When Your Blood Curdles

Ginger scampered over the rocks, her bare feet sliced by the sharp edges. Blood and tears hampered her vision as she pressed forward, determined to get away. To fight. Her heart thumped, labored from exhaustion and terror. A single stream of moonlight allowed her to see her way as she crept low to the ground. Soon he’d discover she was missing, no matter the drunken stupor. Monsters never ceased, never slowed down. They consumed their prey, their hunger feeding into the frenzy of their insanity. She shuddered, visions of thebloody murder first beating remaining in the forefront of her mind. Every muscle ached, stretched and bruised. Her eyes were puffy, her throat slashed, yet she was alive.

She eased against the side of a tree, cowering down as the once gentle breeze had gained in intensity. From the far distance came the rumble of thunder. A storm approached. Biting back a cry, she pressed the back of her hand across her mouth. One wrong turn, one fucking wrong turn and she’d gotten lost, driving thirty miles in an effort to find respite. Instead, she’d found death. He seemed so nice, so gentile in his thousand dollar suit, freshly polished shoes and expensive car, the kind she’d never be able to afford. Lurking under his debonair presence was a creature, a demented soul. He’d tried to destroy her, ripping away the woman inside. Even his brutality hadn’t crushed her spirit, at least not yet. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back, tears streaming down her cheeks.


The moon was shut out, leaving nothing but a black hole.
Yelping, she scuttled further into the darkness. Please God. Please help me. There was no God. He’d forsaken her long before, preferring to embrace and protect good girls, honorable in every aspect of their lives. She was neither. The thought debilitating, she counted to ten before easing from her hiding place. Another crack of lightning lit the pathway. Riddled with dense foliage, she fought her way through the brush, limbs slapping against her naked skin. With every step she became more determined, her mind set on freeing herself. No man, no madman was going to kill her.

After a scattered series of lightning flashes, the ground vibrating beneath her feet, she wiped sweat from her face before hearing what sounded like a stream. She was near the river. Thank God. The river followed the pathway of the main road. This she knew. Hope rushed into her mind, giving her the courage to move on. Limbs struck her face as she took several long strides. She felt nothing. Pain was little more than an annoyance.

For several minutes she crawled through a series of underbrush, pushing her way as thorns bit into her skin. When her foot stepped onto what had to be a field, grass and smooth earth rubbing the base of her bloodied feet, she smiled. She was going to make it after all.

Crack! Whoosh! Boom!

Bad ThingsGinger screeched, the sound reverberating high into the trees. The scuttling noise as flocks of birds rocketing to the sky caught her off guard. They’re just birds, nothing more. She concentrated on her breathing as the rumbles continued, the storm shifting into a gale. Rain pelted down over her and in her mind, washing away her sins. Things were going to be different when she reached safety. She’d be a better woman. She’d learn to be an amazing and kind person and make certain that…

“Hello princess. Did you miss me?”

Oh the concept of a thriller. Did you hope she’d get away, be able to race to safety against all odds? Naked and confused, could you imagine trying to find your way out of the darkness and into the light? Horror and thriller books give us tingles as readers. We root for the good guys, but secretly hunger for gore, bloodshed and an extreme method of murder and mayhem we’ve never seen before. Writing in these genres is far more compelling to me than erotic pieces. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing about D/s and aspects of BDSM, the utter joy of sharing kinky sex. I’ll never stop writing erotic pieces, however my love has been all about penning thrillers – the kind of stories that make your blood curdle, your heart rate increase. If I can command you to sit on the edge of your seat, I’ve done my job as an author.

I’m sitting here on a Friday night, a storm brewing in the distance, a drink in hand and celebrating a little. I was just accepted into the International Thriller Writers Association. For many, you might not know this organization. For those of us who write in the genre, this is a joyous moment, a nod you’re doing something right. The criteria is a bit tough, including you have to be published with an “accepted” publisher. I have this because of my collaboration with Booktrope. Both as the Managing Director of both the Entice and Edge Imprints and my writing, mostly as DH Black, I’m now qualified to be in the company of Clive Cussler and Lee Child. Pretty amazing if you ask me.

Belonging to these organizations can certainly help my career as an author, and in turn I hope to help my author achieve success. Being involved only means connections of course and a hell of a lot of work on my end, but I’m up to the task. I can’t wait to explore the various avenues, always growing as an author. Maybe some of you aren’t aware I write as DH Black. ‘He’ is an author who truly takes the avenues of murder, capture, entrapment and various other dark behavior out for a huge spin. I love to get into the mind of a serial killer, nurturing his thoughts and desires as well as showing you that he or she has another side, one often tender in moments when not slaughtering human beings.

Killers often have no conscience, no method of turning off their killing mechanism. There is something so fascinating about getting into their psyche. Some might call me a bit weird. Yes, I am, but I can bring you several sides to a thriller that readers crave, hunger for even though their nightmares are vivid, their fear increased to a heightened level of terror. Are you salivating for more of the story yet? Do you long to see IF she can get away, Edge-Logo-whitethwart the monster hell bent on capturing and controlling, cutting and abusing? Of course you are. What if she can’t get away? What then? How does you mind wrap around the concept that one human can do wretched things to another? Mmm… Dig deep. You know the answer. This is what you want – good versus evil, the ultimate battle.

So as I’m celebrating I’m also plotting another book or ten, all about the thriller. Thank you ITW for your acceptance and I can’t wait to get started. Do you think I should continue with the little story? Do you long to see if Ginger has the courage to face her enemy? Let me know…

Kisses and spanks…



About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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4 Responses to When Your Blood Curdles

  1. laurellasky says:

    Hi B, I’m so happy for you. You deserve it, your awesome. I love the thriller, and yes I love the gore and violence.
    About coming on your blog, I’m really new to this, what does it involve?

    Hugs, Laurel


    • Oh sweetie – not that tough and thank you for the compliments. All you have to do is write a paragraph or two about you and your upcoming release then give me an excerpt and the synopsis – with the cover and I’ll take it from there. Sound okay?


      • laurellasky says:

        I’ll do that. I just signed the contract yesterday, and don’t have an editor yet, or a cover, but when I do I would love to be on your blog. Congratulations about being accepted, you must be over the moon. Have a great weeken. I think Ginger has to face the enemy, (I hear twilight zone music) be afraid, be very afraid. I want to read more.
        Hugs and xoxoxo


      • Excellent. Glad to hear. Can’t wait to have you.


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