What’s D/s Got To Do With It?

You know the line from that famous song Tina Turner sang – What’s Love Got to Do With It? Well, I’m taking a different look today. This has been without a double one of the most difficult weeks I’ve had in a very long time. The despair within me has been overwhelming, affecting every part of my life. I’m prone to being down, but usually the moment lasts for a day. This time, I think I cried – not just cried but bawled – a full seven days. There are various reasons why, including some pretty huge bits of information I wasn’t given and the kind of girl I am, that’s not something I can handle very well. When you couple very strong and raw emotions about personal items with a sucky ass week at work, well…9Wet Kiss

As I’d mentioned, John Patrick has been going through some pretty tough times. I don’t think I either realized or fully embraced the deep passion and emotion the man has in him. He is very much a good guy, one that needs to do everything right. Right now he feels a bit like he’s fallen from grace. I understand but life is short, difficult and often times very daunting. He is very much allowed joy, respite from the world and that’s what I’m trying to give him. For me this week the notion hit home solidly. Radio silence (as I call no calling or texting) is one of the most difficult things I have ever experienced and that’s exactly what happened between us for a week. His only comment to me was that he needed to process some things. Yes, I know some of what his words meant, but I had no idea the circumstances around the situation. And so down the rabbit hole into hell I went.

And I stayed there. And I worried. And I cried. And I continued to cry. I loathe being that emotional, but I just couldn’t stop dragging myself into the black pit. I began to question things about love and my submission, truths and respect. And I cried. I think you get the picture. What I realized during the rather prison like term, was just how much I loved him – the man inside. I don’t love John Patrick because we’ve shared a D/s lifestyle. I love him because of the way he treats me, the kind of wonderful person and friend he is, and the way we can share everything. So imagine when he stopped sharing…

I told him I felt like he’d died, but I knew he was there – breathing and in pain. What I can tell you is that you find out how strong you are as people and in a relationship when you go through something like this. When we finally talked today, yes he gave me some needed information, but he simply couldn’t go into his personal dark space to go over every detail. That I understand. His apologies were profuse and finally I had to tell him to stop. Now we move forward and I made certain he heard me when I said that I loved him and would support him through all of this and more.

He went on to say that the D/s and BDSM and even sex doesn’t matter to him – not in the sense of how deeply his love is for me. The vanilla sharing we have suddenly moves way ahead of the D/s side. Interesting. I was taken aback for a few minutes until I realized what he was saying. If you don’t have a very strong vanilla side, sharing all aspects of good and bad, there is no way you can have a decent D/s relationship. The D/s is simply icing on a very fruitful cake. His words reminded me of a time when he said, if I no longer wanted to do D/s that would be fine. Meaning, sharing my books, wine, cooking, the same love of music and movies, conversations about anything and everything, holding hands, kissing, cuddling, showers together, wine and cigars on his deck, loving animals, laughing about idiots in our world. THAT’S what really matters.

Pretty profound, isn’t it? Also pretty simple.

He told me very clearly he is a changed man but I have no fear. I love the inner core of his being, not the covering on the package. Well, okay I love that too but… I told him I knew we would merely get stronger, deeper in our connection. That I feel with my being. We’re just going to be for now, sharing what joy we can as we go through trials and tribulations. I know him pretty well. He just needs to heal and be able to move forward in his way so I won’t push. I’ll just be here. Good submissive? Yes, but better friend.

Now the fourth installment of Her Acceptance for your reading pleasure. The rest… Well, you’ll have to wait until the book comes out.

Kisses and spanks…


Jonathan smiled seeing her reddening ass cheeks and was surprised at his reaction. He was salivating, perspiration sliding down the back of his neck. “One more.”


Kelly arched her back, issuing a silent scream. Her hands were clenching the overhang. Slowly dropped her head, she pressed her face against the marble top. 1always“Ooohh…”

“You did very well. Very well indeed.” A rush of adrenaline was sending a wave of current into the very dark places in his body and mind. He’d spanked women before, whipped them with floggers and leather straps, but this had been positively exhilarating. Her ass was red, crisscrossed with lashes from his belt. She was already bruising, more the effect of unblemished skin than the force used. He’d been very careful, peppering spanks across her sit spot. Yes, he wanted her to feel the burn for at least a couple of days. After all, this was only the beginning of her training, one that would last several months, the journey a lifetime.

“Yes…I…” Breathless, Kelly attempted to push up from the counter.

“Your ass is the perfect shade of crimson.” Gathering her into his arms, he cupped both breasts and pulled her against the heat of his chest. When she leaned her head back on his shoulder he kissed her damp forehead. He could feel her thumping heart as he comforted her. “Every woman needs a hard spanking every so often. Many need several a week.”

“Mmm…” Closing her eyes she licked a bead of perspiration from her upper lip.

“I tomorrow you’ve receive another then next week we’ll begin a schedule of maintenance spankings.”

“Really?” The question was meek yet a smile curled in the corner of her mouth.

“Yes, my sweet. Including in the office.” He chuckled and pinched her nipples between his fingers.

Shuddering, she wiggled back and forth. “Imagine what the employees would think.”

He loved when she purred. Twisting the tender buds, he rocked his pelvis forward, grinding his hips into her ass. “Yes. Imagine.” He pulled on her nipples until she gasped from the pain. “You’re also going to learn you belong to me.” He continued pinching until her legs began to shake then released one hand, sliding his fingers down to her pussy. “Very much mine.” Swirling the tip of a single finger around her clit, the wafting of her feminine scent told him just how turned on she really was. “You’re wet.”

“Oh yes sir.”

“You hunger for my cock?” he breathed as he moved his finger up and down the length of her pussy.

“You have no idea.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and arched her back in a blatant offer of her sex.

He continued to abuse her breast as he plunged two then three fingers inside her hot cunt. Thrusting in and out, the sound of her wet pussy sucking his fingers deeply inside was a powerful aphrodisiac. “I think I do.” As his fingers became coated with her juice his cock throbbed, pushing uncomfortably against his pants. He needed relief, the kind only hard sex could fix.

“God that feels good.” Undulating her hips she groaned as he flexed his fingers open, plunger harder and faster. She rose onto her tiptoes, her groans becoming whimpers of pleasure.

“Yes it does.” His balls had swollen until they ached. He continued driving inside, coating his fingers. As he danced his thumb around her clit, he could tell she was close to cumming. Her breath was shallow, her eyelids fluttering open and closed. “Do you want to cum?”


“Not yet. Bad girls aren’t allowed to cum.”


“No buts.” He bit down on her neck, taking the tender flesh into his mouth. Removing his slickened fingers her held them into the light before sliding them across her mouth. Growing, he nipped her earlobe as he whispered, “Lick them clean.”

Opening her mouth Kelly darted out her tongue, gingerly licking up and down the length of his index finger.

Dazzling sensations rushed down his spine as she licked and sucked his fingers. Jonathan released her breast and eased back, dragging the tips of his fingers down to the small of her back. He smiled as he rubbed her ass while she moaned, enjoying the heat on his hand from her skin. “Good girl. Lick up every drop of your sweet cream.”

Kelly purred as she completed her task and closed his fingers over hers. Arching her back, she shoved her ass into his groin.

“Hungry for something, my sweet?” He didn’t give her time to answer. Bending her over he kicked out her legs as he unbuttoned his pants and opened his fly, easing out his throbbing cock. Grunting, he impaled her with one hard thrust, the force throwing her hard against the edge of the island. “Fuck yes. Wet and hot.” Instantly her muscles constricted around his cock. There was nothing like the sweet sensations or the sound of his balls slapping against her well-spanked ass.

bw in his hands“Oh…mmmm…” Her breath coming in swallowed pants, she reached back, grabbing his leg as she pushed up from the counter.

“Yes, you like it rough, don’t you?”

“God yes. Fuck me. Just fuck me.”

He chuckled as he withdrew his cock, keeping the tip just inside for a few seconds. Her purrs were like music to his ears and he drove into her hard and fast just twice more before opening her ass cheeks.

She seemed to sense what was coming next and gasped as she tossed her head back, a look of serenity cresting across her face.

Opening her wide he plunged the entire length of his cock deep inside her asshole. “Yes!” Sweat beaded over his lip, another string slithering down the back of his next. He reached around her, squeezing her breasts as he began to drive in and out in slow, deliberate motions. “You like it in your ass. Don’t you?”

“Yes sir,” Kelly whispered.

“More than your pussy.”

“God yes…I…”

“You’d beg to have me fuck your ass, wouldn’t you?” His voice was barely a husky growl and he closed his eyes as he continued the hard fucking, every sound and every clench of her ass muscles an intense moment of raw bliss. When she didn’t answer right away he twisted her nipple and slapped the top of her thigh.

“Oh God. Yes sir. I love you fucking me in the ass. Please use me, make me your dirty little slut.” She slapped her hand on top of the island as a long moan escaped her lips.

The dirty talk he loved. She knew him well. “You’re my whore.” This wasn’t a question but a blatant statement. She belonged to him and would for the rest of her life.

“I’ll always be your whore.”

“I’ll take you when and where I want.”

“Yes sir.”

He licked across the back of her neck as he thrust hard and fast. His heart was racing, his blood sizzling and for a few seconds he could see stars. He kept the rhythm and when there was nothing but the sound of their brutal fuck he jerked her hips back.

No longer able to hold on to anything Kelly relinquished control, her upper body going limp as he continued thrusting. She moaned every time his groin hit her ass.

“I’m going to cum inside of you, spew my seed deep inside.” He could tell the tone of his voice was nothing more than a guttural growl, feral and completely dominating – just the way she needed. Sniffing, he looked up at the ceiling as his balls filled with cum, his testicles aching to the point he hissed. Still he continued the pace until they were both panting.


When he finally released he threw his head back and roared.

Twenty minutes later they were on their way to the very location he’d never brought anyone to, or told anyone outside of his family about. He was eager, on fire with desire to see how Kelly would react, what her first impressions would be. Looking over at her, the glow of the neon city lights was illuminating her face in such a way she seemed to glow. Jonathan reached over, taking her hand and fingering her palm. “Are you curious as to where we’re going?”

Kelly darted a quick look then smiled. “Very. However I don’t think I’m supposed to ask any questions.”

“And you would be right.”

Sighing, she shifted in her seat to get closer to him then groaned.

“Something painful there girlie?”

Wrinkling her nose she pressed her hand over her mouth as she started to laugh. devotion“You’re mean.”

“I’m not mean. You got exactly what you deserved, what the entire office staff hoped you’d receive as a matter of fact.”

“No, they’re hoping I’ll be fired.”

“True enough. If you continue your path you will be.” He laughed as he turned down the side street. The location of the club was a secret, access by invitation only. His had been secured soon after his eighteenth birthday and while he’d only begun to partake in the events occurring behind closed doors, he was certainly enjoying the rather interesting fringe benefits. Anonymity was required and he’d never brought a submissive with him, merely played with others as allowed by various Doms. Tonight he was introducing her to a crowd who would be more than intrigued, if not hungry for a taste.

“Do you think…” She hesitated and looked away.

“Do I think?” he knew exactly what she was trying to ask.

“That regular spankings will help me, my behavior I mean?”

Even her voice sounded reticent. “I think my dear that regular spankings as well as various other forms of discipline will release the angry beast dwelling inside that gorgeous body of yours.”


“Yes, the one turning you into a class ‘A’ bitch.”

Slapping his arm she craned her neck as he pulled into a parking lot. “This doesn’t look very much like a club and I’m not a bitch.”

“Yes you are. You know that well enough. I adore your spunk, the very willful spirit you possess. Controlling you isn’t going to be easy.”

“Controlling me huh?” Kelly grinned. “You come here often?”

“Not that often. Work keeps me from enjoying my proclivities.”

“Proclivities. When you say the word it sounds so dirty.” Cooing, she slid her hand into his lap. Very interesting location.”

The brownstone building was five stories and had been around since the early twenties. While refurbished several times the exterior remained much the same, austere and very private. Nestled in an older section of the city, the surrounding buildings were all commercial and very little traffic at night. “This is a very special club.” He turned off the engine and turned to face her. The feel of her hand on his cock was enough to make him hunger all over again.

Kelly tipped her head, gazed out the window then narrowed her eyes. “This is a BDSM club.”


“And you…” She looked into his eyes, hers imploring.

“This is a club that I frequent.”

“You’re a Dom?”

Smiling, he cupped her chin. “Yes. You understand the lifestyle?”

“Enough to know you’d like me as your submissive?” Her smile was mischievous.


“Oh shit.”

Jonathan breathed in her perfume, enjoying the way being around her always seemed to give him a hard on. “Tonight is nothing more than a taste.”


“There are playrooms, yet, but we’re not playing tonight. We’re just observing. Tonight I’m going to introduce you to another world, one I hope you’ll enjoy.” When she didn’t say anything he pulled the key from the ignition and leaned over, kissing her softly on the lips. Easing back he winked. “Come on. Let’s go inside.”


As he took her by the arm, leading her toward the entrance, he’d never felt so proud yet very apprehensive. This would prove to be a defining moment in their growing relationship. He stopped them just before they went inside. Pulling her to face him he smoothed a stray strand of hair from her face. “A couple of things I need you to understand.”


“Yes. Tonight you belong to me. There will be men who hunger for a taste of you. There will be some who make offers of indulgence. Just remember that you belong to me, if only for a night. Do you understand?”

A slight smile curled in the corner of her mouth. “I do. I mean yes sir.”

“Mmm… I love hearing you say those words. Come.” After giving a quick nod they were quickly escorted inside.

“Welcome Mr. Diego. Glad you have you back.”

Jonathan nodded toward the man. “Thank you, Jarvis. Glad to be back.”

“Are you interested in anything in particular,” Jarvis asked as he gazed at Kelly.

“No. We’re simply here to enjoy a quiet evening,” Jonathan answered as he watched her reaction. The main room was nothing more than a darkened bar, complete with light jazz pulsing through speakers in every corner of the room.

“Good enough sir. Let me know if you need anything.”

“Thank you, Jarvis.” He led them through the crowded room toward the bar. Every head turned in their direction, men and women eager to see and learn about the woman he’d brought with him. He thought about the times he’d frequented the club. While the times were sporadic, his family name brought respect in a lifestyle where the concept was expected. He was indeed proud having her on his arm.

Kelly stood tall, her eyes sweeping the room. She remained quiet, following his lead as they moved to the single open stool. Placing her hand on the cool wood she tipped her head as if questioning her role.

Jonathan slid onto the barstool and pulled her into his lap, placing his arm protectively around her waist. He was merely making certain everyone knew she was indeed his property for the night. “Wine?”

“Yes sir.”

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4 Responses to What’s D/s Got To Do With It?

  1. Kim says:

    It sounds like you had a week similar to what mine was last week. The darkness threatens to swallow you whole and the life you’ve come to love ceases to exist. Sir and I have had to work out so many details that we thought we had covered and our lives as well as our understanding of each other’s needs have changed. However, this darkness opened up a line of communication that we had neglected and has really brought us closer together as the friends we began this journey as. I wish the best of luck to you and John Patrick!


    • Kim – I SOOOOOO wish you well with your Sir. What I realized is the D/s forced us in a sense to be closer and now that we have to deal with strife in real life – meaning vanilla – its the love that strengthens us. Its hard but so worth every moment. Thank you for piping in. I love hearing John Patrick and I aren’t but so…weird? LOL


  2. laurellasky says:

    John Patrick loves you so much, even without the D/s you both have gone through a rough time but you both Inmurged in a deeper, stronger place. Depression hurts so much, you don’t think you will ever come out of it, but you both did. Real life can suck big time but you understand much more. Hang in there and just love each other.


    • We love each other very much. His words of how deep it was yesterday thrilled me as only John Patrick can. He is such a passionate man, one who stills me every day. I still break when he hurts, but you learn your inner strength when going through something like this. 🙂


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