to concentrate on the document in front of her, she couldn’t stop glaring at her phone. The ‘push’ effect of the iPhone quite frankly might drive her insane. In the last two hours alone she’d received no less than thirteen notifications. Fet Life was calling her name. She chuckled as she resisted finding out by reading every blazing email. Her Sir certainly didn’t want her interacting with a Dom without his knowledge. She tapped her keyboard, bringing up the contract she needed to work on. A full five minutes later she took a swig of her coffee, realizing she had no energy and zero drive. Thoughts about two nights before, the incredible round of sex, filtered into her mind. She wiggled in her seat and laughed, the pain of her whipping reminding her of her place as well as how insatiable she was around him. Tonight was another glorious night together. Dinner out then…


“Damn it.” Slapping her hand down on her desk she growled, tossed her pen and pushed her phone away. The sinful visions fissured away. She dropped her head into her hands and had to wonder why she’d posted the picture in the first place. What if Michael wanted her with another man? Somehow she couldn’t imagine. He’d been pretty clear about his most basic of desires – another female. After another blip she flipped the ringer to silent. Daydreaming would have to wait. She guzzled the rest of her coffee, tossed the paper cup into the trash and settled in to work.

A few seconds later, she could no longer resist. After glancing at her office door she couldn’t resist and grabbed her phone, punching the screen as if there was no tomorrow. As soon as she connected to Fet Life and waited until the email portioned opened, she was taken aback. The first email made her smile. The admirer certainly wanted her Sir to allow a taste, but in a very unconventional way. “Interesting.” Cooking and dancing while completely naked and even allowing her Sir to watch – well how fascinating. Several had contacted her directly. Guess the men weren’t very good at following directions, now were they?

The second email was lovely but rather benign, but she had a feeling the third was A single touchsomething else entirely. Ashley clicked to the email from Dom Gregory and while her smile remained initially, she snarled after reading the bullshit the man sent. “Amazing. Fucking amazing.”

I wrote your Sir back a few minutes ago, and frankly indicated my reluctance to do anything with the two of you at this time. The problem is that his entire note basically talked about the things I would not be allowed to do with you. Sadly, there was not one single word about what was allowed, or could be done. I frankly find is lack of imagination and courtesy unacceptable at this time, and have indicated it back to him.

Perhaps he will grow an imagination and understand that this is about more than just being possessive about what is offered. For your sake and enlightenment, I hope so. If he’s willing, I’d like to meet in person at a destination of his choosing to continue any and all discussions. That is, if he is so inclined to take a chance. That will certainly allow me to answer his pointed question about what I want, however I have a feeling he’ll merely be too threatened. Please extend my offer.

“You fucking prick.” Blinking several times Ashley laughed then pushed her chair back with enough force she hit the window ledge. There was no way to describe the fury rushing to the surface. Enraged, she read the email again and there were so many wretched things that came to her mind. She reared back and pushed away from her desk, longing for a tall screwdriver and perhaps a moment alone with the jerk off. How fucking dare he? The ugly words reverberated in the back of her mind and of course she realized the supposed Dom was goading her. She had the distinct feeling he’d responded entirely differently to Michael. The man was using her to goad her Sir.

“Two can play at this game, buddy.”

Sniffing, she pressed the back of her hand over her mouth. He’d used the word ‘depraved’ with her the night before over an instant message, pushing her into admitting she needed more than what he called a simple Dom could give her. As if the weirdo hermit could offer anything that she needed. A cold shiver trickled down the back of her neck, cascading to her butt bone. The guy had always managed to see past her mask, the slight bravado she continued to wear.

For a few seconds she contemplated what, if anything, she was going to say. Several choice words and phrases came to mind. Instead of lashing out she decided to push his buttons.

Interesting offer. I’m surprised you wouldn’t have the courage or respect to extend your offer to him directly. Then again, hiding is easier and much more practical. My Sir has quite of imagination but as you must realize, he also has care with regards to my safety – which comes first and foremost in his mind. For that I’m grateful. There are far too many nutcases out there and he’s one of the few men I trust and can count on. Period. He is certainly going to tell you what’s off the table so as to allow you to ascertain his expectations. Of that I’d believe you to find helpful as well as respectful. I’ll certainly mention your request, but I assure you, my Sir will be the one to respond.

She wavered for merely two seconds before hitting send. “Take that, you asshole.” Now a bigger decision – to text or not to text Michael, let him know she’d been contacted.

Sir, the Dom dude sent me an email. Freaking asshole.

Well, at least she’d said something. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. She wanted Michael to know, but then again, she’d started this ridiculous raucous. Maybe she should end it. No, that wasn’t the correct submissive thing to do.

And what did he say? Asshole? Michael’s question came almost a full three minutes later.

Sighing, she could answer in one of two ways. “Ugh.” No matter what she said to Michael, no matter how she paraphrased the two paragraphs, there was no way he’d take the email as any other way than its intent. Dom Gregory was drawing a line insubmitting in red the sand. If there was anything she knew about her sexy and dark Dom, he didn’t like a challenge by another man.

She bit her lip then knew she didn’t have a choice.

Well, I don’t think you’re going to like what he has to say and honestly, I think you should read for yourself. Do you still have my password? Cringing the moment she hit send she leaned over her desk, doing her best not to vomit.

Hmmm… Yes.



Michael sat back, reading and re-reading the email. The way Dom Gregory had answered him was entirely different than the haughty bunch of bullshit the man had piled on thick. Seething, he sat back and read the paragraphs a second time before looking up the man’s profile. From what he could tell Dom Gregory was nothing special. An odd looking man, he seemed to be hiding in his own shadows. Yes, his likes were dark, what some would consider vile in nature. He was obviously very much into pain, methods bordering on torture.

What the hell should he do with this? So he wanted to play, to see what Michael was made of. While he certainly wasn’t in a habit of giving into bullies, his curiosity was piqued. Was this simply a little man hiding behind his on line personality or would Dom Gregory step up to the plate when necessary in order to get what he wanted? There was no doubt what the man wanted.


Biting back a snarl he jerked up from his desk, contemplating how to answer, and in truth what he wanted to do in general. There was no win here and while he certainly didn’t mind certain aspects of sharing, not with a prick. But he did enjoy the game – calling assholes at their bluff. He sat down with a huff and decided to throw out a crumb.

I understand you’d like to meet, consider a further discussion. I’d be willing for a price.

He laughed. The guy would never answer him, never take the bait.

An hour later he was more than just surprised and Dom Gregory’s answer was succinct.

What will you charge for two hours of her time with certain parameters established?

“Oh yeah.” Now the ball was in his court and he had to admit, a fun exercise. He toyed with his answer and couldn’t help toss out a magical number.

Ten thousand dollars.

Michael glared at the screen, willing the jerk to answer. After a full five minutes he gave himself a mental high five. The win was ridiculously sweet.



Oh now where do you think this if going from here? I don’t know and yes, John Patrick and I laughed over numbers – not that he’d sell me off to any man or highest bidder, but the conversation was lively. Guess we’ll have to see…

Kisses and spanks…


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2 Responses to Sexual Sin…Personal Slave Auction III

  1. It’s such an interesting issue and one I’m toying with in Second Base, the next novella in my Slippers & Chains series. So many couples I know handle this by not sharing AT ALL, while others seem to merrily just get on with it.
    I guess, it depends a great deal on what one wants from their relationship with their Dom or sub. Only going from there can you figure out what works and what doesn’t.


    • behalle says:

      It’s been an interesting topic for me, one I’m not certain how comfortable I am, but I know readers enjoy. I just want to make certain people understand this is a lifestyle that both sides desire. Good luck with your decision. It’s a tough one.


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