Treats Come in All Size Packages…

Now don’t they? I mentioned on Facebook yesterday that I have a wonderful anniversary this weekend – one that will forever remain dear to my heart. On a sunny Sunday before Labor Day, as I was sitting in my bathing suit outside, writing my little heart out, I had a suggestion by a good friend of mine – Carl Franklin – to consider turning in a book to a new publisher – Rebel Ink Press. Well, I’d been turned down by just about everyone for a little piece I loved so dearly and I was in one of those funks. I was even close enough with Ellora’s Cave to smell it with a wonderful editor who took me under her wing – thank you so much Grace!

I thought about it, made a Bloody Mary, then went ‘what the heck’. I polished the piece up for a tenth time and hit send. Lo and behold on Tuesday morning I had an acceptance letter in my little email in box. What a way to start off a week, huh? I can’t tell you what I’ve learned in the four years since I’ve been published and have so many people to thank including Elizabeth Carr, “E” as she’s affectionately known and the Rebel Ink Press team, Carl – who became my cover artist and is to this day, and to my fans for taking a chance. Since those glorious days I’ve also been published with Naughty Nights Press – thank you so much Gina Kinkade and new pieces coming out all the time, Secret Cravings for a fabulous holiday anthology and Blushing for another f/f anthology.

I’ve been exposed to some of the best people, and yes the worst. I’ve been allowed to be very creative with my many muses and am published as three different people. Yes,  Cass is the most wicked. I’ve been a blog talk radio show host for almost all the four years and I’ve developed so many fabulous friends. What can I say but thank you. The ride will continue, both with traditional and self pubbed pieces, and there were be some new ideas I’m going to bring to the table as well. So in honor, I thought you’d like to have a taste of my first piece EVER published. This one is a naughty desire of mine about my very own UPS man and the resemblance is well… Art imitating life as they say. All Romance E Books happens to have this tasty piece at a 30% rebate this weekend so pick up a copy and enjoy. Trust me, it’s hot…


Trista Rogers gazed out the window, watching the golden leaves drop to the ground in a whispered silence, and couldn’t help but smile. She loved the autumn season, the musky scent of the trees, the way the wind howled and the crisp feeling in the air. Shadowed light of the late afternoon danced in ghostly patterns across her lawn as she sipped her glass of cabernet and she realized it wasn’t yet five in the afternoon. Oh Black guy with long dreadswell. Who could blame her for a small glass of sin? Right? Chuckling to herself she thought about him. Him. Whew, the mere vision in her mind’s eye was enough to make her hot and bothered. Al Weatherby was due any time and she knew his schedule like the back of her hand. And damn if she didn’t long to know so many other things about the sexy man. Licking her lips she allowed her imagination to run wild, seeing his broad shoulders and carved chest standing in front of her. And then there was his cock. “Stop it,” she breathed. As if she could stop her raging hormones. Thinking about her latest work, Hot Sin, she allowed her imagination to run wild.

“Are you ready for me, hungry for me, Trista? Are you hot to have my cock buried deep inside your pussy?”

“Yes, God yes. I need you and want you,” she said through clenched teeth as she gazed up at him, her hunger raging out of control.

“Then suck me.”

Wasting no time she wrapped her hands around his cock, bring the tip to her mouth. Sliding her tongue back and forth the sensitive slit she savored the flavor of the man as she raked her nails up and down the length of his shaft. Cupping and squeezing his balls, she rolled the tender flesh between her fingers and moaned. She took his cockhead into her mouth, sucking the tip. There was nothing like the taste of a man.

“Yes!” Intertwining his fingers in her long locks he jutted his hips forward. “Suck me.”

“Whew,” she said as she licked her lips. The scene was hot enough and one she had to add to the book. Perfect. Giggling, she swished her hips back and forth. And the stunning piece was all about a chocolate-laced man. Darting a quick glance over at her desk she couldn’t help but smile. Other than her one vice, watching General Hospital with a slice of re-heated pizza in the middle of the day, she’d been productive as hell and writing six chapters in one sitting gave Trista reason to celebrate. Seeing the sexy mocha brown hunk of man would give her reason to hyperventilate. God, she was hungry for a thick dick.

Looking out the window, which offered her more than an adequate view of the comings and goings of her busy neighbors, Trista sighed. The holiday season hadn’t kicked in yet so there was no reason he’d be late. He was almost never late. Almost. She nibbled on her bottom lip and sat down in her chair, staring out the window and remembering the past few months with joy. He’d brought her all kinds of packages over the years, mostly items for her garden and a few sensational pieces of vintage clothing from selective Internet locations. But now most of the bundles were discrete, plain brown paper packages that enticed her naughty little mind and fueled her stories.

Trista giggled and wondered if Al had any idea what he was carrying in that large chocolate brown UPS truck of his. She shuddered as her pussy clenched just thinking about him and she felt a shimmer of a heated flush creep up her spine. Fanning her face she sighed, wondering how he’d be in bed. She closed her eyes and thought about the man, no, the heavenly sensation camouflaged as a six-foot-five-inch-carved-gorgeous-sexy-wrapped-in-perfection-type-of-man. He’d been her UPS driver for five years. Over the years they’d gotten close. Yeah right! As close as you can get with black man white woman 2hi, how are you, would you like a cold drink?” Trista couldn’t help but wonder if Al had any idea in the world that he was her secret fantasy. The rough-hewn hunk had fueled many of her erotically sensuous stories and kept her in large packages of batteries as well.

Absentmindedly, she fingered her rock hard nipple under her lacy bra. He was indeed perfection in a uniform. Blistering hot, Al was the kind of guy that a woman could easily dream about. Not only was he tall and well built, but his unusually long dark hair, ebony eyes and rich, spicy chocolate skin made her mouth water and her pussy tingle every time she saw him. Hell, she’d even ordered items she didn’t need just to get the chance to drool over him. Today the package was simply full of toys, ones she longed to have him use on her. Bad girl. You are such a bad girl. So what?

Trista turned to her latest story, which she affectionately titled Goodies Come in All Types of Packages, and giggled like a schoolgirl. Of course the story was about him and her naughty little thoughts about his sinfully sexy cock driving inside her tight, hot pussy somewhere in the middle of his huge brown truck. The vision of being stopped and the doors flapping open to reveal their tryst was never far from her mind. Her thoughts about fucking the man cowboy style were so wicked that her stories practically wrote themselves. Granted, the toys also helped create an erotic, scintillating atmosphere as well.

That’s one reason she had ordered nipple clamps and dildos, a larger ass plug and a couple of floggers barely a few days before. Oh yeah, Trista Rogers, world famous (at least in her mind) erotic writer had it bad for the stunning UPS man. The sound of the rumbling truck entering her cul-de-sac brought her out of fantasyland. “Oh my, there he is.” Inhaling deeply, she checked her slinky attire and smiled as she brushed her hand through her hair and then took a sip of her wine. The tight black skirt and soft fiery red cashmere sweater, showing just the swell of her ample breasts, was the perfect sizzling outfit to tempt Al. Yep, she looked hot. Giving herself a mental high five, she set her wine down in the kitchen, glided to the door in her four-inch heels and waited until she heard his boots land with a solid thud on her front deck.

Pursing her lips she threw open the door and pretended to be surprised. “Oh Al, sorry. I was just going to check the mail.” Not that she didn’t meet him at the door in such a sly way every once in a while, but on this particular day, Trista decided to kick up the heat with her attire and she could tell he was at least intrigued. The bulge in his pants was a dead give away.

“Ms. Rogers,” he said under his breath.

“Yes, Al? Did you bring me something delicious?”

“Well, perhaps.” Giving her a long once over he narrowed his eyes and then sighed.

Damn, if she couldn’t help but think about seeing the man naked. “Mmm… Good. I need some serious attention.”

“Attention, eh? I think you need many things.”

She fought a giggle and slipped her hand past the edge of her sweater, flicking her finger back and forth across her nipple and there was no doubt he noticed. Plucking TIABPW_CoverNEWthe bud between her fingers she shifted back and forth from foot to foot and purred, simply imagining his cock in her mouth. Was it very hot in the room?

Al Weatherby stood speechless, the look on his face holding shock, desire and something else entirely. His mouth gaped open and he glanced down the length of her, a tiny bubble forming between his lips. Blinking furiously, the box tumbled out of his hand and bounced onto the deck. Pop! He choked and jerked the small bundle back to his chest as he shook his head. “I’m sorry. Not usually so clumsy.”


It was fascinating how everything yummy seemed to come in plain brown wrapping. Indistinguishable. Just like the naughty little toys Trista Rogers ordered for research to enhance the writing of her erotic books. Treats almost always delivered by her fantasy lover in chocolate brown – the UPS man. The dark cocoa hunk, Al Weatherby, had been on her hit list since he’d taken over her route several months before. The man filled more than one night of her raging fantasies. Sometimes she ordered from the Internet just to tease him with her long red hair, creamy skin and perfectly selected clothes. Sadly, she’d never tried anything with him. Until one blustery fall day. Asking Al inside for a frosty drink, the afternoon quickly turned passionate. As sparks flew they both knew they wanted more. Or did they?

After planning a sinfully delicious event, another driver appeared in Al’s place. Devastated, Trista had no idea what happened and she grew incensed, promising never to allow UPS to deliver again. Fortunately Trista quickly learned that the best surprises came in six foot something discrete brown boxes.

But Al had everything under control, including just how to handle the feisty woman. Complete with his own special basket of toys to help her with research, copious rounds of hot sex, a little voyeurism, and bodacious amounts of experimentation ensue.

So what do you think? A tasty treat? I hope you enjoyed.

Kisses and spanks…



Deliveries will never be the same again.


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