Honor – When You Can No Longer Accept…

Honor – we all have some aspect in our lives – something that is so very important to us. Whether our personal honor is about our integrity or our family, our work and our desires, we share the same need to be accepted. Honor is a tremendous part of this. For those in the military – to challenge one’s honor is – horrific.

I found myself doing a few military pieces and while I’ll never suggest I have any real understanding, what I do know is that love is love, the desire to share ourselves with others innately the same and we all bleed in the color of red. So…

This  piece came to me – a need to share something about two men caring so much about each other nothing else mattered. I so hope you enjoy a taste…


“Dude. Did you see the new Major? Jesus fucking Christ the girl has legs up to here.” Laughing, he cupped his breasts and twirled in a circle.

Castillo Sanchez grinned and raised his cup, snorting as he glanced toward the rest of the marines at the table. They hadn’t seen a babe in months. “Sorry Frankie. Major Shelby is not only married, I have no doubt she’d cream your ass before breakfast more bondagethen instruct you to do a few hundred pushups or so.”

“You really think?” Frankie asked, his eyes opening wide.

“What do you think, Tank?” Castillo shrugged as he looked across the table. The larger man gave a wink and flashed his infection grin. The poor kid had no idea what kind of trouble he would be getting into if he even tried to touch the Major. She was a special instructor brought in for a few weeks and there were strict guidelines about fraternization.

“What do I think?” Dewitt Breckinridge, aka ‘Tank’ scooted his chair back and crossed his legs, giving the private a once over. “I think you need to get into shape. You’re soft around the middle. No fine looking woman such as Major Shelby is gonna want your sorry ass.”

“Really?” Frankie snuffled and wiped his nose and mouth. “I didn’t think I was that bad.”

“Think again, soldier,” Castillo huffed, using his gruffest voice. Yeah, they liked dicking around with the privates.

“Yep. I suggest you get busy. How about dropping and giving up fifty?” Tank added, winking at Castillo.

Frankie hesitated, his eyes flashing.

“Guys?” Castillo asked the three other men sitting at the table.

“Hell yeah,” the red head said as he grinned.

“He needs a hell of a lot of work,” the second stated.

“Fuck yeah he needs work. Get down on your hands and knees, boy,” the third rumbled. “That’s where you’ll end up for the rest of your life around a woman anyway.”

Castillo rolled his eyes and pointed to the color. “Down and give us fifty and I want to hear you counting, marine.”

“Yes sir!” Frankie instantly dropped to the ground, his enthusiasm sparking a round of applause from the few tables around them.

“Poor guy. He’s love sick.” Tank sniffed and crossed his legs.

“I don’t hear you counting.” Castillo nodded.

“Three, sir. Four, sir. Five, sir.” Frankie pumped up and down, his body nothing but a machine.

Groaning, Castillo eased forward in his seat. “Not bad.”

Tank leaned over, his eyes twinkling. “He’s a hell of a lot younger than we are.”

“You have to remind me?”


Go, go, go.” The collective group cheered, whistling as Frankie continued at a frantic pace.

Castillo sighed. “Keep going.”

“Yes sir!” Frankie didn’t miss a beat.

Tank gave Castillo a look. “Remember when we were that eager?”

“Were we?” He knew the answer. Now on his last tour of duty, he’d never imagined a sophisticated kisslife after the military, but home was calling his name. Still, leaving would be bittersweet.

“Yeah, we were.” Tank shook his head. “Keep going. Almost there.”

Castillo thought about the last two years – two long years of being home only three times and for barely two weeks. The tours had been brutal but now he was going to miss his buddies, his friends. And Tank. Darting a quick look at the larger than life man, he shuddered. Their relationship could cost them everything, but neither could help they way they felt. “You got it, buddy.”

“Fifty!” Frankie grunted and jumped up on his feet, raising his arms as the other men in the platoon cheered. “I am de man.”

“Go get ‘em tiger.” Castillo noticed the lovely Major’s commanding stance and bit back his smile. While he had no idea how long she’d been standing in the shadows, watching the most basic of testosterone events, he could tell she was amused.

Her heels clipping on the tile, Major Shelby walked forward, a gleam in her eye.

“Oh shit.”


Castillo stood and gave her a salute. “Major.”

“I see some physical activity among the ranks. Good to see. Physical well being is vital.” Major Shelby looked from man to man, her expression blank.

Yet Castillo could see a mischievous glint in her eyes. No doubt the vixen had dealt with her share of boys being boys.

“Yes m ‘am. I…I…agree.” Frankie’s words were almost incoherent.

She walked around him, her look stern. “However, I don’t think you’ve done enough. Drop and give me fifty more.”

There was a moment of hushed silence as Frankie blinked and the rest of the marines seemed to shift backwards.

“You heard the Major. Fifty more,” Castillo barked. He moved toward her, giving her a respected nod before heading for the exit.

“Hold on, marine. I didn’t give you permission to leave.” Her tone was authoritative.

Stopping in his tracks Castillo slapped his hands against his sides and swiveled as required. “Yes m ‘am.”

“I think you need to show your teammate support. Don’t you?” She could barely keep her amusement in check.

“Excellent idea,” Tank goaded.

Castillo shot him a look. “Yes m ‘am. Fifty comin’ right up.”

“Oh no, you need to do more. I suggest one hundred,” Major Shelby cooed.

“Woo hoo!” The crowd shouted.

There was nothing worse for his forty two year old body than doing push ups, but the moment he dropped to the ground he became determined. Hell yeah he was going to do them. As ten turned into twenty and he knew Frankie was pumping fast and furious, he began to sweat.

“I think he’s getting soft,” Tank chortled as he towered over Castillo.

“You get down here and do them.” Castillo managed to grunt out the words.

“No, I’m kinda enjoying the sight.” Sniffing, Tank paced back and forth, counting with every push up.

Somewhere between eighty-five and ninety Castillo began to sweat like a pig. Frankie had long since finished and was sitting on the edge of the table, swinging his legs as he counted with Tank. For a few minutes all he wanted to do was reach out and deck the kid.

“Five more,” Tank teased. “Get ‘er done.”

When he was finished Castillo rolled over on his back, staring up at the ceiling, and Imagined-Honor-Cover-medlifted his middle finger toward Tank.

“Me thinks the young dude bested him,” Tank huffed.

“Get your black ass down here and do a few hundred, then you can talk to me.” Castillo laughed as the men clapped. Tipping his head he saluted the Major. “May I leave now?”

“Certainly marine if you can get up.” Laughing, she winked before walking away.

As Tank helped him up he thought about all the things he had to do before getting the hell out of dodge. The fighting near the camp had gotten worse and he had a feeling they were going to be called out for one last adventure. He had less than a week and he was going home. Home. What the hell was he going to face?

“You did great, sir.” Frankie grinned.

“Thank you.” Castillo rubbed his sweaty hands on his pants. “I think.”

Tank burst into laughter. “For an old guy.”


I will honor my country, my fellow soldiers above all things. I will keep their safety and the security of my country in the forefront of my mind. I will fight to the death to protect and serve – for I am a Marine.

For Castillo Sanchez, the mantra wasn’t merely words stated. They were his life. After serving three consecutive tours of duty in Afghanistan, he was finally going home, retiring and finding a new life. While he missed his friends and family, the only happiness he’d ever found had been in the ranks of the military – and in the arms of a man he’d fallen in love with. Sadly, his relationship remained a burning secret, much like the one that had followed him from home.

Dewitt Breckinridge, ‘Tank’ to the men and women of the ranks, was a troubled man, one who’d found solace in the ranks of the Marines. Able to clean up his past, forge into the future, he’d never anticipated finding love in the arms of another man. For him, life was a mixture of good versus evil, a dichotomy he found hard to resist.

After an ambush that left one of their own on death’s door, Castillo became a hero, going home with a decorated status – that is until his honor was stripped away. Falling into despair, news about Tank became the driving force in picking up the pieces – but at what price? Two men. One country. Unquestionable integrity.

Can you see why I love this one?

Kisses and spanks…



And death…

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3 Responses to Honor – When You Can No Longer Accept…

  1. Norma Fetherman says:

    I think you don’t want to deal with what is going on with you. Are you okay? I care about you.


  2. Norma Fetherman says:

    I notice you slip into M/M when it gets dicey.. I care. Talk.


    • behalle says:

      Norma – I love your worry but seriously – there is nothing wrong. My best sellers are m/m pieces – not D/s and I honestly love writing them. Plus I like making a little money with my writing so at times I throw one in. I have plenty more going on with John Patrick as far as stories and thoughts.


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