The Art of a Hard Spanking…Disciplining Another

Can you imagine your Sir spanking another submissive? Can you see yourself standing in the wings as he takes her over his knees, lifts her skirt and whips her bare ass? Hmmm… What do you think you’d be thinking? Would your heart be racing knowing the hard spanking was needed and you were going to be next? Would there be any level of intimidation, jealousy or would you simply realize this was his decision to make, given he’s the dominant. These are very good questions in my mind and something John Patrick and I have discussed on many occasions, including having a full time third. But this blog is more about his desire to be a disciplinarian for another submissive, give her the needed punishment she craves.

Isn’t this a concept? Giving another woman a hard spanking. Hmmm… I know. I bend overknow. I said I wasn’t going to do another in this series but given the new book just hitting the presses, I had to. My Honor and Obey collection is all about couples struggling in various ways with obedience and guidance, something that’s near and dear to John Patrick’s heart. Her Gift tells a tale of two people pushing against their vanilla live, longing to open up to their friends and family about who they really are and the joy they share in D/s. Sound familiar? This gift involves a complex moment of disciplining another and a possible third being added to their relationship – something he and I have also talked about.

Yes, he and I are very open to our growing alternative lifestyle together. We’re exploring our respective needs and there’s no subject we can’t or won’t talk about. I think that’s one reason we are so bonded, so very close. I can trust him as he can I with our every desire, no matter how kinky or weird. That being said, admitting a longing doesn’t mean we’re going to act on every one of them. Of course not, but in talking about what we’re thinking or wondering about, we move closer together as a couple. Of course the topics are out of the ordinary. For many, a D/s relationship is so far removed from what they can understand they simply can’t fathom a woman submitting to a man. However, remember we are a man and woman, very much in love, yet our explorations take us out of the typical comfort zone. I wouldn’t have it any other way and neither would he. This is right where we want to be and what we have together is very special.

After some fairly heated discipline the other day, one of course ending with intense passion, he asked me an interesting question. He wondered whether I could watch him disciplining another. This has come up before in that he and I both believe that women are much more centered, refocused after a hard spanking. I have a friend who trust me, could use a strong man, a firm hand pretty much all the time. She’s mouthy, opinionated, aggressive to the point of being harsh and well you get the drill.


Oh she would thrive with a strong man, just as I do. When I asked John Patrick the reason for his question he mentioned that when he was spanking me he had a realization that he could spank another woman for nothing more than just discipline. In other words the event wouldn’t lead to anything sexual. I further asked if he could merely discipline me without being sexual and in truth, every Submitting over the kitchen tabletime he’s spanked me we are very intimate.

He was curious as to my reaction and in truth I had to take a step back, contemplate the meaning as well as the idea. Of course he understands I’m a woman first, a submissive second and whether that will change with time, I’m not certain. What this means is that I still have pangs of worry, apprehension about having any other woman in our life in any manner. One of his greatest desires is to find a third, someone we could both Dom with him being the Master. The idea is merely that at this point, an idea musing in our minds.

Our timing is very limited together and when you add a third into the mix, there are certainly possible ramifications as well as serious consequences. If you think trying to negotiate the sometimes murky waters of a basic vanilla, man and woman relationship, add the spice of D/s, long distance, bad timing and everything else and its tough as hell. Throw in another person? WHEW. This will be a decision we make together and after soul searching and a lot of continued discussion. The woman will have to be right for both of us and finding the right person is a feat in itself.

But perhaps a single event or a situation where another submissive was merely asking for discipline, a trust in a way that merely had to do more with her mental health? The idea is fairly intriguing. In writing one of my collections, Spank Me, this very idea is what I write about only in a total business situation. The simple fact is many women and quite a few men want to be spanked. They find being taken in hand is either freeing in allowing them to focus or perhaps erotic without all the strings. Whether or not John Patrick would ever want to consider something like this remains to be seen but spanking another woman in my presence is definitely tops on his bucket list.

There’s no way of knowing how I’d react or feel in truth. I simply don’t know. What I do realize is that our trust level is off the charts and I have no reason to doubt either him or his intensions. I’ve asked a few women, those in truth who haven’t had a spanking since they were a child, if they would consider receiving discipline in their lives and whether or not the action would help. After blushing, stammering and laughing for a few minutes they honestly thought about my question. I’m not
going to tell you that the answer was a resounding ‘yes’ but there were many who were intrigued. The questions asked were filled with intelligence about why regular discipline works for me. They were curious as to the changes in my life and the way I was able to submit to John Patrick.

The answer is very personal for everyone and given we’re all different the outcome is going to be different. For those who found the idea fascinating, I was told various stories about their childhood and how their mother or father spanked them. Keep in mind that doesn’t happen today lest the parents be arrested but even fifteen years ago being taken over your daddy’s knee, his belt being used was a regular practice for bad girls and boys. By the end of at least two conversations the women admitted they often felt out of control and wondered You don't listenwhether punishments would work. Hmmm…

You know my thoughts on the subject. In finishing the book I realized how much of John Patrick and myself was in the pages, little nuances and subtle moments of our passion. I think in telling tales of real people trying to find themselves in various ways I bring to light that love isn’t easy. Will he spank another submissive? My guess is we will move down that pathway. When and how are the next questions. Join me in celebrating the release of Honor & Obey – Her Gift. Let me know your thoughts on the world of discipline.

Kisses and spanks…




Marriage… White Wedding… Eternal Bliss…

Hogwash. For Jasmine Ryan, the concept of a traditional marriage, one with a festive wedding and basic vows spit out in front of a crowd of people who were barely acquaintances was gut wrenching. She wasn’t that kind of girl. While she was powerful and aggressive in her work, she wanted nothing more than to submit to a dominating man, one who would release her from her chains of complacency. She’d found the right partner, the single man who controlled and disciplined her, one who she longed to serve in any manner he commanded of her. Her Sir was Her-Gift-medpatient and loving, showering her with guidance while keeping her well disciplined. How could she tell him she didn’t want to get married, preferring a collaring ceremony? Then again, how could she give him what he truly wanted, a third in their relationship and something that terrified her? Their wedding loomed…

Zach Warner wanted nothing more than to share his joyous life with another submissive, a woman that would bring balance to his life with Jasmine. But he knew she’d never be comfortable with opening her bed, let alone her heart, to another in their life. When his beloved submissive offered a change in their future as well as a gift of discipline involving a good friend, he was enthralled. Unfortunately he was well aware of the consequences of such a magnanimous decision, one that could destroy their relationship forever. If he accepted her gift he knew he could lose the love of his life forever. A decision made, they both moved forward into another chapter of their journey and a wall was built between them.

In the end, would their love be enough to push back their respective demons or would their hearts be destroyed by jealousy?


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2 Responses to The Art of a Hard Spanking…Disciplining Another

  1. Desiree G says:

    I have not been truly spanked as an adult, but feel that I need it desperately. But my need has less to do with “discipline” and more for emotional release. I find it extremely difficult to let go of my emotions and almost refuse to cry, even when I know it is needed. I find myself thinking of therapeutic spanking quite often. I know I would not want a stranger to do it because I would have to be secure in knowing that when I achieve the desired release, they will be there to hold me and help me put myself back together again. Thanks for such an introspective post!!


    • I do understand girl. I am lucky in having someone who knows when I need discipline and holds me tightly afterwards. Trust is vital in something like this and I’m like you – need that in order to release.


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