The Scent of His Belt…

Few may know I also write poems – many of course revolving around D/s relationships. Of course many are about my relationship with JP, the amazing yet sometimes difficult times we share. I’ve written poetry since I was five – yes five years old. At times they flow out of me, a different way to express my needs and dark desires. I was lucky enough to be asked to add five poems to a very special poetry book. For me these poems are freeing,Allow Him allowing yet another aspect of the woman to let go. I hope you enjoy two of the five and keep in mind I have two poetry books out with Bitten Press – ones you just might enjoy.


Heart racing

Blood pulsing

You will belong to me

Because of his look

Because of his needs

I can barely breathe

I can barely think

I am yearning


Body trembling

Pussy quivering

You will succumb to me

Because of his words

Because of his command

I can’t focus

I can’t comprehend

I am learning

Thoughts churning

Stomach turning

You will submit to me

Because of his touch

Because of his demands

I won’t pretend

I won’t push back

I am becoming


Eyes glistening

Hands shaking

You will become the one

Because of his strength

Because of his correction

I won’t cry out

I won’t refuse

I am accepting


Breath skipping

Legs trembling

classy bondageYou will understand my needs

Because of his direction

Because of his power

I refuse to beg

I refuse to plead

I am unwinding

Nipples swelling

Submissive reaching

You begin your lifelong journey

Because of his training

Because of his discipline

I refuse to fear

I refuse to crumble

I am succumbing

Body bending

Legs widening

You will feel the slice of my whip

Accepting the leather

Accepting the cane

I will be his submissive

I will be his slave

I am burning



The scent of leather, worn by the man, is a gentle reminder

A subtle hint of his complete control

My willful ways, the haunted girl inside, a constant confinement

And yet he sees through the looking glass of my soul




The touch of leather, a brush of my fingers, is never forgetful

A powerful hint of all that will be

My misguided acts, a strangled hold, in my eyes now regretfulA Kiss of Peotry

And as always he understands the woman inside




The desire of leather, burning deep within, is a constant direction

A deserved allowance of my inner reluctance

My trusted belief, a submissive stance, will confirm my correction

And with a single look a new chapter begins




The strike of leather, a hard burning sensation, is a giving admittance

A statement made from one so wise

My honored respect, a joy burning within, will fuel my submission

And when he issues a hard strike, a realization ensues




The feel of leather, tears of guilt and shame, is forever freeing

A commitment of forever in whispered words

My complete acceptance, a release of darkness, a gift of seeing

And with practiced punishment, the journey continues



The embodiment of leather, acquiescence of heart and mind, now a revered place

A reward because of my inner strength

My joyous abandonment, the lost woman now found, in a peaceful place

And with loving words issues, I become a woman owned





About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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