We All Have a Dark Side

I’m a firm believer. I know that I do, both in the concept of kink as well as my desire to delve into minds that have a penchant for killing. There is something very tasty about a serial killer and his or her evil thoughts, desires that begin in the early stages of their lives. We gravitate toward this type of darkness, whether slowing down to see carnage on the roadside or a guilty pleasure we can’t wait to get to when we read BDSM or a book that entails very graphically what one human can and enjoys doing to another. We are creatures after all. We have several sides. Some should never see the bw man in chainslight of day.

When Christian Jensen and I pen a piece, we allow our inner vile thoughts to wrap around our stories. We are for just a brief moment the wretched human or an inhuman monster, hell bent on destruction. There’s nothing as delicious as writing a fabulous kill scene, the bloodier the better. I know how this sounds, but I’m fortunate in being able to write about such atrocities. I know my readers are curious as to how I can write fairly romantic erotic stories, even those involving heady kink, then turn around and slaughter in another book.

That’s the way I’m wired. My two sides compete often in my dreams, creating worlds that few of us will ever have to face – thank God. But  you can read about their horrible lives and the inhuman methods of torture.

When Chris and I sat down to write The Darkness Within – the sensations were very different than Toxic Leash, but outwardly just as evil. Coming to Booktrope very soon. Take a bite for us and enjoy…


Within the shadows, demons stirred. The whispered noises of unfulfilled promises sounding like flesh sliding over the skull. A cacophony of nothingness highlighted by darkness so deep not even hope dared stir. All creatures long for control as well as immortality and in their quest they must make certain choices. Some are simple, while others determine who lives and who dies. For those who choose wisely, there will be salvation. For those who allow lust, greed, and revenge to control, there is no redemption, only the burning fires of Hell. There could be nothing but cold in a place like this. Desolate, lonely, frightening cold…

He would be waking up soon now, so very, very soon. The sound of his heart grew stronger in this noiseless place. Darkness licked over them both like hellfire as the damp stink lost its tooth and nail battle against the overwhelming odor of rot, death, and the metallic trace of blood. A delicate moan from parched lips sounded as a precursor to the delicate rattle of chains. The man’s heart sped up and soon he would be fighting against the fog of sedation.

Soon the thoughts would begin, the confusion, and then the delicious taste of fear would permeate the air. Sitting silent as a shadow in the corner of this hellish room, Johan would wait until the panic reached a scrumptious crescendo. His tongue welcomed the taste of sweat and fresh meat, the thrilling feel of a rock hard cock as it passed between wormlike lips and pressed into the back of his throat.

So delectable, so sinful, so ripe.

This man was a fantastic specimen. He was strong and tall. The muscles that clung to solid bones lithe underneath the parchment thin flesh. Handsome and clean cut, with his perfectly trimmed beard and short cropped hair that made the grey of his eyes sparkle, even in the eternal darkness. The pictures in the man’s wallet showed smiling children and a beautiful wife. Thick with cash and credit cards, it spoke of wealth and the worn leather that held his life together, so much like the whip Johan would soon use to tear it apart.

“Wh…What?” The sound was feeble, terrified.

Shadows stirred all around him, blacker than the blackness they inhabited. As always, Johan moved first and then one by one the others stretched forward from their hiding places to taste and savor the panic that was sure to come. Chains rattled with more force as the speed of the man’s heart doubled and then tripled. The utter noise of it filled the hellacious space with a hostility that was poetic. Through the blackness, they could see his A DH Black - Inspirational Specialeyes growing wide, his head snapping from side to side as he struggled to see, fighting to pick up any indication of his location. Ignoring all other senses for the useless sight, he desperately sought other key factors were missed. The whisper of fabric over flesh, the crunch of bare feet over sand, the murmur of a hand as it stroked an engorged cock.

“Hello? Is anybody there?” Finally realizing it was useless to see with his eyes, the man finally reached out with another sense. He couldn’t yet hear them, but somewhere in the reptilian segment of his brain he could feel them. A nightmare turned flesh and blood.

The chains began to rattle with more force as he struggled against them. Ancient metal snapped taut again and again as the futile effort was waged. Hopeless despair always came after the wrath of discovery. Now was their favorite time, as the mind struggled against panic and kicked into overdrive. They could smell the synapses firing, the antecedent scent of ozone that came before the tiny electrical storm within the man’s skull.

Johan’s timing was impeccable, as always.

They hovered, the moment growing ever nearer. His blood pressure raised, pupils dilated, sweat glands tripled production, and finally, adrenaline dumped through his veins. The perfect storm was occurring within his body and all of this meant one thing, rage.

NOW. Although Johan didn’t so much as speak the word, they all heard it.

The first hand would be cool and comforting, silent as it snaked along his sweaty skin and cooled the overheated flesh. The second hand would be soft and nurturing as it whispered over the tight muscles and straining tendons. The third hand would be kind and calming while it stroked along the overworking mind.

“Who’s there? Hello?” The bass of his voice reverberated off the walls and formed confusing echoes. The sound passed through them as their excitement grew palpable. “Who is that? Why am I chained up? Let me the fuck out of here, Goddamn it. Let me out of these fucking chains! HELLO? HELLOOOO!” His voice began to crack as no answer came. He could feel the hands over his body, but not see to whom they belonged. The sensation was foreign to him, as would be the pain. “Get your fucking hands off me!”

The fourth hand that touched him was slick as it slithered along the trembling muscles of his thighs. The fifth was calloused and rough when it groped over his chest and paused over the wildly pumping heart. The sixth and final hand was strong and sure and grabbed the flaccid meat of the man’s cock, stroking with confident rhythm and worked the blood quickly into the growing flesh.

Despite the shock and anger the man was experiencing, his sexual organ reacted as it was designed to do. Anger faded now that his mind was preoccupied with the sexual response. Muscles slacked. Chains clanked down as they struck the granite block on which held the man captive.

A tongue licked over the sagging flesh of his testicles while another slithered over the engorged shaft. Lips as warm and inviting as a virgin’s thigh touched down on the spongy tip and opened wide to receive the full girth. Wet heat slid down the shaft. Hands were replaced by tongues. His erect nipples were licked and sucked. The inside of his thighs and The-Darkness-WIthin_cover2the entire scrotum treated to a tongue bath while someone licked around the leathery tightness of his ass.

“Who…What…” His voice lowered and blood pressure dropped. Pupils restricted and despite the growing night vision, he could see nothing but absolute blackness. The only sound was the wet suction coming from his swollen dick as everything surrounding him worked to fulfill one promise.

Lifting his hips, the man would lose himself to the wonderful sensations. His pleasure was not nearly as delicious as his fear, but still a savory treat for them as they worked in unison to bring forth his seed. The man thrust his cock deeper into the hungry mouth, his heart rate speeding up as the central nervous system, along with the hypothalamus, prepared for the climax.

“Oh God!” Husky and disconnected, the sound of his raspy voice filled this heinous place as the last pleasure the man would ever feel filled the sucking mouth. “Oh fuck, yeah.”

There was a small chuckle as the man wiggled against the tongues that continued their ministration over his skin. When the last drop was milked from his cock, the heat of the mouth disappeared. The wet pressure of each tongue faded to nothingness and again the man was left in alone in the darkness.

Johan wiped his mouth and smiled.


Darkness is not simply the absence of light. It is a place where evil lurks, hunting and culling the victims of their very souls. Nightmares live in the shadows, ceaseless and voracious. They feed on the very concept of the humanity. What few understand is the abominable desire lurking with all of us to escape the trappings of mankind, to be as free as those within the shadows. The capacity to maim and torture is alive within every single one of us, waiting to be unchained by the darkness within.

A horrifying series of murders grip the heart of Philadelphia, the callous brutality of these crimes impossible to understand. Standing on the front lines of this slaughter fest is decorated detective and ex-marine Dino Scavuli, and man perpetually caught with one foot in the darkness and the other in the light. When a brand is discovered on one of the mutilated bodies Dino is thrust back into hell, the damning symbol a painful reminder of his past as a slave to the very demons that are now ruining his beloved city. One after another, the disfigured bodies are found devoid of organs, their very flesh ripped away from harsh whippings and torture. Soulless eyes cry for salvation that will never come.

The demons of Asgrath are proud, their ancestry dating back to the beginning of time. They move within the shadows, lurking as they search for prey, their need for human flesh and blood growing until a feeding frenzy enshrouds the city. What few realize is that the ancient race is ready to take what they consider their rightful place, one created by Lucifer himself. As Dino is forced to face the very demons lurking inside, he’s given three tests, a gift few ever receive. Fail even once and he will lose more than just his life, he’ll lose his soul, as every one he loves will perish. The fight for control drags Dino into Hell. After all, he’s becoming one of them. He’s facing the darkness within.

Do you feel the evil lurking deep within me?

Kisses and spanks…


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