So What’s With All This Spanking??


Mmm… The feel of leather as it strikes your naked skin. The anticipation beforehand, knowing you’re going to receive a hard spanking for some infraction. The way in which he looks at you before he pats his lap or tells you to crawl across the pillows, the ones strategically positioned to place your buttocks front and center.

Whoosh! Crack!

The intensity of your emotions, so raw and fresh, as they rush to the surface. You in his denknow you’ve been a very bad girl and deserve your punishment. When he tells you there’s going to be thirty more you cringe, your pussy clenching. Yet you’re wet and hot, every part of your body trembling.

Pop! Slap!

The sensations rocketing through you as you try not to cry, but tears trickle past your lashes. The longing to be told you’re a good girl and he’s proud of you, even though his voice drips of disappointment.

Crack! Smack!

The moment he tells you your spanking is done, your infraction abolished and you suck in your breath as the tears continue to call. The feel of his hand rubbing you gently then pulling you into his strong arms, telling you he is indeed very proud of you. The love in your heart as you cling to him, the man who knows you best, the one you’ll always honor and obey.

Does the make believe moment give you tingles? Didn’t you see yourself there just for a second or two, your heart thumping, your breath short? I know you did because in truth, all women need to be refocused from time to time and there’s no better way than an intense spanking doled out by someone who knows you best.

How many blogs have I written about spanking and still, the subject never grows old, either for me or my readers. I chuckle at times given the rather torrid conversations about this very subject John Patrick and I have had. He knows I thrive on a firm hand. He realizes at times the only way to get through my very opinionated personality and willfulness is to take me over his knee or push me over a desk. Hey, what better way to get a girl’s attention?

I couldn’t resist the title. Of course I have a new book release coming out geared all around the ‘art’ of spanking so it’s on my mind for professional reasons. There’s always other reasons the thought of spankings is oh so delicious. Everyone seems to be very interested in either reading about, talking about or receiving a spanking. Spanking books fly off the shelves so someone is interested in the either receiving or giving one. For couples, a little bedroom spanking certainly has been a topic of agenda at some point. What I’ve found fascinating lately is talking with men, some of which are well over fifty, who suddenly have a fascination for all things spanking and submission.

Submitting reflectionWhen some men read my blog I really don’t think they have any idea how to respond or what questions to ask. What I can tell you – from my point of view – is that they’re hungering to try something, anything different than what they’ve experienced pretty much the last twenty or so years. Men who looked at me initially like I was nuts suddenly have the need to spank me. Why? That may be a bit too complex to answer or there may be a very simple explanation. I had lunch with a friend and he and I got onto the subject of the kind of woman who intimidated men. Yes, he said flat out I fall into that category because of my height, the way I dress, the rather assertive – borderline aggressive personality. His words were, “most men have balls the size of peanuts” and his “clanged together”. Now, his comments were said half tongue in cheek – half. He’s not the kind of guy to be intimidated by a bear or gator, so a little ole filly isn’t a challenge – or so he thinks. Snicker…

He also said he knows I enjoy shoving the envelope with regard to pushing men’s buttons and he’s right. He winked, leaned over the table and told me flat out he knew I’d been frustrated my whole life with this and that when a man didn’t back down, he was worth a shot in my book. (no pun intended). He’s absolutely right. After a deep chuckle he said something to the effect of that if a man put me over his knee and whooped my ass until it was on fire, he was a keeper. After giving him ‘that’ look, I had to agree. Pretty much every woman wants to be taken by a man. Don’t fight me on this, ladies. You know you do. That’s where all the heroes in the romance novels come from and why they all look and act the same. They even drink the same damn liquor for God’s sake. They are men of wealth and exude power and domination in all things they do. Spanking a woman? That’s just after coffee in the morning. Wait until dinner time. The ones we vie for, hoping they’re get the girl in the end against all those stubborn odds, is the gentle, intelligent and commanding dominant force. He will take her but she’ll always be safe by his side. I know, you’re panting right now. Aren’t you?

I think that’s what drew me initially to John Patrick. He oozed power of his own, but in subtle ways. He wasn’t overt in any action, nor did he try and exude absolute domination over me initially. He simply sat back and learned about the woman outside, the one who wore the mask. Then he opened himself up to certain vulnerabilities which allowed me to as well. The moment I looked past his baby brown’s into his soul – whew. Lightning bolts and a wave of current hit me like wildfire. That was the very day I not only began to submit to him, but longed to. Pretty soon after the wonderful moment my spankings began. Eek!

He simply knew the right time and the correct manner in which to begin my training. Any other way and I would have balked, raging against the machine. There is no doubt. The way I responded and the way he reacted were surprising for both of us. We began almost immediately to see how vital and very important his guidance and firm hand became not only to the power exchange but to the deep connection. Unless you have experienced this before, I’m not certain you can fully understand how amazing this can be. There has to be a balance found of course and that takes time. He and I laugh after having suggested a sound spanking for various friends. He’s told them flat out – they need a hard spanking. While initially I thought he was being funny, I took a step back and thought – well their behavior is rather childlike. How would a very harsh round of punishment do for their demeanor?That look

As you can imagine, my friends laughed but they were intrigued enough to ask questions. They ranged from how could I do that? Don’t they hurt? Don’t you cry? Then the questions moved into even more intrigue. Do they work? How do I feel afterwards? Do they make you more romantic?

The short answers are I am a submissive and believe men should rule. Spankings are supposed to hurt! They are punishment for breaking the rules after all. I haven’t cried and have told John Patrick I need to have the kind of spanking that allows me to cry, to release all of my tension. One day… They do help me focus. I feel so loved and the depth of my trust and love grow every time. They do have a tendency to bring out the romance… If ya know what I mean.

What’s with all the spanking? I think people knowing things need to change in relationships or why bother? They work for this willful girl.

Kisses and spanks…


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4 Responses to So What’s With All This Spanking??

  1. laurellasky says:

    I still love the stories and descriptions about spanking, and you do a great job of it.
    I have a rather personal question to ask and if you prefer not to answer it that’s totally ok.
    You are now back with John Patrick and things seem to be going well, do you worry about him tuning out on you? The silence almost broke you and you were in such despair that I and others really worried about you.
    Anyway I’m glad your back. Big hugs,


    • I just saw this and I am not completely back with I’m or he with me. We are exploring the realization we can’t be apart. That doesn’t mean I don’t have concerns but he knew how much he hurt me. I honestly believe in the man as well as the Dom in that he knows making this switch back – has to be with forethought or it would kill me. I know its still tough for him. VERY tough in that he will have to make some changes. I take it day at a time, giving him the understanding and patience I know he needs. We will see. I said before, love like this doesn’t just die nor can it be broken. It lives on breathing and growing and sometimes fate has a way…


  2. laurellasky says:

    Thank you for your honest comment. I appreciate your sharing with me.


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