When the Hunter Becomes the Hunted

Some of you are aware I have many sides, both as a woman and as an author. I love penning pieces about D/s relationships and spanking, aspects of BDSM including poems highlighting my personal journey. I also love writing dark and twisted stories about the heinous acts inflicted on humans. I tend to push the envelope on both genres, taking my characters and readers to a sharp edge. Of course this fits in very well with The Edge Imprint at Booktrope. 

I was hungry to do a very dark piece yesterday and so I started this flash demonsfiction. I’m trying to finish a rather edgy BDSM piece for publication today, yet I’m drawn to writing this. Why? Because I can be as evil and vile as my imagination creates – and trust me, I have a very powerfully intense dark side. I can get into the mind of serial killers easily. I’m not certain what that says about me, but as JP would say, it’s all about my big brain, one the never sleeps. Keep in mind this bridges the D/s relationship in that this is a thriller piece and very brutal. In no way think this has anything to do with any amazing D/s journey.

Here is a long passage that flowed easily this morning. See what you think and I hope you enjoy.


The hunted had become the hunters. “Is her body in the morgue?”


“Then we need to go see and I want to go to the crime scene.” She grabbed her gun, slipping the Glock into her holster.

Drew snagged her arm. “I don’t think this is something you want to see.”

She heard the angst in his voice. “I’m a cop. I need to see the victim. We need to investigate the crime.”

“Not this one.”

“Yes. This one.” When he moved in front of her, taking both arms she groaned. “I can handle this.”

“I’m not certain you can or should. You’re well aware what these freaks do to their victims.”

CJ snorted. “You mean the poor souls who actually entered a lottery pool to be selected as contestants on a show they knew they’d never come back from. Or are you talking about the innocent creatures scooped off the darkened streets at night, turned into sex slaves, and all for the sake of garnering raw footage?” When he remained quiet she growled and sidestepped him.

“The contestants know what they’re getting into. Everything is disclosed to them, their families paid amazing amounts of money.”

“Jesus Christ. Where did my partner go, the one who took an oath to uphold the law?”

“I’m right here. I’m simply a realist. We can’t fight the government,” he said as he rubbed her arm.

She jerked away, her body shivering. “A realist. That means you look the other way.”


“Don’t. Just don’t,” she huffed as she interrupted him and took another look at the pictures of the mutilated dead girl, her eyes vacant from the horrors inflicted. “Look at her. Look…at… her!” Rage fueling her, she jerked him toward the computer screen. “She was once a viable human being with a life. Whether or not the contestants have been brainwashed into believing their life will be better as a whole dying for some fucking television show isn’t what this is about. Jamie was kidnapped, raped and tortured, beaten until she’s almost unrecognizable. Who knows what else those monsters did to her, what bad menexperiments and bloodletting, methods of electrocution and burning they inflicted and…” She heard the bitter, almost desperate edge to her voice. This was indeed very personal.

“We can have the Captain assign another team.” He wrapped his arm around her, pulling her against is chest. “This is too much for you.”

She shook her head as she wiggled out of his grasp and toward the door. “Out of the question. I want this one.” Memories rushed into her mind and she rubbed her tired eyes as she placed her other hand over her gun. “Are you coming with me?”

Drew exhaled, the sound strangled. “You’re certain?”

Exhaling, she shot him a look. “I appreciate your concern but this is a crime case, one we have to investigate. You and I both know there are far too many men women disappearing, suddenly found tortured, their bodies barely recognizable. This shit has to stop.”

“You can’t go against the system.”

“What fucking system? One perpetuating and even condoning the brutal murders of people for ratings?” She huffed and opened the door. When she felt his presence directly behind her she bristled. “Don’t you dare tell me you think this crap is acceptable.”

“Jesus fucking Christ. You know me better than this.”

“Do I?” CJ shot back.

Sniffing, Drew touched her back then pulled away. “I’ve been your partner for almost ten years.”

“And you’ve seen every horror I have, experienced the same bullshit politics.”

“You’re right, but you and I both know we can’t start another war. Too many lives were lost in the last battle. Do you want to go back living with no running water or electricity? Come on. There is no way to win this. Unfortunately Jamie was a victim of circumstance.”

“One day you’re going to have to explain me what that really means.” She threw open the door and as she walked out into the precinct, she felt eyes on her, those prying to gauge her reaction. She held her head high as she walked through the group, bile rising in her throat.

Drew made it to the elevator first and as he pressed the down button he shoved his hands in his pockets. “I heard through my sources the kidnappings are increasing.”

“Of course they are. Ratings. The prison population hungers for more.” Her laugh stilted, she thought about the last time she’d tuned into the program. The brutality of the show had increased exponentially since the creation almost two years before. For the every day person, tuning in to watch had increased to a requisite. What little real entertainment was left bordered on heinous.

“There’s nothing we can do but try and keep the peace.”

She held her tongue and closed her eyes until the elevator arrived. When she stepped inside the gleaming steel box she hovered against the back wall.

Drew waited until the doors closed and crowded her space. “How about dinner tonight?”

“Dinner? We’re going to view a horrific crime scene and you’re thinking about sex?” Their relationship was very much on the down-lo. Discover would mean the end of their respective careers.

He touched her face and when she flinched he sniffed. “We have to live.”

“Sure, while others die.”

“CJ, you can’t fight every demon. I know how much this shit bothers you, but we have to enjoy every day.”

“As if it was the last.”

“You know exactly what I mean.” Leaning over he brushed his lips across hers. “Dinner, nothing more. Okay? We’ll have some wine and talk, just like we used to.”

She hesitated but the feel of his warm body, his heated breath and the scent of The quuiet obeyhis cologne was an intense draw. “Maybe. Let’s see how the investigation goes. Okay?”

Drew exhaled and shook his nodded. “Fair enough.”

The elevator stopped with a subtle thud and she darted a look in his direction. They’d been lovers for only a few months, having pushed aside their intense attraction for years. Drew was comfortable, easy on the eyes and a damn good lover. He was also a man incapable of committing to anything other than a night or two.

“First stop. Morgue central.” He walked out of the elevator without looking back.

CJ inhaled, loathing the intense smells. She’d spent way too much time in the dark and gloomy place. Her nerves on edge, she took several long strides. For a few seconds she stood surveying the room, allowing her eyes to become adjusted to the dim lighting. The basement of the high-rise building was devoted to gathering the dead, storing the remains until they were dissected, organs harvested. Then if the wretched soul were lucky, there’d be some level of a funeral. If no one claimed the body, they were ceremoniously dumped into a vat, burned like soulless beings.

CJ had been unlucky enough to have to witness the fire-pits more than once. The stench would never leave her. She glanced around at the walls, the subtle yet vivid décor, and cringed. The aging building had once been a bomb shelter. No longer were their enemies about firepower.

“Detectives, there’s not much to see I’m afraid.”

“Doctor Banning.” Drew nodded. “The same MO, normal?”

“From what I can tell. That is if you call torture and dismemberment in any manner normal.” She smiled at CJ, giving her a knowing look. “You seem well.”

“You mean well adjusted?” CJ asked through clenched teeth.

“I understand. This is never easy. Come on. I’ll show you what we have.” Dr. Banning stepped back, glancing toward Drew.

“Did her brother come to claim the body?” CJ asked casually as they were led into the examining room. Instantly she shivered, her eyes locked on the stainless steel tables. They were almost filled with residents, a phrase coined by the doctor months ago.

“My voice mails have been left unanswered I’m afraid,” Dr. Banning said as she moved toward a table in the back.

“Of course,” CJ muttered under her breath. A single shiver slid down her spine as visions of the fire-pits swelled into the back of her mind.

Dr. Banning wrapped her fingers around the edge of the sheet. “Are you ready?”

Drew shrugged. “Are you ever ready for something like this?”

“Not even after all the years I’ve been doing this.” Dr. Banning pulled back the sheet.

CJ realized she’d been holding her breath. Visions rolled through her mind, the past slamming against the present. She blinked, forcing away tears, and exhaled. After a few seconds her cop instinct kicked in and she rolled the sheet all the way down.

“How in the hell could she have endured such anguish?” Drew whistled.

“My personal opinion is her torture was very controlled, methods I haven’t seen before.” Dr. Banning moved around the table and turned on an additional light.

“Some of the cuts appear methodical, very practiced,” CJ said as she peered down.

“Very good, detective. Look here. The burn marks are artistic, telling a story.”

Drew narrowed his eyes. “Suddenly the monsters have a leader, someone who knows what he or she is doing. A Master of torture.”

“Not just someone.” CJ hovered her finger over a burn mark, tracing the zigzagging lightning bolt. Chills swept through her body and she began to shake visibly.

“What is it?” Drew asked as he leaned in, studying the caricature.

“They found and imprisoned him.” CJ’s voice was barely audible.

“Who?” Drew breathed.

CJ swallowed hard and looked into his eyes. “The most dangerous, vile man on earth and perhaps the most cunning. He is a true monster, a trained predator of mankind.” She pressed her hand against the nervous tick on the corner of her mouth and counted to three. “His name is Tallen.”

Kisses and spanks…


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