You Need One Hell of a Hard Spanking

Yes indeedy those very words have been said to me before. While John Patrick often says them in jest, there’s real meaning behind them. You know my beliefs about my behavior anyway. I truly think I’m a much more grounded person after receiving a hard whipping, especially when he uses his belt. I’m calmer for a few days, more focused with both my mind and my energy levels. I do have a hell of a lot going on in my life and not all of them are good. PLUS I have the kind of stress filled job that makes me want to do really bad things to Obeying Sirpeople. Then when you add the three hours a day for the commute and the fact I have night meetings, well you can see my bitchy mode might kick in a bit too often.

Now fortunately I don’t really allow the bitch x 10 girl out of her ugly box to John Patrick very often. He does know when I’m stressed and yes, he comments that a spanking would help. At least he hasn’t seen me full steam ahead at this point. However if we were living together you bet he would. I simply can’t fight the nasty and very negative people I deal with every day so I internalize. I kill people in my books which helps, but my aggressive personality leaks from the seams a bit too often. Women process much differently than men do. When we’re over stressed, we tend to get overly dramatic about things that honestly, don’t mean a rat’s ass in the real world. Then what happens ladies? Come on and fess us. We pick a fight.

Yep. We all do that from time to time. In a D/s relationship, this is not the best choice however, given the fact you are the submissive. John Patrick and I have talked about this before. This is not behavior he will tolerate. As a matter of fact, he’s told me in no uncertain terms he’d pull me right over his knee, take off his belt and give me a hard spanking to ‘calm my ass down’, as he phrases it. Now, we’ve never gotten to the point where this has happened and I have to wonder whether he’d give me a hard spanking in front of friends or family, but we’ll see. If you live with someone you aren’t always on your best behavior. I can only imagine I’d turn into the vanilla laced girl every once in a while.

In writing my spanking stories – and remember kids I have plenty if you’re interested – I’ve realized how much fascination there is with couples who use hard spankings as a method of keeping the peace within their homes. You can Google spanking and there’s perhaps a million posts, blogs, video and picture sites, articles from professionals on the good, the bad and the ugly. You can even find professional disciplinarians. They really do exist. I didn’t realize when I penned Spankdown, now the Spank Me Collection that I was onto something. My professor is hired by couples and corporations to secure and nurture a little obedience back into their lives. There’s a female disciplinarian near where I live and after reading all of the details and requirements on her site, I had to admit I was fascinated. People crave discipline in their lives. For a fee you too can be given a kick ass spanking to the point where you aren’t going to be sitting down for a week, perhaps longer. Mmm… Gives me shivers. I don’t know about you.

So we all agree pretty much that spankings are a good idea. I can honestly say that if John Patrick and I were living together I can see at least twice a week my ass would be on fire. And yes, a spanking is supposed to hurt. I’ve told him several times that I want to be reduced to tears, allowing all my frustrations out by letting go. He’s assured me that is going to happen. Don’t shrink away in horror. The majority of women who are well spanked will tell you the release is amazing, freeing.

I have one more book in my Honor and Obey collection that I want to start writing. Her Acceptance is truly about a woman finally allowing herself to realize she needs a dramatic change in her life. Everything she touches seems to create issues or stress and she knows she needs to do something to curtail her increasingly bad behavior. What she didn’t anticipate happening was falling in love with a very controlling man. Hmmm… Is there love in this picture? Enjoy the flash and come back over the next few days as I explore their relationship.


“Fuck this shit. I’m done with assholes.” Tossing back her long hair, Kelly Parker strode into her office, slamming the door with a hard thud. She was so freaking pretty spankingover dealing with horrid clients who honestly thought they could speak to her like she was a stupid blond. “Jerk offs.” Yes, the entire office had heard her outburst. Yes, she knew she should remain calm, try and remember the ass wipes were paying her salary, but right now all she wanted to do was kick some fucking ass.

Fuming, she strode to the window, folding her arms. A moment of trepidation set in as a series of tingling sensations rushed down the back of her legs. Not only had she snapped at the Board member using very colorful words. Then she had to top off her bad behavior with hanging up on him after calling the bald headed ex military man a fat pig. Great. And every ounce of her behavior had been done in front of her boss and pretty much every staff member.

Smoothing down her dress she glanced at the closed door, knowing at any minute the owner of the company, the very formidable Jonathan Diego, would come through her door. Shivering, she nibbled on her bottom lip as her thoughts suddenly turned naughty. The few dates they’d been on had been electric, especially given the fact they were hiding their relationship. Relationship? Who was she kidding? They were both balls to the walls aggressive, neither taking a back seat to anything. They pushed so hard against each other she was surprised either was left standing. She had to wonder whether the date was going to happen tonight. There was no doubt he’d be angry with her. She was supposed to be a role model after all.

Kelly didn’t have to wait long to find out. The second the door opened then closed with a soft click her heart sunk. Getting fired wasn’t an option. She simply had to have a job, no matter how much she hated the damn thing. This wasn’t going to be easy. Her outbursts had become more frequent and several associations had called in with complaints. Some Community Association Manager she was. Years of training no longer seemed to matter. Suck it up. Take your penance. Get on with it and I’ll try and be a good girl from now on.

After hearing nothing for a few seconds she finally garnered the courage to turn around. The look on his face was unexpected. He wasn’t just pissed. Jonathan was disappointed. Wow. She’d never seen this expression before. “Hi.”

Jonathan remained where he was. His mouth was pinched, his body stance full of tension. “I think you know we need to talk.”

She could barely hear him, but knew by the husky tone this was very serious. “Yes. I know. I didn’t mean to snap at Roger, I just get tired of hearing the crap spewing from his mouth and I…”

He lifted his hand, stopping her in mid sentence. “No more excuses, Kelly. None. I’ve tolerated your nasty comments about our Board members, your surly attitude now almost every day and taken the dozens of calls from people who have no idea why you’re so angry with them. I’ve defended you to our Vice President, who by the way has demanded that you be fired. I’ve also listened to the employees who can’t understand why you’re allowed to get away with such ridiculous actions. We have a job to do. We have bills to pay, employees who have salaries so they can feed their families, and your job requires you keep our clients happy. Do you understand at all what I’m saying to you?”

Kelly had no idea what to say. She’s never seen him so quietly furious, so indignant. Not once. Swallowing hard she looked away.

“Do you!”

Jumping, her hand involuntarily flew over her mouth. When she looked into his eyes she saw nothing but coldness. He was positively enraged with her and he had every right to be. “Yes sir and I’m very sorry, sir.” Sir? Where in the hell had the word come from?

Good Girl - No PantiesHis face registered his surprise. Enough so he took a step back then nodded. “Good. I’m glad to hear.”

Blinking back tears she realized she was trembling. She really did want to be a good employee, a wonderful girlfriend and to be happy in her job. Lately everything seemed out of order, as if chaos had taken over her life. Unhappiness had settled in months, no years before. Yeah. Years. Nothing seemed to be good enough in her suffocating worlds, no relationship working or her career path something she enjoyed. Everything had been tarnished. She’d been hiding behind a mask for her entire life and now, she didn’t know the girl standing in stiletto heels and a flaming red dress. Nor did she want to.

Jonathan seemed to study her for a few minutes before nodding again. “I’m going to have to write you up this time. I simply can’t avoid putting you on notice. One more incident and I will have no other choice but to fire you. Do I make myself clear?”

Kelly sniffed, tilted her head and gave him a look of understanding – not acceptance. She’d never be able to accept his authority completely, but right now she had to embrace the reality. “Crystal.”

“Good,” he stated then turned sharply. When he reached the door he stopped and looked over his shoulder. “I’ll pick you up at seven. There’s somewhere special I want to take you. Do you understand?”

This wasn’t a question but a command. A smile slid across her face. She hadn’t lost her lover, thank God. “Yes.”

“Yes?” His tone was sharp, demanding.

“Yes sir.” Now the two words seemed… Hell, she wasn’t certain why but they seemed natural, as if she should say them to him.

“Yes, better. I think you’re going to learn about my authority. Tonight we begin your training. Wear something very sexy.” A look of lust was quickly replaced by one of dominance. Then he left.

The moment he closed the door she slumped against her desk. “Whew.” Authority? Training? He was going to show her about his authority? Where had this come from?

Granted, she’d known from minute one the man had a dark and very kinky side. They’d certain explored some of them sexually. Even the first time they’d had sex he’d bound her hands, forced her onto her knees to suck him dry. She’d loved every minute.

Sucking him in his car was something else he enjoyed, requiring her to take off her panties as he drove. Shivering, Kelly eased her hand down the side of her neck to the swell of her breasts. She was hot and wet all over, her pussy clenching just thinking about how amazing their sexual chemistry had been right from the start. Fucking the boss might not help her keep her job, but she knew there could be more between them. Could be. If only she could let go of her demons.Her-Acceptance-med

Growling, she plopped down in her chair. Time to get to work. Time to figure out what dress she was going to wear to ‘wow’ him. Mmm….


Jonathan stood outside her door for a few seconds. The fact Kelly had actually used the words ‘yes sir’ was telling enough. He’d seen through her false bravado, her mask of aggression from early into their working relationship. The moment they’d been alone, her submissive side had come through loud and clear. He’d taken things slowly, perhaps much too slowly.

As he walked toward his office he thought about the night ahead. Taking her to meet with other Dom’s and submissives might be pushing the limit, but he had to know whether he was right. Besides, he had to do something to curtail her behavior before her outbursts derailed her career. She was a handful. No doubt. She was also a willful and amazing woman, one he adored. No other female in his life had given him such joy, allowing him to be himself. Kelly simply had to learn about his other side, the one that had pushed so many women before her away.

“I put the new contract in your office, Mr. Diego.”

“Thank you, Sara. Good work.” Giving her a quick smile he continued down the hallway, glancing into the various offices. Every employee knew he’d gone to talk with her. They expected results. They expected she would be fired. He certainly would have no choice if things didn’t change.

Sighing, he glanced at his desk. There was way too much work to do. Too bad he wasn’t in the mood. She would soon learn many things. A grin slid across his face as he walked around his desk and opened the bottom drawer. As he pulled out the paddle, the one he’d ordered especially with Kelly in mind, he envisioned taking her over his knee, giving her a hard spanking. Dear God the woman needed to be spanked on a daily basis, just to reign in her emotions. A solid routine of maintenance spankings would do her so much good and help her refocus. There was no doubt in his mind she was craving a firm hand, a dominating man.

Would she not only accept but also embrace his other side? Then again, could she learn to embrace her internal needs? The questions were daunting and needed to happen. He brushed the tip of his finger down the edge of the hardwood paddle and sucked in his breath. His cock was fully erect, throbbing and pushing against the tight confines of his linen pants. Tonight was going to be the beginning of a new chapter. Tonight was going to be an eye opening experience.

Tonight he was going to begin to teach her how to become his submissive.

What do you think? Can Kelly learn to embrace her submissive side? I guess we’ll see…

Kisses and spanks.

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  1. Zoe says:

    Oh I love this. Can’t wait to read more. And yes, I agree. A hard spanking can be very focusing.


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