Power Exchange = Sadistic Need in a D/s Relationship?

Sadism. I think for those who haven’t studied or lived the lifestyle, sadism is often equated with abuse. Certainly there are many situations in which abuse could occur, but in my experience with JP, I’ve come to realize his sadistic tendencies are merely an extension of the man. He has various sides, some very complex while others are as vanilla as you can find. He’s a passionate man, but since finding a woman who not only understands him and his needs, but also embraces a masochistic side, his explorations are enabled, free to be talked about, researched.

I’ve told you before, he does research on everything before he contemplates belt around neckeven suggesting the act. He’s so methodical he’s enabled me to let go, consider my own increasing desires. Does that mean we’ll explore everything we talk about? Of course not. As we talked about, there’s a far cry from discussing and hungering versus actually trying. Even in experimenting with various shades of true darkness, there will undoubtedly be several levels of kink we certainly don’t like or wouldn’t try again. Still, at times the sadistic tendencies are fascinating to both of us.

What I’m so thankful for is we can talk about anything, no matter how extreme or potentially dangerous – to those who don’t know what they’re doing. We’ve ruled certain aspects out completely and left the door open to others. In being able to explore virtually, I’ve also expanded my writing. Some pieces are darker, showing sadism in a flavored light. What do I mean by that? Readers need to be taken on a journey, one where two people engage together. While I might move into some dubious consent moments, the couple is very much in tune together. But I can tell you the words are delicious fun.

I caution you if you’re considering going down this path as a couple, even though you may have been in the lifestyle for years. Sadism can open up emotional doors that when opened, you can never return. That’s something sweet Sir is concerned about – and so he takes his desires and needs slowly with me. We’re very open, very honest. The journey continues in many different ways. A little more of Power Exchange and showing off one of the covers for the collection. I hope you enjoy…


Christopher wasn’t entirely certain what to expect when he walked into her home, her gleaming kitchen. All afternoon his anticipation of seeing her, being with her had kept him from his allotted duties. Even his assistant had commented his mind was elsewhere. For once he didn’t mind a bit being sidetracked. Just after four he’d left the office and headed for a bar. Somewhere along the way he was sidetracked, taking a detour to the local Home Depot. He hadn’t been in a Home Depot in over a year. There’d been no need in his life.

He chuckled as he held out the rope he’d secured. Seeing the face of the store clerk, who made the mistake of asking Chris what he was purchasing this particular type of rope for, was priceless. The mixture of shock and horror was quite pleasing. Perhaps he was a sadist. “You truly look beautiful tonight.”

“Thank you, Sir. I prepared everything as required,” Genevieve said quietly, her eyes shifting down to the bondage material in his hands. “Have you been shopping?”

“Nothing but the best for my girl.” He realized the laugh was much needed and he could feel his tension easing. She always had a calming effect on him, a moment of pure peace in a sea of bullshit. Dropping his things, he moved toward her. “Did you forget your required greeting already, my dearest?”

She jerked her head up, her lower lip quivering. “No sir. Well, maybe yes sir. Cuffed & BreastsUgh.” Very slowly she leaned over at the waist, lifting the hem of her teddy. A slight moan escaped her lips as she spread her legs and reached her arms back.

He walked closer, every move deliberate, as he surveyed the objects on the table. A smile curled in the corner of his mouth. For some reason he could tell a difference within her, as if she was ready to let go of the last snippet of control. His submissive g, a pet name he’d coined in the beginning, continued to have her ways of usurping her authority with him. There was no method of breaking this down, only time and complete trust would allow her the freedom of unleashing old wounds. This he very much respected. “Open those lovely ass cheeks of yours.” As soon as he issued the command he could hear the single grunt.

“Yes sir. I, um…”

“Yes?” He could already tell what she’d forgotten. As he moved behind her, he could hear her breathing change, becoming scattered. He pressed down on her back, his fingers drumming against her skin. “Genevieve.”

“Yes sir.” Spreading her ass cheeks she dropped her head.

Christopher rubbed under her gown, dragging the tips of his fingers up and down her spine. Within seconds he could tell she was more at ease. Brushing his hand down to her ass, he tapped on one cheek, then the other. “Have you been a good girl today, my sweet?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Mmm…” He ran two fingers down the crack of her ass, swirling the tips around her asshole. “I see we’ve forgotten our plug.”

“God! Yes… No excuses I just…” Her voice trailing off, she grunted as she tossed her head up and down.

Easing his hand between her legs, he closed his eyes as he rubbed her sworn pussy. He loved her clean-shaven. The scent of her, the feel of her soft tissue, was a powerful aphrodisiac and his cock throbbed, pressing against his pants to the point he ached immediately. “You’re wet.”

“Yes sir.” She wiggled her ass.

“Such a bad girl.” Swirling the tips of his fingers around her clit, he inhaled the sultry fragrance of her perfume and was reminded she was all woman.

She arched her back, the move pushing her ass closer to him until his fingers slipped inside. “I’ve missed you, sir.”

“And I’ve missed you.” For a few seconds he enjoyed playing with her, filling her cunt with his fingers, savoring the way her muscles grabbed around the invasion. He was tingling with anticipation. Tonight was indeed going to be special. As she moaned and undulated, he tried to determine how he was going to bind her, tie her down for his pleasure. He’d been studying the art of rope tying, something he’d kept from her. Up until now, they’d used cuffs and a spreader bar. He had something else entirely in mind. “No plug. You’ve already disobeyed me.”

“Yes sir I’m sorry.

“Place your hands on the table.”

She did so without question, a single moan escaping from her lips.

He pushed her gown up to the center of her back and rubbed his hand around her ass cheeks in a circle. “I ask very little of you when I arrive. Very little.”

“Yes sir I know. I screwed up,” she whispered, her voice filling with angst.taken-cover-v2-med

Crack! Pop!

“Shit!” Jumping, she jerked her head in his direction.
“No cussing or you’ll receive more,” Christopher commanded.

Slap! Crack!

“Ooohhh…” Her grip tightened on the edge of the table.

His heart was racing, his needs increasing. Tonight was exactly where he wanted to be and with the woman who stilled his heart. Pressing his hand on the small of her back, he issued several hard strikes until her butt cheeks were red, her whimpering continuous.

“Oh sir.”


The single hard slap created a red mark so fascinating he lingered, toiling over the realization she would bruise, wear his marks. He was giddy with need.

Genevieve shivered and lowered her head, her body glistening with perspiration.

“You’re such a good girl.” He wanted to give her more. He needed to issue more. His heart was racing, his blood pressure skyrocketing. Only her whimper kept him from being brutal.


“Two more.” For a few seconds he stood blinking, studying her beautiful body, the way she writhed in pain. He realized he was salivating, hungering for more. Dear God he was losing it. Gaining control, he shuddered then smiled.

Pop! Crack!

When he was finished he gathered her into his arms, pulling her back against his chest. As he cupped her breasts, pinching her hardened nipples between his thumb and forefinger, he nuzzled into her neck. The softness of her skin, the tiny purrs erupting from her mouth made him hard and hungry. “Now my sweet you’re going to go and get your plug for me.”

“Yes sir.” She placed her hands over his as she rested her head against his shoulder.

There were no tears, she hadn’t cried during a spanking as of yet, but she’d told him she longed to cry, to completely let go. This was another aspect he was going to give her, a moment where she could completely relinquish her fears, her concerns and weep. He held her tightly, caressing her, twisting her nipples until she cried out in pain.

Imagine where this goes from here…

Kisses and spanks…


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