When Love is TOXIC

For many of you, you’ve read I’m the new Managing Director for both the Edge and Entice Imprints at Booktrope – well as the real girl. Christian Jensen and I have been working together for a couple of years now. He’s a horror author, mixing a little erotic in his pieces. I’m an erotic author mixing thrillers in mine. When we collaborated – magic. The first piece we wrote in five days. This was two years ago. The piece is by far our favorite and being given a new life with Booktrope. We’re going to marketing differently and hope – HOPE – just maybe we can bring this piece into the movie theaters one day.

It’s brutal, don’t get me wrong and the excerpt you’re going to read is relatively tame in comparison to what you’ll read later on in the book. We just wanted to tempt you, remind everyone that we have rather crazed minds when it comes to the concept of love and relationships – at least in our books. The cover stays the same – we both LOVE it and it conveys the story so well. Here’s a snippet and forget everything you know about the concept of love. It can be twisted and very…TOXIC.


As Danielle Rivers jerked to a stop at the traffic light, she brushed her hand through her hair, thrilled she’d been able to put the top down on the convertible today. The day was bright and sunny and she was actually in a good mood for a change. Snickering, she turned up the satellite radio, enjoying the way the heady guitar licks of her favorite 80’s band sizzled every pore in her body. My God, she was hot all over and her condition had Toxic-Leash-covernothing to do with the eighty-degree day.

Hearing the roar of some souped-up hot rod cruising up next to her, she rolled her eyes knowing what was coming.

“Hey baby, how about a ride?”

“Yo sugar, you’re one hot babe. How about a thick stick filling that wet cunt of yours?”

Men were all crude fuck heads and only good for one thing. Danielle turned her head slowly as she lifted her sunglasses. These men were dirty, no doubt smelled and had zero redeeming qualities about them. But they might fun to play with. “Why, do you boys really think you can handle me? I’m pretty hot.” Before giving them a chance to retort, she raised her skirt, showing off her crimson thong, and slipped her fingers under the thin elastic. Tipping her head back, she moaned as she thrust her fingers inside her pussy, enjoying the tingling sensations sliding down her legs.

“Ah fuck girl!”

“Finger lickin’ good, baby.”

“Oh…ah…yyyeeesss…” Danielle twisted in her seat, the move forcing the thin material of her oh-so-tight skirt further up her thighs. She opened her legs as wide as the confines of the car would allow and really gave the muscle men a show, driving her fingers in and out.

“Fuckin’ ‘A’! The girl is hot.”

“How about giving us your number, honey?”

Hearing a single honk behind her, she glanced into the rear view mirror before giving the boys a naughty look. “Dream on, primates.” Just before she gunned the engine she slipped her slickened fingers into her mouth. The stunned looks — priceless.

Giggling, she floored the pedal as she finished cleaning her fingers, weaving in and out of traffic. “Mmm…” The taste reminded her she hadn’t been out in almost two weeks. Tonight she wanted to enjoy herself and let go. Besides, she had a client, one who was a favorite. While her bestie Camille had been asking her to go out with the girls for days, she preferred being alone. Her tastes weren’t quite what the other girls had in mind. Little did they know about her dark side. Shuddering, she pushed aside the ‘other’ girl, at least for a little while. She was much more in control and having fun. The notion continued to surprise her. Fun. Like normal people have.

The wind whipping through her long mane of blond hair, she smiled, having made it to her father’s office in no time. Of course, she’d broken the speed limit the entire way, but she was a rule breaker, after all. Pulling into the spot especially reserved for her, Danielle jammed the gear into park and turned of the engine. After making certain her cherry bomb lipstick was still glossy, she eased out of the car and adjusted her skirt.

How she loved to tease the little men who worked for her father. She surveyed the dealership and smiled. Riverside Motors was doing just dandy, affording her all the expensive toys and perks she loved so much, including having the mechanics service her haunted abstractsnazzy Mercedes any time she requested. She loved the fact they weren’t allowed to say no, not to the boss’ daughter.

As soon as she walked close to the door, the one reserved for employees and the very one that had her going through the mechanic’s bays, she knew they were watching. All the grubby men her father employed craved getting a taste of her snatch. Too bad not a single one of them was worth even a roll in the hay. Well, she had to admit there was one guy she could have the hots for, but he was by far the most unsavory. With his tattoo covered arms and surly attitude, he was nothing but a danger craving freak. Perfect.

Danielle resisted sliding her hand inside her blouse to pluck her aching nipples. Leslie Fernandez also had a thick bulge between his legs and a dark and savage look about him she craved. She’d fallen asleep more than once with a vibrator in her pussy and one in her ass thinking about his prowess. However, she had to wonder if he could even get it up. He never hit on her, not really. Maybe he was a faggot. Hmm, that would explain his lack of interest.

She walked inside and all eyes were on her. The men would never dare be as rude as the men in the hot rod, but she knew they all undressed her with their eyes. Scanning the perimeter of the sleek garage, she waited to see which of the men would actually have the balls to come forward, see what she might need. When they all seemed to be going about their jobs, paying little or no attention, she sucked in her breath then cleared her throat.

Not a single man even budged. Now she was getting pissed. They were supposed to be johnny on the spot the minute she came in. Danielle took two long strides forward and caught sight of Leslie. God, such a queer name for a man who acted like the Terminator half the time – all silent and brooding. “Excuse me, boys. Is there anyone actually working here today? I mean there is a lady standing in front of you needing help.”

A full ten seconds passed by. She moved beyond pissed to enraged. “Um hello!”

Leslie looked up and grabbed a towel from a station next to him. As he rubbed his hands he studied her, his eyes never blinking.


He dropped the towel and swaggered toward her, taking his time. My God the man was all pomp and bullshit, but there was something oddly gorgeous about his five foot ten inch frame and carved muscles. And that damn bulge seemed bigger today. My, she was hot and wet all over, but refused to allow any one of them to see anything but her cool side.

“What do you need, Ms. Rivers?”

His voice was velveteen smooth with a rich and very sensual husk. Usually every time he spoke she shuddered. Today the voice grated on her nerves. “Service, which is what we’re supposed to be doing around here in case you didn’t realize.”

Sniffing, he looked away for a few seconds before nodding. “Yup. Service with a smile.”


This book contains ultra-violent themes of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. Reader discretion is advised. THIS BOOK IS INTENDED FOR MATURE AUDIENCES OVER THE AGE OF 18. This book is not intended as a representation of the BDSM lifestyle, merely a story regarding two damaged individuals.

Danielle Rivers has it all. Expensive cars, an overflowing wardrobe, luxurious jewelry, and the kind of privileged life only true wealth can provide. She deserves every bit of good fortune after all. Daddy is from old money, one of the most powerful and prominent men in East Brunswick, New Jersey. What no one knows is that beneath the mask of perfection and meticulously manicured grace is a very broken little girl. As her façade begins to crumble under the weight of everyday life, Danielle finds it increasingly difficult to hide from the monster that tortured not only her body and mind, but her very soul. What Danielle doesn’t know is that her tenuous hold is about to be broken.

Leslie Fernandez is a loner. Some consider him to be a dangerous man, others a powerful friend. He refuses to take a backseat to anyone, least of all a haughty bitch named Danielle. He loathes the way she will swoop in, leaving destruction and pain in her wake, pushing everyone to the breaking point. In his eyes, Danielle is nothing more than a spoiled bitch, a calculating viper, who gets her kicks by ruining good people. So why is he so inexplicably drawn to her? When thrust into the epicenter of a horrible tragedy, one created by the very woman he so vehemently detests and yet is so enigmatically drawn to, he allows his own fiendish, black eyed demon to take the reins.

The torturous nightmares of their respective pasts draw these two damaged souls together like ships adrift in a sea of violence and abuse. The wounds contained within their diseased minds scream to be healed, but is there such a cure for the sickness within ones soul? There is only one possible option, but will either of them have the courage to break free from their own TOXIC LEASH?

Tasty as well as vile…

Kisses and spanks…


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