The Art of a Hard Spanking…the Quirt

I’m bringing back this blog series for a couple of reasons. One – this dazzling and very painful implement I never even considered covering when I did the original series. Two – my publisher with Naughty Nights Press doesn’t comprehend I know an awful lot of spanking implements – some more up close and personal than others. I think this leather strap will pretty much get anyone’s attention. Just what is this?

The quirt is a riding crop used to discipline or “encourage” horses into obeying. The Quirtslender handle and very miniscule straps certainly make you think that the implement has no umpf. WRONG. I’ve heard of riding crops of course and the use of them, but this one in particular I had no clue about. As you can imagine, John Patrick introduced me to the Quirt and I’ve quickly realized this is pretty much his favorite implement. Why? IT HURTS LIKE HELL. For him, the concept of teaching a bad submissive is very real. This tool helps in his endeavor. I’ve mentioned to you before that he takes his whippings VERY seriously. He tests, tries, snaps his wrist etc to make certain he has control of whatever method of punishment he’s using.

If you’re new to spanking, make certain your Dom/Master/Husband/Significant other absolutely has some clue about how each implement can be and should be used. Why? Because a paddle is completely different that a swinging belt than a short or long handled flogger than his hand. The cane and a switch inflict entirely different amounts of pain as well as marks. The beauty of using various implements is to create different effects. Some more painful than others.

For many couples, being taken in hand – literally – is exactly what they crave. To be pulled over his lap, panties pulled down and a hard hand spanking issued is exactly what the bad girl needs. For those of us who practice a bit more of the disciplinary lifestyle, various “toys” are going to be used. I say the term toys with tongue in cheek. John Patrick has spanked me with various things including his hand, a wooden spoon, a cane, his personal belt (my favorite to date) and the dreaded quirt. He certainly didn’t use the whip on me early on or first. He wasn’t even entirely certain how to use the crop correctly – and so he practiced. Of course he did – damn it.

I don’t think any of us can ever forget the first time we were spanked. Perhaps dad was the disciplinarian and when you were very bad he’d be the one who told you in no uncertain terms you were getting a whipping later that day cause you were BAD. Do you remember how you shivered, cried even before the fateful hour? Oh you bet – shiver.

When you’re involved in a Domestic Discipline or Domination and submissive relationship, spankings are often used. The first time you submit? Hell, you have no freaking clue what to expect. This isn’t about puppies and rainbows and fuzzy handcuffs. If your Dom/Domme is truly going to help you understand your position, Kneeling on the bedthe spanking is going to hurt like a son of a bitch. In the case of my first time with John Patrick, well he’d been telling me in no uncertain terms that I’d disobeyed him. We talked about my lack of patience, my need to continue to push, my aggressive tendencies – etc. etc. blah, blah, blah. (Said with tongue in cheek). I already knew that I needed to be controlled and wanted to obey him but my natural personality is a bit tough to break per say.

And so on one fateful afternoon I felt the intense and very awe inspiring sensation of his personal belt, the one he wears pretty much every day of his life. I’ve blogged about this before and the day, the moment, the realization this man so got me and my needs – powerful as hell. The event is tremendously special and both John Patrick and I talk quite often about how amazing the day was. Yes amazing. For any of you reading my blog and you’ve slapped your hand over your mouth going – HOW THE HELL could a spanking be special? All I can say is trust me.

John Patrick and I have been together long enough at this point we know each other pretty darn well. He has complete understanding with regard to my lack of patience, my need to question pretty much everything and my ‘big brain’ theory as he calls my mind working over time. He gathered early on that I need to be refocused on a regular basis, embrace not only the fact he’s in charge but that I need some pretty heady discipline. He’s right. I’ve said this before – he usually is.

The spankings refocus me – which brings me to the very first time he used the Quirt. He’d mentioned he thought the particular implement would be much more severe and that he reserved the time he’d used the particular crop on me when I was – well very very bad.

I crossed that line. You know me – I just did without reservation, without passing go. I rushed past the few rules I had and he said in no uncertain terms – I would receive…

And so I knew I’d receive a serious session with the quirt. Keep in mind – I had no real clue of what the concept meant. I knew floggers. I’d seen bullwhips. I respected the notion this was going to hurt like shit.

But I still had no real understanding. Until…

As you may understand, the concept of anticipation is a very powerful tool withSubmitting over the kitchen table regards to obedience. We frustrate and worry, try to imagine and think the worst. Then reality sets in… He was going to spank with a powerful instrument.

And so the day arrived.

You bet the anticipation kicked my ass. When he lowered his voice, told me that I’d been very disobedient and that he was disappointed in me, I cringed. When he led me into the basement and told me to undress – WHEW is all I can say. There’s no way to tell you the running emotions I had or the worries that swept through every aspect of my psyche. I was worried. I was afraid to the point of not knowing. I was…humbled. I had tears in my eyes.

As John Patrick had me wrap my hands around a heady metal pole, the kind a dark and dank basement would have, I shivered all over. Even his soothing hands and voice, the one that told me this would be good for me, didn’t soothe my raging nerves. Arching my back and opened my legs wide only reminded me that I was and will be his submissive – and that I had to obey.

And so my punishment began…


There is no way to explain the difference in belt and quirt or flogger other than to say, I understand why he held back this method of punishing me. WHEW. The sting is quick and harsh. The way my entire body shakes is different. The understanding he has so much power in his hand as he snaps his wrist – WOW. Have I learned from that experience? Oh hell yeah. Will I receive the whip again? Ummm… Was told today I would and you know what? I deserve. When he held me afterwards, told me how proud he was of me and that he loved me – well, I knew the punishment was exactly what I needed.

Tell me – what do you think?

Kisses and spanks…


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8 Responses to The Art of a Hard Spanking…the Quirt

  1. Cinnamon says:

    I’m a spanko and a curious kitty too…. even with punishment. I just have to know…
    I loved reading this.


  2. Norma says:

    Heady stuff!


  3. I just purchased one online. I’ll either be thanking you or cursing you 😉


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