Power Exchange…Taken Part IV

Being taken – I think for most people they think negatively as in being taken on a deal or a purchase. The kind of ‘taken’ I’m talking about has everything to do with one person not only coercing but demanding sexual intimacy from another. In the case of my couple in Power Struggle, they are both very powerful people. Their respective positions warrant both of then Only My Handto exude confidence, domination and sensuality, only she longs to be taken, fucked…used.

How many times have you purred when  you man called you a slut, his personal whore? Don’t grimace. In the ways of some D/s couples, when she is owned, they talk dirty and she loves hearing she’s his personal slut. I’ve learn very quickly that sweet Sir needs me to understand very clearly my role so hearing the word ‘slut’ is an aphrodisiac, making me hot and wet. I’m pushing the envelope with this story – I already mentioned that. There is a forced feel about what Craze does to Jess, the behavior and acts he commands of her.

I assure you with certain dub con journeys, there is a huge desire to be… Taken. Another taste and you’ll have to wait for the book to come out for another taste. 


You belong to me.

The words reverberated in Jess’ mind. Visions of being taken hard, fucked like the slut she knew she was, created a series of images, every one of the dirtier than the one before. The man had ripped the mask off, exposing the vulnerable woman inside. She was wet, her pussy clenching, and the taste of her sweet juice lingered on her tongue. She’d noticed the men, thought for certain Craze was going to strip her naked, whip and fuck her. For some crazy notion, she wished he had. You’re nuts. What happened to you?

Every move possessive, he pulled her outside of the bar then stopped on the sidewalk. Cupping both sides of her face, he shook his head. “You do something to me, sunshine. Tonight is one you’ll never forget.” He kissed her passionately, his tongue entwining with hers.

She was lost in the heated moment, every nerve standing on end.

Grunting, he pushed her back and nodded toward the bike. “Let’s go.”

She could only think of the way he’d touched her, violated her inner core. Sweating, she had no idea if she could go through with this.

Craze seemed to sense her discord. He gave her a look – a single look.

And all she wanted to do way obey.

“Shit.” Jess was shaking all over, adrenaline sweeping through her system. She had to be out of her mind. Going with a stranger, on the back of a motorcycle, to an undisclosed location, was without a doubt the single most reckless thing she’d ever done in her life. There was no way she should be doing this. She was a rational woman. This was certifiable behavior.

However, there was no way she was going to stop.

When she struggled with the helmet, Craze took both of her shaking hands into his, bringing both to his mouth. He licked all the way down her middle finger, back up her index, then sucking on both. “I’m going to love using you.”

Using. She clenched her eyes shut as her pussy muscles quivered. Damn it. The wafting scent of her juice was evident. There was no way to hide the fact she was wet, in need.

Pull my chainChuckling, he tightened the strap on the helmet. “This is exactly what you need, everything you’ve longed for your entire life.”

The words rang true and for a few seconds she was lost to the dark visions she swam in the middle of every night.

“The ride will be hard, but the roar of the engine will be enticing. Then the magic will begin.” He straddled the bike, slapping his hands on the handles.

Magic. He knew her, could read her dirty little mind and all the masochistic desires that were never satisfied, her thirst never quenched. Excitement surged through her as he revved his bike. The look of him on the massive steel beast was amazing.

“Climb on,” Craze commanded as he fastened his helmet.

Every action tentative, she hiked up her skirt and threw her leg over the seat. The slope of the leather pressed her groin and thighs against him, the skirt so short her damp panties slid against his jeans. As she wiggled, getting comfortable, the friction almost threw her into a climax. Instantly the warmth of his body sent tingles trickling down her spine.

“Put your arms around me.”


“Do it. Wrap your arms around me and hold tight,” he growled, kicked up the stand, and seemed to be waiting. “I won’t ask again. Do you understand?”



“Yes sir,” she mumbled. Holy fuck. He was dead serious. Breathe. Just breathe.

Craze huffed. “Better.”

Gulping air, she eased both arms around him. The smell of him, exotic yet manly, made her groan. She could feel his muscles through the leather. He was all male. He was pure sin. He was…

“Hold on tight, sunshine. Gonna be a bumpy ride.”

He could quite possibly be her downfall.

Craze shifted and careened through the streets, bypassing cars. He moved away from the congestion within minutes, guiding the bike onto the interstate.

Terror reared its ugly head. For several minutes she kept her eyes closed, her mouth pursed as wind whipped through her thin clothing. Goose bumps popped along every bare inch of skin. The anticipation mixing with fear made her nauseous, yet there was a part of her thrilled beyond anything she’d ever experienced. She held on tightly and as soon as she became used to the feel of the bike, the rumbling engine positioned strategically between her legs was mind blowing.

Jess rested her head on his shoulder, sheltering the wind. Fear eased down, enabling her to place her sweaty palm on his thigh. She heard his deep chuckle as her hand moved dangerously close to his bulging crotch.

He kicked down the speed, slowing then coming to a stop.

She finally opened her eyes. They were heading for one of the older sections of the city. While the area was slowly being turned into a trendy location, there were enough abandoned and condemned buildings her body could be dumped and never found. Her hackles raised, she fought back nerves. Hell no. She fought back a series of murderous screams. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. You’re crazy. Get away. You have to get away. Sucking in her breath, the woman inside, the disturbed whore, burst past the surface.

The bike humming, he slowed down as he rolled through the streets, making one turn after another. Finally stopping, he cut the engine. Tugging off his helmet, he shook out his hair and sighed. “Nothing like an invigorating bike ride.”

Her nerves on edge, she looked down the street. While there were a few cars a couple of blocks away, she saw no sign of human life. She jerked off the helmet. A quick glance up to the building and she knew she’d made a mistake.Letting go Red flags were swinging in the breeze. “I’m not certain this is such a good idea.”

“What’s wrong, sunshine? Did you lose your nerve?” Craze kicked down the stand and slid off the bike. “You can trust me. I won’t bite.” He circled around her once, twice. “Only enough so you know who owns you.”

Jess shivered. “Own. You don’t know me.”

“You know I do.”

He didn’t tether her nor did he force her to follow – yet she did. Every part of wanted nothing more than to find out what mysteries he seemed to be harboring, ones including aspects of her very soul. This wasn’t love, or even about sex. This was about his total domination.

Leading them up four flights of stairs, Craze used a card to unlock the massive door. He said nothing as he led them inside.

She heard the click of the lock, knew there was no way to leave. Fingering her neck, she controlled her breathing as she dared to scan the perimeter. The room was oversized, a warehouse reconfigured. Everything was stark, opulent. For some reason she was surprised. The art alone on the walls indicated the man had money, could afford the finer things in life. “You live here?”

“I own this place. This is where I come to comfort my beasts.” His growl low-slung, he turned to gaze at her, his expression imploring. “You came here because you need.”


Yes, she does needs…

Kisses and spanks…


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