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Reflections on a Quiet Dom and Willful Sub

What have you learned this year? Are you glad the year is ready to end and looking forward to 2015? Are you praying to God certain things will change? Has there been a single nemesis hanging over your head? Tough … Continue reading

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So What’s With All This Spanking??

Crack! Mmm… The feel of leather as it strikes your naked skin. The anticipation beforehand, knowing you’re going to receive a hard spanking for some infraction. The way in which he looks at you before he pats his lap or … Continue reading

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There Are Bad Things in This World

You all know I have many sides. One of them has to do with loving creatures of the night. I’ve always been terrified yet fascinated about vampires and were-creatures so as I got older I wanted more of them. Writing … Continue reading

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His Primary Submissive

A primary submissive. Think about the concept. What do these words really mean? This means the number one submissive in a polyamory household. There could be several submissives or slaves in a Master/slave lifestyle. You have heard of this occurring … Continue reading

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Will a Hard Spanking Entice Your Motivation?

Mmm – now that’s a sexy little question for you. Well, it’s after Christmas and I must say the holiday was a hell of a lot of fun – nothing tremendously huge that went on but certain things were – … Continue reading

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Do You Like a Little BDSM & Blackmail With Your Reindeer?

AHHH – finally a little time off to enjoy. Having a cocktail as I put this together. Still going to take a little time so I won’t be writing a blog, but I’m sharing my HOT little holiday pieces. I … Continue reading

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Do You Dare to Unwrap Me?

Aren’t those some creative and sinful words? I would love to say that to one very naughty Santa under the Christmas tree – and you know who I have in mind. Yeah, I’m very wicked this time of year. I … Continue reading

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