Dear God…Just Spank Me!

Hmmm – have  you ever said THAT before? I highly doubt most of you have said anything of this nature – well, maybe in play time only. Right? What I can tell you that some of us – hint, hint…you know who – excel after a very intense spanking session. Some women know they need a hard spanking and don’t mind asking for one. I can tell you I’m overdue. WHEW. There is such when he arrivesfascination for the concept and stories are pretty darn hot.  In talking recently
about why I do so well for a couple weeks after one, he just said my personality is better suited. Go figure. So I have a tasty treat coming out with spanking the very center of the piece.

This happens to be a company who provides a much needing round of discipline for a cost – whether for personal clients or corporations. Imagine what would happen if companies used corporal punishment. I do think we’d have happier employees all the way around. So ask yourself this. Could you ever ask for a hard spanking? Mmm…


Christina clomped through the office, completely aware the entire staff was following her every move. She’d blown off the staff meeting, coming in late. She didn’t need to hear about some bullshit new office procedure. Glancing at her watch, she grinned. The time was nine forty-five. Oh goody. She shoved a drawer shut, the sound reverberating in the expansive space. When she was pissed off, she had no problems making certain everyone knew.

She thought about the dud date from the night before and bile rose in her throat. The twenty-something had a limp dick, a penchant for video games, and had fallen asleep during their second round of fake sex. For some sicko reason she thought the waiter had been sexy. Who the hell was she kidding? The surfer boy didn’t do it for her. Only one man did, and he’d been ignoring her since the single time they’d fucked. Why? There was no clear reason in her mind.

Everything about her was hot, ready to go, and she was one adventurous woman. Gavin had certainly seemed eager the night she rode him like a wild dog. Since then? A whole lotta nothing. She was determined to change their course of action, especially since she’d be a partner soon. The thought was delicious indeed.

“I guess I’ll have to do everything myself.” She passed by Stacy, giving the woman a curt smile, and beckoned with her finger. “I need the reports you’ve Kneeling on the bedbeen working on endlessly in ten minutes. Do you understand me? Ten minutes.”

“They’re not completely finished yet,” Stacy said, her voice clipped.

“Not done? You’ve had over two weeks to finish them, you useless twit.”

“But I was out for almost a week with the flu, Ms. Fontaine. Just came back two days ago.”

Leaning over, Christina placed her hands on her hips and widened her stance. “I don’t give a rat’s fucking ass. You work for me, and when I need a task accomplished you will do as I say, no matter how many hours you have to work late in order to provide me with a flawless product. Is that clear?” She loved the way the entire office cringed, slinking into the shadows.

“Yes, ma ‘am.” Stacy’s words were barely audible.

“You have a slight reprieve. One. I need them by the end of the day. If they aren’t on my desk by precisely five pm, you’re fired. Clear?”


“Good.” Christina plastered the smile back on her face and continued on her path, humming a happy tune.

“Ms. Fontaine, I need to see you in my office. We had an appointment, remember? One you didn’t seem to take seriously enough.”

His booming voice as well as the tone surprised her. Seriously enough? Gavin was many things, but never authoritative. “What do you need, Gavin? I have a very busy day ahead of me. She continued walking. Of course, she’d pushed the meeting out of her mind.

“I refuse to tell you again.”

“And I asked, what do you need?” Another group of jittery moans followed her as she continued walking. She was tingling all over, her pussy clenching from his dominating tone. Laughing inwardly, she brushed a sweaty glob of hair from her face. Her fantasies about a rough and tumble affair, one full of passion as well as utter domination, had been a continuous thread in her fantasies. Sadly, Gavin wasn’t the dominating type. When he remained quiet, her curiosity piqued and she stopped short and turned around.

Gavin stood with his arms folded, his dark eyes devoid of emotion.

Christina was turned on as hell. “I asked you a question. What do you need?” There was a collective hush in the room, one that sent a chill down her spine.

“You, in my office, right now, without questioning me again. Is that clear?” Not waiting for a response, Gavin walked past the row of employees, the heels of his polished shoes clicking against the tile.


The moment his door was closed forcefully several people jumped. Nervous laughter skittered through the masses.

Fucking asshole. Swallowing hard, she checked her composure, sniffed, and waited the appropriate full minute before heading in the direction of his office. She couldn’t show any fear to the minions or they’d have an upper hand. Taking long strides, she moved down the hallway, every step seeming to take forever. When she reached his closed door she debated going right in. Instead, she rapped on the cool wood as she tilted her head back.


Submitting classyShe walked in and gazed at his prone form as he stood in front of the window, his shoulders back, his breathing even. He exuded control and she was taken aback. “I’m here.”

“Close the door, Christina.”

“All right.” Her nerves were on edge. After closing the door she counted to ten, trying to calm down. She took two steps forward then stopped, unsure of what to say or do. As another full minute ticked by she was ready to scream. Patience would never be a virtue.

“Do you like working here?”


Gavin exhaled. “I asked you, do you like working here?”

“Yes, I do. Why do you ask?” What was he getting at?

“Because your behavior states otherwise.”

“My behavior?” What in the hell was he getting at? “What are you insinuating?”

“I’m not insinuating anything. You were told to be here at eight sharp for a staff meeting first, then a meeting with me. You don’t seem to have any respect for either the other employees or for the man who signs your paychecks. Jeff and I have been talking about your partnership.”

“Why are you bringing Mathers into this?”

“Because Jeff and I started this firm, and we’ve been successfully running it a hell of a lot longer than you’ve even been in the advertising business. We refuse to allow what we’ve built to be tossed away. Do you get it?” Gavin’s voice was even.

“What are you getting at?” Christina heard a snarl like quality in her voice.

His exhale was slow and steady. “The truth is, you’re a bitch.” He allowed the words to sink in before turning to face her.

Biting back a response she knew would get her fired, she folded her arms and gave him the same glare she offered to all those beneath her. “I’m assertive.”

“No, you’re a bitch. In fact, your behavior is completely reprehensible. I had high hopes for you. I’ve enjoyed seeing you blossom. You’re a very intelligent woman, one who could do anything she sets her mind to. Of that, I have no doubt.”

She narrowed her eyes, giving him a haughty look when his gaze remained cold, almost calculating. “What are you saying to me, Gavin? Has someone complained?”

“Not someone. Everyone. There’s no one in my company who likes working with you. You’re arrogant and you have no compassion.”

“Compassion?” Snorting, Christina moved closer. The scent of his testosterone was intoxicating. This was a very different Gavin. Her nipples were hard, and the thin lace of her bra irritated the hell out of her. Her heart was racing, anticipation kicking her in the gut. Beads of perspiration trickled down the back of her neck. She never broke into a sweat. No man had ever managed to bring her this state.

“Something that’s absolutely necessary in business.”

“Forgive me, but I completely disagree.”


How hard do you need your spanking?

Who knew an old fashioned spanking was a motivation tool? Spank Me is a EnticedMotivation_medhighly respectable corporal punishment firm, catering to providing hard spankings in any method – that is, for a price. After reading the vivid, and very detailed, brochure on corporal punishment methods, Gavin Bellows is convinced the methodology is perfect for one, very naughty, employee.

Christina Fontaine is intelligent, damn good at her job, and yet, one mouthy woman, alienating every employee with her ballsy attitude.

Complaints on the rise, something had to give. On the firing block, Gavin is ready to terminate her position, until a wild idea forms in the back of his mind, an inspiration, no doubt crossing the lines.

Christina hungers for a man she has no business flirting with. Yet, she can’t get Gavin off her mind, her behavior bordering on ridiculous and dominating. Her fantasies about the rough-hewn man were extraordinary, leaving her only more determined. After crossing the line one too many times, she knows her ass is on the line. Determined to win back his favor, as well as his heart, she finagles her way into a harsh agreement in order to keep her job. Or, so she thought.

Little did Christina know, Gavin has the upper hand. A weekend in the country proves to be more than just a method of control, and her entire concept of work ethics and relationships is challenged. Harsh discipline…but, the question is, can she handle the heat?

What do you think? A challenge. For the first person who posts a review on Amazon – you get two of my books – any two you want. So… Ready to take the challenge?

Kisses and spanks…



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  1. laurellasky says:

    It sounds great. I just preordered at Amazon. Congratulations on the release.

    Hugs, Laurel


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