Santa, Sex & Sin… Mmm…

We’re still talking Christmas so here is another in my delicious Dirty Little Lunch collection. I wrote these pieces to read at lunchtime to keep you hot and bothered throughout the day. At only $.99, I think they pack a lot of meat for the change. I know – bad pun, right? Can’t help myself. I hope you enjoy…


“Did you see the final request for the damn campaign? Our client is a slave driver and then some. Honestly, if I have to look at one more freaking stuffed reindeer or even hear another damn version of I’ll Be Home for Christmas I’m going to puke!” Brandon Decker groaned as he tossed his pen across the office and eased back in his chair. The sound ofSexy Santa 7
the pen slapping against the wall was met with a huge grin.

Justin Wells had to laugh. Moving behind Brandon, he rubbed the man’s shoulders before lowering his head and kissing the side of his cheek. His cock instantly twitching, he eased his hand down the front of his lover’s chest, crawling his way to Brandon’s bulging groin. “First of all, our client is paying a hefty sum for this entire campaign and if we make every detail glimmer like a damn string of festive lights, we’re be completely set well into summer. Secondly, the event is just a holiday photo shoot, not espionage you know and this is supposed to be fun. Stop growling. Enjoy the season.”

“Ugh. You know how I feel about Santa and candy canes and everything else around the holidays,” Brandon said through clenched teeth.”

“I know. Remember?”

“Money or no money, I’m already sick of every aspect. We’re been working long hours and I’m not convinced all of our hard work is going to matter.”

“You know what? You’re indeed the original Scrooge and you need to just suck it up. Business is business but…” Justin’s eyes flashed.

Brandon gave him a harsh look. “I don’t want to hear it.”

“Tough. You’re going to. So let me think. What will it take to get the big brooding boy to smile?”

“Not in the mood.”

“You never are.” Justin shot him a snide look as he rubbed his chin. “Oh I know. Allow me to take your mind off of everything for a little while.” Nipping Brandon’s earlobe, he stroked up and down the length of his crotch, enjoying the way Brandon responded instantly. Pumping with the kind of roughness he knew Brandon hungered for, he loved the feel of just how hard he could get his lover. His heart racing, he was ready to drop to his knees and suck Brandon off.

“If you don’t stop I won’t be able to get this finished in time to even set up the damn photo shoot,” he breathed, his voice barely audible. Instead of pushing Justin away, he reached back and rubbed his hands up and down Justin’s arms. “Jesus. You feel good. This feels good. You always know how to make me smile.”

Justin sighed. “Won’t hurt you to relax a little bit.”

“I know.” When he pulled away Justin jerked him back.

“Can’t you enjoy anything?” His eyes flashed. “I hope like hell I’m turning you on. You want more? Hungry for a little afternoon nookie?” Justin cooed.

“God, you tempt me. Whew.” Shifting in his seat, Brandon exhaled slowly and opened his legs wide.

Chuckling, Justin squeezed the man’s shaft through his dense jeans and darted his tongue in and out of Brandon’s ear, allowing hot breath to skate across his lover’s neck. “You Abram with Tireknow, I want to shove my dick deep inside of you, reminding you every day how much I hunger for you, need you.” Of course he knew his words were nothing more than a distraction.

“Sweet Jesus! So, um… so… So, you did hire a model, didn’t you? You know, a perky little blond to kick Santa in his ass?”

There was nothing like the feel of the man’s throbbing shaft in his hand. Inhaling Brandon’s musky scent, he closed his eyes, envisioning thrusting his dick deep inside his lover’s ass. “Model?”

“Yeah, you know the model for the photo shoot in less than forty-eight hours? That model? The one if we don’t have all hot and ready in the tiny crimson elf suit we’re going to get fired girl? The one who will help us get all this money you’re talking about?” Shifting, he tilted his head and then opened his eyes wide. “Justin. Do not tell me.”

Freezing, he ceased stroking and groaned. “Fuck.”

“Oh no.” Jerking up from the chair Brandon shook his head. “Please tell me you found the right woman, the one the freaking ads call a ‘voluptuous vixen’. Please tell you actually managed to snag the right girl, the one we’ve been talking about for…oh I don’t know…six months.”

“Well…” Shit! He’d been too damn busy handling several time consuming aspects about the event to even think about securing a model, which they had discussed well over a month before. “I guess telling you I thought you were going to find her is the wrong thing to say?”

“Damn it! You’re serious. You didn’t?” His eyes opening wide Brandon exhaled slowly then brought his fist to his mouth. “Shit.”

“I’m sorry. I was busy and had a hell of a lot on my plate.”

“Yeah, I hear you.”

“And I was trying to make certain we had all the details down with the shopping center down cold. You know how prickly those bastards can be.” Justin could certainly tell his piss poor excuses with his partner weren’t going to fly.

A full minute ticked by.

“Un-fucking believable. You know what this means, right?”

“We’ll figure something out.” Of course he did. They were fucked for the damn shoot, one they were counting on for dollars in the bank. Another minute passed by. He was sweating, beads rolling down the back of his neck. Justin loathed disappointing anyone, especially Brandon.

“Uh-huh. I’m going to go make a damn drink.” Skirting by Justin, he growled as he walked through the house.

He waited until Brandon was out of sight before cussing and kicking the leg of the chair. “Damn it!” There had to be something he could do, perhaps a favor called on at the last minute. Thoughts and ideas poured through his mind.

As he started to pace back and forth, he realized just how horrendous the situation really was. They were the co-owners of Wells and Decker, only the hottest advertising firm in the River city, and yet they had a hell of a lot to prove to the town, every perspective clients and more importantly, to themselves. Jesus Christ the stakes were high. The big boys in New York and Los Angeles were sniffing around, attempting to take their largest clients. And clients were squirrely about mistakes. “Fuck me.” He could tell his blood pressure was increasing. This was ridiculous. There had to be a thousand plus chicks that would do a simple gig for a damn hefty amount.

Justin sucked in his breath. If they did this right they would indeed be hooking into everything from a national football team to at least two major food manufacturers. Everything was tied into the success of this project, including their reputation and their entire bank account. There was far too much invested to destroy everything they’d worked so hard to achieve, mistake or no mistake. Which is why his foible wasn’t just huge. His oversight could cost them everything, pushing them into no man’s land and DLL_MF_SantaSex_medcomplete bankruptcy.

Sighing, he rubbed his eyes and several pictures on top of Brandon’s desk caught his eye. Growing curious, he closed the distance and peered down at the colorful stack. “What the hell?” For a few seconds he tingled all over. Seeing photo after photo of their best friend was eye opening and in truth a huge surprise. Dressed in various skimpy outfits, the look of the sultry girl did several things to his usually nefarious mind as well as his now raging libido. As a single bead of sweat suddenly appeared, rolling down the side of his face, he darted a glance toward the kitchen and had a thought. No, he had a damn good idea.

Justin rubbed his finger back and forth across the pictures and smiled. Tawnie Porter was a stunning redhead, full of life and verve with a body to kill and a wicked sense of humor. She was also their “buddy” and could chug beer as well as scream out at the top of her lungs after arguing stats with them during any baseball game. She was highly intelligent, was a damn good district attorney and was about as conservative as could be – that was in public.


What’s on your menu for lunch today? A wicked tryst perhaps? 

For best friends and lovers Justin Wells and Brandon Decker, life together is full of passion. Co-owners of a highly coveted advertising firm in Richmond, they live the highlife, indulging in every toy money can buy. Unfortunately they’re also missing what they consider to be a necessity in their lives – a third and a woman. Without a doubt they have the perfect sultry vixen in mind. Tawnie Porter is sweet, adorable and their very best buddy, but she had no clue they hunger for more than just her friendship. As the holiday season approaches, the men have to finish a campaign complete with Santa Claus and his reindeer. After a costly mistake, they were without one coveted model to seal the upcoming deal. Garnering a sinful thought, they set up a shoot in the local mall during the middle of the day. They were determined to win her heart, secure the campaign and entice her out of her conservative side. Little did they know that Santa had ideas of his own for the three and suddenly a dirty little lunch is the perfect candy coated treat including spankings and one wild ride. Then again, Tawnie is already on the naughty list…

Hope you enjoyed

Kisses and spanks…



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  1. laurellasky says:

    I’m so happy that you are writing again. You are starting to heal. May you have a wonderful Christmas and a wonderful year. Love, hugs and blessings.



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