Believe in the Dark Man

What does that make you think? I am all about the dark side that dwells within all of us. We all have something buried deep within our souls, a hunger lurking, ready to take over at any moment. I often say there’s only a weak chain keeping our beasts from breaching the surface. I’ve been exploring the personal side with regard to D/s and will continue, but this is more about the need to take the deep seeded darkness further, exploring causing true agony. This isn’t about being a sadist. This is about being a monster.

I’m writing my forth book with Christian Jensen and we will have more. They are all about exploring levels of human nature the majority of us will never act on, vile and devoid of any conscience. This piece is the darkest yes, so much so I’ve asked him to temper a bit – well… I hope you enjoy.



Ketia cringed, a chill sweeping through her. She hadn’t been able to get warm even though the room was awash with sunlight. This was merely another cage, just one of a different flavor. The bars on the window were only a single reminder. The armed guards Silhouette Woman Between Trees Water Reflectionsanother standing just outside the door another. Scanning the bright yellow walls, she could tell someone had attempted to fill the room with reminders of the past, or home. Instead of feeling any comfort, any sense of hope, she was disgusted, sick to her stomach.

She crossed her arms and slumped against the wall, tapping her foot on the floor. Fingering her stringy hair, she glanced down at her swollen feet, filthy and covered in vestiges of shit and vomit. How could this have happened? Another fleeting thought about her sister brought tears to her eyes. She didn’t need to remember anything. Memories brought hope. Memories brought horror. Hearing footsteps just outside the door she trembled and considered hiding. Then she laughed. There was no hiding from these monsters.

While Ketia heard voices, she was unable to hear anything but tones, and they appeared rather terse. Was there trouble in paradise? She thought about the concept she’d been summoned for this game by person or persons unknown. Why? Why select her above all the young women being housed liked animals? From what she’d been able to tell, several of the other prisoners were much younger and certainly had more lithe bodies. No doubt they’d been considered beauties before months of physical abuse. A chuckle rose from her throat, bubbling past her lips and she slapped her hand over her mouth to prevent any noise from escaping. Now she was being told to obey or else and that she’d have a much better station in life.

Obeying. Yeah, as if she was really going to be able to maintain some sense of diploma as they prepared her for this game show. What a crock of bullshit. No way she was going to be some slave, sold off in some auction. How in the hell had society gone down this far, degrade to this level of lack of humanity? Even the great war, which had brought out atrocities from both all sides, hadn’t prepared the newly formed America’s for the monstrous behavior. No one had been prepared for the almost instant takeover. She’d rather die than be sold off. She’d fight to the death instead of allowing another woman to be tortured like all those she’d been around had, including her sister. A single tear slipped past her lashes. Wiping it away furiously she sniffed and stood up straight. At least could keep her dignity intact.

The click as the door was unlocked dragged Ketia from her state of morose thoughts. She prepared herself for yet another asshole guard, one who would paw at her, grope her, stick his fingers in her private places. One who she wouldn’t be able to refuse. Pushing her hair back from her shoulders she plastered a nonchalant look on her face. She was completely taken aback seeing the well-dressed younger woman enter through the door. haunted_forest__-smallWhile the raven haired girl had cold eyes, ones that perhaps had seen their share of horrors. A quick once over told Ketia in no uncertain terms this woman was someone who carried a certain amount of weight in this society. There was simply a look about the striking woman, an aura of sorts.

“I’m Shoshana.” The woman’s voice was as equally frosty as her eyes. She studied Ketia for a full minute before walking inside and closing the door. She seemed to be hesitating, as if waiting for Ketia to speak.

Ketia refused to give her the satisfaction. She was a very observant woman and there was something not quite right about Shoshana. What could the woman want from her? She’d only seen women in fleeting glances during her incarceration. Were they considered second class citizens in a brutally run world? At least in her guarded observations she’d suspected as much.

Shoshana allowed her gaze to travel up and down the length of Ketia several times before exhaling, shaking her head and gliding toward the back of the room. “I must say the guards should he shackled and castrated for their behavior. While I certainly can’t control how they handle the prisoners, I will speak to their commanding officer.”

Shivering, she realized she’d never felt so naked, not even in front of the leering guards. This woman was literally stripping every vestige of her mystique, what was left of her most basic persona down to a primal level. Perhaps having someone, anyone saying something that didn’t scream of violence was too much for her to bear. She darted a glance at Shoshana, curious as to what the woman was doing. When what appeared to be a fluffy white robe was pulled from a closet, she fought whimpering. She heard the woman hissing, mumbling under her breath.

Shoshana yanked out a hanger, holding a long flowing robe in her hands. “I have honestly tried to explain to the producers that our contestants going to do well if they’ve been brutalized, but sometimes I know my words land on deaf and very dumb ears.”

Ketia realized she’d snorted, drawing an instant chastising look from Shoshana. She turned away and casually pressed her hand across the pulse thumping in her neck. Her heart was beating loudly enough she heard echoes in her ears.

“I can imagine what you must be thinking.”

“No you can’t!” The words shot out before she could stop them. She melted toward the wall, expecting a backlash of punishment. When none came she exhaled slowly. Think. Don’t react. She wants to be your friend. As if there was any such thing.

Shoshana walked closer. “Tell me. What are you thinking?” When Ketia hesitated, she unraveled the robe from the hanger and eased the soft material toward Ketia, never touching, her tone one of quiet reverence. “Please. You’re trembling. Put this on. We’re going to get you into a hot shower soon, but this should warm you to some degree.”

Swallowing, Ketia weighed her options until a jagged shiver raced down her spine. Every move tentative, she reached out and snarled seeing her shaking hand. Her fingers managed to wrap around the fluffy material and tears welled in her eyes as memories of laugher and warm fires, good friends, music and holidays enveloped her mind. For a few Believe in the Dark Man cover-final-version2seconds visions of her past rolled in front of her eyes. Lowering her head she slipped on the robe, having difficulty tying the sash. To Shoshana’s credit, she didn’t try and help Ketia. Instead she took a step back.

“That’s better. Please tell me what you’re thinking. I need to guide you as we go through this process and I can only do that after getting to know a little about the woman.”

This is tame – don’t want to scare you too early…

Kisses and spanks…


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