When Vampires are Hunted by Monsters

For any of you who have followed my writing, you know I love creatures who maim and kill, remind us that we are just a tiny step away from the dark line. You know the one I mean – one where you could learn to kill, crave to slaughter. I play out my darkness in many methods of telling stories including those of vampires and other creatures of the night. For this piece, an older one that had been refurbished into a completely different taste – pun intended – I wanted you to see the more evil side of the usually sensuous genre. My vampires are meant to kill – or in this case, be killed.

A evil curse is ready to end the entire vampire race. Only one man holds the key to what time is left in the live of the undead. There are many murders, many clues, but the beginning of this terrifying new trilogy is only the beginning for…

Only the strong shall survive…


Chapter Three

The shadows were his friend, the dim lighting a reminder of his very soul – ugly and bleak. He laughed as he wiped his mouth, relishing in the trails of blood swirling across the back of his hand. For a few seconds he studied the odd formations, curious how the blood could coagulate so quickly. As he studied his hand, sniffing and licking his lips, his cock twitched. Death was a powerful aphrodisiac.

A bitter laugh escaped his lips as he turned his hands over. The stench was raw, freshbloody fang and the bile flowing into the back of his throat was somehow comforting. A light breeze shifted from the sky, moving across the tattered landscape. He was drawn to the moon, the way the eerie glow washed across his figure. He held up his hands, an offering to the very God above, then shivered. There was no warmth from the intense light, no sense of salvation. He was nothing more than a corpse, a product of the living dead. The notion was damning but very real.

He was nothing in a sea of monsters that had created a landscape few humans would ever understand. Yes, he was here for a succinct purpose. Yes, he would do as he was told – for now. Yes, he was very, very hungry. Snarling, he tilted his head and sniffed, his senses immediately kicking into overdrive. Almost furiously, as if his hunger was insatiable, he licked off the body of blood and sweet, the bits of bone fragments.

The taste was sweet, oh so sweet, and he wanted more. Grunting, he licked his fingers clean and studied the area around the darkened street. There was little activity but the scent of humans was just ahead, complex and very inviting.

Crouching in the shadows he crept forward, drinking in the sights and sounds of various humans around him. Almost immediately he honed in on one particular scent. Inhaling deeply, he smiled as her fragrance swept into his entire system. He knew what she’d had for dinner, the margaritas that had given her a slight headache. He also knew she was very, very scared of the dark.

Chuckling, he inched forward until he could see the goose bumps popping along her skin. He couldn’t help but lick his lips. Women were a true delicacy, one to be savored with a fine cabernet. Yes, the thought was so damn delicious. As the trees overhead rustled he lifted his head then smiled. This was exactly where he was supposed to be. He took two steps toward her, his footsteps masked by the subtle yet powerful sounds of the street. Music ahead was a fusion of jazz and rock and he realized for the first time how much he missed the sweet sounds.

A growl slipped past his lips as his cock twitched. The woman was attractive, her lithe body perfectly highlighted by the warm glow of the moon. As she continued on her path, oblivious to the monster lurking barely a hundred feet behind her, she stumbled, her heels catching on the cobblestones.

He stood back, admiring her beauty as a bank of clouds swept over the intense moon. The moment the street was dark she stopped short, a slight gasp slipping past her lips. She was afraid, terrified of monsters she’d seen in her childhood.

The realization was somehow cathartic, almost comical. Her thoughts were nothing but a rambling group of thoughts, given her drunken state. Taking her life was necessary yet he could tell she was very sweet, special in a way few humans could be. As he moved closer, drinking in her sweet essence, he opened his mouth wide. As his fangs protruded, breaking through the tight skin of his gums, his hunger jetted off the charts. There was no way to ignore his needs any longer.

She seemed to sense a presence behind her. Her lower lip quivered as she wavered back and forth, a rambling hum matching the tap, tap of her right foot.

Silhouette Woman Between Trees Water ReflectionsHe slipped into the darkness behind her, barely eight inches away, and remained quiet. There was no need to reach out, no worry that she would try and run. She was captivated by what few humans would ever achieve – the very understanding of the moment they were going to die.

As the slow hiss escaped his swollen lips he dragged the tip of his tongue across his sharp incisors. The drops of blood merely fueled a level of hunger that was increasing every day. He was a prisoner to his needs, desires he dreamt about. He laughed as she lowered her head, then reached out. Touching her golden strands was a reminder of everything he would never be again. Human.


“Aaaahhhh!” Her scream was cut short from the power of his swipe.

Grunting, he shifted his gaze as her head toppled off her shoulders, cascading to the pavement. The dull thud gave him a laugh. Rearing back he issued a single roar, then buried his face into her gaping neck, feasting on her blood. This was almost perfect – too perfect.

And he knew he was condemned to hell.



“Jesus Christ.” Scarlet fought the need to glare at her watch, as well as the entire room, and the effort became damn difficult. She’d plastered the fake smile on her face from the moment she was led into the Board Room. On that very first day rainy day she watched as six older men scrutinized her from head to toe. From wondering what in the hell they had gotten themselves into to trying to figure out how to get into her panties, their faces could not lie. And neither could the son of the owner. Not that he was bad looking. No, in truth, she might have gone out with him in another life, but he was pushing her way too hard. She shook her head thinking about Wednesday night.

On the first night, his not so clever advances had been easy enough to avoid in the beginning. They’d all gone out to dinner at some fancy-dancy country club that obviously catered to the upper crust men only crowd. The black dress and spiked heels had been perfect for the evening. The effect had been not too sexy, but just enough to turn a few heads when she walked into the club with seven men surrounding her.

Granted, the moments had been awkward. She could tell the son had thought about kissing her. No, he’d tried to kiss her but he was drunk enough himself that she had gotten the kind bellman to help her get him into the elevator and back down to the limo before she had to hurt him. At least he’d been too embarrassed to try anything the second night. Now, being the third night, and given the way Greggie was staring at her, she had a scathing feeling she’d have a difficult time getting away from him.

Seething, Scarlet stole a glance at her watch. Almost five. Thank God. The meetings had gone very well and even the crotchety old men had found what Bernard & Taylor had to offer was something they needed. Had to have. So they signed early. She liked to think the snap decision was because of her skills alone. She had been ecstatic when she called her boss that afternoon to tell him the deal had been inked. Well ahead of HuntersMoon-for-AReschedule, she’d even gotten them a bonus for her creative ingenuity.

“Miss Parsons. Are you all right?” Greg’s father, Mr. Applewhite smiled.


On the darkened streets of New Orleans, an underground world of vampires thrive. While they roam freely, living and working among humans who have no knowledge of their kind, there’s a deadly disease on the edge of destroying the ancient civilization. One drug is all that is left and there are those who would stop at nothing for control. Two factions are vying to take over and a war ensues, one that that will challenge humanity. Only the strong shall survive…

Hunter’s Moon

Armando Chevall and Sebastian Argine are business partners as well as lovers and have lived for centuries. Unfortunately Sebastian is under the influence of the deadly disease and one that will end his life as well as drive him into hell. The only cure? Finding the correct human mate for blood and bonding and a dose of Crimson Tide, a specialized drug developed and held by a madman. Master Vampire Tregan Dumont holds the key to who lives or dies and enjoys the game while feasting on humans. Considered savage by even vampire standards, he uses every tactic to obtain what he craves.

Scarlet Bernard is a tough marketing executive. No time for a man in her life, she’s savvy, highly intelligent and very lonely. Out of town on business, a chance meeting with a handsome stranger fills her with dark fantasies. Succumbing to her hunger, she can’t get him out of her mind, longing for something she can’t understand. When she’s introduced to Armando’s lover, she’s more than intrigued and shared passions ignite. What she couldn’t foresee is how important she is to an underground world until her life is placed in danger.

When Tregan learns of her existence, he’s more than just curious. He’s determined to make her his forever. After all, there’s an ugly secret shared with Armando and Tregan is out to annihilate his previous friend and all that he holds dear. An evil lurks, determined to destroy anyone who would threaten the dark undergrounds. As a battle of wills and power ensues, many in the city will die. Two questions haunt them. Is Scarlet the one and can she survive the ultimate bloodbath called revenge?

I hope you enjoyed.

Kisses and spanks…





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2 Responses to When Vampires are Hunted by Monsters

  1. laurellasky says:

    Creepy. Ever since I saw the movie “Horror of Dracula” with Christopher Lee I still have nightmares.


    • behalle says:

      oh me too but in truth I’ve been fascinated since the beginning. I love the mind control, the fascination we all have with a taste of darkness. In my mind, the earliest stages of craving a little D/s. Think about it 🙂


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