Sexual Sin – Penance

Well, this is my 1000th blog. I have to say I’m shocked I’ve written so many. Much like my books, you can tell I’m prolific. I’m just thrilled to bring you my world and I hope you’ve enjoyed. My readers are why I continue on in every way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! Let’s enjoy 1000 more.

I started this particular collection of blogs back in the summer. They include portions of flash fiction stories about some of the kinky acts within D/s couples that might just be considered sinful in vanilla relationships. For some reason I put all five aside, unfinished – which is not like me at all. This one was left barely started from July so I’ll add some additional thoughts and start a tantalizing new story for you. Let me know what you think.

Penance is another word for punishment and more often than not within the realms of D/s many people think of a spanking or whipping. However I have to ask – are they the same? Ponder this in the beginning and let’s see how the concept fares up later. There are various forms that are used and some certainly work better than others. I think for many couples, spankings become more pleasurable as time goes on. For vanilla couples, you might see a hard whipping as something you would NEVER get used to and certainly wouldn’t want more of. However, for D/s couples, the submissive often equates measures of pleasure deeply entrenched with various levels of pain. As you might imagine, as with any concept of stimulating the senses, you can get very used to the pain and more is needed to achieve the same effect.

Training – no matter what you believe – all submissives as well as Dominant’s receive training – whether formally or simply by communicating, opening up totally. Often various forms of discipline are used including spanking. I do believe in the beginning this is a very powerful reminder for the submissive. I know the first time I knew Sir was going to give me a true punishment spanking, the anticipation far outweighed Downfallthe outcome of the act itself. Don’t get me wrong – it hurt like hell, but thinking about, frustrating over and wondering if I could take it was worse. As time goes on, can this be as effective?

When the submissive craves a spanking, how can it be considered punishment for disobedience? There is a distinct argument that a punishment spanking and one meant for playtime, no matter how rough, is different. What I can tell you from personal experience is that between various implements being used to the amount and concentrated level of strikes inflicted, there can be a HUGE difference. There’s also the manner in which the strikes are issued mentally and emotionally. In other words, the submissive knows in her heart when she’d being punished and absolutely hates disappointing her Sir or Master. That’s the nature of a Domination/submission relationship. When the submissive is given a belting, paddling or other method of spanking for the sole purpose of being disobedient, her heart and soul is in an entirely shifted zone and the punishment is very effective. Still, I think used as training the effectiveness might not be as significant as in the early months.

There are other methods that are used as well. Penance is something that both the submissive and the Dominant discuss both as rules are established and when they’re broken. Well, I know this very well having broken the very few rules John Patrick has in place. As you already know if you’ve read any of my blogs, he’s a very fair and caring Dom as well as a man. His few rules he does expect I’ll follow and is disappointed in failing me if I ‘fuck up’. Hence the reason for this blog.

Disappointment – now there’s a word. Yep, did it again. I think for many women who are strong individuals in every day life, following orders or rules isn’t always innate. Yes, we obey by the rules of the law and for some of us God, but a man telling is what to do? Hogwash. Right? Well, it does take some getting used to. That’s where various methods of discipline might be more effective.

I’ve talked to many D/s couples, read dozens of blogs and articles and other His chainthan spanking, corner time seems to be the most popular. Why? Reflection is very good for calming a submissive down, helping her focus on the reasons for her behavior. What I know happens with myself is that I can very easily allow the sanctity of respect to merely slip to the wayside – not because of disrespect but real life, work, being the old girl. I think all D/s couples go through this certainly in the beginning. What I hope all my readers understand in the stories I pen is that any alternative lifestyle has several sides – just like vanilla ones do.

Respect – something that has to be in D/s relationships. There is no rulebook, no perfect way and yes, we all fuck up. So paying penance is part of the price. John Patrick and I have talked about what will work for me – other than spankings. Tough concept – more than you think. I try to incorporate this very angst in my writing that couples must feel in trying to figure out what is the best format.

There are various other methods including removal of privileges, denial of affection, soap in the mouth, etc. and to each their own. I can certainly imagine many others my wicked self and again, every couple needs to find what works. Penance – the word lingers in my mouth.


“I don’t understand what’s happening to you,” he stated. “We need to talk about this and now.”

“We’re not going to talk about anything. I’m late for work. I have a damn good job you know. I plan on keeping it.” Tossing her hair over her shoulders she gave him a hateful look before grabbing her coat and purse and sweeping out the door.

His entire world seemed to be falling apart. Becker Malone cringed as he hung up the phone. Penance. Punishment. Discipline. The three words were like music to his ears. The arguments had gotten a hell of a lot worse lately. She’d misbehaved, mouthed off, thrown more than one temper tantrum and as of late, purposely disobeyed him. Without a doubt, Natasha Kingman was more than just a handful. The love of his life was a willful submissive, one who needed a hard whipping. Why was she pushing his buttons? Her last word, the single syllable, during the brief albeit terse conversation, had ticked him off the most. ‘No.’ In her defiance she’d laughed, then hung up on him. In the beginning of their relationship she’d been a wild child. Then he’d put his foot down, rules put into place. Everything was different. She simply refused to obey.

Spankings. She needed at least a spanking a day, just like what had occurred in the beginning of their relationship. She’d frustrated and worried herself to death until the round of discipline was over. He rubbed his temple, frustration settling in.

For a few seconds he envisioned taking her over his knee, in the middle of the office, while leaving the door open. He grinned as tasty thoughts about jerking up her tight, little skirt, exposing the thin strip of crimson material secured in the crack of her ass, filtered into his mind. He could just imagine how she’d be squealing as her body wiggled with every hard slap of his hand. “Mmm…” The belt. He’d definitely use the belt, the one he always wore to work. Unfortunately he didn’t think one or ten spankings were going to help the situation.

A single growl escaped his lips as he thought about her fiery personality, take no shit attitude. He’d been the single man to calm her, help guide and train. Oh, who was he kidding? He had a hell of a lot to learn as a Dom. After a quick glance at the door, he pressed his finger over her cell phone number. As soon as the call connected he was shoved into her voicemail. He cleared his throat and as her lilted voice nearly sung a message, he realized he was going to have to do something about her behavior, regain control. At this point he wasn’t entirely certain what would capture her attention.

“Natasha. You and I are going to talk when I get home from work. Don’t be five minutes late. I’m through with your games as well as your ridiculous behavior. Red and CuffsYou’re going to sit quietly while we go over the rules one more time. There are consequences for every action.” After he hung up the phone he hissed. “Maybe I will use my belt, whip your ass red.” For a few seconds Becker brushed the tip of his finger back and forth across the well-worn leather strap. He nearly tossed the phone, jumping when he heard a deep chuckle.

“Email to self. It’s Friday afternoon. You’re not only leaving early today but hosting an all guy’s event on Sunday. My understanding is there’s going to be football, plenty of liquor and beer, and maybe a few half clothed women.”

Giving Brad Wiseman, his best buddy and business partner a single look, he shook his head.

“Okay well maybe sans the naked woman, but the other is true enough.” After Becker remained quiet, Brad groaned. “Do I need to wrangle a keg for the party?”

“Of course not. Everything’s set. There’s enough booze, we could stay drunk for a solid week.”
“Then why the long face? Why have you been moping around the office all week long? Trouble in paradise?”

Becker sat down on the corner of his desk, folding his arms. “Just dealing with stress levels.”


“True, the big project is around the corner and I need to spend extra time at the office.” He needed to spend more time with Natasha, opening up like they used to. For months they’d been able to talk about anything. Her silence was telling.

“I see. Is that why you were mumbling about whipping your girlfriend with a belt?”

Startled, he exhaled slowly. No one knew about his lifestyle, the fact he and Natasha engaged in Domination and submission, not even his best friend. The last thing either of them needed was judgment on any level. “Just teasing her. Natasha has been a bitch lately.”

Raising his eyebrows, Bart’s smile widened. “Then maybe you shouldn’t tease her any longer. Maybe you absolutely need to give her a good old fashioned spanking, let her know whose boss. Women should be barefoot and pregnant anyway.” Winking, he lifted his hand in a high-five.

“Big he-man Neanderthal type, are you?” Becker chortled. As if his actions and were any different given his requirements of her. Grabbing his can of coke, he took a long swallow, a mixture of anger and trepidation swelling through him.

“Just what horrific things has she been doing anyway, sleeping with another man?”

A choke caught in his throat, forcing him to spew the entire gulp of his coke.

Bart blinked several times as drips of the amber liquid rolled down his face. “I think I struck a nerve. You’re coming with me. We’re going to get a real drink.”

Mmm- what do you think might be happening here? More later…

Kisses and spanks


Look for my amazing guest – Tonya Kinzer for the next blog. You’re gonna love her!

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