Oral Sex…Yes it’s Delicious

A little over two years ago I wrote a sexy piece for Naughty Nights Press about one thing we all love, whether we talk about the act or not. Come on, we all love oral sex. The intimate, yet sometimes naughty act, is one of the best moments we can share with our partner. I personally love giving and receiving. How can you not crave the taste? Well, given I have two incredible books coming out, my amazing publisher decided to give my readers a treat. For a limited time, you can download Oral Sex from Amazon for free. Yes, you heard me – FREE. Here’s a naughty taste just to um…wet your appetite.


“Bridget, have you ever eaten a woman’s pussy before?” Trevor Williams asked9Wet Kiss as he brushed the tip of his pen across the seam of his mouth. He kicked his sometimes lover, Brice Thompson under the table and winked.

Spitting out her coke, Bridget Sawyer choked as she grabbed her soaked papers and wiped her shirt fiercely. “What the hell? Why don’t you scream the question across the entire restaurant?”

“That’s our boy,” Brice snorted.

Trevor grinned as he handed her a stack of napkins and smirked at the couple giving him a nasty glare. “I’m serious. Do you really think there’s an art to giving oral sex?” Believe it or not it’s the article my boss asked me to write for the magazine.” Down and Dirty was the hottest up and coming magazine on the East Coast. Courted by every wanna be writer Trevor had garnered the lead writing position only six months before. Still on his proving ground he needed to hit the article out of the park and he was stymied with what to write.

“To answer your question, maybe, and I have to admit you have some pretty interesting topics. All I get to handle is writing about the latest gadget just approved for handling cow parts.” Sighing, Bridget shook her head.

“My how hot and bothered you look, girl. I think you need a man,” Brice chuckled as he fanned her face.

“You live the high life and maybe? Uh-huh.” Wrinkling his nose Trevor smiled. He adored his best friend. They’d been buddies since junior high and she was his confidant and his fashion guru. Leaning across the table, he placed his hand over hers. “I’m serious.”

“You’re both incorrigible.” Giving Brice the finger Bridget licked her lips in a sultry manner to tease them both. “Okay, yes I do and especially for women. Most men lick and suck like they’re chowing down on raw meat.”

“Now I see why I’ve never eaten a woman before.” Trevor sighed.

Slanting her eyes Bridget lowered her voice. “I’ve heard gay men do a beautiful job of licking.”

“Really?” Brice asked as he leaned further over the table.

“They seem to have a way with using their hot, wet tongue as they swirl the tip around our clits in circle after circle before plunging deep inside to taste our warm cream, lapping as they allow their hot breath to skate across our skin. Mmm…” Tossing her head back Bridget eased her hand down the length of her neck to the swell of her breasts. As she darted her hand inside her shirt she issued a series of loud moans.

“Said like a woman who’s had experience.” Swallowing hard Trevor’s cock pressed against his jeans until he knew he was going to have to go into the bathroom and garner some relief. As he watched her pinch and twist her nipple a bead of sweat trickled down the side of his face. “Sweet Jesus I’m going to pass out.”

“Mmm…licking and tasting and…” Opening her eyes she grabbed her coke and nibbled the end of the straw before licking all the way down to the rim of the glass.

Pleasing HimBrice wheezed. “Lord, woman.”

“Get a room!” The strangled voice snapped from behind them.

“You’re one bad vixen. Shit! Now I’m glad I told you about the article. Do you think you can help me with it?” Trevor asked as he took a sip of his drink.

“Well, I’m no expert but sure. What do you need to know?” Her look bordering on maniacal Bridget scanned the restaurant and giggled. “Besides, it looks like a lot of people could use your how to or tell all piece. Maybe spice up their boring love life a little.” The last words said loudly she slapped her hand on top of the table for emphasis.

“Now we’re talking. I can just read the article now. Hey, you know some detailed exploration would be delicious.” Brice pressed his hand down Trevor’s chest.

Trevor glanced over his shoulder and lowered his voice as he gave Brice a dirty look. “Have you really had a gay man lick you before?”

“Maybe.” Bridget looked down and then sighed. “Okay yeah. He was a guy I met in college who wanted to try and in truth it was the best damn experience I’ve ever had. I’d do it again in a heartbeat if I could.”


“You offering?” she cooed.

“I am.” Surprised at his answer Trevor opened and closed his mouth. “Merely for the sake of my article of course.”

“Here we go,” Brice teased. “I kind of like this. Matter of fact we need to get started right away.”

“Of course simply for research purposes,” Bridget giggled.

“You ever had a woman lick you before?” Brice asked as he raised his eyebrow.

Bridget blushed. “No. But…”

It was the far away look in her eyes that told Trevor so many things and he knew what she hungered for – if only for a tasty treat. He sat back in his seat and thought about the article. “This might be interesting. I mean if you trust me.”

“And tasty.” Bridget grinned and gave him a naughty look. “Okay. I would love to teach you how to pleasure a woman.”

“Tasty indeed.” Brice’s eyes glazed over.

“Do you enjoy sucking a man?” Giving Brice a heated look Trevor couldn’t help but tease Bridget. They’d tasted and toyed with each other and while he preferred the company of men she knew how to push every one of his buttons. Still, nothing had ever happened between them. Well, except for the sexy naked romp in the very public swimming pool one summer evening. It had been difficult to explain to the police what they were doing – especially since neither lived in the community. Oddly enough they’d teased and touched but he’d never licked her. In truth the flashing blue lights had squelched their burning desires. Shivering, the naughty thought alone was enough for force him to inhale to keep from moaning.

Licking her lips she darted quick glances around her before she inched her hand under the table. Crawling her fingers up the inside of Trevor’s thigh she looked down at the paper she’d brought with her and pretended reading as she cupped his cloth-covered cock and stroked him up and down. When she lifted her head she wore an evil grin. “I love sucking a man more than intercourse. There’s nothing like having him in my mouth, swirling my tongue around his blood-engorged tip as I cup and squeeze his balls. I love nipping the soft underside as I go all the way down to his balls, taking first one and Oral Sex - Cassandre Dayne HOT SHOTS PG-1then the other in my mouth, sucking until he moans and begs for more. I also love the first drops of pre-cum as the slide across my tongue. There’s nothing better than the taste of a man, tangy and sweet. I could suck a man for hours and in truth I have. Tell me, would you like me to suck your dick?”

“Holy shit. Where did this vixen come from?” Brice asked through clenched teeth.

“Fuck…me…” Blinking furiously Trevor had never seen her this way and in truth was about as turned on as he’d ever been. As he swallowed hard and opened his mouth to say something – anything the entire male population in the crowded restaurant seemed to be on heated overdrive.


“Fuckin’ ‘A’,” the man hissed.

“Come on baby and I’ll take you up on it.”

“Sweet Lord! You’re lucky men.”


Trevor Williams was stymied. Enlisted to write a scintillating article for the city’s hottest magazine, Down & Dirty, he wasn’t sure of how to approach the angle. Granted, writing about oral sex seemed to be every man’s fantasy but his boss wasn’t looking for a vanilla laced version. This one had to sizzle the pages in an effort to garner more subscribers. In truth – his job was on the line. During a sultry exchange over lunch with his two best friends they tossed around ideas. And it didn’t hurt that Bridget was a naughty minx at heart. Too bad Trevor preferred men. 

Undaunted, she decided to kick up the heat and remind him just how enjoyable oral sex could be. What a better way than showing versus telling? Her point made, an idea for one kinky party was created and Trevor finally had his first in a series of articles set to release. Not to be outdone by her scandalous behavior, Trevor decided to turn the tables and give Bridget her ultimate in fantasies. What he didn’t tell her was that she was going to be the star of the show. Was this taking their friendship too far or would she learn to enjoy oral sex in a whole new light?

What do you think? A bit hungry?

Kisses and spanks and download at will…


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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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  1. laurellasky says:

    Actually I’d rather receive rather then give. Remember the 3 big lies, it’s only a cold sore, the checks in the mail and I promise I won’t come in your mouth. 😘😁


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