The Art of a Hard Spanking…Allowing Others to Watch


Think about the hard strike, the way his belt slaps across your skin.


Imagine your heart facing, your blood pressure increasing.


Can you feel the pain, knowing you’re going to receive at least thirty more?


Now imagine receiving a spanking in front of someone else. Think about how you’d be feeling, the trepidation yet excitement rushing through every cell in your body. If you close your eyes, can you hear your Dom’s voice,Spanking by Sir soft yet full of command, as he tells you welcome your guests. Think about the fact he hasn’t told you who they are or what you can expect for the evening. Thoughts rush through your mind. Do you know them? Are they friends or family, co-workers? Of course no one around you has been told about your D/s lifestyle or that you’re disciplined on a regular basis. Your inner most intense fears rush to the surface, and for a few seconds you remain unable to breathe.

What you do realize is that you’re going to be spanked in front of those invited for the evening. Humiliation. The word lingers in the back of your mind, leaving you wet all over, your pussy clenching. You obey instantly, your feet heavy, dread and excitement kicking your adrenaline into overdrive. When you reach the entrance, you’re forced to push back a whimper. Your body is swaying, beads of perspiration trickling down both sides of your face. You know he’s watching you, studying your actions, rating your behavior.

You’re trying to maintain your composure without freaking out. The moment you wrap your hand around the doorknob, your body starts to sway back and forth. Then you open the door…

Does the scenario give you electric shivers or the kind of dreaded anticipation the majority of those in a vanilla relationship would have? The concept of using humiliation as a form of punishment isn’t new. From what I can tell, given the number of people who read the blogs regarding the subject, scores of people are fascinated. There’s a small part within every single human that has a desire to see someone else punished for a crime they committed or for bad behavior. You’ve snickered more than once with a colleague was chastised at work or school. You’ve cheered on the team who was beaten. You’re more than attracted to the edge movies in which criminals are whipped or burned at the stake.

Let’s take this into modern day. If you could turn in a fellow employee, the snitch and the one who makes certain everything you do is noted, would you? What if their punishment was public humiliation via a naked spanking? My honest guess is that the majority of us would root for the person to be flogged mercilessly, even if they refused to tell a soul. Think about our reality shows. So many of them are getting more competitive, even more violent. Public whippings on television? As Sir would say – ‘hell yeah’.

Toning this back down to D/s related, allowing others to watch methods of discipline as well as kinky activities is huge turn on for many. Sir and I have I warned youtalked on several occasions about going to kink clubs, initially observing others as they play. I have to admit, seeing other couples in various activities is very sensual. Sir is extremely visionary and I know his sensory perception would go into overdrive, giving him a tremendous amount of ideas. He in turned asked me whether or not I could handle having him discipline me in front of others or go further, engaging in handcuffing and flogging, clamping or even certain sexual activities.

I had to admit, I couldn’t give an immediate answer. One aspect of the club situation is that every single person may be a complete stranger, thereby giving both Sir and I an uninhibited feeling. Anonymity can certainly allow people to try or participate in activities or perform. You no longer have to hide behind a mask. The freedom to be who you really are is an amazing high, perpetuating the joy in sharing both together as well as with others. When I thought about what he was asking, I was able to say I wouldn’t mind and would probably find scintillating others watching my punishment. As far as the rest? I’m not certain I could handle. This has nothing to do with trusting JP either. I trust him implicitly with every part of my body as well as my safety. He’s very conscientious about what I do, where I go and the potential for any harm.

This has much more to do with me. I’m a typical woman and not thrilled about every inch of my body. Even the thought about strangers is difficult. I’ve written many a story on this and while being in party like setting is a hell of a lot of fun according to my heroines, I’m just not that kind of girl.

You’d think I’d never be able to allow someone I knew to experience any kinky related activities? Well, that’s where in my eyes D/s changes the woman inside. As I’ve written before, Sir wants a polyamory lifestyle with another submissive. His preference is for me to select the female, become close as friends with her then potentially we share some of our activities together. Of course being punished in front of her would occur and vice versa.

I’ll never forget a dinner we had, one in which a friend of mine was invited. She’s not into nor will she ever be into the lifestyle. Of course she’s well aware of my relationship and I’ve gone as far as depicting some of our lifestyle, including sharing various implements he’s used to punish me with. Of course she had the deer in the headlights look initially, asked how in the world I could handle the pain next. Finally she became curious and allowed Sir to explain in pretty significant detail what the various tools and toys were used for. I must admit, I was laughing like a kid at her reaction.

After that night, he wanted nothing more than to spank her, forcing me to watch. Secondly, he’ll spank me and require her to watch. The turn on kneelcontinues to be huge, something he talks about time and time again. Why is it such a turn on for him? Think about the concept of showing off his level of control, his clear authority. For any man who is required to toe the line, never being completely the one in charge, this is pretty powerful. When he told me how intensely he desires something of this nature, he delved into my psyche to see what I thought. In truth, this is a turn on for me. Knowing I was going to be punished like a bad girl, showing off my vulnerability as well as potentially sobbing in front of the guest or friend is exciting.

I have no doubt at some point this will come to fruition. Oddly enough, I’m not certain how I’d feel about being spanked in front of one of his friends. Granted, this would be another male. The thought is intriguing.

Watching and being watched is a desire within all of us. We crave the darkness, the taste of humiliation because it’s behavior out of the norm. Is this for everyone? Well, of course not, but for D/s couples? Well, a tasty treat for many.

I hope you’ve enjoyed.

Kisses and spanks…


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