The Hunt

I seem to be in a rather dark and edgy place lately. There are various reasons why and for those of you who know me and have read the blogs, I think you have a general idea. When I’m stressed or unhappy with a situation, I tend to revert to my aggressive personality. Forget about assertive, I go balls to the walls. I’ve learned over the years to temper, but often anger burns within me. As with many authors, writing dark and dangerous types of pieces really does seem to help. When I can delve into a grizzly murder, serial killer or monstrous vampire piece, I often feel a hell of a lot better. What does that say about me? Well…

I’ve often heard that authors use their pieces to break free of pain or torture. PerhapsBad Things that’s true. Then again, I tend to enjoy writing about the damaged mind, one with the ability to destroy human lives. I find the concept fascinating. I also think at times our society is just one step away from our inner beast. You know how I feel about reality shows. They are becoming more explicit in nature and the trend is going to continue. People want more blood, sex, violence and a fight to simply stay alive.

I remember watching Escape from New York years ago and was fascinated with the idea of taking a place on earth, caging animals of society. I’m writing a piece now which reflects my mood as well as the inner darkness I possess. The Hunt is indeed about hunting humans. Set in the future, the concept is a bit different. I thought I’d bring you a taste. Beware – a bit graphic even the first paragraphs. Coming to Edge at Booktrope…


“Are you ready?”

Jamie heard the voice, the deep intonation yanking her into consciousness. Her mouth was dry, her tongue swollen. She shifted and instantly her muscles reacted, screaming in pain. Even trying to swallow was painful.


“Oooohhhh!” She heard the scream, was cognizant she’d made the sound, but was unable to comprehend anything other than raw anguish. Suddenly something sharp was pushed under her chin, forcing her to lift her head.

“I was talking to you.” His laugh was evil.

She opened her eyes, trying to focus. The stench of his breath was nauseating. Gasping, she managed to lick her lips. A moment of realization filtered into the back of her mind. She was being held captive. She looked at the man, the ugly freak nothing more than a monster, and a shiver rushed down her spine. “What?” The word took everything out of her. She darted her eyes back and forth across the room. Unable to stop shaking, she tried to concentrate on what she was seeing. The room was dark, barely illuminated by what had to be a single bulb overhead. She concentrated on the fact the light was moving back and forth. The smell was rancid, blood and feces assaulting her senses. She blinked again and honed in on the slight gleam in the dull light. Her captor was holding a knife.

He laughed again as he dragged the tip of the blade across her cheek, digging in. “You haven’t been broken I can tell. What a shame. Then again, a better hunt.”

Hunt? What the hell was he talking about? She heard voices, guttural sounds all around her.


“No!” The pain was agonizing, shifting into every muscle in her body. She tensed, the shock of what she remembered to be a cattle prod thrusting her into a dark haze. As she slumped against whatever was holding her, the tears began to fall.

“Oh look. The bitch is crying.”

haunted abstractI’m not supposed to be here. Why are you doing this? The same words she’d been repeating to herself over and over again. Once screamed, now her cries were silent. As a hand cupped and squeezed her breast, she struggled, only to have metal dig into her wrists.

“You’re not getting away, missy. That is until we send you into the forest.”

Jamie cringed as her nipple was pinched and another hand rubbed her thigh. They would not take her dignity.

“She’s ready. Are the others prepared?”

“Yes, sir. We have five others waiting to begin.”

The male voices she recognized, had heard them over the past… She had no idea how long she’d been kept captive. None. What she could remember was a blur. Her last memory before the torture had begun was of a quiet walk home. “Please.” The word escaped her mouth.

He released her breast and spit. “You’re all alike. You might have lasted longer than the others, but I assure you the end is near. Release the bitch and get her ready.”


The slap to her face left her ears ringing, a new haze forming around her eyes. She lolled her head and tried to comprehend what was happening. Two men approached, releasing her arms. Immediately she fell onto the floor, her hands slapping against the hard ground. She wanted to run but she had no strength left.

“I want her dropped in the deepest zone. Our new guest should be able to take care of her.”

“And what if he doesn’t?”

The man chuckled. “Then we gut him.”

Jamie held out her arm, studying the various burns and bruises. She was almost giddy from lack of sleep and the constant torture. She managed to look up at her captor and smiled. “You’ll find a special place in Hell.”

He opened his eyes wide. Whap!

The kicked struck against her neck, knocking her backwards, the force driving her against a hard surface. Pain exploded once again. She covered her face as she continued to hear their laughter, their taunts. The hunt. She was the hunted.

“Get her the fuck out of here. I need to clean up after this shit.”

The thumping of his boots made her cringe and she prayed to God she would die.

What seemed like an eternity later she was dragged out of the room. Minutes later she was shoved outside. She glanced down at her tattered attire and for a minute believed she was being set free.

She was kicked hard and fell onto her hands and knees, rocking digging into her skin. Biting back a cry, she whimpered in silence.

“Take her to the edge, Wally. Drop her off and get back to your post.”

“I don’t get to participate?” Wally asked.

The man snickered. “You ain’t ready for what’s in story, boy.”

Jamie heard the door as it slammed shut. Dirt flew against her cheek. She looked up, trying to distinguish where she was. There was nothing but a bright moon and darkness haunted_forest__-smallall around her.

“Get up. You need to get a head start.”

The voice. She’d heard the voice before, the only one soothing in a sea of animals. “I don’t understand.”

“You have to run. You have to try. They want you to,” he whispered as he helped her to her feet. “They will kill you outright if you don’t play the game.”


Wally pulled her against his chest and lowered his head. “Everything here is watched. There ain’t anyone allowed to take a shit without being seen on camera. You have to run, fight for your life. You’ve proven you can outlast the assholes. You might have a chance. There’s a stream to the right. Stay close. You may be able to catch a break. If you last until morning they’ll let you go. Do you understand?”

No, there was no way she could understand. “Okay. Thank you.”

He exhaled. “We’ve done nothing but torture you and you say thank you. Jesus Christ.” He pushed her gently, breaking the tether. “Try and stay alive.”

Can you tell I have another side?

Kisses and spanks…


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    WOW! Does she surive?


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