Every Location is Perfect for a Spanking

What do you think – can a spanking be issued when required, no matter what is occurring around you? Do you think your Sir should be able to spank you anywhere he feels necessary? Do you believe that you should be spanked in front of others, thereby adding a touch of humiliation to your punishment? Or do you honestly believe any level of discipline should be handled behind closed doors? Well, I can see JP spanking me as necessary and today I was reminded that spankings could happen at any moment’s notice – and maybe should – simply by going into a store.

In a rather wicked mood tonight, so bear with me. Or should I say ‘bare’ as in bare-assed?Girl being spanked with a wooden hairbrush You know what kind of a blog I’m penning, don’t you? So, I was walking through Target today, picking up a few items, and my mind started to wander. I was getting a few birthday treats for you know who and my mind went to the dark side. I’ve blogged before that you can use various implements for issuing a spanking, and ones that you might not have thought of. From spatulas to slippers, rulers to ping pong paddles, wooden spoons to various pans, only your imagination can stifle the concept.

Well, I had to admit, in Sir’s back of tricks (as I like to call his whips and floggers, paddles and canes oh my) something is missing, a little piece of polished wood I just had to purchase today. There is nothing like the hard thud of a simple wooden hairbrush. Truly, hard smacks have never been so delicious. Hey! I know my spankings by now. Right? I snagged one, along with some other birthday goodies, and with every step toward the cash register, I couldn’t help but envision a very intense and well-needed spanking.

You know the story. Perhaps I made a scene, starting and argument with JP (I mean SIR) inside the store. After repeatedly telling me to stop acting like a child, and my refusal of course, he simply parks the basket and takes me by the hand. Can you envision being led out of the store, marched toward your vehicle? Can you imagine how mortified you’d be?

With my very dominating Sir, he’d drag me to his the truck thingy (his big blue pseudo truck that I tease him about) and without any ceremony, open the door, yank me across his lap, open the center console and… Inside would be nestled one snazzy hand held implement – the dreaded hairbrush. I can envision the way he’d tug my skirt up around my waist, all the while telling me what a bad girl I’d been, how disappointed he was. Hmmm… Since I wear thong style panties, he wouldn’t even have to struggle to get them paddledown from my hips to my legs. He would simply be able to start smacking,

Whack! Crack! Slap!

OUCH! Can you just feel the intensity of the harsh spanks now? I have to admit, Sir is a bit private and would have to be very distressed with me or feel very comfortable in his environment to spank me in public – but I can tell you he’s considered spanking me a couple of times just because he knew I needed to be able to let go, atone for my sins so to speak. The hairbrush was purchased and will make a fabulous little treat, one he’ll think about as well as plan using. I know, you give your loving one watches and candy for his birthday, maybe video games. I, on the other hand being the kind of willful submissive that I am, actually ENJOY purchasing methods of creating pain. Okay, I’m being a touch melodramatic, but I stand by the truth, one he knows clearly.

I need spankings. I need them often. I need them to be harsh. And I need to cry. I’m the kind of girl who enjoys pushing boundaries, even with JP today. Since I’m not receiving regular discipline, certainly not punishment given our current status, I act out a bit more. Now, of course some of my bad behavior is spot on the money trying to evoke a heady set of growls, desires to punish the bad girl. Yep. No lie. At other times I’m just struggling to figure out my way with all the changes in my life. So… The hairbrush will be there just in case he needs to offer up a stinging round of discipline, while not wanting to remove his belt. They are entirely different spankings quite frankly.

I have to ask my readers the question. Do you honestly believe that spankings should be doled out in some fashion after the incident occurs, or in the privacy of your home? These are two entirely distinct thought processes. One involves humiliation as a second method of punishment. The other gives both of you the opportunity to experience the round of discipline without prying eyes. My honest guess is that any Dom, with the exception of the true sadist, would hold back in the length and force of a spanking if he knew someone might see his actions. I’ve heard about the police interfering, few being able to understand the concept of Domination and submission or domestic discipline relationships.

I’ve talked to many submissives who were taken out of a restaurant and spanked in the car or truck. Some were even placed over the hood of the vehicle. WHEW. I just try and imagine that command. “Raise your skirt and lower your panties”. The sound of the belt alone would remain in my mind for a very long time. I think in the majority of these situations, the Dom will attempt to be very discrete, but the entire experience would be humiliating enough, the sub never attempting the act again. I think this is where the act of using humiliation as a training tool, or a method of punishment might just be helpful.

JP and I have talked about having various implements in locations if he needed them. I’m not entirely certain he’d spank me in a parking lot, but at his friend’s house? I can see Submitting Pulling her pantiesthis happening. Maybe I’ve had a little too much to drink, started flirting a little, acting out. You can see the day – football game on, liquor flowing, guys being guys, and me in a hot, red dress. Yep. That’s a recipe for disaster. JP would without a doubt finally have enough, giving me the look first, the finger or quiet word second… Then if I didn’t obey (and if drinking was involved I might just become more willful) I can see him plopping down on the sofa, yanking me over his knee, jerking up the hem of my now crumbled dress and…

Crack! Pop! Slap!

Oh you bet I would deserve. What do you think? As a Dom would you spank her in front of others? As a submissive, would you feel any differently about the punishment? Mmm… Next time you wander into Target, imagine the possibilities…

Kisses and spanks


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3 Responses to Every Location is Perfect for a Spanking

  1. laurellasky says:

    There is something so hot, so arousing about spanking. I love your descriptions and details. I have to make sure I have plenty of batteries on hand, lol, I have a few toys. Hugs, Laurel


  2. Reblogged this on hisbutterfly76's Blog and commented:
    I think there are definitely times a spanking needs to happen then and there. But for the most part they should be done in private, allowing for aftercare and intimacy to follow.


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