Sir Voicing a Command

You will obey me. You will honor my needs. You will give me everything I desire.

Think about the hottest actor you know, the man whispering these words, the gruff tone of his voice skittering across your quivering skin. Imagine as he blew a swath of hot air across your face, his eyes twinkling, then he spoke again…

I will own you.

Are you shivering, your nipples hard? Is your pussy clenching imagining the next command he’ll give you? Can you close your eyes when you’re at your desk, hearing the last thing your Dom or significant other said before leaving for work? When he called you, reminding you exactly what you were doingbw in his hands after coming home from work, did you moan just once, hungering in a way only he could give you simply by the power of his voice? My answer? YES…

I was reminded today in various ways about the power of a voice – the tone, the inflections, the short clip showing emotion. With a few words you can tell every emotion, whether anger, fear, self-doubt or lust. I’ve been told I have a natural radio voice, but I’m not unlike any other guy or gal who hates their own voice. Still, I’ve been told the tone, the slight southern accent, is alluring. I have to tell you I don’t think I have an accent, but to New Yorkers or those from England, my guess I do. I wear my emotions on my sleeve, but are they telling in my voice? You bet they are. I’m gone into a room and said a single sentence and seen people cringe. Were the words the reason? Nope. All about the tone used, the clipped and angry inflections.

What I realized a long time ago is that a male voice simply does the dirty deed for me. Sir has one of those voices, husky and sensual, and every time he speaks I shiver. Whether we’re discussing a normal occurrence about our vanilla lives or he’s calling me his ‘slut’, I simply melt. I’ve often told him I can’t get enough. I crave hearing and when he answers the phone or when we’re in person, I listen to every word, every command. For me, there is no denying this man’s requirements. I want to obey.

Think about the man or woman in your life. When you hear them as they come into the room or when they call, do you cringe or tingle? Depending on your answer should give you quite a bit of insight into your relationship – whether good or bad.

In writing characters, my heroes aren’t always perfect. Okay, so cowboys generally are on large steeds and the biker boy, his Harley is never far from him. They are hot as hell, but their sexy attributes aren’t all about their muscular body. For the billionaire so many read about and believe to be the perfect man, he may have all the toys and hot clothes in the world, but he has to have more. Imagine if he looked down at you, kissing your lips softly as he gazed into your eyes and he whispered sweet nothings or harsh commands and… He squeaked. UGH. I know, maybe a ridiculous stereotype, but I need my men like real men all the way around. I don’t just want them in fading blue jeans, a tee shirt showing what God gave them. I need more. I need to know pink tiesI’m the only one in their life. The voice alone is the answer.

Think about a Dom and the way in which he talks to his submissive. The concept of his command, his total domination, has many aspects. With every man there is a different flavor, but when he issues a rule, a statement, or a command, every submissive needs to feel and completely understand his authority. There’s no way for me I would take a man seriously if the words spoken were issued in the higher decibel range. The dark and foreboding needs stated mean obedience. His tone can change, but the deep husk that’s so very natural is priceless.

I realized the very first time I talked with Sir on the phone how intense his tone could be. I know exactly when he’s in a reflective mood or lusting to the point his words literally drip with seduction. I’ve never heard an angry shift, but I can only imagine how mesmerizing it would be. Of course he’s a big guy and certainly at times the size of a man indicates how his voice will come across, but not always.

You’ve been in a theater where the announcer hired to tell you a portion of the story in the trailer has a voice like no other. They exude sexuality or rage, inviting moviegoers an insight to the type of move they could be seeing. There are several very famous and well-paid men who’ve had very successful careers doing nothing but trailers. Sadly, so many of the amazing men have died, but I don’t think we’ll ever forget where we were when chills raced down our spines as we salivated, the anticipation for an upcoming movie remaining.

That’s exactly the kinds of emotions, body reactions and breathless moans I have when Sir talks to me. I’ve sat across from a room hearing him talk about everything from politics to sports and realized I was wet – all over. When he gets close, whispering all the heinous things he will do to my body, the melting begins. He has no understanding of what his voice does to me, and he’s told me he’s never had another woman tell him the tone is sensual. I find this incredible. How can you not long for a man whose voice alone resonates in every cell in your body?

Mmm… Just thinking about his last command gives me bursts of electric jolts, slicing through every muscle. We’re a society who craves stimulus in every way. Video games have been around for a long time, yet they become more sexual as well as violent. Music is another method in which we can move into the vibe of the short story the artist is telling. The lead singer from FFDP (Five Finger Death Punch) has a voice you’d recognize anywhere. He exudes a powerful sexuality, an almost violent sense of being.

John Kennedy, his accent and the softness to his tone, will you ever forget? What about your father, especially the moment he told you that you’d been a very bad girl? There are various emotions invoked, a longing or dread, anticipation or fear, yet we’ll never forget. We’ll always think about the man Pleasing Himand his voice. We may not remember the conversation, but I daresay we’ll remember the moment around the conversation.

Who is the one in your life that can evoke this kind of raw emotion? There’s always one, his needs clear with few words. For a Dom, in my mind, his ability to radiate his requirements can be said with two simple words.

Obey me…

When Sir voices a command, I know his thoughts and wishes even if he perhaps doesn’t. I understand his emotional level and have derived the way I need to converse back with him. Can he laugh and his tone affect me as much? Of course – for he has two distinct sides. The light and dark work together in an amazing manner, offering complete control. What about your man?

Kisses and spanks…




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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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