Submissive on Call

Allow the title to shift around in the back of your mind. As John Patrick’s moniker on his FetLife page states clearly “everyone has a dark side”. Oh you bet. We all have either a rather wicked or adventurous, slightly off or downright dangerous aspect to the ‘other’ person living inside of us. You’ve heard me say before that we both know we’re a little bit out there and probably a lot a bit weird to the masses. Why? Because we like kink, pain, control. Hmmm… I was having one of my usual lively conversations with John Patrick today and he reminded me of a question he asked just the other day. The questionHe Found me When I Was Lost was if I knew what ‘on the down-lo’ meant. Well of course there is the basic definition of keeping something quiet, not revealing information.

Then there’s the other meaning… Do you guys know?

The down-lo is about men – usually heterosexual black men – having sex with other men. They’re married, usually professionals, and have the basic vanilla life. They simply enjoy fucking other men after a card game or boys night out. His eyes grew wide for a second when I told him I knew then he laughed, saying I seem to know way too much about sexual appetites. Okay, I read and pay attention to various aspects of kink, sex, needs etc. He mentioned the conversation again today because he asked the question to all his buddies at work. Now keep in mind that John Patrick has quite a deviant side, much like I do. He asked casually, as if there was nothing going on, and of course not one of them had any clue. When he told them they were slightly embarrassed and had the basic nauseous feeling het men feel when confronted with something WAY out of their comfort zone.

I teased him saying – see I knew. I went further, being the sinful girl I am, and purred as I told him I’d make certain and explain any other scandalous delicacy. John Patrick burst into laughter, pulled out his phone and pretended to be in front of his guy friends, they asked a question and he had to text me for the answer. Of course what do you think would come out of my mouth? ‘Your submissive is on call for your every need’. Well, me being me, I started thinking about the concept. Is there such a thing? Could a woman actually be at more than one Dom’s beckon call? Hmmm… Takes call girl to an entirely new level.

When I said something to John Patrick he rolled his eyes, but he knows me. He realized I’d actually do a blog, blog series, book or book collection based around the exact concept. My mind kept rolling and in truth, the concept doesn’t have to be about a completely sexual avenue. There are many women (men too) who are just entering the lifestyle and would like to talk to a trained submissive, perhaps even have her with them for a play experience at a club or the first time she met a Dom she was interested in. The concept has my mind going gangbusters.

As you might imagine, I went further down the magical rabbit’s hole into thinking about the ‘what if’s’ about a very successful woman who’d long since embraced life as a servant to a powerful man. In my words she has control over a very significant portion of her life – she’s a paid submissive. For those of you who have been reading my blog for any length of handcuffs and moretime, you know that several months ago I had an offer from several Doms, or I should say JP had an offer of several thousand dollars if they could ‘use’ me for just one night. When the first offer came in, we laughed to ourselves and had to wonder whether the guy was serious or just craving a night of sex.

The second offer was a bit more serious and JP allowed me to ask a few questions of him. The conversation after this period of time was lively indeed. The third was by far the most serious. The cash would have been significant. JP is a man first, a Dom second, so he puffed up like all powerful men tend to do, and stated only if he was in charge. This meant everything from learning exactly what would be done to me prior to allowing any activity to making certain this other Dom knew he was going to be there during the event.

By this point, he and I were looking at each other and thinking about drinking a full bottle of wine. No matter how flattering the suggestive banter was, the concept was something we had a difficult time wrapping our minds around. The other Dom was perfectly frank and stated in no uncertain terms he didn’t want sex, but the requirement on his end certainly gave him the reigns in every other way. The bottom line? The Dom wanted to inflict pain over every inch of my body in the most sadistic manner. I shudder today just thinking about this given such a heightened level of trust is necessary.

One of the other Dom’s had his own fetish needs including having me serve him drinks, make dinner, clean up the kitchen and receive a spanking – all while JP was watching. The third, a much younger man, wanted very rough and tumble sex and domination. He was well aware JP would be there and actually asked if John Patrick would like to join in. By this point of reading the questions and comments on Fetlife, we were into our second bottle of wine. We were laughing, shaking our heads and looking at each other as if trying to figure out whether the three men were completely serious.

John Patrick and I continued our conversation for about two hours. He’s a very possessive man and I knew that he wouldn’t be able to tolerate sharing to any degree. I’ll give him credit. He reached out to two of them and had some pretty frank discussions. There was quite a bit of testosterone going on so at the end of a few days, JP was pretty much over the idea. I think it was one of the rare times he used the word ‘forbid’ to me. During these days of conversations, we both really had to delve into the sharing concept. While he admitted – don’t judge – that the $5k offered would have been nice for me to have, he couldn’t tolerate selling me for any price.

I don’t think he could have actually sat through any of the events – tame or otherwise. There are some Dom’s who gift their submissive for a week, an event or even a night to another Dom. There are various clubs where this occurs on a regular basis and I’ve seen some pretty sexy stories written about this very topic. This is a very distinct type of relationship within the D/s lifestyle. Now can you see why my naughty mind went in the direction of a submissive for hire?

There are plenty of men and women in the kink environment who would consider serving various Dom’s for a myriad of reasons.

Keep in mind, within the BDSM world, this isn’t about selling sex – although I can imagine this has occurred. There is something to be said for the allure of control and men who Him taking controlexude power have command of not only their submissive, but also other Doms to a certain degree. Offering the use of their submissive is a sign of respect. What if an unattached woman decided she would offer her services to an unknown Dom? All the red flags fly in my mind, but an interesting premise.

I’m going to do a flash piece on this fascinating concept. Stay tuned…

Kisses and spanks…


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