Power Exchange…Taken Part III

Well, I had an amazing conversation today that was filled with all levels of darkness, from wicked to absolutely depraved. And we’re not just talking about dirty talk either. The concept of kink was off the charts and very much a power exchange. I know my place and he plans on making sure I always remember. Whew, is it hot in here? The simple fact is the majority of men truly do long for control, both in and out of the bedroom. When you push two strong personalities together, well more than just sparks Body Betraysfly.

While I believe men should be in charge, I am a woman with a very naughty and willful personality so you can imagine I enjoy sparring quite often. I tend to push buttons just because – not all the time, but often enough spankings are in order. Take another delicious and sinful taste of…


As he released her tender skin he cupped her jaw, the grip firm. He held her in place and took a step back. In their struggle buttons had loosened, exposing her lace bra. Using the pad of a single finger, he brushed down from her neck to her chin, tracing zigzags as he moved to the swell of her breasts.

Her breath sounds were ragged, her eyes blinking rapidly. “You can’t. I…”

“Yes, I can and will. You want nothing less. Imagine what I will do to your sweet, little body,” Craze whispered as he eased his finger to the thin lace edge of her bra. “Think about when I fill your mouth.” He breathed across her face.


“Fill your pussy.” Dipping his head, he licked across her breastbone.

Shuddering, she dropped a few inches as she licked her lips, her eyes closing.

“Fuck your tight ass.” Using his teeth, he peeled away the lace covering, exposing her nipple. “I’m going to take everything I want.” He took her rosy bud into his mouth, sucking as he swirled his tongue.

“Oh God.”

The feel of her, the way she responded told him how much she wanted to let go, to have a powerful man dominate her. He couldn’t resist touching all of her. “Are your panties wet?”

“Yes,” she answered without hesitation.

“Good girl. Do you hunger for more?” Using the flat of his hand, Craze rubbed down her chest to the front of her skirt. Gathering the hem in his fingers, he curled the fabric. “Spread your legs.”

“Yes, I do. I just…” Her eyes were glassy.

“Do you hunger to have a throbbing cock buried in your snatch?”

A slight moan pushed past her pursed lips. “God yes.”

He fingered the thin elastic before slipping his fingers past the slight hindrance. The moment he found her clit, swirling the tip of his finger, her entire body began to tremble. “You’re wet. You’re in need.”


“I’m just the man you’ve been looking for.” His hunger off the charts, he jerked her panties aside, shoving two fingers inside her pussy.

“Oh, oh, oh… Yes!” Jess rose onto her tiptoes as she dragged her tongue across the seam of her mouth.

kneel“You’re going to obey me.”


“Tell me you are,” he demanded. He was crazed with need, his arms and legs tense. Clenching his jaw, he was having difficulty focusing, his mind filled with sadistic desires. Whip her raw. Use her. She’s the one, the only one.

Jess’ eyelids fluttered as a bead of perspiration trickled down from her forehead.

“Tell me!” Craze thrust all four fingers inside, flexing them open.

“Yes sir! I will obey you.”

“Good girl. Then tell me what you want.” He craved fisting her right here, in the middle of the hallway, no matter who was watching.

Whimpering, she arched her back until her head touched the wall. “Use me. Take me.”

The words were sweet. Perfect. Craze heard a noise and looked over his shoulder. The two men gawking were in awe. “Good girl.” Seconds later he reared back, rubbing his slickened fingers back and forth across her lips. “Suck your juice. Let the men see what a whore you truly are.”

Her lower lip quivered as she opened her mouth, darting a quick glance to the strangers who’d crept closer.

He refused to wait, shoving his fingers deep inside. “Should I fuck you right here? Should I strip you bare and savor the way they hunger for your body?”

She closed her eyes, sucking as she mewed.

“Whew,” one of the mean breathed.

“Should I turn you over my knee, whip you with my belt then fuck your tight ass right her?” The thought was enticing and flashes of the very vision rushed into the back of Craze’s mind.

Shuddering, she clamped her hand around his wrist and sucked on his fingers as her chest heaved up and down.

He watched in fascination as she licked his fingers clean and wanted nothing more than to fuck her, take her right here. Every nerve in his body stood on end and for a few seconds he considered the option. “Should I humiliate you here in front of everyone? Have you clean my cock after I’ve fucked your ass?” Now he was having difficulty seeing at all. The dark edges of his very sanity swirled around him. He’d never acted on his lecherous needs, only living vicariously through fantasies swilling late into the night.

Her body swaying, she continued moaning, the husky whimpers floating into the tight space.

He slipped his hand inside her bra, clenching and twisting her breast until sheNo Panties moaned in pain. “You belong to me. No other man will ever have you.” The words directed at the other two men, he ceremoniously dismissed them with a harsh glare. “Do you understand?”

“Yes. I… Yes sir.”

Taking a long stride back, he held out his arm, offering his hand. “You’re coming with me. You belong to me.”

Hesitating only briefly, Jess took his hand, the expression on her face one of defiance.

Craze pulled her behind him, taking purposeful steps toward the entrance. While he had no freaking clue what he was doing, he had to have her. He glanced at Chuck, who raised his eyebrows. Yeah, even this was very out of character for his usually raucous behavior.

When they were outside he tossed her a helmet. One thing he knew. He was not taking no for an answer.

Mmm – don’t you think this biker man is HOT HOT HOT?

I so hope you enjoyed and I’ll give you another taste before I turn into a little book.

Kisses and spanks…


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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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