Craving Pain

Do you think some of us crave pain, find the need to experience what some consider a heightened level of sensations? There are many who do. On the other side there are those who desire to inflict pain, “get off” in a sense from doling out what so many would consider abuse. the S & M portion of BDSM isn’t about abuse. This is the first thing you must understand. Pleasure and pain work together in various ways. The simple touch given from a loved one is pleasurable. As humans, we crave touch, need the Collar and leash 2strength and love gathered from holding hands, kissing or hugging. We need this. Experiencing touch is as vital as the air we breathe. In the absence of touch, we whither and die.

For those who enjoy another method – pain – the experience is just as vital. The intense and very raw emotions around the session can be mind altering. S & M is something shared between parties who have an understanding of what they’re getting into and shouldn’t be taken lightly. As a novice, you don’t move into this level of your D/s journey without serious consideration. Aspects of BDSM must be talked about. Again, communication is the key.

While you explore together, you’re going to learn so much about  yourself and your needs, no matter how dark they are. There’s nothing wrong with longing to try various methods, you just have to do your homework. Pain can be pleasurable. Sharing can bring you closer in ways you may not even realize. Read and learn all you can. Talk to others who enjoy various elements. 

For me, certain levels of anguish strengthen the inner woman, my desires and well as push my limits. John Patrick is particularly good at knowing me innately. He’s able to let his sadistic side evolve while keeping everything centered. This is important to both of us. I’m writing a collection of stories called Power Exchange. These stories go beyond the traditional concept of BDSM into elements few of you may ever experience, but certainly something many of you have considered or craved. Again, there’s nothing wrong with your desires. Just remember to be true to you. Here’s a little excerpt from one I call Pain – the word alone should tell you what the novella is about. I hope you enjoy.


Pain. Josh Brennan had thought about nothing else for weeks. His desire to see and inflict, create and invite certain aspects lingered in his every day life.

If you were here you’d be hurting.

And what would you do to me, Sir?

The words from the intense round of texting lingered in his mind, his longing already pushed past the boiling point.

He inhaled as he finished his cup of coffee, smiling as his mind wandered to Jenny. Jennifer Dunn was without a doubt one of the most beautiful women he’d ever laid eyes Kneel to me my loveon. She was also seductive and powerful in her own right. However the opinionated girl was one few would suspect was hiding behind a thick mask, one wearing her down. He was shivering as he’d watched her negotiating with a client the day before, his cock aching to the point he was fighting sweating more than he already was. Damn, the woman was hot. And oh yeah, he wanted nothing more than to take her into the basement. His basement. The place was meant for dark and dirty aspects of kink, something he craved late into every night.

Tossing the paper to the side he picked up his phone, toying with the idea that had been lingering since he’d left her the night before. He was more than ready to push the envelope, take them both to a place in their journey they’d never been. Was he right about the timing or would he push her away?

Sitting back in the chair Josh scrolled through the various texts. Jennifer had been slowly offering her submission to him over the past few months, something that continued to surprise him. Why she’d felt such a heightened level of trust after such a short time together was amazing. But he felt the same, perhaps even more. She’d managed to yank down his guard, one carefully placed around his fifty plus years of life. No one had ever been able to do this before.

He stood and stretched before eyeing the oversized canvas bag he’d purposely dragged from the basement. A grin firmly planted on his face he strolled toward the bag, yanking the oversized piece to the kitchen table. Unzipping, he peered inside, his heart racing. He’d amassed the collection over months, in truth beginning the grouping long before he’d met her. The moment they’d somehow found each other, a chance ‘meeting’ on the Internet, they hadn’t stopped talking, completely open to discuss anything and everything. What they shared together was in a single word – awesome. And chilling. She knew him inside and out. They finished each other’s texts. They often thought of the very same thing exactly at the same time. To be this open, the raw was as terrifying as it was exhilarating.

Exhaling, he tugged out his favorite implement, one he’d yet to use on her – one she needed to experience and soon. Holding the quirt into the light he tingled all over. The leather strap, one meant for use on horses, was his favorite. He’d used the belt, a paddle, his hand and a flogger on her sweet ass during both playtime as well as discipline. This was meant for a punishment spanking, one long overdue.

Playtime would come later – much later. He needed to set the order again, refocus both of them. His heart racing he walked back to his phone, swinging the piece in the air. Very carefully he placed the whip in the center of the table, positioning so the camera would capture the exact look he was going for. After taking the picture he eased his hand over his crotch, rubbing his aching dick. He was hard and horny, needing to thrust his cock into her tight ass.

The text was short and sweet. Change of plans. Tonight. My house. Be here by five. Attaching the picture he hit send. Satisfaction mixed with a kick of adrenaline. Tonight Jennifer was going to understand raw pain.


Arriving home early Josh opened a bottle of merlot and pulled a beer from the refrigerator. A quick glance at the clock gave him a smile. Jennifer was due in less than ten minutes. Of course she wouldn’t be late. Not only was tardiness not in her nature, but she was also well aware he refused to accept disobedience of such a simple nature. As he took a long pull on his beer he glanced at the stairs leading to the basement. This was a defining moment.

He shucked his coat and tie, rolling up his sleeves, and moved back into the kitchen just as he heard the sound of a car outside. Unable to wait, he moved to the front door, opening just as she reached the landing. “Right on time.”

“Yes sir of course.” Jennifer smiled and darted a look over his shoulder. “Your text was mouth chainsvery clear.”

“Yes it was.” As she moved past he marveled at several aspects about her. “You look beautiful tonight. Fuchsia is your color. I know you love red, but I prefer you in stripper colors.” Her fragrance always had the same effect, hardening his cock. Her heels were somehow taller, the straps reminding him of severe bindings. “You look perfect.”

“Thank you my Sir.” Jennifer fingered her collar and smiled. “Stripper colors, eh?’ her eyes twinkled.

“Yes.” He’d purchased the sterling silver piece so she could wear a basic necklace to work, yet remained tethered to him, to her submission. Walking toward her he cupped her face, lowering his head to capture her mouth. He adored kissing her, loved the simple act of intimacy. His other hand snaking around her neck, he held her tightly as she palmed his chest, her fingers digging into his shirt. When he broke the hold he shook his head. “Let’s put your bag in the bedroom.”

“Yes sir.” Trailing behind him she remained quiet, setting her bag on the floor in the corner. “I’m really happy to be here.”

“And I’m glad you’re here.” Josh rubbed her arms and kissed her forehead. A thought crossing his mind he rubbed his hand down her back to the hem of her dress. Tugging the edge he heard her breath sounds and knew what he’d find. “Are you wearing your plug?”

“Shit. I mean…no sir.”

Her strangled moan was enough to tell him she knew she’d made a misstep. Sighing, he continued allowing his fingers to travel under her dress, pressing his fingers between her ass cheeks. “You know what this means?”

“Yes sir.” A single sob pushed past her lips.

Shaking his head he tugged at her thong, pulling the thin material from her hips. “You know better. Wearing your plug is a simple request.”

What do you think? Do you hunger for more?

Kisses and spanks…


About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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3 Responses to Craving Pain

  1. laurellasky says:

    Very intense. When I was 14 I was a cutter. It was a way to deal with the emotional pain. On a lighter note. I don’t know if I told you that I was working on a book, my first, with co author Maggie Ryan and signed a contract today with Blushingbooks. I’m absolutely thrilled. Have a great weekend. Hugs


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