There Are Bad Things in This World

You all know I have many sides. One of them has to do with loving creatures of the night. I’ve always been terrified yet fascinated about vampires and were-creatures so as I got older I wanted more of them. Writing about curses and beasts, monsters who kill and maim truly gives me some delicious and rather unexpected passion in my writing. My complex make-up gives me a serial killer side. So… The third in the Bad Things trilogy is finally coming out. We’re talking a serious alpha female were-tiger who fell in love with a human detective. She has a HOT BDSM club and fights the spirituality of Charleston SC with a vengeance. Then there’s the fact murders are occurring. The long awaited conclusion… Coming January 16th from Naughty Nights Press.


And God declared, “let there be light” and there was. In the shadowed world, oneBAD THINGS 3 RAVAGE by Cassandre Dayne created by the hands of two creatures – one the epitome of good and the other the beginnings of raw evil – there was only a sliver of humanity separating the two. The two aspects of life followed a winding path, one full of treachery and betrayal, rules denoted by an ancient but hallowed book. They created mankind in their likeness, a vision of their respective souls, and the Universe was populated. Peace remained for a time – until a horrific war began, one foretold to those who would listen. Who would believe…

Only the righteous shall rule, protected by the truth.

And only the chosen will survive…


“Master, I’ve come at your request,” she whispered as she moved through the darkness, her white gown billowing around her. She was naked under the translucent dress, her bare feet gliding along the surface of the deck.

Constantine Dumont was ripe with hunger. He slid his tongue across his lips, allowing the suckling sound to float toward her. She wasn’t afraid. Marvelous. A fighter. Tonight he was going to have a prime feast, one meant for a king such as himself. “Good girl. Soon you’ll be pleasuring me.” He took a gulp of the blood-red wine, savoring the pungent taste. There were several perks in which he gathered pleasure during every mock fest of fighting, the times he became very human. If only he could capture his needs, secure his playthings and release his army. Human. Soon there would be little left of humanity, but not soon enough for his tastes. Yes, too bad everything in nature was required to occur at the right time.

“Yes, Master.”

He moved around her in a full circle, drinking in the fact she was ovulating. Interesting. Perhaps he wouldn’t kill and eat her tonight. She certainly could have other purposes. “My child, you are a lovely creature.” He dragged the tip of his sharp nail across the back of her neck, instantly releasing a long line of blood. Licking his chops, he couldn’t resist leaning over and taking a sweet taste. “Mmm… Yes.”

She shivered but remained quiet, her delicate porcelain hands fluttering in front of her.

“You will do nicely tonight, ma chérie.” Sliding his hand in front, he pressed his fingers against her pelvis. “Yes, you’re quite ripe. Aren’t you my child?”

A single whimper pushed past her lips. She swallowed as he inched his fingers under her gown, thrusting several into her cunt.

“Yes, so wet, so hot. You’re going to be enjoyable to fuck tonight.” Jerking out his hand, he studied the glistening sheen before licking his fingers clean. He did so enjoy the taste of a human female.

He walked to the other side of the deck, surveying his sequestered property. Dead men didn’t need real estate. Glancing over his shoulder, he’d left the trophy for himself as well as any happenstance visitors. For a few moments he enjoyed the view, the sunken eyes of horror, the bloated body of a fat pig. Killing the Congressman had been a delight. The pompous asshole had proven to be a worthy opponent in the war against all things dark and kinky. A predator of his son, Constantine merely enjoyed the hunt as well as the capture. Tonight he would take his prize to a special place, where others could indulge in his beauty, and the work of the Devil incarnate.

Constantine studied his prize and smiled with satisfaction. The piece of shit was merely the beginning of the riddle. Were the humans smart enough to realize what was happening to them?

He polished off his wine and tossed the glass onto the hardscape. The sound as it shattered gave him a smile.

“Yes, Master,” she moaned and jumped at the sound.

Scarlet MoonTonight. Yes, what a joyous night. Constantine breathed in the night air, cognizant of the members of the Pride encroaching on the area. Were-creatures were habitual, preferring to hunt in the shadows of darkness. He held up his hand, savoring his very human form. For a man who had many names, yet no true humanity, he had to admit he was enjoying his time on this earthly place. He was also savoring the servants who bestowed a sense of pleasure. They were nothing but sheep, slaves to do anything he wanted with. “Yes… You will please me tonight no matter what I ask. Won’t you?”

“Of course, Master,” the girl whispered, her voice filling with terror.

Tonight was merely another night. He was biding his time as patiently as possible, but soon his legacy and the taking of his throne would begin.

Running his tongue across his teeth, he could almost taste her blood as he walked toward the lovely young woman. She wasn’t a virgin, but close enough for his intense tastes. Using both hands he pressed them lightly against the sides of her face before sliding them down to her shoulders, tugging the material down her arms. He watched in amusement as the flimsy gown floated to the deck, then stood back admiring the view. With her full breasts, slender waist and wide hips, she was the perfect looking Madonna, at least in his mind. She would do nicely to carry his seed. She would unlikely survive the birth of the creature, but then again, miracles did happen.

Laughing, he tossed her over his shoulder and stalked into the house, finding his way into the master bedroom. He flicked his hand, toward a grouping of candles and they instantly came alive, their warm glow filling the rather posh space. “I see our good Senator has been a busy boy. Stealing his constituent’s monies is shameful, but definitely profitable.” He knew she wasn’t paying any attention, didn’t give a shit that almost every politician in town was either taking payoffs, kickbacks, or had their hands in someone’s dirty laundry. It had been so easy to infiltrate the masses based on the fact there were few honorable men left.

Dropping her gingerly on the middle of the bed, he watched the way her body moved like a lithe cat, purring and cooing sounds coming from her perky mouth. The poor girl had no idea what was in store for her. His rather insidious needs would quite frankly, tear…her…apart. He bit back bile as laughter bridged to the surface. Leaning over, he brushed a few stray strands of hair from her face, admiring her beauty. Yes, she was truly a gorgeous girl – one who would live out whatever was the rest of her life no doubt in infamy. How delicious. “Rest. I’ll be right back. Then our fun can begin.”

He glanced at the open door and snarled, flashes of the recent past sweeping into the forefront of his mind. “Soon, my dear. Soon.” Taking three long strides he stood in the doorway studying the moon. The second cycle since the time of the Crimson Moon had been enough to garner his full strength, as well as leave the humans thinking they were very safe in their environment. A particular scent caught his attention. His cock swelling, he titled his head toward the intense fragrance and snarled. Hunger enveloped him to the point his canines oozed past his swollen gums.

Constantine could smell her, the woman who was his queen. Anastasia was struggling with what she was becoming. Tonight, he would show her how important she was to him. He’d give her a very special gift, one that meant something to him – perhaps to both of them. As he moved out onto the deck he could feel her vibes, sense a growing need. She was fighting more than just her beast tonight. “Come to me, sweet Anastasia, my mate and my lover. Come to me.”

She wasn’t quite ready. Of that he knew. But soon. Hearing the rustling of the sheets, he turned to face the young girl and smiled. She was on her knees in position to take his cock into her sweet mouth. “How wonderful. You can be trained. Stay just like that while I undress.” As he strode back into the room he pulled off his shirt in one move, tossing the piece aside without care. The pants he nearly ripped in half, and as he stood tall, he could tell she only had eyes for his massive cock. When he’d selected the fine looking specimen of a man to use, he’d chosen this body in particular. Standing at over six foot four, the human had carved muscles from years at the gym and his dick was long and thick. Wrapping his hand around the base, he pumped the shaft several times as he inched closer to the bed.

“You want my cock, sweet child?” Constantine poured on the charm.

“Yes, Master. Very much.” The tone of her voice was jazzed with a heightened level of sensuality.

“You want my thick dick inside your wet mouth, your hot pussy, your tight ass?”

“Oh yes, Master.” Her eyes gleamed.

“Then you shall have exactly what you want.” Constantine moved closer, gazing down at her luscious beauty. “You’ll live as an immortal, my dear, serving my every pleasure, my every need.”

Her eyes opened wide yet she remained quiet.

Summoning his beast, he continued stroking, a smile plastered onto his face as the transformation began. The sound of bones cracking and tendons popping filled the space. He threw his head back and roared as she remained frozen, terror riding every inch of her quivering body.

He held out one arm, flexing his muscles and clenching his fist as the bones protruded, muscles snapped. Talons took the place of fingers, think bumps the place of his wrists. He was becoming the monster all men feared, a nightmare of giant proportion. And to think, he was only getting stronger.

A tiny whimper escaped her mouth as her eyes glazed over. Shock was settling in.

To her credit, she didn’t scream, didn’t try and run. She merely watched the horror show unfold before her eyes. He snarled, his voice box completely changed and blinked once before his eyes became mere slits. He was able to see every nook and cranny, every tiny fleck, and he stuck out his tongue, the slithering noise slicing into female redheadthe air.

Constantine was still transforming as he approached her and once again wrapped his hand around his cock, the thick protrusion no longer a thing of beauty but a misshapen mass of flesh and bone, barbs extending outward from the tip. The instrument of his kind would no doubt rip her apart, but she would heal in time and remained filled with his seed, the seed of a God.

As he crept onto the bed, his snake-like tongue darted out, licking her up the length of her face. The scent of her was driving him wild.

She lifted her head, her eyes resembling large saucers just seconds before she passed out.


Evil lurked in every shadow and corner of Charleston South Carolina and the understanding that were-tiger beasts ruled the forests had pushed the good citizens into a state of panic. For Detective Devon Brazlin, days and nights rushed together in a manic state. Anastasia Lucard, the love of his life and the woman he’d only just begun to know was in jeopardy, her very soul in danger of freefalling into the pits of hell and damnation. While he’d begun to believe in the ancient curses forcing a ravaging hunger into the Pride, he’d made a sacred promise to Anastasia and refused to succumb to fear or the continuing threats from a man he now knew to be pure evil. Enlisting the help of Kristoff Chenault, considered the most powerful warrior within the clan, he was determined to end the bloodshed and break the curse.

Constantine Dumont had enjoyed the playful antics of humans and his kind alike, but was finally weary of the games. After all he was the rightful ruler of heaven and hell and now was the time to take back his Kingdom. Two women were all that stood in his way and he was determined to make them both his immortal slaves. As the final ending battle approached, he was thwarted by one man, yet he held more than one key and the secret would allow him retribution.

When the past and the present collided, forcing Devon and Kristoff into a myriad of choices, Devon made a final decision, the only one with any chance of saving his beloved. With hope the only saving grace, he entered into the abyss and in his heart he knew, there was no recourse.

I hope you enjoyed.

Kisses and spanks…



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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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